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Lilith13Adam, newly appeared into existence, stood alone, in a garden of resplendent beauty. Flowers of all types, organized in an orderly fashion that seemed slightly chaotic in its order; roses, daisies, pansies, snap dragons, lilies, etc - literally every flower and flowering plant that ever existed. Then there were the fruit trees, with perfectly ripened fruit hanging from their branches, of every kind; oranges, apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, of the knowledge of good and evil, of life, etc - literally every fruit and fruit-bearing plant that ever existed. Yet, in all this beauty, Adam appeared to be lonely. What was one lone man, newly conscious, in even an existence as small as a garden? He was alone, what was there to give him drive, will, passion? The answer was nothing.
So, I appeared, fresh and new, into existence beside him. I blinked as my eyes focused for the first time, and took in the beauty surrounding me. The closest plants to me were roses, snapdragons, kiwis, and plums. There was very little grass to be seen. I could hear the birdsong in the trees, and a raven alighted on my head and cawed. A squirrel came near and settled at my feet. The trees whispered their health and emotions to me in the rustling of their leaves. A kiwi (the animal, not the fruit) and a marten decided to climb up Adam's legs to rest on his shoulders.
That was when I fully noticed the man standing beside me. The first thing I noted were his eyes, the blue of the everlasting daylit sky. His skin was the slightly darkened caucasian of honeyed milk. His cheeks had some flesh to them, his mouth was gentle but firmly set, his eyebrows bushy, his golden hair long and unruly. He had soft and caring features, and an intense stare that could chill the skin right off your bones if he were to become angry.
He turned his head to look at me. He looked into my eyes, and I into his. I saw myself mirrored in his eyes. My hair was long and dark brown, almost black. My skin was fair to the point of being alabaster. My eyes were a vibrant green with flecks of bright red. Almond shaped eyes with the outer corners tilted up, thin, low brows that implied anger bellied by the caring evident in my eyes and the gentle set and slight smile that played about my lips, which were full and pink. My ears were slightly pointed.
We were both completely naked.
He let his gaze travel slowly to my feet, then raised his eyes to mine once more, slowly. He raised an eyebrow, at which I also surveyed his perfect body. I was in love, and I could clearly see that so was he.
Without a word, he took my hand in his, and we explored the garden in which we found ourselves. We became acquainted with the garden and all its sights and features, sounds and smells, animals and plants. Then the sky spoke to us. "This is your home. All that you need is here. Fruit to eat, water to drink, each other and the animals to keep you company. Refrain from touching the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and the fruit of the tree of life, and you will live here forever, safe and happy. Take just one taste of either, and you will eventually die." The voice stopped speaking. We had no intention of disobeying.
We lived off the fruit and water we were permitted to touch, and conversed with animals and plants and each other. A few months went by in that timeless garden, and we started bickering. It soon became apparent that, at least for the moment, we couldn't get along together. We loved each other fiercely, and that passion fueled the dissent within us.
I suddenly found myself in a new place. I was in the garden, then *blink* and I was not. I looked around at my surroundings. I was in a conifer forest, needles underfoot and tall, fruitless trees overhead. The animals did not know me and kept away. The trees were silent in their whisperings. Adam was not with me. I suddenly found myself alone.
There was nothing else I could do, so I began walking. I picked a direction, and simply walked in that direction. I soon found myself growing hungry, but there was no fruit to be had so I ignored my stomach and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. Perhaps I would make it back to the garden soon. Adam would be there waiting for me.
Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, realization came. God had removed me forever from the garden and from Adam because I had bickered with him. I was being punished for not showing deference to my lord husband. I was no longer "worthy."
I bristled. I know he created us, but how dare he deny us each other? We deserved to be with the one we loved!
I eventually came across a stream. It was running, fast and pure and crystal clear. I drank. I saw a fish jumping and I grabbed it, eating it raw. Before now, I never would have considered eating another flesh and blood creature, as they had been my friends. But these animals did not know me, and were silent, mute. They could never be my friends. But they were useful in keeping me alive and sating my hunger.
I stayed by the river. It had fresh water and meat, which were the bare essentials of survival. I walked upriver, eventually coming across a cave. It was uninhabited. I made it my home. My daily routine then consisted of drinking water when I was thirsty, catching and eating a fish raw when I was hungry, sleeping when I was tired, otherwise sitting in a daze doing nothing but remembering Adam, wanting to be with Adam, wanting to feel his arms around me again. I wanted nothing more than to sit in his lap wrapped in his warm embrace.
I do not know how long I lived there. Seemed like eons. But, eventually, a snake slithered into the cave. I wasn't hungry at the time, so I just watched it passively, wondering what it would do. You could say I was very slightly interested and curious in the snake and its behavior.
When the snake transformed into the clothed shape of a darkly handsome and intensely attractive man, my jaw dropped. I never knew snakes could do that. He laughed, a low, deep, rumbling, dangerous sound. "They can't. But sometimes something else can transform into a snake." I nodded sagely, completely confused. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. "You have much to learn."
He held out his hand for me to put mine in. I looked at him and cocked my head. He just kept his hand there, waiting. Curious at what he had in mind, I did as he intended. The instant my flesh touched his I felt a burning, searing pain, starting at the point of contact but working swiftly through my entire body, starting at the skin and working inwards. I collapsed on the ground, writhing, as my skin rolled up and left the rest of me and my organs all imploded and my bones turned to ash, only to be recreated, stronger, firmer, more resilient, and with powers new and as yet unknown to me. I rose from my agonies reborn, as not only a demon but a mother of all demons.
I could feel my eyes burning. I knew that they would be red, as the world had taken on a faintly reddish hue. I looked at my hands. They looked the same as before. I pulled my hair in front of my face. It was the same color as before. I looked down at myself. I noticed I was fully clothed. Where did I get clothes, and when did I put them on? He laughed again. "You didn't, it's part of your new powers."
He held out his hand again. I shied away from it. "It won't hurt you...this time." He grinned. I put my hand in his and he grabbed hold and suddenly the world was gone, replaced by black and blood red mostly solid lava walls and floors and ceilings, fires flickering in the distance. No sounds, other than the faint hiss of heat and flame. It was empty but for the two of us. "This is Hell. Named it myself." I nodded.
He lead me immediately to the throne room. It was massive. There was a throne in the center, uniquely dark and disturbing and yet remaining appealing with a draw that beckoned me closer. I stayed where I was. To the right of the throne was a massive stone dais, with sticks pointed at their tops sticking out of it and a cross with chains and nails in the center and benches and buckets in the back. To the left was a bed, with nails and chains and saws and every manner of painful and binding instrument.
We approached the throne first. As we drew nearer, the pull intensified, and by the time we reached it I couldn't resist sitting in it. Chains immediately sprang out of it and bound me to the throne. I was unable to move. I looked at him. He was grinning. "And now the fun begins."

