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erinnic**1,324 words. just so you're aware.**

It’s evolution that allows us hindsight. That learns us to how uselessly naïve we were mere moments before our great ascension, our ultimate emergence into heightened awareness. It is only when the yoke of shortcomings is cast off that one realizes how much weight they carried. Put in simple terms, one doesn’t realize how fucking useless they are until they grow useful.

That is exactly how it is when you first open your newborn vampiric eyes. You see colours and minute detail with the sort of vividity you before didn’t know existed. You deftly maneuver each sinew of your body with an effortless ease that makes you feel weightless and infinite. Physical feats of challenging proportions dwindle down to dull child’s play. Each moment is defined in resplendent particulars, promised to remain within the perfect lockbox of your newfound recall. In mere moments, you are fully reborn from the clutches of mundane existence to a world of unlimited possibility and promise.

Or, at least, that’s how it felt in those first few moments after I had opened my eyes. The pain that had owned me in my human form had given up on its mastery of my frame. There would be no more empty hungry pitted in my stomach, no more permeating aches kneaded into my muscles. No more random rushes to relieve internal urges, nor waking up to stumble towards staring into the new lines on an aging and dying face each morning. The body was whole and healed and fresh and alive in a newfound and powerful sense.

The vampiric forces dancing their way through my physique couldn’t mask away the cerebral marring the loss of my daughter had wrought into me, though. Now that the pain and weakness was gone, the days of shock were washed away along with the last vestiges of my life. It left me completely alone with nothing but my thoughts of Hope, and of how my daughter was completely gone now. A new pain staggered me backwards; hands reaching to my chest and hoping to find a heart there still. The gape of a hole seemed to exist instead as I failed to find a heartbeat. As if an abyss had grown where she had existed always a part of me, same as she was six years earlier before I had even named her. I went instinctually to cough and grasp for air, but I had none there and the strange dry ache instead of breathe somehow made me ultimately feel more empty.

The madness of my current surroundings renested then, amplified wholly by the burgeoning bloodlust bulling to the surface from within my now ceased heart. The creature who had done this to me, once man made to a night’s shadow same as I was now, was no longer in the tent. I could still hear the low timbre of his voice somewhere outside, though. It was hard at first to center around where the voice was coming from, as if my hearing’s expanded boundaries had to recalculate their former limited scope to compensate. Cutting my attentions yet again--so much going on around me and within me I was spinning by now--a peeling scream cut through the air. It ignited within me again the steady pull of the bloodlust, and where I once would have bristled in terror at such a sound I instead was internally compelled towards the promised suffering before I even realized my feet moved. My hands were pulled into loose claws, head arched forward and nose following the air towards the coppery smell dancing through the air towards me.
The scene was brutal in its vulgarities, carnage only barely paralleled in my searching mind to the Angel’s attack on the Project Revive Compound I not so long ago called home. What devastated me then was the human reaction to such horrors, and the fact that the faces frozen in death were those of my family in friends. Here I stared with deadened eyes at strangers who just hours before were calculating my slow and painful demise.

The scene was far more vicious now, though. Where the avenging Angels were doing a job, it was clear that the massacre here was borne of pleasures. Instead of efficient and clear blade wounds, the humans here were tagged with every nightmare a timid mind would care to avoid daring itself to imagine. Bodies were half descalped, ripped apart at the knees. Some even rearranged as if the savages found them to be real life Mr. Potatoheads. A vampire with feral desire in its blooded eyes snarled a possessive hiss my way as I passed it before it returned to digging its mitt into a particularily fleshy human’s thigh. It peeled away at the woman as if she were an orange while she gave her last few death shudders.

I found Him then, standing dead center amidst a circled group of vampires kneeling with heads turned to Him. I would learn soon that He had made them all after stumbling upon a forgotten asylum with locked up inmates one day of starvation away from death. As I studied Him now with new eyes--shuffling closer as I fixedly stared--he seemed somehow now to hold even less defining detail in how I could offer his appearance up. All I saw as I gazed upon him was his piercingly white irises and fangs against smooth charcoal skin. He watched my approach with a hungry and intrusive regard, arms one arm stretched open and palm wide with the other kept something hidden behind him.
My approach stopped short as I arrived upon the group, taking quick seconds to glance on the faces of the other vampires there. They were a motley bunch, hollows below all their eyes and bones protruding left and right as if their skin were pressed tight against nothing but skeleton. My toes edged upon a precipice, maybe a few yards deep and evidently freshly hand dug. I was struck awed by the sight of the rest of the group of human there, now just husked shells limply discarded and waiting on disposal. They had all been drained in the messiest of fashions, more blood than skin tone blaring out crimson in my vision.

