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TheassassinAnur Seda, CE Commander Bio
« Thread Started Yesterday at 2:24am »
Outside of CE, little is known about Anur Seda. It is known that his presence in CoLA predates the founding of Cyber Evolution. Anur's Story begins almost 4,100 years ago, in the ancient sands of Egypt, born in the city of Bubastis, to the Wariz-Ra family, a family of Egyptian nobility, with a strong history of priests and warriors in it's line. Anur life was similar to many of his peers, though he would spend endless days in the priestly hall of the temple of Thoth, reading the many scrolls and books present. when he reached the age of manhood, he was already well versed in the metaphysical aspects of the multiverse, and had a deep understanding of the Gods. This understanding, led to him at the age of 17, being accepted, and training into the Order of Khonshu, egyptian god of justice, and preservation, and a minor death god. This order was feared throughout the ancient world, and it''s warriors known as,"the Fists of Khonshu", and pursued the supernatural threats of the day vigorously particularly vampires. he rose through the ranks of the order quickly over the years, then at age 25 graduated to the rank of warrior priest, and began serving the temples of Anubis, Osirus,and Thoth as an elite commander of the temple forces. At the same time, his Sister, Xieti Wariz-Ra had become powerful in her own right. Having been a priestess of Isis in her early years, she left with a contingent of priestess to consecrate a new temple in the young city state of Knossos on the Isle of Crete, and did not return for five years. Upon her return she display magical might that far exceeded what she left with; she was a powerful Mage, and her power frightened those in the city because it was foreign. She had also become reserved, and secretive, and seldom visited even the temple grounds of The Lady of Mysteries (Isis). Anur wondering about the nature of his sister's new abilities had begun watching her, and discovered the awful truth of her condition, she was not only a powerful Sorceress, but also a Vampire as well, and had fallen into the clutches of The Adversary himself Set, lord of darkness and evil. to make matters worse, she had assembled a legion of vampiric followers and ghouls, and was preparing to take the City of Bubastis. Sick at the realization of his sister's treachery, he confronted her alone and demanded an answer to why she was doing what she was doing, and the two siblings clashed in an epic battle with the confines of Xieti's stately manor house. But anur, as much as a Skilled warrior priest as he was could not match the might of his sister, and she left him beaten and bloody, dropping him on the steps of the Temple of Anubis at Deaths door. thinking he was about to breathe his last, Anur closed his eyes and prayed for the gods to take him to Amenti, and he blacked out. Awaking later, he found him self in a vast hall, and walked to the end, thinking this was his judgement, and he was to pass to the afterlife . As he exited the great hall, he found himself standing on what appeared to be a large platform, or floating island, with a larg Temple upon it, carved from he blackest marble, with the images of Anubis Osirus, Khonshu, and Thoth prominent among the many likenesses. and before him stood a large half circular table carved from the same lack marble, with 20 seats, each with the Very Gods of death he was familiar with present, and others he did not recognize. dropping to his knees immediately, the steward, who was clothed in robes black as midnight, his face black nothingness, only glowing orange eyes looked out at anur from the steward's hood. the steward held out his hand to anur and said rise to your feet young warrior, the Gods yet have use of you. it was on that day, that Anur learned he stood at that moment, outside of time, and reality, before a coalition of Death Gods, known only as the Dark Council. he was told, that the various gods of death, had become dismayed at the amount of spirits who cheated death with Undeath, and the number of forces from other planes of existence who eyed the prime material plane(earth) with envy, and that the balance was in jeopardy. The day would come when the earth may very well slide to a plane where it will be lost, and the Agents of the Dark Council were the only ones who could right that balance. He learned he was to be an Agent of this