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Shadow[size=20][u][b]The Haunter in the Dark[/b][/u][/size]

[i]Prologue: Dark Secrets of the Universe[/i]

[u][i]500 Million Years Ago[/i][/u]

The Universe is vast…

It stretches forth beyond all semblance of comprehension both mental and physical; and it exists in all forms of dimensional knowledge, defining all boundaries between worlds physical and surreal; and the places where even the very darkness itself dare not tread, nor from which light can ever escape.

The Universe is both light, and it is dark.

Within its vast caches of deep, dark chasms, dying stars violently throw off their energies over countless eons of what mortals would label eternal existence.

Within this deep, vast darkness; lurks a presence.

It can be felt every time one looks up at the night sky and tries to understand its scale and depths. It is there, like a slight sliver of fear in the back of the mind, fleeting and only miniscule in passing; or it is a sudden and brief chill in the spine. Its there, lurking.

Lurking and dwelling, and whispering in darkness.

...and after the night has passed, and one looks up on a bright, clear day, glaring up into the bathing blue brilliance.

Its still there.

Even then, in the great endless depths of that sky as one were to stare hard enough and long enough, one can see beyond that great blue, beyond it all and see the darkness it shrouds. For it is there, it is always there.

The Universe is vast; and its dark presence extends out across hundreds of thousands of black, shapeless worlds, still young in the great yawning of the dark chasms. Its seeds saturating countless surreal surfaces, silently dormant. Spawning, over the eons of countless time, horrors and terrors beyond all earthly understanding.

Long, long before; vast stretches of time before anything known ever moved across the surfaces of our own cruel world; they lurked and dwelled in its dark corners. Watching in silence as the world slowly turned and formed itself; for a time, thriving in the darkness of its swampy, wet surface. Millions and millions of years before rock ever formed. They were there, writhing with elated enthusiasms through the Earths primordial soups, and watched as the first cells of earthly biology invented the sweet sensations of sex…

As the Earth grew and with it, its own biological forms of existence, spawned from the very same dark Universe which spawned all else… as it all grew, The Dark Things lurked, and watched; the Ancients they were… Some manipulated, others remained silent, and as time went by many saw reason to move on and pass from this world, and so, many left and merged back with that which spawned all in the first place…

They returned to the great, deep, dark chasms of darkness. Returned to the dark places that no mind can perceive and their return only amplified the great universal presence that remains lurking in those places; and even still to this very day many believe they will one day return to this world which is rightfully theirs.


Though many left, some remained.

They built their insane cites and dark palaces next to the murky waters of an ancient ocean, the Tethys Ocean off the coast once great Laurasia, during a time between times… When mighty Pangaea was born out of the drifting remnants of the once great Rodinia, mother of all earthly continents... They built their cities close, as one giant megalopolis. A great monument where they thrived for two hundred million years until that great lush, tropical monstrosity of Pangaea, finally rent itself violently asunder, and erased all traces of their existence through the terrible birth of a new world as new, younger continents took shape in the ancient oceans.

Their great megalopolis swallowed beneath the waters of the Tethys Ocean and then buried under the grinding drift of the continental plates, forever erased from the face of this world.

Many then, again fled this new world, and returned to that great, dark presence that birthed them in the first place. But even then, still a few, remained…

Amongst them, one ruled over all who remained.

He was a slender, swarthy man shrouded in darkness and oft seen with a striking beauty of a dark queen at his side; obviously feminine in appearance, and humanoid but… not human. Through the years and ages, he oft drove many to toil through with the absurd construction of his insane Temple. A strange structure of five sloped sides, erected over a vast pentagonal pit dug into the earth, also with sloped sides, yet whose very foundations were constructed of opposite position to that structure which they built over it. A strange, sinister shaped structure they built there; a grand Temple of cyclopean proportions; a Trapezohedron of pentagonal design, capped upon its tip with a shimmering luminous stone that by day appeared dark, dull and void of colour. But by night, under the ghostly light of the stars and that of a full moon; glowed with a great unearthly brilliance that spread down over every one of the five sloped sides of the odd polygonal Temple, so that to the eye and from the distance it would appear as though protruding from the depths of the earth, there stood the top half a great Shining Trapezohedron of monolithic proportions. From its base its glow spread out across the surrounding lands, creating a dark aura of ethereal hues, crawling chaotically across the very soil upon which it wafted; and from which at night roamed strange and shapeless forms most foul, haunting the darkness of night...

Dancing to and fro and conducting horrific rituals long since forgotten by time itself, they honoured the man and his dark beauty who oft remained knelt by his side. Offering sacrifices most heinous and ghastly which they cast down upon the ground before yet another great pit. This, a natural pit burrowing into the most unfathomable depths of the earth, into the darkest reaches from which drifted an odour of the foulest nature.

Though by day, the pit was naught to be found, and of the shapeless forms which danced and writhed about it, none either were to be found. For retired they were, back unto the darkness from which they were spawned, only to return to this Temple again upon the next night with a full moon to shine its light, with that of the stars, down upon that unearthly capstone atop the sloped Temple walls, and reveal once more that foul pit.

Before the gaping yawn of the dark entry into the Temple depths, sat enthroned Nephren-Ka with his dark companion knelt at his side. Their presence acting as though they were a sinister magnetic force upon the very darkness itself; for as they sat enthroned, the very darkness and the shadows stretched towards them, consumed by them, absorbed, into their fleshly bodies from all directions as they sat upon the very edge of the great pit.

