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Kayle Ashdene((if you haven't read Malice's post on her death, do so. That is the context for this crucifixion [url][/url] ))

Jheric stood overlooking the church with an emotionless face as he recounted the brief argument he'd just had with Setsudan. He had finally killed Malice and restored his power... for he believed that the soul that clung to her pitiful doll existance was reason he was now unable to exercise his authority as feared Angel of Death.

Setsudan had thrown his softness in his face, leaving his work to himself. She was sick of his unwillingness to take action and of his internal struggles. Finally, she left him in frustration...

"I don't get to have problems, do I? I don't get to feel lonely... I don't get feel at all, do I?!" he yelled after her... just minutes ago.

Despite having never demonstrated any emotion or appreciation towards her in the past, her leaving suddenly gave rise to a stark reminder of just how alone he had been ever since his banishment. Ever since he'd cast Malice out of Heaven, in pieces, in his rage.

Jheric rests a foot on the edge of the building was on and unfolded his wings as he spotted his target: Jade Ushimawa. She'd escaped her judgment on so many previous occasions... it was time to finish the job and put her soul to rest, for good. He leapt into the air and dove down to the human with not so much as a smile on his face. Malice's murder and the rejection from Setsudan still plagued his mind.

"My dear Jade... many apologies for my delays in bringing peace to your soul." he says casually has he drift down to the floor in front of her.

Jade smiled as she began to draw her guns, "I was hoping you might drop your sorry ass around here today. I'm going to kill you for what you did to Malice." she replies in determined tone.

"You're not touching her..." Chiyo adds as she and Yuzuki step out in front of Malice. "We're going to take you down!"

Jheric floats back with a smile on his face as he draws his scythe, "You.. can't be serious. You think you can take me?"

"Enough talk! Take him down." Jade interrupts, seemingly content to watch Chi and Yuzi fight Jheric without her.

Jheric takes a few moments to understand their strategy against him and quickly decides to avoid Yuzi, who is on the attack, and take down Chi, who appears to be on support. His strategy pays off a few minutes later as he quickly takes them down. His energy was mostly spent when he felt the pelting of Jade's bullets on his back.

Suddenly, he realized that he did not have enough strength left to take Jade, as she continued to drill him with lead. And all around him, it seemed a crowd was forming... increasingly, things were looking bad.

He finally decided to make a run for it when Jade caught him off guard, coming up suddenly from the road leading to the beach as she planted enough rounds in his strained body to drop him to the ground. The crowd around him closed in quickly.

Jheric crashes to the ground finally with a huff and splurt of blood from his mouth, "... had to... *cough*... hire some weakling girls to die for you before accepting your punishment?" he growled to Jade...

Jade hops on top of Jheric grabbing out one of her scalpels and jabs it straight into Jherics gut.. "NOW I AM GOING TO DO TO YOU WHAT YOU DID TO MALICE! RIP YOU APART!!!" She said almost out of control...

Adius watches on as Jade goes apeshit on Jheric as he walks closer to the scene where the angel was felled. Jheric could hear him approach, as well as the rest of the crowd, but was unable to do anything about the assault from Jade. Jheric's mouth fills with blood as he's wrenched backwards in pain... he's eyes widen as his stomach is penetrated with the surgical blade... "I ... only perform the will of Heaven!" he coughed out in an uncharacteristic protest, suddenly realizing that he was at the mercy of a human.

Adius stands there calmly with his arms folded and just shakes his head at Jheric "No, you don't. A real angel of death could not be so easily defeated by a human"

Jade wasn't hearing any excuses today, she had one thing set in her mind which was to make him suffer.. she twisted and yanked around the scalpel... doing as much damage as she could until it broke in her hand.. after which she grabbed another one off her belt and went to work again with it. Jheric made loud gurgling noises as Jade pried the scalpel deeper into his gut, "What... leave me alone... gaahh.... I'm an Angel of Death, human... unhand me! Lest the Heavens descend upon this entire city!" he cried out in a weaker and panicking voice as his insides were being destroyed.

