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AntiZeroThis involves no characters I've encountered in la. This is another short story that I wrote tonight after having a brief talk with someone I met. I'm adding more to the lore surrounding my self created race. The Drokan exist in La, but in to safely put it: limited numbers. maybe a hundred at best, two hundred is pushing it. This a short story fleshing out how even love, twisted as it maybe, can develop at the end of the world. Without futherado

"Lady in Black" Part I:Maiden's Conception

She always dreams of that black knight coming to aid her. Her tattered strings were cut long ago, but in the pale moonlight she can still cry. A creation; she is an abomination of life. Without the glorious key to wind her heart- or was it the strings to bring her automation to fruition?

She can no longer recall the means. The legend of the battered, little marionette girl exists just as much as any other urban legend. The tale goes that she was created in the image of a man’s daughter. Year by year, her father would replace her parts bit by bit. A new arm for each month, a flesh crafter would consider it a waste of resources; no, the father would resurrect his daughter through this husk.

She had no awareness at first. Year by year the hollow construct hung in the workshop of the modern Gepato’s workshop. Unlike the little boy, she would grow up-isolated in a madman’s obsession- without a name, a friend, or a life. It was something in passing- a chance of the wheel. A pickpocket thrashed into the workshop. He was pursued by strange souls clad in armor reminiscent of the old armies. His ears resembled the pointed edge of knife. The right ear scabbed around a cut portion of the malleable cartilage. His eyes scanned for a new means of movement. His skin blended with the dark shadows naturally; the scars ran along his face along with the tribalistic runes.

A freak show to some, but in the dark: he was the first light she saw. A single knock, an accidental touch-whatever the cause, “she” was born. The beggar demon fled into the night; his predatory pursuers gaped and vented in the waning hours of the light. They brandished rusted carbines and serrated machetes. The marionette girl comprehended only one thing: protect her reckoner. The strings glided around the abandoned workshop. Like lithe cats, the attachments slinked around the necks of the predators and snapped their necks like they were nothing. It wasn’t enough; the strings wheedle their way into the blood stream of the dearly departed. An addiction formulates and a grin forms along her prosthetic, hollow teeth.

The blood of the damned fueled the life of the innocent monstrosity. “Come…” it rasps for the first time. Like a revolting act against nature, it arises. In a city of lost angels, of the deviant, of the fantastic and inane, her story takes place. The boy, she must find him. “back…” her hollow eye sockets drip the stigmatic tears of innocence. The maiden licks her fingertips with the freshly coated crimson staining her entire face. Draped in black tatters, the girl in black creaked her joints forward. She falls to the ground; she rises again. Hours and hours she repeats her fatalist first steps. What takes weeks for children takes her hours. The crimson stains dried and reeks now as her natural fragrance.

Wallowing in the decaying flesh, she rises. Grinning from cheek to cheek, a macabre display of gluttonous impossible proportions smears across her face. Dabbing her slender finger into the hole of her victim, she smears her first kill’s essence across her face. She chaps her smooth, hollowed lips together. She examines herself in the dusty mirror. The figure of eternity stares back with a gaping, painful grin.

“I cannot live but I cannot die” she recalls her father repeatedly ranting. She was immortality; her entirety defied and disgraced the natural flow of death and rebirth. Replaceable, malleable, adaptable, she was all of these. It was for him. For some street rat; a boy hardly past his late teens, early twenties even. She could sense it all. And she remembered as well. What is was like to die, and writher in the abyss of nothing. A sea of zero, that was what she called it. He had brought her back from the precipice of uncertainty.

She presses her velvet gloved finger against her hollowed lips and whispers into the mirror “Find you. I will.” The socket less eyes would gleam in some despicable, rapturous contradiction. She was life, he was death. It was a match dying to be made. Her fingers scrap along the wooden wall. Screech, screech, creak her fingers reach a unhinged door. The black wind invites her to the new Dark Age.

She gleefully sets off into the setting sun. The shrieks and crunching of bones catches her attention. A bombed out, decrepit asylum. She looks, and sees the lunatics sleeping under the moonlight. Her teeth chatter “Kikikikikiki…The Lady in Black” her sultry, venomous tone threatens discreetly “Will find and kill you all.” She ricochets away from the ground as her satin strings dance along the night. Her pale figure cascades against her mother, the moon, and drapes the pickpocket.

His eyes flash as sweat perspirates from his hairy chest. Just a dream, another nightmare of a reality that never exists. The marionette, she…
End Part I
11/29/09 06:36
Asil KaruThat was really good. What happened to the marionette's "maker"? Did he die and so abandon her in the shop?11/29/09 21:19
AntiZeroEverything's got a reason. I deliberately left that part out for now.11/30/09 03:42
DavidJoshua ArtfulShe walked away from the Asylum of LA, almost clattering with each step... but the boy... 26 years old, or 56 with the time reading 30 years in advance, swore to himself he recognized her. She looked like an ex girlfriend, one who had left him for another man... but he assumed that was not of her own doing.
Sadly, she didn't see him as he perched on the rooftop of the Asylum, hearing every word she uttered. He was too deep in mirth to have been able to answer her if she spoke to him anyway... mirth that she was alive and well.
He saw her turn on her heels and trudge off into the distance.
Sad, but not dead, he dropped from the rooftop, bending his knees as he landed on the cold snowy pavement below, and observed her next steps, unsure as they were... silently promising to follow her and see what would become of her situation...
12/11/09 08:38
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