Council, Reborn with powers beyond those of mortal beings, infused with the power of Death, and Justice, to pursue those entities who where a great threat, and errant spirits who ran from their judgement through Undeath. This Regime of Agents was called The Phantom Regiment, and Anur would join their ranks. In later times the Agents of the Dark Council would be responsible for the Many legends of the Grim Reaper, as the appearance of most Agents fits this description. Now having been given new life by the gods themselves, and now something beyond humanity, and Undeath, Anur set about his first task, Claiming the Soul of his Sister Xieti, and her Hordes. he saw that time had passed since his ," Death", about 9 years to be exact, and his sister ruled the ruins of his home city wit an iron hand, her undead hordes and spirit servants, having led an orgy of death and violence with the city and the surrounding region. Ruling it openly as a Vampire Queen. The Pharaoh himself led a regiment of elite Warriors to put down this supposed rebellion only to find that it was something much darker, and the Pharaoh was a victim as well. This when the Grim Reaper himself (Anur) Cast his shadow on the Dark kingdom of Xieti, a would be empress, and his sister. immediately upon appearing in his homeland Anur visited his own tomb, ((which in later years would become a habit)) and that of his mother and father, and his two other brothers, and three younger sister, all slain By xieti personally. Then he made his presence known in her Palace, with her elite guard present as well, and announced to them all, that Death is here your time is at an end. The battle was brutal and short, Anur with the dark powers of his new nature flowing through him destroyed the large contingent of vampires and spirits present, sending them to their final rewards, and punishments. His sister fleeing the battle when all was lost, and Anur pursued her, to the very steps of the Temple of Anubis, the scene of his death. There his sister pleaded for her unlife, but the Reaper has no remorse, and cannot be reasoned with. After another spectacular battle Anur the Grim Reaper had in his possession the soul of his Undead sister, and delivered her personally to the Dark Council. Upon completing his first and most painful assignment,he was allowed to visit his family in the Afterlife plane of Amenti, then went about his duties as an Agent. over the many thousands of years anur adapted to the many places he went, the various planes of existence, and Earth, and learned much, he studied with masters of philosophy, the Ninja clans of ancient japan, the theories of Sun-Tzu, and many other earthly things. The he was sent into the outer planes to serve the Gods on personal endeavors. Traversing the boundaries between time and space, and the multiverse for many years. The he was called before the council, and informed of the current condition of the Prime material planar land of his birth. The struggle that he was warned of was here, and he was sent along with 10 other Agents to earth. He was told to go to the ruins of the City of Los Angeles(CoLA) there he was told is the heart of the struggle. other entities had sent their agents there, but the council was more vigilant that other entities, and knew only one Agent would suffice, thus Anur Wariz-Ra became Anur Seda, and entered the City of Lost Angels. Upon arriving Anur ran afoul of the Coven, the largest nest of Vampires in the city, and the Brood, Demonic despots running loose on the prime material plane. still learning the city, anur avoided all out war until he understood what was happening in the city, Egyptian at his heart Anur hated the Chaos of the city, and set about to correct that problem. A chance meeting with the Leader of Cyber Evolution's Leader Cleo, impressed anur enough to where he considered their cause worthy, and Asked the Dark Council Permission to Join, and it was granted. Adapting to the technology with ease anur made CE his earthly family, and quickly rose to the rank of commander. He is dedicated to CE as much as he is The Dark Council, and The Phantom Regiment, and is a natural leader, containing within him the knowledge of the ages as well as thousands of years worth of combat and leadership experience. WIse, dark, honorable, and thoughtful Anur is a Warrior Philosopher, tactical genius, the Perfect Agent for the chaos of CoLA. and with Cyber Evolution, stands ready to right the balance, by any means necessary.


