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Scene: Aesendria and Mythira stand on the corner in front of the Dark Bindings bookstore just hanging out chatting. A man known as XXXX heads there way looking for a good time. Good times are had by all.

XXXX took a gulp as he walked up to Mythira. Looking her straight in the eyes, XXXX asked, "How much?"

Mythira looks at XXXX and laughs. "I'm not a hooker dear."

Aesendria Serpentine turns to look over her shoulder at XXXX. "How much are you looking to spend?"

XXXX frowned as he looked at her sadly then turned to Aesendria, "I have no limit - depends on how far back you can bend!"

Aesendria Serpentine hops up onto her feet. "Well let's see."

Mythira looked at the man with the afro and cigar, getting smoke blown in her face. "Do you mind backing away before I start hurting?"

XXXX sighed as he muttered back, "I am hurting and need to get rid of the pain." He looked over at Aesendria briefly as he added, "Lets see what?"

Aesendria Serpentine crouches down onto the ground on all fours, shifts her weight some and then lays back arching her back with her hands about her ankles. "How is this?"

XXXX nodded back to Aesendria, "Perfect - you have a place?" He looked over at Mythira noticing her tongue, "You can come with!"

Aesendria Serpentine nods. "Just upstairs sir. I think you'll find it very pleasurable>"

Mythira shakes her head. "not interested, more interested in her." She was into women, and well, she wasn't going to disclose anything else.

Aesendria Serpentine smiles at Myth. "Come on you'll enjoy it." She tugs on Myth's wrist.

XXXX nodded to Aesendria and motioned towards the door, "Well, shall we then?"

Scene Change: Aesendria leads XXXX inside Dark Bindings and up to the third floor. Dun dun dunnnn....

Aesendria Serpentine leads the guy up two flights of stairs to the third floor... she smiles and shuts the door behind him and says, "Why don't you get more comfortable... slip out of those clothes..."

XXXX offered her a slight smile as he nodded back and moved to look around the room. "'s this work?" he asked, almost nervously as his eyes wandered over her body, getting stuck on her breasts of course.

Aesendria Serpentine waves a hand to his clothes. "Would you like me to help you out of them?"

XXXX gulped as he looked over at her, removing his guitar and dropping his stogy somewhere. "Um...price first?" he asked.

Aesendria Serpentine kneels down on her hands and knees and crawled up to him. She started to unzip his fly and says, "Well what do you want to do?"

XXXX dropped a hand to grab at her hair as his eyes scanned her some more - not stopping her unzipping him of course. "You seem like you're the professional!" he replied.

Aesendria Serpentine hmms. "Well for a hundred bucks I'll give you the works, how about that?" She grinned up at him and slid his pants and undies down in one clean motion, followed by his shoes.

XXXX was easily disrobed as he poked a finger towards his jeans that lay on the floor. "There's two hundred or more in there! Check it then make sure it's a memorable event!"

Aesendria Serpentine keeps her eyes on him... one hand slides up his chest under his shirt, the other fishes a wallet out from his pants and checks it for cash.

XXXX watched her as his cock stiffened while his eyes washed over her body and his glasses seemed to steam up.

Aesendria Serpentine counts the money, presumably there's plenty there. "Wow for two hundred I'll give you the works and then some..." she licks her lips as she stands and walks behind him, stripping off his shirt and undershirt, if he has one, leaving the man nude.

XXXX stood there with erect cock and pretty much naked. "I assume there's enough then?" he said, not really knowing what to say as tiny beads of perspiration formed.

Aesendria Serpentine nod nods. "Plenty... now do you mind if I get a bit more comfortable and in the mood?" She grinned at him sweetly and placed her hands on his chest, easing him back towards the bed

XXXX nodded as he almost fell towards the bed. "Uh...sure!" he replied as his hands ran across the sheets briefly and XXXX's eyes moved to remain trained on her body.

Aesendria Serpentine steps closer to him and smiles, resting her hands on his shoulders... suddenly tentacles ripped out from her back and started to tangle around his arms and legs, trying to pin him... a huge cock grows between her legs and massive tentacle dicks shoot out of her back. "Mm there now for the works!"

XXXX was easily pinned down by her. "What the?" he managed to scream out as her extra appendages began to grow and make their appearance known. He tried to struggle some. "" he pleaded.

Aesendria Serpentine grins as she coils her tendrils tighter around his wrists and ankles and throws him onto the bed, beating him down if he struggles. "Mmm you wanted the works sir. she says with a cackle.

XXXX managed to frown and wince as he looked at her cock that seemed larger than his - not out of envy of course. "!" he muttered. "I meant..." his voice rasped over.

Aesendria Serpentine tries to flip XXXX over onto the bed, bottoms up. She crawled over him, tentacles lashing around his ankles and neck, pulling him into position... assuming she can force him down, she pushes the head of her obscenely large cock against his tight virginal (?) anus. "Well you should have been more specific sir... I did ask."

XXXX was easily flipped - hell, he was so taken aback, it was a lucky thing he didn't shit himself. "P...please!" he pleaded as his face was buried in the bed. "Don't..." he begged as her tip pressed against what he could only assume happened in those male only clubs he had avoided.