While the shapeless forms danced and writhed; a deep, dark chant boomed through the air in a constant, resonating bass; reverberating outwards across the lands; each chant called out at the very moment each heinously horrifying act of sacrifice was fulfilled before the pit…

Then the rituals completed, the ethereal glowing aura cast upon the lands by that shining capstone, the aura appearring as though it were a glowing, gaseous substance that was gradually sucked down into the bowels of that black pit.

In the fading darkness of those nights, when the darkness was at deepest, just before the light of the day appeared upon the horizon; when all was at its most quiet and most dark…

It, appeared.

Rising from the pit. It brought a stench not of this world and radiated darkness outwards in all directions while at the same time, it absorbed all the darkness all around it.

A single, horrifying mass of pure darkness it was.

Writhing, twisting and pulsating with long tendril like strands, perhaps tentacles but… not solid, almost ethereal and cold. Hundreds of them there were!

Stretching out to other side of the Thing, two most sinister wings like those of a bat spawned from the depths themselves; and from its center, a giant glowing red... three lobed eye. Three lobed eye!

All present bowed before it as it hung there, floating above the pit; a very antithesis to all around it… unearthly, unnatural…

The great Haunter of the Dark.

Nyarlathotep, they chanted its name… Nyarlathotep…

It whispered to them in that darkness; that great whisperer in the dark.. and it stretched forth towards the great dark figure whom presided over them all, touching him, filling his nostrils, his mouth… his ears, and every orifice upon his body. He absorbed part of the Thing; or perhaps it give a part of itself to him and when it was finished…

The sun broke the horizon, and all was gone…

The darkness and all with it, destroyed by the light of day…

All except that dark ruler, and his dark female companion as they quietly removed themselves from their thrones, and retired into the depths of the Temple…
08/14/09 21:50
Shadow[size=20][u][b]The Haunter in the Dark[/b][/u][/size]

[i]Chapter I: The Haunter in the Dark[/i]

50 AD

The rain poured down hard, from a sky darkened with thick, gray clouds. Thunder rumbled in the distance as the wind whipped through the trees, which were scattered about a small village consisting of tiny huts of mud, crudely chopped logs and thatch. Through the torrential storm, could be hard the sounds of children crying, and women wailing. Somewhere, a hound was bellowing.

Outside, the sounds of a hundred feet, marching… marching… along to the beat of a war drum in rhythm. Harsh commands barked out in Latin, as soldiers in plumed helmets and bronze armor forced their way into the village, and dragged away men willing to resist them. Some, were put to death at the point of a sharpened gladius. Most, however were forced into a deep pit filled with sharp spikes, upon which they were impaled.

In one hut, the screams of a women could be heard as a soldier forced himself upon her, as another dragged her resisting husband away. The soldier was ravaging her body with savage strength and brute force, ripping her dirtied garments apart to reveal her lithe, and muddied nudity as she lay sprawling upon the muddy floor of her hut… just mere feet away from a tiny, naked toddler wrapped in bear skins and furs, who began to cry.

A day prior, a tribesman by the name of Caratacus had passed through and recruited a number of able bodied men, both young and old, to join in with fellow Silures to fight back invading Roman Forces.

The Romans were now punishing the village, for their aid in the resistance movement.

There was a sudden crash of deafening thunder, followed by lighting, splitting the sky, rendering it alight and for a briefest of moments the near naked form of a youth was seen charging down a muscled, armor clad Centurion. The youth, his long, rain soaked hair whipped in the wind, caught in mid lunge, spear in hand, ready to thrust or throw with a defiant cry upon his lips. The Centurion stepping back defensively, shield ready and sword raised. Under his plumed helmet was visible the determined set of his jaw.

Then the lightning was gone, the sky went dark… and instead of the crash of thunder, there was heard the crash of metal upon metal, as spear met shield, and two clashing foes grunting as they came together in a deadly dance. One, a trained soldier with well-honed skills of combat, and the other, a youth soon to become a man.

Then suddenly.

There was silence… the dead calm which oft precedes the omens of dark, and evil portents… the night was suddenly pierced with the sound of a deafening and screeching wail. The soldiers turned and fled to the woods, pursued by the sound of rushing wind and the flapping of many wings. A great, dark shape passed over the village and pursued the soldiers into the woods, as they screamed in terror and fright. Their screams answered by the roar of an angered beast…

And then they were gone… and the beast vanished into the dark night…

Over the corpse of a Centurion stood the boy. Now a new man, his spear struck within the soldiers throat, with the sound of hot blood gurgling and bubbling as the last of the soldiers dying, rasping breath escaped from his failing lungs. The boy stooped, retrieved the soldiers battered shield and sharpened gladius, claiming them for his own. Blood from a sword swipe against his arm, dripped upon the rain soaked mud beneath his bare feet.

The rain ceased, and the Villagers began to file out from their huts, and wander about the scene of battle. Some wailed, while others picked at the dead, collecting what trinkets they could find. An old hound whined, as it licked the still warm flesh, of its dead masters face, half of which had been cleaved away. While down in the death pit, rats and black birds already began picking at bloody entrails and dead flesh.

No one knew what it was, that had saved their village…

The boy, told of what he had seen, and heard… a howler in the dark, he called it… some said a black demon, or dweller in darkness… but one old woman, croaked only one name… everyone looked at her. Even the boy went quiet. She pointed, with her crooked and bony finger towards the now darkened woods were the dead calm of night had finally settled, she pointed, and croaked once more…

“Nyarlathotep.” …she croaked, as the eyes of the village turned to stare upon the deep, dark woods…
08/14/09 22:07
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