Anur Is a Reaper, and as such has at his disposal a vast array of mystical powers, of which largely is a mystery, as CE is still learning of his true capabilities. He has been modded with several enhance ments, and tech, blending them perfectly with his already formidable assets, essentially becoming a ," Cyber Reaper" His true appearance is still a mystery.
06/08/09 11:28
KhoryTL;DR06/08/09 19:26
orenGood story, very Spawn-esque

So, in a nutshell, you're a 4000 year old grim reaper in a cybernetic body; a tactical genius, a student of military history, and the wielder of "dark powers" capable of decimating the ruling horde of Vampires and a powerful Vampire Witch in the ancient city of Bubastis. Sounds... formidable. I'm curious to see how you play your god-like powers within the limits of CCS.

Well done.
06/08/09 20:40
Theassassin[quote=oren]Good story, very Spawn-esque

So, in a nutshell, you're a 4000 year old grim reaper in a cybernetic body; a tactical genius, a student of military history, and the wielder of "dark powers" capable of decimating the ruling horde of Vampires and a powerful Vampire Witch in the ancient city of Bubastis. Sounds... formidable. I'm curious to see how you play your god-like powers within the limits of CCS.

Well done.[/quote]
Godlike Powers?, i dont think so. I am a writer by trade so i know how powerful a tool propaganda is. In the end, he is and ,"Agent", and as
a commander. This was written in the fashion of a file kept in the CE archives, so it does not speak of any weaknesses(( other than the obvious of his level)), and i dont see how creative story telling can be mistaken for, " Godlike Powers" It is a simple history of this individual up until the present time. He may very well perceive himself this way, and even those under his command, but he is far from infallible. As i stated before, i am a life long gamer, and a GM for many systems, and i can tell you it's all about the story, and the back story. you could have a character 1st level, and if he is fleshed out,and has a powerful back story, it makes he or she seem larger than life, and capable of anything, which is intimidating. Story telling is epic only when you make it so, and i will not be held back by limited imagination. I'm sorry if you see it that way.
06/09/09 02:22
orenWow... I wasn't being critical, as I said, I am curious to see how you play out your powers within the confines of CCS. I'm not trying to hold you back. Chill. Notice it says "well done" at the end? I liked you story and I commented on it. For the record, I didn't know it was supposed to be "propaganda" because it is written like a biography.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I hope you add to this.
06/09/09 15:32
TheassassinI misunderstood you, and i apologize, as for the bio, yes i would consider it propaganda for CE, they would like to see their commander as invincible(even though it is not true) as it inspires the movement to greater things. Also i think anybody who is RPing if you set the bar with a powerful bio, it gives your character something to strive for, to maintain, that ideal, and be three dimensional and not a cardboard cut out. And thank you Again Oren for listening to me.06/10/09 00:36
Theassassin[quote=oren]Good story, very Spawn-esque

So, in a nutshell, you're a 4000 year old grim reaper in a cybernetic body; a tactical genius, a student of military history, and the wielder of "dark powers" capable of decimating the ruling horde of Vampires and a powerful Vampire Witch in the ancient city of Bubastis. Sounds... formidable. I'm curious to see how you play your god-like powers within the limits of CCS.

