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She could feel them through the walls, through the doors and windows. She didn't see them with her eyes but with her tentacles. Not the large ones with the dicks that raped and tore, but the ones no one ever saw that licked and touched and caressed and ripped away their emotions and brought them back for her to dine on. They huddled in their base on the docks discussing plans and outlining strategy and discussing whatever it is the Vanguard discussed. It sickened her. They sickened her.

It was difficult for her ethertendrils to make out exactly who was inside, but she trusted the one she sought would be. Her eyes focused on the door, and in her mind's eye she could see the Vanguard clustered around their tables hatching their plans and there with them would be Logan the betrayer. Her fingers settled on the gift he had given her, a single bullet pulled from her chest. Her black tar blood still clung to it. She squinted and she could almost see Logan's face and blonde hair, and hovering around him, all the other Logan's she had known over the years flitted around him like ghosts.

Aesendria noticed the doorway was gone. In its place was a slanted rooftop covered in ceramic tiles. It was winter and the sky thundered above her showering down rain that caressed her naked flesh. The tiles were cold on her bare feet and made a humorous clinking sound as she raced along them. Down below, her target waited. Blonde haired, blue eyed, tall and lanky – he had Logan's face. Instead of the V of Vanguard, there was a red sash around her arm with the Nazi Swastika. “He's just like you Logan,” she said to herself as she clutched down on the roof. It was France, 193... she wasn't sure. And Logan had not yet been born. But that didn't change the fact that the pig down there was just like him. And he was just like that Nazi trash.

Two women were walking somewhere or other. Her ethertendrils touched them and tasted their sweet fear. It gnawed on them, twisted their guts around inside them and it got worse and worse as they walked towards Not-Logan and his men. They were filled with sins of the flesh, sins she had felt on a thousand men in a thousand god cursed corners of the misbegotten rockball she called home. Lust, power, violence... it was all so similar no matter how they tried to dress it up. The men approached. The women were pretty, even though Jewish. Even though it was forbidden. Not Logan watched while his men harassed them. Mild annoyance and a thirst for power raced through him as his fingers tightened on his gun.

Aesendria crawled over the rooftops closer and closer, within striking distance easily. “They say this time was different. That these men were more evil than they. But they're just men aren't they?” Sitting by her side was her Asura. He was sleek, sensual, hairless but for the long mane of ebony hair that hung down to his ankles. Like her, he was nude. His long beautiful cock hung down and laid against the tiles as he crouched beside her. The familiar touch of his serpentine tongue on her neck soothed her. “This is not how it happened, beautiful flower. You didn't even know Logan now. You know him in the future. Try to remember.”

Aes looked down at them. It didn't matter. All she knew was she hated them, the men who harrassed those women. Her hatred seethed inside her, as it did for the women themselves... those who claimed the easy mantle of victimhood. She coiled, ready to spring on the men but waited like a tigress stalking her prey.

One of the Nazi's grabbed the prettier of the two women, wrapped his arms around her and spun her around as he planted a lusty kiss on her lips. She squealed and squirmed and tried to get away. The girl beside her screamed. But all that was stopped when Logan... the Nazi Commander... fired a single shot. Logan was a good shot then too. It hit the jewess in the temple and blasted her brains out onto the sidewalk. The Nazi soldier dropped her and screamed out.. something or other. It didn't matter. Nazi Logan's gun was still smoking as he walked forward. He spoke with Logan's voice... she wondered if current Logan knew German too... and said, “No fraternizing with trash like her. You know the rules. Why did you make me kill her?”

He aimed his gun up at Aesendria on the rooftop. “You killed James. How can you expect me not to shoot you?” He fired his pistol and it hit her in the chest. She looked down at the wound and stared. Looking up she saw she was on the street between the Hospital and the Bookstore, near Coven territory. The wound was fresh in her chest and black ichor squirted out of it. Logan stood with pistol out. He had shot her. He had given her a gift of his hate and rage encapsulated in lead. She looked down on it and smiled, knowing what he had done. She touched the wound and looked up at him and smiled. “Thank you for the gift Logan.”

A blonde woman with no shirt on was talking to her. What was she saying. Something about being angry that she had murdered James. James the lecherous, James the whore... She glanced up to look the woman in the eyes but she was gone. Her father smiled down at her and squeezed her hand through her burka. “Gul Mina, you must be careful and stay close with me. The townsfolk of Parachinar are agitated... Please don't start any trouble.”

She turned her head to look at him through her good eye and was careful to stand to one side so that she could hold his hand with her good arm. She was fourteen years old, and old enough to be aware that the boys who should be looking at her with desire had only disgust or pity in their eyes. She shrank in her burka trying to make it hide her hunched back and malformed body from their gaze, but it could not. “Yes father...” she said weakly and walked through the crowd. Ahead of her she noticed an odd door with strange glass windows and metal framing. A weird V graffiti was stenciled along it and inside They sat and made their plans.