Strygwyr walks up to see what is going on..... he waves his hand towards the crowd... motioning them to stay.... walks towards jade.. tilting his head... "what exactly is this for?" he asks as he looks down at the bloody mess. Jade's eyes were full of pure rage and seemed to be completely oblivious to her presence, or that of anyone around her as she pressed forward in her vengeance... she looked Jheric in the eyes as he demanded she got off him.. "THATS RIGHT! BEG!! BEG FOR YOUR LIFE!!"

Astrae, who was amongst the crowd, shook her head with a huff, not wanting to be part of this in any way. She was tired of the violence and stepped away shaking her head. Though she hated Jheric for killing mali, she knew the others were more than capable of dealing with him.

Jheric 's eyes looked into Jade's intensely, quickly becoming dilated, but filled with rage, "Unhand me at once!" he says, in a slightly incoherent tone as he attempted to shake free of Jade's grip.

Adius frowned and called back to the broken angel, "Heaven doesn't hear you. you're barely an angel in the first place. You're no better than the rest of these meat-puppets here."

Jheric shrieked at Adi's remark and flailed his arms, "You blasphemous fool... how can you watch this? Get her off of me!"

Adius crossed his arms, looking to the side in disgust, "If you're an angel of death, you would get her off yourself."

Jade Ushimawa raised the scalpel above Jheric's head and screamed out at him.. "STOP LOOKING AT ME!!" and stabbed him in each eye a few times... and with her hands covered in his blood she got up and started to repeatedly kick him in the head.. "Maybe I should crush your brain like you did Mali's!"

Strygwyr sighs silently and pulls his gun out and cocks it..... finger on the trigger and places it upon jades head.... "Perhaps its best you let this one go.... you have proven your point...." he never really cared for this angel.... he cared for very little as a matter of fact.... but he thought that this was some way to amuse him.... to see the reaction and the sequence of events as they played out....

Adius points at Stry, "Put your gun away."

Jheric screamed out like a banshee as his eyes were stabbed and in a force of rage he attempted to force Jade off his body with a force of psychic energy. Jade completely ignored Stry... and just kept stomping and kicking.. getting knocked back a few inches by the wave.. but went right back to work as she regained her balance...

Strygwyr tilts his head towards adi's words "come now adi... you can't ruin my fun..... even if this one isn't an angel of death... i am quite sure i can give him the power needed... to become one....." he chuckles silently to himself..... "why.... must everyone get involved and ruin my fun..... hmph.... whatever..... i'm bored...... take that angel.... make sure to crucify him upon a cross to show his gods or whatever he believes in..... and dispose of these people...."

Adius nods to Stry "By the look in Jade's eyes, I think she's going to do worse then you or I could ever think of to this pathetic sap here."

Jheric fell to his back, his face completely covered in blood, and scalpel wounds all over his chest as he flailed, "Light! Help me... where is my power? Why have you forsaken me!? I am your hand... your angel!" he continues calling out with his arms and legs erect and tremoring violently.

Jade looks down at him with a scowl as she starts to look around the area for something to string him up on before he dies. As she does so, Keaton, who does not appear to look much like himself at the moment, walk onto the scene... wrinkling his nose as he looks down at the bloody mess of Jheric that lay convulsing on the floor.

"So I missed the party, huh?" He said, crossing his arms, "I thought I'd be the one to do him in..." He saw a brief stint of what was happening in his... previous location... "You deserved it, Jheric..." He mumbled under his breath.

Jade turns to Adius.. and points over at a wooden cross across the street... "Adius! Get that! That will be perfect." She says, looking awfully sadistic in her bloodsoaked shirt. Adius nods in agreement and makes his way over to the cross.

Strygwyr holsters his gun bored now.... "so dull... let the LA kids play with their toy.... we will have our blood some other time..." he smiles slightly and walks off.

Jheric lays on the ground seizing sporadically and muttering random things in latin as he body continues to bleed out...
while Adius pulls over the cross that just happened to be on the other side of the street.