Later, after he had had his "fun" with me, I was forever changed. No, there was no sex, this was all sadism. Pain...being torn apart, being burnt alive, over and over again...I was flayed, crucified, decapitated, eaten (literally, like by animals), been chopped slowly into many pieces, had my heart crushed, been slowly crushed, was strangled, drowned, had my tongue cut out, been stuck with knives and needles everywhere, had my eyes gouged out...etc.
I always healed when he let me. I couldn't truly die, not down here. Hell didn't follow the same rules as the mortal plane. If he didn't want me to die, then I couldn't die. I felt what he wanted me to feel. The torture continued for months or years or maybe even decades. Everything that could cause even the slightest bit of pain was done to me. Afterward, I wasn't the same person, not even on the inside.
Then, he deemed me ready.
Then, it was time for the bed.
Lucifer doesn't fuck like ordinary people. His foreplay is pain, when he takes you he rips you apart in the process, his pleasure burns you alive from the inside and sets your very cells to bursting. Yet, I can't say I didn't enjoy it, because I did. Very much so. He also got torn apart a few times in the process.
Over the next few centuries, together we spawned, in that manner, thousands and millions and perhaps even billions of demons, an army of them, a host of them. By that time I was bored. I left Hell.
On the way back to the world, I came across Purgatory. I instinctively knew that the gate inside it lead to reincarnation. I didn't hesitate. I entered the gate. And my life as Lilith came to a close much as it had began, a simple disappearance out of existence. be continued?

((if anything in this is offensive, let me know and I'll edit it out and know not to include it in the next post))
08/06/09 09:30

