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Jessica SusserJess sat on the rooftop of the San Francisco General Hospital. She felt a warm tear stream down her cheek. Just hours ago, she had held her mother’s hand as she watched her die from a gun-shot wound to the torso. “It’s okay Jessie, I’ll be alright, I promise.” So much for promises.
Jessica had never met her father, he had disappeared the night of her birth, the same night the looting had started. He was a vampire, or so her mother said, which explained Jess’ thirst for blood. She loathed her father for leaving her and her mom to fend for themselves after the apocalypse. The death of her mother only fueled this rage as she sat, crying on the rooftop. She looked over the city, remembering what had just happened only hours before…

She walked down the street, heading home with food in hand. The food was for her mother, who was waiting for her at the abandoned apartment they had found in one of the less occupied areas in San Francisco. As she rounded the street corner she saw a man standing on the stoop of her apartment complex, smoking a cigarette. Her free hand went instinctively to her pocket, where she kept a small Walther PPK. She thumb-cocked the trigger as she walked up and offered the man a smile, heading towards the door. He smiled back, but otherwise seemed to ignore her. She sighed, relieved as she walked up the steps to the door.
A hand gripped her shoulder. She gasped softly and dropped the plastic bag, spilling its contents over the stoop, a can of beans rolled down the steps and came to rest in the gutter.
“Where do you think you’re going?” a calm, masculine voice said.
She dropped to her knees instantly and pulled the PPK, spinning around and shoving the gun to his gut, pulling the trigger and sending the bullet into the man’s stomach. He crumpled instantly, clutching his stomach. She aimed the pistol at his head and fired another shot, ending his existence…

As she retraced her footsteps through the day’s events, her tears began to dry up, leaving nothing but a slightly glistening trail where there were still a few traces of the salty tear’s path. Her mother was the only family she had, and now a bunch of common thugs had killed her. Sure she returned the favor, but that wasn’t enough for her. She wanted her mother, she was only 14. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Kids were supposed to have a father and a mother to protect them from this hostile world, but she had neither, she was just a lone dhamphir trying to cope with the death of the only real family she had ever had, and the only one who ever loved her…

She ran up the stairs, gun in hand as she rounded the corner, seeing yet another man in her doorway. She fired two rounds at his head, snuffing out his insignificant life without a second’s hesitation. She managed to get about 5 feet closer to the apartment as another thug entered the hall, she fired one round which buried itself in the man’s temple before he had managed to see where it had come from.
She burst through the apartment doorway…

The tears had resumed their flowing as she continued surveying the city, wondering what was next. She had nothing left in this world, no one to go to when she needed a shoulder to cry on or a good laugh, no one to kiss goodnight, no one to comfort her when things seemed dim. She was completely and utterly alone. The only thing she could think about was death. Suicide seemed like such a simple matter, all she had to do is jump…

Her mother lay limp in the floor of the apartment, nude with a single gun-shot wound to the chest, lying in a pool of her own blood. Jess tossed her gun aside, running over to the bathroom and grabbing a blanket before returning to her mother.
“Jessie?” her mother said weakly, he eyes watery as she stared off into space, obviously not able to see her daughter.
“Yeah mom” she choked trying to fight back a sob “I’m going to take you to the hospital, everything will be okay”
“Jessie… I…” before she could finish her sentence she lost consciousness, she was still alive, Jess could hear her pulse as she wrapped the body tenderly, scooping it up into her arms as she ran down the stairs. She was strong for a 14 year old girl, but she had her vampiric father to thank for that. She burst out the door, running at a dead sprint to the hospital, carrying her mother, she didn’t know how futile this really was…

She jumped. She had nothing to lose, no father, no mother, and she couldn't return to her apartment after what had happened. As she fell, the wind dried her tears, leaving nothing but glistening trails of salt . The sixth floor flew by, then the fith, the fourth. Everything was happening in slow motion, the wind ripping her hair back as she fell. The third floor went by as shrieks started to come from the ground, someone had seen her falling.

Jess squeezed her eyes closed as the second floor flew by. Soon it would all end, all this would be over. She wouldn't have to live without her mother, she would be with her again soon.

There are ALOT of errors in there, but I have never gotten around to correcting them, so till I do manage to correct them, this is it. Hope you guys like it.
09/21/09 04:19
MissyAwww.. this was really good Jess. I really hope there is like.. I dunno.. a muscley fire-fighter dude waiting to catch your falling body with one of those trampoline thingies. (Yes, highly technical terms I'm using here, try to keep up :P) It was a great read! Thanks for sharing it.09/21/09 05:01
Jessica SusserWell, there was going to be a sort of collaborative thing for this, that this was how Ishtar and Jessica met, but I never managed to finish it up. I may have to do that some day.09/21/09 05:18
MissyPlease do!! Your audience demands an encore performance!!!09/21/09 05:29
Jessica SusserLol, if I have enough time this week I'll give it a shot. I may work on correcting this one too, there're alot of grammatical and vocab errors in it.09/21/09 05:33
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