The door.

Aesendria looked up and her father was gone. She was nude and free from that burka and a gun was in her hands. With the bullets she had prepared. She took the gun within her flesh. It sank into her skin and deep into the dark bowels of her undead flesh ready to be retrieved later. She skipped up to the door and gave a light knock to alert those inside that someone was near. Never one to wait in peace, she turned the knob and opened the door. Perhaps in their haste with the meeting, the Vanguard had forgotten to lock it. It didn't matter. She peeked her head into their base.

Inside the group of them sat around a table discussing plans, plotting out threats to be eliminated, people to attack and murder in the name of peace or security or whatever justification the little band of hypocrites chose to use for their own ego salve. Her ethertendrils were still unseen by them... most of them. She let out a soft gasp as she found her targets, Logan and the breeding cow. Kay... whatever. She felt their touch, their bond, the love flowing between the two of them even while in the middle of the meeting. Such a pure unspoiled emotion, it made her heart hurt.

She clutched her chest and leaned back against a rock and listened. The old familiar stream gurgled and in the distance she could see her old home, her father's house up in the mountains. Down below her miles down, she could see Parachinar. How large it seemed to her before she had ever dreamed cities like Lost Angels existed. Turning her head she caught sight of little Gul Mina running towards the stream in her burka. Even as a child she hated the garment. She cast it off easily and carefree and danced joyously naked along the banks of her stream. She giggled and splashed in the water with her good arm and listened to the soft song of the forest birds.

Little Gul Mina laid on the side of the stream luxuriating in her freedom away from care or worry or prying eyes. She looked back at Aesendria and said her sweet childish voice, “This is the happiest moment we will ever have, isn't it?”

Aesendria had to nod. “Yes it is.”

The child rolled over onto her belly and propped her chin in her good hand, looking up at Aesendria with her good eye. “That's very sad isn't it?”

Again Aesendria nodded, but made no move to comfort her childhood self. What would be the point? Little Gul Mina puzzled this out a moment and asked, “Will we ever find someone to love us, other than Father? Someone to be ours?”

Aesendria shook her head. “Never.”

Little Gul Mina rolled over again and kicked and splashed her little feet in the stream. “I don't want this memory to end then. I'll stay here.”

Aesendria laughed at her memory self's naivety. “You can't. Its going to end any moment now.”

Perfectly on cue, the branches parted and a young girl, younger than Gul Mina, walked up to the stream to take a drink. She took one look at Gul Mina's broken, naked flesh and let out the most blood curdling scream Aesendria had ever heard. “A demon! Papa a demon imp dancing naked by the stream its going to get meee!” She ran back and into the arms of her father waiting a few paces further away.

Her Asura appeared beside her on the rock and touched her bottom. “Sweet rose, you had best pay attention to the here and now. Your life may just depend on it.”
She looked back at him, sick of his interruptions. “What on earth are you talking about?”

He pointed out in front of her into the room where the Vanguard sat. “Duck.”

His name was … Ziau? He was the lover of someone or other and he had a large sword. It swung and dug into Aesendria's flesh, causing more black tar ichor to spurt out onto the steps of the Vanguard base. She watched entranced as her black blood coated the blade. It danced in slow motion as Ziau circled around her, cutting into her flesh. He was so righteous, so fierce and angry, even as his weapon cut into her flesh she drank deep of his emotion. She had scarred his lover. A woman whose named escaped Aesendria at the moment. Her hands had been burned off with her acidcum. And now here Ziau was, getting righteous revenge. Without a word he hacked at her body like a sexual conquest.

Looking over, she saw her younger self, a few feet away still near the stream. She was back in her burka, safely hidden away from gentle eyes. The man stood by with his young daughter, glaring at Gul Mina. Her father stood behind her with a switch and Gul Mina was bent over a tree stump, bottom pointed back at them. “Why father Why! What did I do I just...”

“Shush girl please.” her father said. Tears streamed down his face as he whipped her. And he knew his whipping, not like pampered parents of the 21st century. Gul Mina's burka stained red as the switch ripped scars into the child's flesh. “Don't make this any harder than it already is. Its the only way.”

The man shook his head, “Its your fault she's like this Daryab.” He pointed to Aesendria. “Just look at what your daughter becomes!”

Daryab, that's Aesendria's father by the way, cupped his face in his hands and whimpered, “Its all my fault...”