Lilith's soul traveled through several lifetimes, knowing many cultures, many families, many purposes, but only one love and one love lost. Every lifetime, it seemed she was doomed to meet and love Adam and be loved by him only to lose him, one way or another. But that was life, it was her life, over and over again like a broken record an infinite replay. And if she was so blessed not to lose him, he'd lose her, the end result would be the same they'd be separated.
Eventually she reincarnated as a dragon, her most powerful incarnation ever. She was a beautiful dragon cub, black with tiny sparkling white jewel-like spots everywhere, like the starry night sky but immensely more beautiful. Her dragon parents named her Lirthanhi, Smoke-Princess, because she could vanish like smoke as easily as she could morph into a human. She'd be in the nest completely invisible and her parents would look for her and look for her and not find her, and then she'd waver into sight and laugh and they'd tell her to stop doing that.
Her power and duty was to keep the stars burning. This didn't require any input from her, it happened automatically without her knowledge most of the time. But she could also devour the energy from the stars if she needed to, not enough to hurt them of course. And when her parents taught her to fly in the darkest of dark nights, they couldn't see her because she looked exactly like the night sky full of stars.
And she was big. She was born bigger than other cubs, grew quicker than other cubs. She would be immense when she was full grown.
She was born into a time of war, dragon wars. The Council was newly formed, and the Matriarch its adviser, some said its head and decision-maker. She was a small, wizened, elderly dragon, whose knowledge and wisdom of centuries and ages was beneficial to the dragon community. The Council consisted of thirteen other dragons, one from each of the principal dragon clans, including my own Sky-Walker clan.
Our relationship with the humans was peaceful but tenuous. We kept our wars away from them and gave them some protection, and made sure none of our number transgressed against the humans, and they left us alone. They feared us and stayed away but they were content not to start a war that would end badly for them. We viewed them with some disdain but realized they had potential. They could use magicks, speak intelligently, comprehend and solve simple riddles, craft tools, build houses. Also, we could morph into their shape, and why should we be able to do that if we weren't meant to get along with them?
The worst crime a dragon could commit is killing one of our own. It is in our blood not to harm each other. The second worst crime was to threaten the harmony and survival of the planet. The spiritual mother of dragons, Gaia, is also the soul of the earth herself. So we respected and protected the earth. The third worst crime was to kill or desoul a human without adequate cause. If you were a dragon whose diet consisted of human flesh and bone, your meal was provided to you by the humans giving of their criminals and traitors and the occasional trespasser.
The war of dragon versus dragon peaked. The Sky-Walker clan was at war with the Wind-Maker clan. A guard of the Sky-Walker clan, one of the personal servants of the Council, snuck into the Wind-Maker clan's base and slew their queen and king in their sleep. He left their daughter alive, as they needed an heir and the innocent cub wasn't guilty of her parent's crimes.
When he returned to report success to the Council, they thanked him.
Meanwhile, I had grown into a beautiful adult dragon. I had full control of my body and my powers. I was wise and calm. I was everything any dragon could want of their cub. And then I met Adam (again). He was a handsome dragon, dark red in color, with a sneer and mischief in his eyes. He was always grinning about something, but though his demeaner and manner suggested evil and enchantment, he was wise and calculating. He was fun, but intelligent too. I loved him and he loved me the instant we met.
Dragons don't wed. They agree to mate, and then mate for life. Once a dragon takes a mate they never take another. They know that every dragon has a reincarnating soul, so they will meet their mate again in another lifetime.
Adam and I eventually agreed to mate. It was the most beautiful, pleasurable, and fulfilling experience ever, that first time.
We had a daughter, Shyene (meant Mistress of the Clouds). She was tiny, and pink, and oh so very adorable.
Then the princess of Wind-Maker clan inherited rulership. She unlocked a dark stone and acquired a forbidden power, the power to devour souls. She became nearly unstoppable.
Shyene had just learned how to fly. She was flying around, playing and having fun, when she got tired. She alighted on a rock near the Wind-Maker clan's base. Their new queen saw her, and devoured her soul, leaving her body empty with the life fading from it as there was nothing any longer telling it to live.
Adam and I both felt it. Adam rushed to Shyene's side, but was too late to help her. He vowed revenge, but the queen had left. So he returned to me and told me what he'd found, and was determined to hunt the queen down and drag her before the Council for sentencing himself.
I knew I wouldn't be able to convince him not to go, so I made him promise to return, not to be reckless or rash and to return to me. He promised. But I still feared for him as I watched him go.
I didn't hear anything for a long time. Years past, and a little news came trickling in, about a dragon going around devouring the souls of humans and beasts alike and leeching off the soul of Gaia, little by little with every soul she devoured. The Council mobilized its entire army to go after her and stop her. Adam was approached by an emissary of the Council and drafted since his purpose matched theirs. Together, he and the army tracked her down and captured her, bringing her, bound in body and power, before the Council.
I was summoned as soon as the queen arrived. I watched the proceedings, impassive, merely overjoyed that my mate had returned safe. I kept smiling at him. He didn't smile back, as he had to focus on the proceedings he was a part of, as the one who had initially caught the queen and was the principal power holding hers at bay. I reached out with my own power to assist him.
The Council studiously listed the queen's crimes. Attacking a dragon. Attacking a dragon cub. Devouring a dragon soul. Attacking a human. Devouring a human soul. Harming the spirit of Gaia. Attempting to evade capture. The list went on. Then the Council departed to meet secretly to discuss sentencing.
All of us waited, who were there. Soon, the Council returned, having decided. They motioned to the guard who had dispatched the queen's parents to approach. I didn't hear what they said, but when they finished speaking he nodded and came towards me. He stopped in front of me, looking sad, and told me to come with him to the center, where Adam and the queen and the Matriarch were standing. I complied, confused.
Then the Matriarch revealed the sentence. The queen was sentenced to death, to be reincarnated as a human without powers or will of her own for the rest of eternity. They couldn't strip her of her powers, however, so had to bind them. For that, they needed my help. They asked if I was willing to use my power to bind the queen's. I said I was, not knowing what they had in mind.
They then bound my soul to the queen's, giving me the end of the leash that collared her soul, so to speak. Then they lead us from the room to complete the ceremony. We walked to a volcano, and stood on its edge, the guard behind us and the Matriarch to our left and Adam at the bottom. I thought they were going to kill the queen here, and I was right...
The Matriarch looked at me, and said, "I'm sorry, my child." The guard pushed both the queen and myself into the volcano, where we burned to death. The death was a slow one, as our hardened dragon skin was heat-resistant. But we both eventually died, and my life as Lirthanhi came to an end in a fiery blaze of pain. be continued?
08/07/09 02:52
Ascilia EnochA thought struck me as I read this. If her existence as Lilith ended with no contact with the human race, aside from Adam, where did the legends come from?08/07/09 05:36

Lilith's soul traveled through yet more lifetimes, mostly as a human, but likely a few other things as well, though it was all a haze lost in time. Lifetime after lifetime, always meeting Adam, always loving and being loved by Adam, never being able to hold on to Adam for long, either losing him or dying young. She grew tired, she grew old, she grew conceited, skeptic, sadistic, masochistic, homicidal, and suicidal. She grew tired, bleak, pessimistic. She grew powerful, but lost the will to use or pursue that power. She grew tired of constant battles, constant strife, constant pain and suffering and loss. She grew tired of life. But she had made a promise. And she would keep that promise, her honor demanded no less of her.
Each lifetime, she remembered bits of her past lifetimes. The important parts revealed themselves to her in time, and she remembered some lifetimes better than other lifetimes. These were the principle lifetimes, the lifetimes that made her who she was. And through it all, Lirthanhi remained a voice inside her mind, guiding her, protecting her, advising her, and sometimes controlling her, recording all and helping reveal what needed to be revealed when it needed to be revealed. Lirthanhi, who was her in a past life, was now her guardian dragon soul.
The next clear (relatively) lifetime was as Meena. Less clear than the two previous, but remembered because it was "recent."
She found Adam again (of course), loved him and was loved by him (did I really need to say it), and eventually married him (ditto). Then he went away on business to a far off land and didn't return for many days. When he did, he brought troubles with him.
We were eventually besieged by Dracula. I was tainted with his soulless vampiric essence (there are many types of vampires...psychic, empathic, energetic, blood-drinking with soul, soulless blood-drinking, etc). Then together Adam and I hunted him down. He played with us. He toyed with us. Then when he saw our power and realized what we were capable of, he fled. We followed. We killed his human followers. We killed his mistresses whose souls he'd stolen like he planned to steal mine when his taint took full hold on me. Then we drove a stake through his heart and left him for slain.
Instead of see me lose my soul to his taint and be lost, Adam decapitated me, mercifully and swiftly. My life as Meena came to a close at the mere age of 22. That is the last remembered past life... be continued?
08/07/09 05:43
Lilith13[quote=Ascilia Enoch]A thought struck me as I read this. If her existence as Lilith ended with no contact with the human race, aside from Adam, where did the legends come from?[/quote]
You'd have to ask Adam. :P

