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Malice AshdeneMalice and Jade were in an abandoned building in Cape CoLA, painting strawberries on the walls with paintbrushes. Yes, there was a reason for this, but the details are top secret. The basic reason was because Malice found the original decor, or lack thereof, to be unacceptable, and that is "needs moar strawberries" as she puts it.

"Painting is fun!" Jade said happily as she painted what appeared to be an apple-strawberry hybrid.

Malice, who was decent at painting when it came to strawberries, replied yelling, "NEED MOAR STRAWBERRIES!" and then settled down and continued painting her cartoonishly cute strawberry on the wall.

Jade stopped painting for a moment to admire her work, and then folded her arms and said to Malice, "I don't think anyones gonna take us very seriously with all these strawberries painted up in our base..." to which Malice replied with a tilted head and a slight pout, "What if we made em scary...? Scary strawberries?"

Then Jade grinned and took some of the black paint they had and painted what was supposed to be an angry scary face on her apple-strawberry hybrid, but it turned out to look more like a sadface than anything else. Malice threw her arms up in triumph, "Meanie-faced strawberry!" and hopped around a few times, but accidentally tips over the last bucket of red paint, which is essential for strawberries. "oops..." She says, putting a hand to her mouth as she looks down at the paint moving across the floor.

Jade looks down and blinks.. "Uh oh... ummm I guess I should go get more red paint?" to which Malice shakes her head, "No, no, I go get it." she smiles slightly, "My fault..hehheh" she laughs nervously.

Jade nods and giggles.. "Okay!... Hurry back!"

Malice picks up the empty bucket so she can know the exact shade of red to go get, and skips off and away, as Jade returns to admire her work on the wall.

Little did they know, that after a very cliche' statement from the writer, that they had been being watched by a very familiar face...

Jheric crouches on the roof and he watches Malice skip away down the road as Setsudan seems to fall out of the sky as she lands right in front of Jheric, making no noise on the roof, somehow. She curtseys to jheric once before saying, "greetings, Sir Jheric." with a smile.

He turns his head to the side and smiles broadly to Setsu, "Greetings, my dear. You have exquisite timing."

Setsudan tilts her head a bit at the comment, "Oh? You have something planned?" as she folds her arms and straightens herself out, keeping superb balance on the slanted roof.

Jheric nods his head and points down at the roof, "Our good friend, Ms. Jade Ushimawa is down there right now. I think it's high time we did her the honor of true repentance and forgiveness. If not... what kind of peace keepers would we be?" he says looking back to Setsudan with a satisfied grin as she looks down at where Jheric points at the roof. She then untilts her head with a grin, "Oh, this is perfect.. Is she alone in there?" she says before looking around to see who else is in the immediate vacinity, to make sure no one was within eyesight.

He smiles and hops down silently from the roof, "Indeed.... how about we save a soul tonight?"

Setsudan smiles and follows him off of the roof as Jheric speaks again, saying, "If she becomes hostile... Explain to her that we're just here to help. Then... Prove it." he says as the two of them float through the door of the building filled with strawberry epicness.


Jade had still been admiring her work, beginning to wonder why it was taking Malice so long to get the red paint, when she turned around and saw Jheric entering the building, with Setsudan close behind. She drops the paint brush into the bucket and points at them dramaticly, "Ahhh.. you two again... here to get embarrased again?"

To this, Setsudan raised and eyebrow and replied, in mock confusion, "Embarrassed....? Look who's painting -strawberries- in an -abandoned building-."

Jade put her hands on her hips and does a side-to-side motion, and speaks in a mocking voice to Setsudan, "At least I don't have a fat ass~" as Setsudan replies with a low growl, wrinkling her nose. Jade had really worn out the 'fatass' insults the past few months since Setsudan had joined Jheric.

Jheric floats closer to Jade, stopping the insult bantering before it begins "My dear... we've been searching for you. You see... it's been weighing heavily on our hearts, "he says looking to Setsu with raised brows of sympathy, then turns back to Jade, ".. that you have yet to be forgiven. We really want to help you this time. From the bottom of our hearts." he says whipping a glance to Setsu, quickly. Jade smirks.. "Help me.. yeah right.. you can help me.. IF YOU CAN CATCH ME!!" She drew her MP 7's and jumped and spun around a couple times over the floor, pulling the trigger and shooting holes through the floor and then started to come back down with intention of falling through the floor for a dramatic escape... only for the floor not to break and her to fall on her ass.. gawd.. hollywood is bullshit..