The thick coppery scent of claret again invaded me wholly, consuming my capacities and moving me to sate my hunger. A single gesture of His hand was all it took for the horde surrounding me to stop my forward momentum, pale limbs intrusively keeping me. I struggled in confusion before He revealed his ultimate intentions.

There was a girl captive in his grasp now, frozen with fear and eyes begging at me for a salvation she would never find. She couldn’t have been more than nineteen, alive all those years in an ugly world that rarely offered refuge but oft brought on heaps of despair. And here she stood, her last task in life to die in the name of my hunger. The hands left and while I moved closer I swore I could smell the difference as the fear rushed through her in fresh waves.

I’d like to say I found the strength to sympathize with her fright, that I denied the bloodlust racing through me in hot, pulsating waves. I can make no such claims. She was calling for God to save her as my fangs first found her throat, and this allowed me clarity enough to prolong her suffering. It was the great misstep of her deathbed, my daughter’s dead face now forever burned into my mind when I heard mention of the heavens. The girl wanted her God to be paying attention to her as I killed her? Good, so did I. As I fed that first time I wanted this God to know what I planned, because this was just to be the beginning of the vengeance I sought.
01/02/09 23:31
oren(I didn't count words, I wrote until I reached a logical stopping point)

My face flush with new blood, my bones and sinews singing with power like a plucked guitar string, I tossed the broken girl into the abyss, figuratively and literally, discarding her like so much jetsam from the prow of a ship, cast her off to her maker like a sparrow released from a cage. The dull wet thump of her body landing in the pit was a wake up call. I was a killer, I was death incarnate, and I was the avatar of destruction. Turning eyes that not only saw more keenly the physical realm, but also now better understood my new place in this world, I surveyed the carnage strewn around my as my mind clicked through possibilities like a high powered computer in a liquid cooled enclosure. I now not only had the power, but also the mindset to pursue the revenge that I could have never hoped to achieve as a mere mortal, I now possessed the ability to rend the flesh of Angels, to send them back to their maker, to banish them from this world as they had banished my sweet angel, my daughter.

Turning my back on the crazed undead still playing in the gore of their kills like kindergarteners with silly putty, I strode purposefully toward the perimeter of the madness, intent on my finding the Angels who had taken away my life before I had ever encountered a vampire and experienced physical death. My Sire, a word at that point I didn’t even know the meaning of, called to me to return, but his words fell on deaf ears. I’ll probably never know why he did not pursue me, why he did not strike me down for my insolence, but he did, and I walked unhindered toward my new life in death.

I found the road back to the Project Revive Compound easily enough, the scent of my passing almost shimmering in the air visibly so strong was my ability to process the air. Plodding along at first, putting one foot in front of the other I quickly gained speed, reveling in the freedom of my new form, the power of my muscles, the endurance of my blood infused form, until I was covering ground so quickly my feet scarcely ever touched the Earth. Had a mortal been audience to my passing I doubt they would have noticed more than a gust of wind. A trip of 2 weeks while burdened by my mortal coil was eaten up in a single night as I flew over the landscape like an ethereal apparition, an angel of death flying toward my goal of retribution. I arrived at the overrun compound as the sky starting to burn pink and gold on the far off horizon.

I’d read enough Bram Stoker and Anne Rice as a mortal when books were still something to be read and not used as insulation against the bitter cold in the post apocalyptic world to realize that that glow was the harbinger of pain and death for me. My lust for revenge against the Angels would have to wait until the fiery orb passed over and laid once again in slumber. Looking around I saw no place that looked accessible enough in the waning darkness to secure my new body throughout the heat of the day, so I did the only thing that seemed reasonable, I dug. Scrambling at the soil like a dog seeking a bone, I burrowed into the ground, pulling the damp soil filled with earth worms and beetles and earwigs over me until I felt safe and secure within Gaia’s earthy embrace, my mind set on one thought, making the Celestial Host suffer.
01/03/09 00:13
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