Seriously though, I imagine as Adam loved me with all his heart, mind, and soul, he couldn't keep from spreading my story to keep me alive in some way. However, as I haven't heard this from him and wasn't around when he "did" this, I can't say for sure. Could be my demonic children spread the story too, into the hearts of men. The possibilities are many.
08/07/09 05:46

Once again I, Lilith, have been born into a new body, a new generation, a new name, a new identity. For me, birth is a path to immortality. We all are born, and most of us eventually die, but those who are born again after they die have achieved a type of immortality. These are the old souls, those who existed before and will exist again. They know more, intuit more, remember more than just a single lifetime. They can endure more, perceive more, achieve more. They are the gifted of the world, the reincarnators. They have magick and knowledge not given to most of mankind. They see much, reveal little. Other than that, their personalities are as varied and diverse as those of any other group of individuals. Stereotypes never work.
For me, I was born tired. Tired of the incessant reincarnation, the forever living, growing, learning until my brain is overloaded, loving and losing and hating. I was born depressed, having known loss and suffering in every previous lifetime. I was born weak, without the will to become strong or to survive. My outlook on the world was bleak and without hope. I was cared for by loving parents and yet I sensed I was alone. They were my real parents, but they were human and I was not. I had dragon in me.
I never made friends. I'd keep to myself in school, learning what I can, reading what I wanted, eating when it was time to eat, but never socializing. I became known as a teacher's pet and book worm, but I didn't care. I'd play games and joke around, eventually, but the pleasure and sense of fun was thin and momentary. It never lasted.
Eventually I got up the courage to attempt to make friends. I had the habit of asking people I liked if they were my friend. I eventually got mean to please others, so that they'd be my friend. Still weak, still very little will, with a desire to please and I no longer wished to be alone.
My parents didn't know what was wrong with me. They sensed I was different but didn't know how or why, and didn't have the courage to ask or otherwise figure it all out. They feared I had a disease, or worse that I wasn't human.
The town where we lived was little more than a line of shacks and a local, run-down school. It was inhabited and patrolled by humans, no other race was allowed. There were soldiers, medics, and the regular civilians who lived there. There were men, women, and children, and babies. There were some pets, birds cats dogs, but no other sentient races.
Once, a mage came to the town. He looked and acted human. But I saw him doing magick. I kept it to myself, because I could do magick too. But someone else saw him as well, and ran and told the soldiers. The soldiers came and bound and gagged him and then hung him on a cross and set him on fire and made everyone watch him burn. Later, my parents asked me why I didn't say something when I saw him doing magick, I said because he wasn't hurting anyone so what was there to tell? They told me humans can't do magick and non-humans are dangerous and to be killed on sight. I just nodded and promised to tell next time I saw something like that.
I went to school and learned what I needed to learn and did and said what I needed to do and say, but from then on I was much more careful. I didn't do magick, I didn't act weird, I conformed. Then, when I was old enough, I left. I wrote a note and put it where my parents would find it, and put a spell on it that would make it invisible until I was outside the town limits, and it said:

"Mom, dad:

Thank you for bringing me into the world. Thank you for raising me and teaching me your values and about the world. Thank you for giving me a home and food and school. Thank you for everything you've ever done for me. And now, I'm doing something you'll thank me for.
I'm not human. I have dragon in me, and can do magick, and shapeshift, and talk to the dead. I can sense whether someone is human or neko or whatever, I immediately know. I can talk to animals and hear the thoughts of trees. I heal faster. I know more.
The two of you are human. Yes, it is from you I get the dragon in me, but it's dormant in you so you're perfectly normal. But if I stayed I'd put you in an awkward position, so I've gone.
I've put a spell on this letter. Once you find it, if you want to reply you have seven days to write on the back. After that, the spell wears off, and I'll never receive your response. But whatever you write on the back within the seven days I'll know.

Kristina Fireguard"