Setsudan drew her spear out of the air at the first sight of jade drawing her gun, but seeing the overly dramatic display of matrix-copy-ism, she raises an eyebrow and gets ready for a fight of epic proportions, but then as jade falls on her ass, she smirks and gives a slight snort, tilts her head, "What was -that-?" before advancing on Jade.


And then a fight ensued, but the writer doesn't feel like typing anymore, so you'll have to check back here later.


And then you check back later and see that the writer has decided to write again. yaaaay.


As Setsudan advanced, spear drawn, Jade slowly got up onto her feet and darted to the door of the building, reloading her MP7s as fast as she could. But she was cut off by Setsudan, who Bashed her with the stick part of her spear, knocking Jade to her feet again before swinging wildly at her while she's down.

Jade, having reloaded her MP7s, raised them in Setsudan's direction and let out a stream of bullets into her, close range, most of them hitting her but Setsudan doesn't appear to notice. Setsudan is a demon, and not easily affected by physical attacks. Setsudan continues swinging wildly at Jade, leaving various gashes wherever the blade touched.

Still shooting almost point-blank with her MP7s, Jade eventually got up from where she was sitting, seeing as the bullets weren't seeming to do what they were supposed to do quickly enough, she darted to the door again, this time escaping and running into Saint Monica's, running backwards to shoot at Setsudan as she chased her, miraculously not tripping over any of the loose rocks and crumbling pavement. But her sudden lucky streak absent of clumsiness was soon to be over as she approached the ledge overlooking the ramp that leads down into Saint Monicas. She was running backwards and didnt see it coming when she ran right off of it, landing painfully on her back.

Setsudan saw what happened there and ran up to the ledge and looked down on Jade to see if she were still up and in the fight. A new stream of bullets zooming past her face showed that Jade was indeed still in the fight, as Setsudan ducked backwards a bit, using the ledge as protection as Jheric followed behind as lazily as he could. Once Setsudan realized he was there, she turned her head around quickly to look at him, looking rather crazed from the fight, and shouted, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! IVE BEEN SHOT MAYBE A HUNDRED TIMES OR SOMETHING AND YOU'VE JUST STOOD THERE!"

Jheric just stood, er, floated there, seemingly unbothered by the fact that Setsudan was losing the battle, as she was gradually losing strength from all the bleeding wounds. "Just wait a moment." He said calmly, though barely being heard over the stream of gunfire over the ledge of the ramp. Setsudan shook her head at this and jumped up, spear in hand, deciding she was going to rush Jade, planning to run right through the bullets as if they had no effect and be all Matrix-like and finally defeat Jade, who's beaten her up so many times it's not funny.

But such did not happen. As soon as Setsudan hopped up, she fell back down, too weak to fight due to blood loss. It was at this time that Jheric floated forward and stopped just short of the bullets that were whizzing past the ledge and into the sky. He held his hand out, the bullets stopped, and a rather sickening crunch could be heard. If you were down the ramp, and in that group of Tribe people who were down there at the time who decided not to intervene for whatever reason, you wouldve seen Jade picked up and thrown at the wall, thus knocked unconsious.

Jheric lifted his hand, and with it, Jade floated up over the ledge and onto the ground next to him, as he lowered his hand. Damn telekinesis godmodder. ((in all actuality it wasn't godmodding)) Seeing this, Setsudan tried to jump up again and run over to Jade's unconsious form to try and beat her up some more, but with another spurt of blood from the various wounds she recieved, she fell back down again.

"Stop pushing yourself. It's as simple as getting up calmly and -walking- over here." Jheric said calmly, as though his partner in crime wasn't bleeding all over the place.

Setsudan growled a bit at this, but followed the advice anyhow. Getting up as slowly as she could and walking as calmly as she could, she eventually reached where the otehr two were. "So, what now? Is she redeemed yet?" She asks impatiently, an obvious tinge of annoyance in her voice.

"No, not yet. There's still more to do." Jheric replies, waving a hand again with his telekinesis powers, making Jade float up and follow him as he walks back to Cape CoLA and the building where all this started. They needed for no one to walk in on what they had planned.


