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Ike((Okay so I know I'm a crappy writer and english isn't my first language, but I've been spending the whole weekend without a decent pc, so no RP for meh. Also I thought it might help to dig out my character a little more. So if you're long on time, here's a little story for ya. Nuff said, here it goes:P))

“Home sweet home” Ike often had the tendancy to talk to herself when she was alone and this night was no exception. Slowly her gaze wandered trough the abandonned building. Empty, safe for the few precious things the young feline posessed. Without any hestitation she moved forth into the near pitchblack room to where her belongings laid skattered out upon the floor. Her nimble fingers reached into the pocket that was hidden within the folds of her dress, to cling around a small metal object. Although Ike didn't smoke, she always carried a lighter with her along a wide viarity of mostly useless objects. Knowing exactly where to find them she reached out for a set of candles. The lighter made a soft clicking sound as a blue flame protruded from it's tip. Once lit, the candles casted a warm glow upon their surroundings, the feline's face fianally revealed. The smile that usually accompanied her had faded, lips set slightly apart in a wary sigh. Her normal cheerful appearance wasn't fake, mind you, nor was it just a little show she liked to put on. During the day she was fine, and life really was filled with rainbows and butterflies most of the time. But it were the nights that stole the smile from her. It was when the sun made way for the moon that she realized what she truly was. Alone.

After a few good seconds of staring into to the little dancing flames Ike stood up to continue her evening routine. Highheeled shoes that had been killing her all day, were kicked into a corner. The contact of her bare feet upon the cold stoon floor caused a shiver to run down her spine, corners of her mouth curling upwards at the soothing sensation. Her toes, nails pink with a little smileyface drawn upon them gave a little wiggle before she lifted her self upon their tips. Slowly she spun around, skirt twirling along her thighs as she danced to the sounds of a city that never sleeps. Hips still swaying a little as if hearing music nobody else could hear her fingers reached up to undo the buttons that held her dress up, untill it was opened far enough to slide down her slender frame, the pink satin pooling at her feet before it was kicked away without a single thought.
Absentmindedly she stared into the dimly lit room as her hands move up to free her silky strands of the the elastic band that held them together. With a combing movement her digits ran trough her hair to undo the braid in which they had been twined together all day, shaking her head a little to make those gold and pink locks cascade down her naked shoulders. The feeling of her hiar brushing across her skin was something she had grown rather fond of since she had decided to grow her hair and so a little smile made it's appearance on her face.
For a moment she stood completely still. Her bare frame somewhat oddly yet beautifully lit. The cool blueish light from what little moonbeams fell down from the small window casting upon her delicate features, the warm glow of the candles seeming to envelope her back, creeping up from her calves to paint out the soft shadows upon the curves of her rear, spine and shoulderblades.

Suddenly her head snapped up, her eyes going from an idle stare to an alarmed flicking back and forth.
“Who is there?” she exclaimed into the inkblack silence that obscured the far corners of the room.
No answer was heared.
Uncomfortably Ike wrapped her arms around lightly quivering frame and closed her eyes. She should really stop getting these crazy thoughts into her head. She was safe her. Slowly Ike opened her eyes again. She gasped. There he was. Like he had been there the whole time, calmly standing there, an almost serene smile enlighting his beautiful features.
Ike stammers as she curled her arms even tighter around herself.
The man, who seemed oddly familiar although Ike was sure she had never layed eyes on him before, didn't say a word, nor made a move, safe dor the hand he slowly reached out to her. Not knowing why, but with trembling fingers she mimiced his gesture to place her small hand within his. Warm, that's what it felt like and strong although his hand was smooth and flawless like he had never worked a day in his life.

Without as mutch as a protest the feline let him draw her close untill their bodies nearly touched. The same odd smile upon his face still, he lifted their joined hands to place a gentle kiss upon her hand. His lips brushing along her knuckles before he turned her hand around to make the inside of her wrist face up. Breathlessly Ike watched his lips caress the frail nearly seetrough skin before they found their way up. Still silently he moved to coil his arms around her as he traced those intoxicating kisses up to her shoulder. Willingly Ike leaned back against him while his hands rested upon the flat of her stomach, fingers tracing in small circles around her bellybutton.
She turned her head a little to let her mismatched hues meet his and although she'd never be able to tell their color, she imidiatly drowned within their darkness.

