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RuneCrimson((I thought I would Put this up for shits and giggles since some enjoyed my excert of where Rune was during the woodworm thing.))

[u][b]Rune's Story[/b][/u]

It started over 3,500 years ago, hatched under the constellation of the Dragon, the celestials started writing his story then, giving the tale to the Golden Elves of the Mystical Kingdom. The Ancient scrolls tell this tale.....

His eyes open for the first time to see the faces of the Golden elves. Hearing them talk for the first time was strange to him, though eleven tongue was hard to understand to any being on earth. “He wakes my brothers.” “Aye, and such brilliance, what race of dragon is this?” Looking closer the elven priests studied him. One bringing up a hand spoke to his comrades. “He is of the bahamut race, look at the color and the shear power he posses, not to mention the pure magic that radiates from his being. “Telon!” , We have found the spirit that can hold DragonsBane!!” The one called Telon’s eyes grew bright. “Aye your right Ketar, he is that powerful....funny that he is Bane’s Grandson.” The Third says Quickly “Telon its to early for that, Bane’s Spirit will Kill him.” “Aye, Ceno it will, we will raise him up teach him the Ancient ways and in due time he will be ready.”The Elves named him Rune and gave him his mothers rightful name as well “Shen Lung”.

Rune’s years of learning started with the teaching of the elven language and that of many mortal tongues as well. He read and learned all the scrolls of history that the Gold Elves had. He became a sponge to knowledge and power. The more he learned the more he wanted to know.

Rune then started training in the art of Dragon and Elven magic, that of the Magia Draconis was his main teaching. He became very powerful and knowledgeable. His mind and strength far succeeded that of his own species.

Soon the elves sat and talked over telling Rune of the Dragon purges of centuries ago and of his mother that left him with them and of the Empire that she left for him to run. The where abouts of his father was never found though so they would have to explain that as well. Story had it that his mother mated outside of her dragonhood. But noone knew the truth and so far noone had never searched it out.

The Next day the elves went to Rune and explained to him the story of the dragon purges and of how they came to have his egg. The story disturbed Rune and the idea of not knowing who his father was disturbed him even worse. But he knew who his grandfather was the father of his mother EmperorDragonsBane also one that fell in the dragon purge.

Soon after the telling of his mother and the story of the dragon purge Rune talked to the Elves about DragonsBane and what would happen. They told him that DragonsBane would choose the time.

One night while Rune was sleeping in his chambers he heard someone or something whisper to him. “Its time Rune, the gift of power is upon you.” Rune opened his eyes with a start and looked up, but noone was there. He woke in the morning after a very fitful sleep and called for Telon first thing. Telon came to Rune shortly after his calling him.
“What seems to be troubling you Rune?” Telon asked. Rune told him of the happenings of the night before, Telon knew exactly what it meant.

That afternoon Telon came and asked Rune to follow him, so he went with him. They came to a room that Rune had never seen, it was very large and the crest of his family hung on the wall in the form of a large flag. In the middle of the room was a egg shaped Gold gem. Rune marveled at the Gem, It was like nothing he had ever seen.
Telon motioned for Rune to follow him...Walking slowly and with much awe he followed and was told to sit down, he did so and as he did four other elves came in the door. Circling him and the gem they began to chant the gem started to glow and in moments the gem radiated with blue light and the form of a golden dragon floated out of the gem and moved towards Rune, soon Rune felt a tingle in his soul and then he saw the Golden Dragon slowly float inside of his body, he felt a difference but it was not uncomfortable, but weird to him.
The Elves told him what had happened and that it was the reason he was born and taught all he had been taught. With the Spirit of the Dragon known as DragonsBane, Rune would rule, guide, and protect the lands that his family had protected in their day. Soon the Elves showed him his lands and his new home. Rune was happy with what he saw and began to build his Empire.

Rune guided, lead, and protected his Empire of many races and species of creatures. But there was still a void in him....He had missed the love of parents and the respect of a family that he should have joined many years ago....One day the one man that he looked up to as a Honorable and Powerful man asked if Rune would like to add his Empire to his family and become his son. The Man had a familiar look in his eye and he could not resist the pull to him so he excepted the offer. Rune pledged his loyalty and life to Erikain and Lady Raven pledging this loyalty to them his soul was given to Erikain but in return a Sword of the Souludus family was given to him....The void that Rune felt was now filled he had parents thought still stuck in his head though, his new father had a familiar look to him in his eyes, the look on his face and the spirit he had he could not explain it so he shrugged it off as respect. Maybe one day Rune will find out the reason for his thoughts and feelings about Souludus.

Rune stood beside his New Father and Mother and protected and served them to the death. Til one day he found that his fathers ideas did not meet his own....He rebeled and decided killing Vampires was not for him....In the end Rune was pushed to the brink he was forced to fight his own family...they where many and it seemed to be him and his wife only. The final fight left 3 of his brothers dead and him in Excile in the foot hills of the old Kingdoms hills. The Excile lasted for many centuries....Rune watched the world change and technology came...The world was a different place but with every change Rune Embraced it....Many centuries passed and the Exciled Emperor lived his life in peace with his wife. Not one problem in centuries...then the night came where he was on the hills of the mounds watching the skys.

The rest is history as we know it.
02/03/09 21:59
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