When the two, the demon and the fallen angel, got back inside the abandoned building in Cape CoLA with the unconious Jade, Jheric set her down on the floor, right next to the paint puddle that Malice had made earlier. Setsudan, following a further ways behind, entered a little later, her wounds healing up rather quickly, and kneeled next to Jade as she was unconsious, and without waiting for Jheric to give any order of what to do next, she dipped one of her fingers in the paint on the floor and began to write her own name on Jades face.

Jheric paid no attention to this, probably because this is what Setsudan always did to an enemy once they had fallen in battle. He stood there calmly and motioned for Jade's weapons to be removed before speaking. "My dear Jade, I hope you will be awake for your punishment.. It wont help you reach redemption if you are asleep during it."

This didn't wake Jade up, unfortunately for her. Setsudan frowned, seeing no reaction from Jade and no further action from Jheric to wake her up, dipped her finger in more paint and began to paint a hitler mustache on Jades face, just above her upper lip, giggling slightly once she was done. This, somehow, woke Jade up, though not fully as she mumbled weakly to Setsudan, "You're still fat..."

Setsudan narrowed her eyes at this and growled, "Don't make me rip your stomache open and put one of those paintcans in it... Then we'd see who the real fatty is..."

Having enough of their usual insult bantering, Jheric pulls out his scythe from its sheath on his back, and then holds the scythe out in front of him, the blunt top of the blade facing Jade. "You will find little company in Outer Darkness... but you will find peace for your soul. It is an honor for me to bring this sentence to you so that, in the destruction of your flesh, your soul might be saved. May God of mercy... on your soul." he says dramatically.

But, before anything happened, the scythe makes and odd sort of winding sound as a cluster of glowing particles begin to swirld around it's shaft, and, with an odd cough and sputter, the Scythe shakes a moment and makes a grinding high-pitched noise with a few sporatic clicks and the whine slows to low groan... and stops.

Both Jheric and Setsudan stare at the scythe a moment or two, blinking in confusion before Jheric shakes the scythe, thinking something might be jammed in it or something, "I... don't understand!" he then looks to Setsudan, "It's not my fault!"

Setsudan narrowed her eyes for a moment, looking at Jheric, "Are you even sure that thing works?!" she growls.

Jheric furrows his brow and looks at the scythe in confusion... "Wait... could it be?"

"Could -what- be?!" Setsudan replies angrily, seeing now that there was something Jheric hadn't told her.

Jheric looks back at Setsu and replies slowly, "If I fail to complete a mission... I am unable to move on to another. But... it's been too long... I don't see how that could have followed me for so long." he says in a raspy voice as he start to sheathe his scythe. Then, after a few moments of thought, his eyes open wide as he looks towards the wall, and the strawberries that had been sloppily painted on it. "Malice. It must really have been their will then..."

Setsudan wrinkled her nose a bit, standing upright and brushing dust and blood off of herself. She looks to Jheric in an annoyed kind of confusion, tilting her head, "And -who- is Malice?"

Jheric looks to Setsu... "Malice... she was the only failed mission I've ever had. She was an Angel. But... I did not think it was a mission... I thought, it was a mistake." he says... still evidently puzzled. "If she needed to die... then... the fact that she's still alive could be the reason I have had this squelching of power all along." he says slowly, in thought, as Setsudan folds her arms with a frown, "So what youre saying, is that ive gotten my ass handed to me by some random human girl because -you- didnt finish off some angel somewhere?" She sounds clearly upset.

Jheric looks quickly to Setsudan with a bit of frustration, "What I'm saying is... unless that girl is terminated... I've lost my authority!"

Hearing this, Setsudan's mood plummets. She clenches her fists and yells at Jheric, "Then kill her! But you're on your own... I'll have nothing to do with you untill then, I'm done getting the shit kicked out of me just because you cant take care of your own shit.." Then she turns around and storms out of the building as soon as she's done speaking..


The writer totally wasn't present during the next section, therefor the writer is making this up completely


As soon as Setsudan was out of sight, Jheric turned away and looked at the wall once more, starings absently at the messily painted strawberries.