I never received a response. That hurt, but I learned to live with it. Seems they washed their hands of me completely.
I wandered the world for a while, learning what I could of the various races and classes and picking up new skills and abilities through observation and study. I practiced alchemy with the supernaturals, healing with the bots, shapeshifting with the lycans, invisibility with the vampires, ferocity with the demons, and providence with the angels, etc. I learned a little bit about everything until I learned what it was I truly wanted to know.
I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be able to defend people, and myself. I wanted to never fear, never have to back down simply because I could die. So, I sought out a master of such. I sought out Lucifer, who I remembered from a past life.
I searched for a long time. However, about three years since I left the town, I was beset by vampires, a man and a woman. The man attacked me, drained me near dry, and left me for dead. The woman came a few minutes later and turned me. When I awoke, she explained that she'd been watching me for about a year and a half, and saw potential in me. She turned me so I'd have the ability to finish my quest. I thanked her, and resumed my search.
A few months later, I met a man. He had an unusual appearance. He also had dragon in him, but other than that was human. We spent a lot of time together, and I soon turned him. We learned about each other and ourselves through each other, and eventually became betrothed and wed. After the wedding, we both wandered the world together, learning whatever we could according to our individual goals. (Yes, he was Adam.)
Then the sky opened up for a moment, and a beam of light shone down on us. It started to lift me up, and I could feel the burdens of the world falling away. Instead of leave him, I reached down and grabbed my Adam's hand and held on tight, me to him and him to me, and as I rose up I pulled him up with me.
Once we reached the top, I noticed we now had wings and halos and were dressed in white with skin like milk. We had become angels. Why? I merely thought it, why? But the sky answered: "Because you are the most curious, the most intuitive, the most knowledgeable and practical, the most powerful beings, and have the most potential of anyone to create order in the chaotic world." I didn't think so, but I didn't argue.
We were then bid to return to the world and start carving order out of the chaos. We did that for about a month...then got bored.
I then told Adam about my search. He didn't like the idea of doing a deal with the devil, but I told him of my past history with him, and with the assurance that Lucifer wouldn't double-cross us, he agreed.
Along the way, we met a lot of people and made a few friends. My sister, who had been born with the features of an angel and so secreted away to another town and raised by her own kind, where she eventually met the man who would be her husband, is the most prevalent person for me. We also visited my husband's silent brother, who secluded himself in a tower and didn't talk.
After another five or six years, we found what, or rather who, we were looking for. Following lots of clues from defeated demons who didn't wish to be slain, we found Lucifer. He was only too glad to make us demons, he was of the same opinion the sky was.
Adam was shy about it at first and took a lot of convincing, but he eventually agreed as well. And thus, we both became demons.
We were set to work in Hell for a hundred years in payment. For that hundred years, and only a hundred years, Lucifer owned our souls. And no matter how he tried, he couldn't get us to sell him our souls permanently or even for longer.
After that hundred years were up, we returned to the world to find that only a hundred days had passed there. We wandered once more.
We settled down in a cove a few years later, where we lived as husband and wife. We were content, at first, but eventually began to bicker a little.
Then a band of roving mages and other humans with magick came to us. They offered to make us human again and remove the demon taint. I declined, but Adam accepted, then broke his ties with me and kicked me out of the house, which we had shared equally up until now.
So, alone and miserable, I began wandering again. I kept getting into fights with anyone I could, wanting to be killed, but even when I lost I survived. After about a year my misery began to lift, and I began to enjoy myself again, but slowly.
Then I was beset by the Dragon Council of the present day. They turned my skin grey and forbid me from shapeshifting or wearing color for an indefinite length of time for training purposes; they were training my ability to notice details and see honestly, as well as my patience and obedience to the Council, which had never wavered since my past life as Lirthanhi, who I still listen to.
I then decided to carve out a place for myself. I started up a school for children. And that is where this story enters the present day.
08/07/09 05:58
Lilith13I forgot to mention some more important aspects of my current lifetime. My father had been possessed by Lucifer when he seeded my mother, who was a reincarnation of Bastet, and my father had dragon's blood in him which also flows in me. So, from the moment I was born, I held the demonic taint of Lucifer, my true father, the spark of divinity from my mortal goddess mother, and I had dragon blood flowing through my veins I inherited from my mortal father. I was also empathic, telepathic, and intuitive. I could hear the thoughts and health of trees. I could feel and feed on the emotions of humans, and feed on the energies of nature. I could use the energy surrounding me to increase my strength and endurance when I needed to, though it left me drained afterward. Then I was turned into a vampire yet retained all previous metaphysical qualities, then was transformed into a full demon by Lucifer which didn't rid me of even one whit of my previous metaphysical qualities. I was loaded. And Adam? If I'm a flyswatter in power, he's a sledgehammer. If my power is as large as the solar system, his is as large as the multiverse. He is much more powerful than me...maybe the sky was right after all. :P

However, power and potential don't keep someone alive on their own. I am far from god-like...and even if I were god, even gods can be killed. I am inexperienced and untrained, and have access to and control of only a fraction of my power. Much of my energy is spent maintaining personal shields to keep the thoughts and emotions of others from invading and overwhelming my mind and making me do things I wouldn't ordinarily do, and to keep the various spiritual entities who want me dead from gaining ground in my mind. Oh, and don't forget Serneieh (the queen from Lirthanhi's lifetime), who I have to devote much of my energies to keeping collared, leashed, and bound. The use of power requires energy...and much of that energy is being used for other things. So no, I'm not "all-powerful" or "god-like" I'm just an unskilled woman who's weak because she's using her energies for other things than strength. :P

And if the comparisons I made of myself to Adam didn't already clue you in, I think he's a god, and can't be beat, and is all-powerful...but not infallible. He has quirks that can be exploited, just like any other sentient being, but good luck trying to find them (and don't bother asking, I love him, why would I tell you?). Apart from that, I'll not be telling you his story, or reveal his identity, as neither are for me to tell.

((Second paragraph added in case somebody thought I was godmodding, which I wasn't.))
08/07/09 06:05
Lilith13In spite of the fact I had basically "settled down" and started a school, I still wandered far abroad, and was gone for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. I explored the lands, learning many things, meeting many people and races, and then came back with stories to tell and more to teach my students...when I managed to get any, that is. Until then, I just wander, and explore, and record, in the hopes of one day passing on my knowledge to the younger generation.
This is how I, one day, wandered into the city of was rumored that the city itself possessed the spirits of a thousand angels. Yet, I was irresistibly drawn to the as yet unexplored vista that lay before me. Never pausing, never hesitating, never sure if it was a good idea, I approached...and then entered the city.
08/07/09 06:25
Lilith13My first thought was how beautiful it was. Like a garden, with flowers, and beautiful castles, a garden I had once known long, long ago and still long to return to, which can never happen. But here I stood, in awe of what I saw of the city, scant in it for even a moment before I stopped and stared. It was so beautiful...08/07/09 06:29
Lilith13((beautiful, yes, but too many scripts, particles, and self-moving objects...very much laggy, which explains the lack of actual people))08/07/09 06:36
Lilith13Moving at a pace only a vampire or demon could achieve, I quickly explored the city and saw much of what there was to see; quickly becoming bored, as the populace seemed to be in hiding or sleeping or something, as they weren't out and about, I left the city and entered its neighbor, a little-known town called Little Europe. Here I paused, as I saw a whole different kind of landscape, more organic and natural somehow, browns were more prevalent here.08/07/09 06:44
Lilith13Impossible! I find a beautiful blue tree! How can such a thing be?!