Like the petals of the rose open to the gentle rays of sunshine, her lips parted to the alluring darkness, demanding almost. He seemed to happily incline and pressed his lips to hers, tongue teasing, leaving a shimmering trail upon the soft pink pair before slipping past into the invitng warmth of her mouth to meet her tongue in a passionate kiss.
How long they stood in that embrace Ike didn't know as time simply seemed to stand still, stopping at the moment their lips touched. When he finally broke their kiss a little objecting noise escaped from her although it quickly turned into a soft purr that rose from her heaving chest, when his teeth gently grazed along the arch of her slender neck. The feline ear twitched lightly as she felt his hot breath brush passed the snowwhite furr in a soft caress.


Finally he spoke. A mere whisper. She didn't respond apart from a soft murmering as she leaned closer in, eyes closed.
“You want to be loved don't you” He said, his voice dark and smooth like the crimson velvet you find in the luxerous bed of a courtisane and the inside of your coffin. Her eyes opened to peer into those pools of seductive darkness as her head moved up and down in a silent nod.
“ see kitten..” he said while the fingers that had been toying with her hair tightened their grip.
“...Nobody loves a slut”
He laughed as, at the same time, his hand tugged her hair down to make her head jerk back. Ike's eyes shot wide open a soft whimpering left her lips.
“No...I'm not..not anym..”
”You know I'm right”, he interupted her, his lips formed into a mocking little grin as he kept increasing the pulling force on her pink and golden strands. Ike stumbled a few steps back which caused another laugh to rise up from his throat.
“Can't read, can't write, can't fight. Is there anything you can do?” He went on, chanting almost, his words like venom, poisonous arrows aimed at every single one of her weaknesses.
“Not even that pretty either, but that doesn't stop you from trowing yourself at men does it? And yet, they still don't want you..”
Ike was softly crying at this point.
Now she knew why he had been so familiar. The voice that plagued her mind ever since she could remember had gotten a face.
He was her.
Or rather her demon.
Oh no this wasn't the kind of demon you would find lurking outside the bookstore. No scales, no smell of sulfar no hellish flames. He was that little voice. The voice that mocked her whenever the outside world wasn't loud enough, torturing her with selfdoubt.
“Go away” she cried as she lifted her hands to place them against his chest in a useless attempt to push him off.
“No you” He said with a sly grin and laughed.
“You're not real you can't hurt me”
“Oh I'm real...”
His fingers released their grip upon her hair to caress her wet cheeck.
“You made me”
Both her hands now gripped at her own head. Was she losing her mind?
“Please” she begged as her fingertips pressed down into her temples. Strangely enough that seemed to help as suddenly a thought popped into her head. A single hand lifted to slap his away from her face as she hissed at him.
“You're a liar, all my friends were really really happy to see me again, they love me”
His brows rose a little on his aristocratic forehead, his own hands lifting to clap them together, breaking the silence with three dull claps before her spoke.
“Oh very good”
Obviously he was mocking her, but still he stepped back while taking a bow. Already the shadows obscured most of his lean frame causing Ike to smile. She knew she could do this. She didn't have to listen to him, she could win this. He was leaving already. The spark of joy at this little victory didn't last though. A few words was all it took to wipe that smile off her face and make her heart sink like a rock that pressed down upon her chest.
“They're lying to you”
A bright set of teeth flickered from within the dark before he disappeared
leaving her with a heart full of doubt once more.[right][img][/img][/right]
10/18/09 15:34
Amy GuisseOssum10/19/09 14:32
KayteearIt's interesting to read things like this one here, since they allow us to know about the character's mind.
I'm starting to will writing about Kay's thoughts and inner phantoms... :P but I still have to finish another pending story. Aw! I don'teven have time for this one!
10/19/09 21:24
NequaelI love your writing Ikey :D10/19/09 21:37
IkeThanks!! Really appriciate yous commenting ^_^ Oh how I wish english was my first language. It has like a zillion more words then dutch. I think I am going to buy word of the day toiletpaper to expand my vocabulary XD10/19/09 23:10
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