Soon, Jade was trying to pull herself up to her feet, though a bit shakey and off-balance, and turned to face Jheric, laughing at him as well as she could in her condition, "Heh.. You better go comfort your fatass girlfriend before she leaves you forever.. Jheric"

Jheric blinks slowly for a few minutes. For a moment or two, he seemed frozen. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he snapped back and yelled, "Shut up! For once will you just shut up, you stupid human!" as he thrust his arm out in front of himself, using his telekinesis to throw jade into the wall yet again, almost knocking her unconsious again, though just knocking the wind out of her so she couldnt reply.


And then the writer came back! \o/


As soon as Jade caught her breath again, she mumbled, "Well.. that was stupid...", but she was cut short as Malice skips inside, swinging around a few buckets of red paint, far more than what was needed, humming happily, "I gots the pai-" and then stopping dead in her tracks, seeing Jheric. She seemed frozen for a minute untill Jade yelled out to her, panicked knowing what Jheric had planned for Malice, "RUN! RUN MALICE!" to which Malice snapped back to reality, dropping the paint buckets, a few of them popping open and wasting more paint. She started to take a few steps backwards, unsure of what to do, but accidentally steps on one of the paint buckets she dropped and landed flat on her ass in a puddle of paint, and was completely vulnerable at this point.

Jheric draws one of the long spikes from the sheild on his back and growls loudly as he shoves a spike through Jade's stomach, piercing through, into the wall. "I would like to invite you to STAY HERE for a few minutes, my Dear." he growls, deep in his throat as he turns slowly to greet Malice with a smile. "There's plenty of red to go around... Malice." he says with a sudden renewal of his sinister self.

Jade had begun to speak before being stabbed through with a spike, but all that came out was a spray of blood, as she struggles to remain consious, as well as struggling to get free so she can save her close friend.

Without waiting for any kind of response, as well as to keep Malice from getting away, Jheric swoops over her with thrust of his crimson wings as he lands on top of her with a hand to her chin, "I promise not to hurt you long Malice... but I see now that I've done the both of us a great deal of harm over these years... I left you in a state of agony... and myself, in a state of powerlessness." to which Malice tried to tilt her head, get free, run away, anything, but she was held in place as she squeaks out, "What? what are you talking about..?" with wuite a decent amount of fear in her voice.

Seeing Jheric advance on Malice, Jade starts to struggle against the spike more fervently, trying to pull it out of her and the wall, but her hands just shook and slipped on the metal spike as she yelled as loud as she could, thinking that might stop was was about to happen. Jheric starts trying to speak, but can't be heard over the ruckus that Jade was making over pinned onto the wall, so he speaks louder, putting both hands on either side of Malice's face, "I loved you... apparently that was a crime. One that we both must suffer for. I'll explain to your husband... that he married a ghost." he says with an odd flavor of sadness in his tone. He then let out a loud cry as he twisted her head as viciously as he could manage.

Malice began to let out a high-pitched scream before her neck then made a quick, loud, metallic snapping sound, choking off her scream. Her facial expression went blank, but she blinked rapidly and her body twitched uncontrollably. Her brain had just been damaged to the point of her becoming severely retarded, thus she's unable to react to anything else that would happen, as well as it being debatable that she feels any pain right now.

Seeing Jheric twist Mal's head violently Jade screams out, her eyes wide with horror as she first had to see Keaton dead and now witness this... "NOOO!! MALICE!!!" People seem to be dying all over the place, for Jade. Her shoes kicked against the wall in panic and helplessness as she saw Mali's body go limp, her hands still tugging at the spike through the wall, tears flowing down her own cheeks steadily.. "STOP!! KILL ME!! NOT HER!!"

Paying no attention to Jade's pleas, Jheric repositions his legs and twists once more as presses his knee down against her chest and yanks, with barred teeth, his fingers beginning to tear up through the base of her jaw, "Die... like you were supposed to! Why didn't you die?" he yells out, his own mouth appearing to tremble along with the rest of his body as he wrenched on her head.

Eventually, with a slow, low, metallic groaning sound, Malice's neck begins to stretch, the synthetic flesh on her neck stretching and stretching untill it eventually tears, bleeding profusely with synthetic blood. After enough pulling, the metal begins to tear, and then with a loud snap, similar to a single gunshot, Malice's head pops off.