((Seriously though...and if you doubt me, I took a snapshot of it, IM me inworld and I'd be more than happy to show you...though I originally took the snapshot to give to a particular person, hehehe. :P))
08/07/09 06:58
Lilith13I leave the city, and wandering, travel to the city of Nod. It's bustling, filled with people; the streets are grey as ash, and it's as real as death. The air is clogged with dust, the buildings filthy and crumbling, the streets badly in need of repair. But it's more reassuring, as it doesn't attest to a false reality. The grime and dirt is real, the people are real, the dangers are real. I explore much slowly, taking time to get to know the people without revealing my identity or my nature.08/07/09 07:04
Lilith13The people are out...but there's nothing happening. Yet I stay and watch, silent, in the shadows.08/07/09 07:25
Lilith13I decided to leave the city for now and return to the school that as yet still has no students. Maybe next week I'll find somewhere there's something happening. Until then.08/07/09 07:30
orenWait, you're Lilith? THE Lilith? Maybe I read this wrong. Nice story by the way.08/07/09 17:46
Lilith13[quote=oren]Wait, you're Lilith? THE Lilith? Maybe I read this wrong. Nice story by the way.[/quote]
Yes, I'm Lilith, THE Lilith, no, you didn't read this wrong, and thanks. :P

Anyway, the Council has restored my skin and hair color, and informed me that I am now allowed to color my nails, but that I am still forbidden from transforming or wearing color in my clothes.