Aesendria Serpentine pushes the head of her dick up into his asshole... its amazing such an absurdly large thing can fit into so small a hole, but it does, at least a little. She slaps his ass with a tentacle as another two wrap around his cock, pumping it hard and fast. She is at least a considerate rapist demon. "Say my name!" she says as she tentacle whips his ass. "Who's yo daddy!" she cackles with glee apparently amusing herself quite easily.

XXXX cried out as it felt she ripped him a new one - instead, his blood dripped to the bed, staining the dirty sheet as he cried out. " much pain!" And he wasn't lying - something that size being pressed into something that small which usually only had one way traffic was...well, bad. The sound of her whipping actions resounded as he bit tight and closed his eyes, praying for a quick end to the experience.

Aesendria Serpentine leans in and starts to nibble on the back of his neck. At least she felt her soft feminine body press against him as she slammed her mammoth cock head's first few inches inside the tormented man. "Ahhh yes, so tight so soft around me... mmm, take that dick.. " She giggles watching the guy squirm and enjoying the blood dripping from him, it was nice lube!

XXXX felt no softness, femininity nor anything else except the excruciating pain of his innards being pounded by demon cock. Tears began to stream down his face as he began to pray. Yes, XXXX prayed for the first time since that time he was in confession and...his mind suddenly snapping back to reality as her giggling rushed into his ears - his anus totally ripped open by the demon.

Aesendria Serpentine pulls her massive from him with a wrenching unholy sound... he felt his blood dripping down against his back as she flipped him over face up, then let loose a bloody torrent of demon cum right into his face.

XXXX felt warm sticky seed cover his face. The smell and taste of it in his mouth combined with his blood made XXXX want to wretch as he sat there, defeated, humiliated, broken and violated. He could do nothing else but drop his head ashamedly.

Aesendria Serpentine points all four of her mammoth shoulder mounted demon dicks down at the man... all four erupt in a torrential downpour of piss that covers the man in a big puddle. "Ahh let me clean you off."

XXXX sat there, knelt down and covered in demon seed. The blood ran from his anus as untold of damage wracked ripples of pain through his body. His lips moved but XXXX could find no words to speak.

Aesendria Serpentine steps away from the ruined humiliated man... she picks up the wallet with a tentacle... pulling out the cash but grins at him, whispering in his ear. "Your exquisite suffering is all the payment I need..." she dumps his money on him and walks out the door.

XXXX fell to the bed and began to sob - tears mixing with the redness of the blood that had soaked the bed. He would lie for a few moments before moving slowly to get his clothes and try get out of the room before something worse happened - if it could.

Aesendria Serpentine leaves the room immediately probably giving XXXX a few minutes to compose himself and leave.
05/16/09 23:16
James SaitoI lol'd.

I'm not quite sure why. But uh...yeah.
05/16/09 23:33
Vengrov AvroWOw that was rather short but hay it was good and to the point. amazing read :D05/17/09 21:39
NequaelThats scary...thing is i know exactly who the poor fella is...the guitar,afro and cigar kind of gave it away. Khory can step aside because we have a new rapist in town :D05/18/09 00:02
Tempest EllaWhy did i find this delightfully entertaining ? :005/18/09 11:25
NosferatuDemon rapist05/18/09 12:01
Aesendria[quote=Nosferatu]Demon rapist[/quote]
That's Risen Rapist, please. There's a new baddie faction on the block, ready to rumble!
05/20/09 16:22
NosferatuSo is this a common thing in COLA the raping stuff I mean?05/20/09 17:06
Missy[quote=Nosferatu]So is this a common thing in COLA the raping stuff I mean?[/quote]
Umm.. yes. It's sort of like the Welcome Wagon.. only LA-style. Missy was introduced to the city this way anyway... raped twice (by three different people) before she hit Level 5.


Though, to be fair, this was when the tick was 5XP/tick and it took a week or more to get to Level 5.
05/20/09 17:28
codywoodhen[quote=Missy][quote=Nosferatu]So is this a common thing in COLA the raping stuff I mean?[/quote]
Umm.. yes. It's sort of like the Welcome Wagon.. only LA-style. Missy was introduced to the city this way anyway... raped twice (by three different people) before she hit Level 5.


Though, to be fair, this was when the tick was 5XP/tick and it took a week or more to get to Level 5.[/quote]
In the 2+ years, only one person has attempted to rape Cody, and... he was fought off.

On an experimental alt, I was raped the 2nd day that alt was in the city.

CoLA's pretty good at finding out what you want/don't want, and then delivering.
05/21/09 21:47
MissyOh I fought. But when you are CCSed out of the blue (in one of the two cases mentioned in my post above ), with no RP beforehand by someone more than 10 levels above you, and I had ... like ... zippo experience fighting, you sorta gotta go with the flow, ya know?

I don't think I ever *asked* to be raped.. *shrugs* but I didn't FTB (not that I even knew at the time I could or even what FTB was) either. While the scenes in question weren't the most comfortable I've ever done, and not the most enjoyable either, they were pretty good nonetheless. Solid RP from all parties concerned really.
05/22/09 01:53
Taala Klaar[quote=codywoodhen]In the 2+ years, only one person has attempted to rape Cody, and... he was fought off.[/quote]
You mean to tell me that Hatcher (my alt) was the ONLY one who ever tried?! O.o
07/10/09 05:51
Taala KlaarOh and Aes, freakin awesome job as always. It's nice to see an indiscriminate rapist.07/10/09 05:54
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