Well done.[/quote]
Agents of the Dark Council are very powerful beings. Charged with tracking down errant spirits and other powerful entities, the Agents(or Reaper) are bestowed by the council with earth shattering power, but the body of an Agent is not his original; especially in the case of Anur Seda(read bio). A mortal body cannot contain the vast energies of an Agent, neither can an undead or celestial body. Therefore when The Council sent Anur to CoLA, and thus the Prime Material plane, He was forced to re-inhabit His Mortal body, that lay in his family crypt buried under sand in Egypt, Long forgotten, 4,000 years. Upon inhabiting his body, and digging himself free of the yeas of drifting sands, staggering forth into the night of a new Modern Egypt. He discovered quickly, his power was not at the level it was supposed to be, when he went about unearthing his family property, and the crypt from which he dug himself free. He only felt a fraction of the Normal Power he enjoyed as a Grim Reaper, and right at that moment after 3 hours spent using his now limited abilities unearth his ancient city, an emissary of The Dark Council Appeared, with news. "Lord Seda", the emissary said to anur, in a , but unearthly voice. Anur looked to the emissary, and saw it to be Thanatos, greek demigod, former mortal servant of the Council, in a human guise, that of a pale skinned female in flowing black robes. " greeting Thanatos" anur said moving closer to the emissary. " i assume you come with news from the council," anur said, looking back to the ruined city he unearthed. I'm sure you realize the price you've paid for re-entering this realm of mortals, and i know this is probably quite confusing to you, but there are rules and covenants even the Gods cannot break my lord., " said thanatos, calmly restoring the ruin Anur raised from the desert sands. Anur listened as he watched the demigod restore with ease the ruins that stood there, remembering better times spent here, in another time. As she floated in mid air before him arms outstretched, manipulating the mystical energies directed at the ruins, she continued speaking; "Your Power as an Agent cannot freely enter this plane of existence, it is part of the covenant between the powers of the multiverse, we must use avatars to do so, to interact with Mortals, even the great Agents of Death, The Grim Reapers, are bound by this same rule that is why you rise within your mortal form." anur considered this as they wandered throughout his family compound ironically pausing in front of the burial complex. Thanotos lowered herself at that moment, joining anur , standing before the tomb of his family. " you must nurture the power you possess now my friend", thanatos said ", it will take some time, but you can increase you powers back to a respectable level, you'll never have access to your full strength in this plan, but you can still gain power" Still walking, they paused in front of the personal crypt of Anur himself, cracked and broken from within signs of his re-entry into the world. his sister's crypt not far away, shrouded in shadow." How much time thanatos?, how long before i am ready to fulfill my duties? I cannot very well be expected to do battle with my abilities reduced as they are." Anur said, unsure of his state, and his current condition. Smiling at the frustration of her friend, thanatos spoke again. " you were chosen millennia ago anur because of your outstanding service to the Gods in life, not just your skill in battle but for your mind as well my lord, you can do this, look at it as a test to your ability, and not just your powers as an Agent" said thanatos, as they stood now before the Temple of Khonshu it's ebony spires gleaming in the moonlight. Looking intently at the temple he had not laid eyes on in several thousand years, suddenly longing for the past, anur understood why he was here, and that dark city in California was not the only reason. " you are right my friend, i realize how far i have distanced myself from my human roots, i feel that old feeling, that wonder, fear even of the coming days, as i haven't since my mortal life ended."anur said feeling the energy build in his animated remains. nodding in agreement, thanatos turned to anur grabbing his hand as she spoke, " I knew you would understand my lord, also, you can still freely traverse the planes, but here, you must again earn your power, you ability to travel the time stream, and to the outer planes and realities remain. oh i also have something for you my lord!" She reached into her flowing black robes, and revealed a small figurine, intricately carved, and strangely familiar. It dawned on anur that he looked on the visage of his long dead sister, the Vampiric Wizard Queen Xieti Wariz-Ra. The figurine a mirror image of his sister, and imbued with a familiar energy. Anur looked up at Thanatos, suddenly realizing what he now held in his hand. " your sister's Soul has remained trapped within the confines of this figurine for a very long time Anur. Though she is trapped she can ad will communicate with you, and through her you will learn more of the secrets of Vampiric Culture." anur looked taken aback as he looked at the figurine in his hand, feeling his sisters thoughts creep into his consciousness he understood why she was here. " she seeks redemption? her?" anur said asking the question more to himself than to his companion. " as you know all souls are capable of redemption, it is a choice they make of their own accord, she has chosen to show her desire for another chance by helping you right the balance, in that stain of a land" listening anur carefully looked at the figurine examining it.. " she will serve you well as a sibling should, it is up to You Anur if she will walk the prime material again, we leave that decision to you." thanatos began to destabilize, becoming transparent to the eyes. " i must take my leave anur, but if you need my services, you know you can call on me, i cannot interfere in your mission, but i can aid you in other ways, good luck My Lord, the Council Watches you", with that the shimmering purple glow died away leaving Anur sitting in the courtyard of his family city in the darkness contemplating the future.........
06/13/09 02:00
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