My skin is a creamy caucasian and my hair is a medium to dark brown. My nails are now a powdery blue. Yay! :P
08/07/09 20:46
DuxNo she is Not [u][b]THE[/b][/u] Lilith, like any Demon will tell you she is a fabrication, a weak attempt to stir dormant powers, a mere vapor taken form of the true Lady, a disembodied thought strown in the feeble mind of a mortal...08/07/09 21:27
Lilith13[quote=Dux]No she is Not [u][b]THE[/b][/u] Lilith, like any Demon will tell you she is a fabrication, a weak attempt to stir dormant powers, a mere vapor taken form of the true Lady, a disembodied thought strown in the feeble mind of a mortal...[/quote]
I laugh darkly at your fallacy. "Doubt me all you want, young one, but I was once she from whom you come."
08/07/09 21:33
Macca[quote=Lilith13][quote=Dux]No she is Not [u][b]THE[/b][/u] Lilith, like any Demon will tell you she is a fabrication, a weak attempt to stir dormant powers, a mere vapor taken form of the true Lady, a disembodied thought strown in the feeble mind of a mortal...[/quote]
I laugh darkly at your fallacy. "Doubt me all you want, young one, but I was once she from whom you come."[/quote]
Others just laugh darkly at his phallus
08/07/09 22:38
Lilith13[quote=Macca][quote=Lilith13][quote=Dux]No she is Not [u][b]THE[/b][/u] Lilith, like any Demon will tell you she is a fabrication, a weak attempt to stir dormant powers, a mere vapor taken form of the true Lady, a disembodied thought strown in the feeble mind of a mortal...[/quote]
I laugh darkly at your fallacy. "Doubt me all you want, young one, but I was once she from whom you come."[/quote]
Others just laugh darkly at his phallus[/quote]
I chuckle.
08/07/09 22:52
Duxwell Macca we all know you just have phallus envy ;)08/07/09 23:01
orenThe interpretation of Lilith as Adam's wife is a more modern interpretations. Lilith was originally a disease bearing wind demon/succubus. Such a great and colorful mythology. Her association with vampires comes from her being referred to in Hebrew by a word similar to the word for a scops-owl, who were vampiric in Roman mythology, feeding on the blood (and flesh) of their human victims. Great stuff to root a character in, so long as you can find the balance between being a god and being a playable character.08/07/09 23:44
Lilith13I think I found that balance. After all, while I hold a lot of power, I have access to but a fraction of it, due to using my energies for other things than accessing my power.08/08/09 01:25
Lilith13I heard of the meeting of the demons and threw on a spy outfit to remain anonymous, dying my hair black with temporary die so as to better blend into the shadows, so that I could watch with minimal personal risk or the need to interfere. I was on my way to record the whole event, and the results, not to become involved in it.08/08/09 01:31
Lilith13There has been little news. I've simply been staying close to the school these past few weeks, hoping for students.08/13/09 23:31
Ascilia Enoch*deleted*08/16/09 09:33
Lilith13[5:32] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: nods to the both of them and smiles graciously
[5:32] Kristina Fireguard smiles back
[5:32] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "Welcome to the Temple of Order, my name is Que. And may I know your names?"
[5:33] Kristina Fireguard: My name is Kristina, but those who like me call me Kris. This is Mia, my friend.
[5:34] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "It is nice to meet you both." she says with another soft smile observing them with curious, but friendly eyes
[5:34] Kristina Fireguard smiles knowingly.
[5:34] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "There have been some recent changes to the make up of Trinity. But you are in luck, Kris. One of the clan's leader's is around here. I have summoned her to come and meet you."
[5:35] Kristina Fireguard bows her head in thanks. "I am truly grateful, my Lady."
[5:35] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: looks around suspiciously, but her eyes dance with laughter. "She is a bit of a handful, but I love her dearly. Her name is Olgita Ruby and she has quite a reputation."
[5:35] Kristina Fireguard: Oh?
[5:38] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "While we wait*she continues* I can give you a briefing on the history of Trinity." she smiles..."Trinity's sole purpose is to protect the balance of chaos and order. When there is too much order...there is a need for chaos..*laughs as she loves explaining that part* and when there is a need for order, such as the need in manichea with so much unrest, we are here to restore order."
[5:38] Kristina Fireguard: Hmmm. That sounds a lot like the Dragon Council of old.
[5:40] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: frowns slighty and begins waving her hands hurriedly
[5:41] Kristina Fireguard raises an eyebrow
[5:41] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "Seems Olgy is stuck en route..i will have to procure safe passages for her, one moment..and please stand where you are..I won't want you to be sucked into one of these time portals"
[5:41] Kristina Fireguard is taken aback, but hides it and just nods
[5:42] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: reaches her hand into the very air and pulls suddenly concentrating on that tiny tear and making it larger a rippingnoise can be heard with gusty winds
[5:42] Kristina Fireguard braces herself
[5:43] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: smiles brightly at her tiny, red haired shining star falling from the portal
[5:43] Olgita Ruby jumps off the portal and falls on the ground: 'damn... freaking portal never works....'
[5:43] Kristina Fireguard smiles cheekily
[5:44] Olgita Ruby looks around: 'sooo what happened?'
[5:44] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: laughs
[5:44] Kristina Fireguard: I think you fell out of a time portal
[5:44] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "I wsihed you to meet Kris. Sorry I pulled you out of the portal because I sensed you were stuck en route"
[5:45] Kristina Fireguard grins
[5:45] Olgita Ruby: 'oh yeah...' *she finally gets up* 'Hi Kris!'
[5:45] Kristina Fireguard bows her head. "Hello."
[5:46] Olgita Ruby smiles a bit: 'I am Olgy, one of Trinity founders and currently we live here...'
[5:47] Kristina Fireguard smiles sardonically. "And I am Kris, though I beleive you already know that." She grins.
[5:48] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: slowly she begins to back away bowing an apologetic departure
[5:48] Olgita Ruby turns to Que and looks at her with questioning eyes: 'am i needed or what? i was kinda in the middle of my meditation and as you can see i am becoming darker since demons become stronger within me....'
[5:48] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "Ladies, I will have to depart now. I will hope fate brings as another meeting soon."
[5:48] Kristina Fireguard hides her disappointment and nods at Queen
[5:49] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "Well Olgy if you were so deep in meditation, I am sorry for disturbing you from such. " she says plainly looking at her with veiled eyes
[5:50] Kristina Fireguard looks at them both suspiciously
[5:50] Olgita Ruby: 'no worries Que, i almost finished... just need few more spells'
[5:51] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: senses Kris's apprehension " not be alarmed. Olgy is tempermental to say theleast."
[5:51] Kristina Fireguard raises an eyebrow
[5:52] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "Seems I have disturbed her." she sighs and looks to Olgy. "I was hoping you could spare a monet to tell Kris about Trnity. She was interested...and since some of its members will be around would be nice she got to knwo them"
[5:52] Kristina Fireguard nods
[5:53] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: laughs at Kris expression..."Kris Olgy is mad at me I am afraid I am the reason she was in meditation." looks as if she wants to touch her friend again but slowly continues to back away sighing.
[5:53] Olgita Ruby smiles warmly: 'thanks Que, i will do that!' *she turns to Kris after* 'let's go take a sit, follow me please'
[5:53] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "I am usually around..and I would much like it to see you again Kris...and your friend Mia." she says warmly
[5:53] Kristina Fireguard nods
[5:54] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu: "I wish you all safe passage."
[5:54] Olgita Ruby: 'see you Que!'
[5:54] QueenoftheVile Amaterasu shouts: waves
[5:54] Olgita Ruby: 'take a sit where you like, it's our meeting room'
[5:55] Kristina Fireguard sits
[5:56] Olgita Ruby looks ather cuiously and at the same time evaluating: 'are you first time in town?? where do you live?? who are you?'
[5:56] Kristina Fireguard answers the first question first. "I first came on this city yesterday, but only just found this temple."
[5:57] Olgita Ruby: 'oh this temple is really beautiful, i believe it's most beautiful palace i have seen in this town, Que made right choice taking it'