He pulls the head to himself and looks at it a moment while he places it down on the ground, leanin his weight towards his arms. He forces his thumbs through her eyes and places his middle fingers behind her ears as he yanks in opposite directions... flinging his head up in a rage of strength. With more similar metal groaning sounds, though this time multiple different groaning sounds all of varying pitches, Malice's head starts to stretch in half untill a seam is split down the middle of her face, and her one true organic component, her brain, which her soul clings to, was visible and exposed. At this point in time, a pool of organic blood pours out of her head, mixing with the synthetic blood and the paint on the floor.

Jade was crying all out as she could do nothing to stop this... her eyes reddened and her face trembling as she screamed for help over and over, though completely unheard by anyone, not Jheric, not Malice, and with no one else in the area to hear. Her calls for help were completely ignored.

Jheric slowly rose to his feet, a mixture of organic and synthetic bits over the front of his body as he drops the two halves of Malice's head with a labored sigh, "Now... we can both have peace Mali. Although.. I do not envy you your fate. You never made good choices... so accept this as your payback. May the Will of the Light be done." he mutters as he raises a foot and stomps down as hard and fast as he can manage in to the bloody mass of brains that was on the floor. His wings extended there full reach... his eyes were closed... and not a sound came from his mouth.

Jade's hand reached out as she cried out to Malice one more time... her eyes closing in horror as Malice's brains were stomped.

And Malice was no more.


Currently there are no witnesses to the killing of Malice, save for Jade who was present and injured by Malice's attacker. More information is still being gathered.


Malice gave a heavy sigh once she ended her contact with Kayle, Echo, and everyone else who was in the upper floor of the church the night she died. It was difficult for her to turn around and head into Heaven fully, but she had no choice, and she knew it, or else shed never be able to come back to LA, her friends, and more importantly, her husband. As she entered Heaven fully, she was temporarily blinded by the most brightest, most cliche', blast of holy light, and was stumbling around like a retard for a good five minutes before a random, low-rank angel popped out of nowhere and kept her from falling on her face.

"hey hey hey, what the hell are you doing?" he said in confusion. Clearly it wasn't a common occurance to have someone stumbling aaround like a retard in Heaven. "You're gonna fall on your face if you keep doing that!"

As Malice regained her balance, and her eyesight, she looked at him, still blinking a few times as was her habit when confused. She tilts her head, another habit when she's confused, "myah?" she also says her common habitual catchphrase for when she is confused. Quite redundant, eh?

The other one took a few steps back, also with a tilted head to mirror Malice's, and put a hand to his chin, hmm'ing to himself for a moment, before asking, "You died, didnt you? not that i saw, or anything. probably about a million people died at the -exact- moment you did. betcha dont feel so important -now-, eh?" he folded his arms with a smug grin.

Malice blinked a few times more at this, tilting her head the other way, "who said i felt important...?"

The other one seemed to be confused at this reaction, before asking, "but... werent you that bitch lady who thought she was queen of the world...?" then he shook his head quickly, seeing as he probably had the wrong person anyways and then said, "well, youll have to be re-educated up here before you can get a new body and go home."

At the thought of a new body, malice had suddenly realized her windup key was gone, her hair was different, and she was no longer all stiff and metally-feeling. This also caused her to -think- about breathing ((dont you hate when you do that?)) which caused her to stop breathing altogether because she had already forgotten how to breath. It wasn't for a good minute or two that she realized what was happening and that she -needed- to breath, thus she started coughing up a lung before breathing again. Not a pleasent experience, to say the least. The other one began to try and stifle a laugh, but eventually failed as he nearly fell ovver laughing. This one was not a very kind angel...

"What the hell did you think was gonna happen when you stopped breathing?" he says through his laughter. Malice regained her composure with narrowed eyes and folded her arms with a hmph in his general direction beofre saying, "well i never needed to breath before now.. as far as i can remember"

This, obviously confused the other angel, untill he realized that she was, indeed, Malice, that one bitchy angel he was talking about earlier. He then narrowed his eyes back at her for a moment before grabbing her arm and dragging her away, saying, "time for your re-education, the sooner the better so you can get the hell out of here..."
02/27/09 18:07
Malice AshdeneTime seems to flow slower in Heaven than on earth. To Malice, it feels like its been a little over two days, but its only been one. Since the random angel took her to where she was apparently to be re-educated, she's had to explain, time and time again, to everyone about her predicament on earth, to which a few people recognized the story and knew who she was, though some people had totally forgotten about her. The people who did recognize, though, were the people who were supposed to be re-educating her... And they gave her quite a hard time, probably to return a long lost favor from before she was killed.

