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Llyr[i](I've posted this before on the old forums, but I hope I'll be forgiven for putting it up again. Llyr is about to re-enter CoLA, and this is part of the backstory for it. For those who dont' know (and those few who will care) Llyr fought Michael back in the summer, and, with the help of a little backstabbing treachery from Gabriel, Michael killed him. Surfacing tells what happens next.)[/i]

Like a swimmer emerging from deep water, he wakes.

Roughness against his belly and face, warmth in shifting patterns across his back. There is soil against his lips, bitter and rich. He rolls to one side, muscles and nerves rousing one by one. His eyes open.

A Forest. Ancient trees sift the light of an autumn sun with bough and leaf and his naked body is painted with their shifting shadows. There is little undergrowth between them; root and rock, long dead leaves crumbling into soil. The air shimmers with insects, birdsong, the sough and creak of branches in the wind. He does not know this place, or how he came to be here.

He does not know who he is.

Even his body is strange to him, enormously tall and powerfully built, though alone he has no way of knowing this, no reason to notice, no reason to question the unblemished newness of his pale skin.

His mouth is dry as cotton, hunger clenches like a fist in his belly. He rises unsteadily to his feet, automatically seeks a downward slope in the forest floor and follows it, steps growing more certain as he goes. Somewhere there will be water.

There is. A long oblong pool, nearly a small lake, fed by streams, nestled between towering beech and oak. He drops to his belly beside it and scoops blissful handfuls of water to his mouth. It’s clear, almost painfully cold, and he sucks it down with something like ecstasy.

A conscious thought, his first since awakening: the light has shifted. Dark will come soon, and with it cold. Though he is hungry he should tend to the matter of warmth first.

A stretch of time to find the right kind of stone along the water’s edge, and more to chip a piece to something like a working edge. Then a search for deadwood, soft for the base, hard and dry for the rod. He cuts a hank of his own hair, twists it to cord with absent skill and fashions a firebow. Shred moss and birch to loose fibre, spin the rod with the firebow into a divot in the softer base wood, in a tiny hill of the fine kindling. Crouching, work the rod back and forth in steady, deliberate strokes, sweat springing up and cooling on his back until smoke curls from the friction, and then spark and at long last flame.

The sun’s angle has flattened, and the wood is perceptibly darkening. He returns to the pool and finds an overhang of rock shadowing the water. Drop to belly, dangle arms elbow deep in icy water, and wait still as stone, hope and hunger mixed.

It comes in mere moments. Somewhere deep within him he wonders at the grace of it. Long silvery dappled trout brushes fingers, lingers as he tickles its sides, slips his hands beneath and, in a flash of hand and spray, scoops it to the bank beside him.

A blow. Hunger too insistent to allow time for cooking. And then tearing mouthful after mouthful of flesh away with strong white teeth. He wipes greasy fingers on his naked thighs, and huddles by the fire. He is an animal, full and warm. There are stars above the lake in unfamiliar patterns, scoured to brilliance by wind. There is the crackling of the fire, the soughing of the trees. And then, once more, there is sleep.

Sleeping. Waking.

The sky is a wheel spinning out the days and nights. By day he fishes, hunts, laboriously builds a small lean-to for shelter from rain and the snows of winter which surely will not be long in coming. He dives into the great pool with unconscious grace, arms outstretched like the wings of a bird, or an angel.

But by night he dreams.

The sweat and lurch and roar of battle, tearing through hot-eyed beasts with sword, pulling them apart with his own hands. The searing pain of wounds alien now to his unmarked flesh, two most of all: a golden sword and one of flame, driven through his body.

An endless parade of faces strange to him, another man’s memories. Certain faces remain with him when he awakens, and he ponders their meaning: an ugly, scarred giant bearing a monstrous hammer, a small dark-haired, laughing girl who grows out of laughter and into sorrow, a lean hard man with a gun on each hip and a story to tell, a gold-armoured angel, beautiful and proud and cruel. There are others, and they matter somehow, but it eludes him; a flash of colour at the periphery of vision that vanishes before he can turn to see.

And then one night, just as autumn gives way to winter at last, the final leaf dropping to earth in the company of the first flake of snow, he dreams something more.

Clad in kilt and tartan he stands on a grassy hill gazing down to the field below. Small still shapes dot the ground and hundreds of dark figures mill about them. Like ravens. Like wolves. Something he had clutched in his left hand drops to the ground: a crudely carved wooden horse. He pulls the greatsword from his back in a black glitter, wings the colour of ash clapping thunder as he hurtles down the hill. He is roaring words he cannot understand in a voice ragged with fury and pain, striking down, driving through the dark figures with their crooked backs and jagged hands, ripping them apart over the bodies of the prey they had been consuming. The small still shapes he is now close enough to see.


Oh god, the children of Emain Macha. Every one.

He is torn from sleep by his own scream, by sobs that rack his frame without mercy. He weeps like a man bereft, for their pain and his own failure to save them. He weeps until his whole body aches, and then, utterly spent, he weeps as a small child himself, lost and alone.

And now he knows.


My name is Llyr
02/13/09 22:21
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