[5:57] Kristina Fireguard: It is very beautiful indeed. *takes a deep breath before beginning to answer the other questions*
[5:58] Kristina Fireguard: I live in a school for nobility that has yet to gain any students.
[5:59] Kristina Fireguard: As for who I am, my story is a long one.
[6:00] Olgita Ruby nods to her: 'school you say? i have never heard of any schools anywhere on nearest lands even....'
[6:00] Olgita Ruby: 'are you teaching or what do you do in school?'
[6:01] Kristina Fireguard: I teach there. Currently, I'm the only one. No other teachers...or students for that matter.
[6:01] Kristina Fireguard looks up and begins to answer the other question. "First, I should explain what I am. I look, and probably feel/smell, human. That is because I am in human form. But I am a dragon, and can change my shape at any time I wish. I have power over the stars and suns, and most of my energy goes to keeping them alight."
[6:02] Kristina Fireguard: My human name is the name I gave you. Very few people know my true name, for names hold power and I tell no one I do not completely trust.
[6:02] Olgita Ruby: 'so it is your own school???' *she bites her lip after hearing about dragons and gets more curious* 'dragons are very powerful creatures, i know waternymps that used to be with us, oh, that was something amazing she could do'
[6:03] Olgita Ruby takes out her think book and starts making notes
[6:03] Kristina Fireguard: Yes, it is my own school, and dragons are powerful but that's the least of our splendor. We're cheeky, cryptic, mischievous, loyal, honorable, and above all else honest.
[6:04] Olgita Ruby: 'i don't know much about dragons, they are very rare creatures and i have not met many... but i am always ready to learn from new people i meet'
[6:05] Kristina Fireguard: That is the biggest part of what I am, and the part I exalt. But I am much more complicated, and you will understand better when you know my full story. And yes, we're rare...though I dare say I know three or four others, one an elder who is sleeping and sleeps for centuries. If he awakes, I won't mind introducing you to him...though he may decide to eat you.
[6:07] Kristina Fireguard: That elder holds my soul, he is my master and has control of my name. If I were to introduce you to him, it would be an honor for you. I cannot stress enough how grand he is, how powerful, how....perfect.
[6:08] Olgita Ruby giggles about eating statement, she likes to chew on others herself and it might be really interesting meeting, though she keeps her thought to herself and continues trying to stop giggling: 'yes, getting to know each other takes time and i am always ready to spend it with those who are interesting and yes, i might say dragons are interesting to me. Que told you anything about us?'
[6:08] Kristina Fireguard: She said that, like the Dragon Council of old, you exist to keep balance, to dish out chaos or order as they are lacking.
[6:09] Kristina Fireguard: My soul was born at the dawn of sentience. I dare say I am the second-oldest soul in existence.
[6:10] Kristina Fireguard: I may also be the reason you exist.
[6:10] Kristina Fireguard smirks a little.
[6:10] Olgita Ruby nods: 'yes, this is our main purpose. We are mostly angels, three of us were brought together by fate and we created small family of angels, it started to grow as not only angels got interested and we take them as our guardians, we are strong and capable of many things and we keep close to each other, each of us is a treasure to another'
[6:12] Kristina Fireguard: The only beings I cannot claim any true existential bond with is angels. I have no quarrel with them, and I do not blame them for what their creator did, but I hate God for his acts against me when my soul was still new.
[6:12] Olgita Ruby: 'some of us bright light, some darkness, i am probably darkest of all of them, and not because of my colour, but because of my soul, but other keeps balance as they are brighter and more kind..'
[6:15] Kristina Fireguard: My soul's first name, and one I discarded after I moved on, was Lilith. God created me for the sole purpose of loving and being loved by Adam, only to tear me from him and cast me out of Paradise because of a little argument. I wasn't submissive enough, he said. Pfft! God made me then betrayed me.
[6:15] Olgita Ruby: 'we do not believe much in god any more, we believe in high powers mostly since we turned away from god or were sent here by him, we are all different but happy together, you will understand how close we are when you will meet others'
[6:15] Olgita Ruby: 'oh.. this is something interesting to know... you might exist longer than all of us then..'
[6:16] Kristina Fireguard wonders what you mean by that.
[6:18] Olgita Ruby: 'let me find if i have more details' *starts looking through her book*
[6:20] Kristina Fireguard nods. "Well, if you remember the stories of Lilith, they are actually not completely accurate but they're close enough. After being cast out of Paradise, I was beseached by Lucifer and joined him in Hell to "create" his hordes of demons. After a few centuries, I threw myself into a Gate of Reincarnation to be born again. Eventually as my dragon self, the most powerful part of me that thereon stayed with me throughout all successive reincarnations. And now, I was born to a human family with recessive dragonic genes that sprouted, full-fledged, within me. And that is how I came to be what I am."
[6:22] Olgita Ruby sighs as she did not take right papers today with her, she then looks at her and smiles warmly: 'if you have interest in Trinity and us i will gladly introduce you to everyone in nearst future, most of them are resting now after our big hunt last night, then maybe you can understand us better, right now we are having not best times i must admit and doing some re-structing and yes, we have maybe complicated recruiting process since we like seeing best with us' *she then continues regarding her backstory* 'so you were re-born as human again after being a dragon and carry gragon genes, is it right i understood?'
[6:22] Kristina Fireguard: Yes
[6:23] Kristina Fireguard: Every lifetime I met Adam again. Every lifetime I loved him. Sometimes we worked, most of the time I was cast off once more. Every lifetime, I grew to hate God more. And every lifetime Lucifer tempted me to return with him and pick up where we left off, and every time I refused. "There's no wrath like a woman scorned." *shakes her head sadly then smiles* Anyway, that's what I am and part of who I am. Is there anything more you wish to know?"
[6:25] Olgita Ruby writes something and ripff of piece of aper out of her book, her name written on it and one little shiny sparkle in the corner: 'this is for calling me when needed. and yes, i would gladly to hear and get to know you better together with everyone when we meet again. And one more questions, do you belong to dark powers more or do you consider herself as a light brigh creature now?'
[6:26] Kristina Fireguard thinks about light and closes her eyes agains the thought. She then opens them and looks at you. "I forgot to mention, I've been a vampire in past lifetimes, and have some of the qualities of one now. Nay, I'm a creature of shadow, grey, in between light and darkness, but if I had to choose it would be the darkness."
[6:27] Olgita Ruby rolls her eyes as she sees Niguel at the temple, she coughs: 'what the hell are you doing here????'
[6:27] Kristina Fireguard looks up at the newcomer, having not noticed im previously
[6:27] Niguel Ceriano is in a trance not able to communicate cause hes spirit is in other world
[6:28] Kristina Fireguard sneers as she notices he's entranced and thinks LUcifer might get him
[6:29] Niguel Ceriano in his trance he meditates towards the gods listening to their voices giving him strenght
[6:30] Kristina Fireguard senses the Crone aproaching and frowns because of the past, less-than-pleasant history between her and the Crone
[6:31] Niguel Ceriano feels his spirit comming back slowly but remains in meditation
[6:31] Olgita Ruby doesnt get any answer from him and shrugs, she will deal with him later since she guesses he came for his cure after she infected him, she turns back to girl: 'Kris, this is good.. i need dark people... you will see what we all do, perhaps Niguel could tell you a story, but he seems dazed right now to me. I am afraid i need to depart for an hour or so to continue my change since i feel my skin becomes back to grey and i need more spells and meditation, i am locking up some sweet feeling and memoris inside me which make me go bright... anyways, i will leave you for now'
[6:31] Kristina Fireguard bows her head in farewell
[6:32] Kristina Fireguard mutters one last thing
[6:32] Kristina Fireguard: The Crone is who killed me when I was a dragon, she was on the Council and ordered my death to chain a fugitive's spirit infuture lifetimes
[6:34] Niguel Ceriano gods calls for his body of flesh to gather some energy for future battles he vanish as dust in the wind going far away nodding to the ppl on the room aimlessy whispering 'good day' in a wierd sound
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