Currently, Malice is sitting in a temporary home, trying to figure out why her stomache hurts. She doesnt quite realize that shes supposed to be eating to sustain herself.

Then, one of the drill-instructor-type angels walks in, clapping her hands loudly, as if she were asleep and she were to wake her up, "up! Get up, now!" she yells, really loudly, to which Malice jumps through the roof, being so startled. Of course, not literally...

"But.. But- But I'm broken!" Malice says in a whiny, child-like voice, which made the other angel lady wrinkle her nose. She hated whiny-babies. She then tilted her head, putting her hands on her hips, looking at Malice all anger-faced before asking, "Broken? Looks just fine to me..."

"But, I hurt! Right here!" Malice then points to the general area of her stomache.

"Not my fault you haven't been eating.." the lady shrugs before turning towards the door, motioning for Malice to follow, "Get out here now, you'll just have to wait untill tomorrow to eat"

Malice slowly gets up and out the door, really wishing the finer points of being an organic being were much more obvious...
02/28/09 18:16
KhoryNeeds more strawberries.03/01/09 07:00
Malice Ashdene((added more to the death-scene up top in the original post too))

The next day, Malice slept in. She slept waaaaaaay in. Perhaps due to hunger? Or maybe due to fatigue? As a doll, she never felt the fatigue from her body, only the fatigue from her mind, and she would only sleep when her mind was sleepy. But now, after the hard work from the unrelenting drill-instructor-like angels in what appeared to be a heavenly boot camp, she felt like her arms had the strength of toothpicks, but were the weight of full trees.

A loud bell rang somewhere nearby, not giving up untill Malice was awake. She tried to ignore it for a time, not entirely sure what it was in the first place, she thought it could wait for her to be ready to get up. She'd never heard of an alarm clock before.

When it seemed the annoying incessant ringing wasn't going to stop, Malice pulled herself upright, feeling even more tired just from doing that little amount of work, she fell back down, and tried to go back to sleep.

But the ringing wouldn't stop!

"WOULD SOMEBODY STOP THAT ALREADY?!" she yelled as loud as she could, jumping straight from her bed now, looking around for whoever or whatever was making the sound. She looked almost rabid at this point.

Nobody answered. She was completely alone in her empty temporary house.

She looked around, her gaze darting to various corners and shelves in the place till it fell on a strange device that seemed to be shaking at the same rate as the ringing. Malice ran over to it, and seeing as the ringing grew louder as she came closer to it, her suspicions were confirmed, as she picked it up and tossed it at a wall as hard as she could. The impact from the wall broke it into pieces, leaving a shower of gears and springs and stuff.

Seeing this reminded Malice of all the times she'd gotten herself broken as a doll. That time she fell off that bridge in Northgate. That time she stopped to help that one guy from being attacked by that one demonic thing and got herself beat up for it. That time that 'Ally ((Hally)) lady pushed her off of the Mundane's building near the coffee shop. Just remembering the encounter with 'Ally made her shiver. That's the most broken she'd ever been, and was very similar to how she broke the alarm clock.

She shivered a bit, folding her arms and rubbing them for a bit before slowly approaching the, now dead, alarm clock. She looked down at it slowly, and asked in a small voice, "Are you ok...?" But when she got no answer, she started to cry a little. She was so convinced she just killed a living thing for good.

But her mourning over the loss of an alarm clock was cut short by a giant buzzing sound from outside, followed by a loud voice saying that it was time for lunch. Yeah, she'd slept till lunch and was probably going to be in trouble for it. She hadn't eaten at all since she had arrived... hell, since ever. And her appearance showed it. Hearing this, she remembered what the mean lady said about having to eat, and rushed to where the buzzing sound was coming from, figuring that must be where they kept the strawberries.
03/01/09 17:05
Kayle Ashdene:lol:
Eat them!

Loving it @_@... gonna print this whole thing out when you are finally done! Good job so far :D
03/01/09 19:28
Malice Ashdene((aaaaaaaaaaaand the death scene is completely typed out and in the original post. now concentrating on her after-death))03/01/09 23:44
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