Jade Ushimawa grabs Jheric and drags him to the Cross.. and begins to tie him too it... smacking and punching him every now and then in between...

"Such... dishonor... to Heaven... will be avenged... to ALL that are here..." Jheric mutters through his bloody mouth... mostly incoherent and severely broken between the incoming strikes from Jade as she ties him up.

[15:16] Jade Ushimawa: ((JC pose!?))
[15:16] Jade Ushimawa: ((We are going to hell -.-))
[15:16] Jade Ushimawa: ((lol))

Keaton shook his head, "No, we are having our vengeance on you for all the harm you've done. This is justice."

Jade raised the cross.. struggling to lift it.. she looked over at the others for help in doing so. Keaton helped Jade lift the cross and get Jheric on the cross... realizing she didn't notice who he was yet... she was probably too consumed with rage.

Adius was considering making it an inverted Cross but something inside him kept telling him 'no'.

Jheric tries to choke back the stream over blood that was forming in his mouth and cried out in gurgling agony as he was raised to an upright position. Jade climbed up with another blade and began to rip away his shirt from his body... and when she managed to tear off the fabric she yanked out his tongue and cut it off as well.. slowly.. making him feel it... then she noticed the wings and thought for a moment...

Jheric cries out again as blood jets out from his mouth, his blank and bloody eyes wide in terror "Uuuuuh! uuuungghh!"

Adius Darkstone looks up at the broken angel, hardly showing any emotion as he plainly said, "Rip his wings off."

Jade looked down at Keaton and pointed at his sword and motioned for him to give it to her... Keaton unhooked the sword and gave it to her without hesitation. She took the sword and swung upwards hard.. slicing right through the right side wing and the blade slicing deep into Jheric's body in the process..

Jheric's chest swung to the side as he cried out again in pain as Jade forced her blade through his wing... and into his side... screaming... and seizing... there was little else he could do.

"Leaving him one winged is better I think... makes him look dumber..." she dropped from the cross and breathed heavily.. dropping the sword.. most of her rage was spent and now she was nearly exhausted...

Keaton looked up to Jheric, figuring he wouldn't be able to hear him through all the pain he was suffering, "I hope you realize now how powerless you are now... how you have always been... your pride was a weakness, a deadly sin... and now you are paying the price."

At once Jheric's body became completely tense and stiff... and he crieded out once more in agony. Alone, powerless, and broken... he realized at last... his time of service... had long been served. And after a moment of grief and pain in this realization... he gave up... and his body, fell limp.

Jade looked up at him one last time and breathed heavily... she slowly stood up shaking and figured the Zombies that pass by would destroy whats left... "I'm done with him..."

Kagehi, who had been present for the whole crucifixion, frowns, "You know.. Without the wing, he actually is starting to look like something they also called shinigami in Nippon. Sort of demon, went around ending people's lives before their appointed time. The other shinigami, as in the titled ones, studied ways to kill the damn things."

Jade Ushimawa sighed.. "Thats probably what he really is..."

Kagehi added, "Mind you, they tended to be a lot harder to kill that this.. Must have been a weak one."

Keaton sighed as he finally relaxed, "It's done..." He stated before looking to Jade, unable to say a word... so he just picked up the sword that was left on the ground and sheathed it... shaking his head, "His pride made him weak. Made him split into two..."

Jade shrugged and began to walk off... slowly... she needed to find a place to crash.. but she was also covered in Jheric's blood.. not a nice way to crash. "He's dead now... who cares.."

And as the crowd walked away from the lifeless body of Jheric, from the top of a building in LA, a woman stood, watching the whole of the situation... wondering if she had made a mistake in forsaking Jheric just a few short hours ago. Setsudan figured that the least she could do, was to go find a peaceful place, for the Angel's body to rest.


((although there was some additional RP with Setsu and Soriel, it was cut short and partially voided due to a real life interruption.))
03/03/09 10:53
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