The weakness from the flickering memory of her father was like a blow to her. She hit the ground in front of the Vanguard base. She laid still in a pool of black demon's ichor. She couldn't help but laugh at Ziau's useless display of ferocity. The more he hacked at her form, the more she laughed. Ziau stood over her with his blade, cutting her up long after she had stopped struggling. His rage burned bright and then was gone. He was done with her and without a word walked back into the room with the other Vanguard scum.

Laughing, Aesendria turned her head to look into the base. "Someone... ugh... has anger management issues." Inside she saw Kayna, Logan's woman, heading her way. This pleased her. This pleased her greatly. But for just a moment her eyes settled on someone else deeper in the little press of bodies, someone much more familiar to her. James Saito. The Betrayer, the Whore of Lost Angels. He sat in the back, his dark hair in his face covering his eyes, shrouding him in mysteries and sensuality.

“Jandol will put his dick into anything,” a bitter and angry male voice said in fluent Pashtun behind her. Aesendria turned her head to look back at him... at Logan again, standing there dressed absurdly like a Pashtun warrior from Parachinar. “You're right but his name is … “ she was holding her father's hand again. She was sixteen. The men stood behind her watching another man, James Not James. Dark, handsome radiant. He smiled at her. At her! No one but Father had ever smiled at her.

“Not so loud, Elam,” another man said, gesturing to Gul Mina. “The ugly witch will think Jandol wants to marry her!” The men laughed and sneered and even the women walking through the busy market clucked like hens.

Gul Mina huddled closer to her father. “I don't like this wicked place,” she said to her father. “I want to go home.”

Father held her tight. “Just keep silent and stay with me, daughter. Our business will be done soon.”

Gul Mina whispered to him, “Father how does Allah allow such a place to exist? They break so many laws of the holy Quran here --”

Logan-Elam suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Gul Mina's arm. “What's that you said hag?” He growled angrily at her. “You dare question our piety when Allah, peace be upon him, has warped your body to show the evil in your heart!” He raised his hand to slap Gul Mina across the face.

James strode forward to play hero like he always did. He... Jandol... whichever... grabbed the man's arm before he could strike. “Allah willing, I hope we can all find the mercy... and humility of Mohammed, even if we are tempted from the path,” he said to the man. He smiled back at Gul Mina again and her father. “I'm sure no harm was meant. She's a simple mountain girl. Let it go, Logan.” James motioned to a path out of the marketplace, indicating Father and her should get while the getting was good.

Gul Mina turned to look up at her father eager to leave, but he was gone. He was sick in bed, and she had come to town to find medicine. No man would go with her so she went alone.

She was eighteen.

Logan-Elam, that same man was behind her and shoving her. She fell headfirst into a ditch outside of town. Rocks dug into her body. Her forehead bled, her leg was hurt, her ankle twisted. Her body cried out in pain, but she rose up to say, “Please! My father is very sick! I need Medicine!”

Logan wouldn't listen. He had already slid down into the ditch with her and three or four other men were behind him, including James... Jandol. The men were the town's protectors. They protected it from threats like herself. Were those little V's she saw on their arms? She couldn't make it out. The men were chuckling between themselves. Logan punched her in the face, in the stomach. She gasped and fell to the ground, landing poorly on her back. More rocks dug into her, and pain shot up her side where she landed. “Please...” she said weakly.

Logan and one of the other men ripped her burka away, baring her naked body. “Merciful Allah, she's ugly.” Logan-Elam said. One of the men behind him intoned, “There's no way even with the grace of Mohammed can I rise for such filth as this.”

James stepped forward and pushed Logan back. “Me first.”

Not Logan shook his head. “You will truly put your dick in anything, Jandol. I don't know how you do it.”

Jandol-James knelt down next to Gul Mina and licked over her misshapen cheek and her swollen shut and useless eye. “I like the unusual ones...” he said with a grin. The sky turned red and it rained blood and fire around them. It didn't really but Aesendria always liked to remember it this way. Jandol raped her in the way men usually raped women. It was nothing particularly spectacular or imaginative. The worst part was the rocks digging into Gul Mina's back. Gul Mina looked over and perched on the rocks was her Asura. He reclined on it lazily with his long serpentine tongue extended to wrap around his mammoth cock. He tongue stroked himself off as he watched the memory pantomime play out.

“Aesendria... your chance slips away... catch her while you can.”

“Right... The breeding cow.” She looked up and sure enough Kayna was sitting right in front of her looking down at her. Kayna looked confused. The sight of naked flesh and black blood seemed to disturb her delicate sensibilities. Aesendria could see that familiar look of disgust and pity wash over the girl's eyes. It made her hiss with rage, but she knew she had to be patient and make sure this was the one.

“Wait Kay!” Logan said from behind her, back in the room. He turned and followed his woman outside, apparently not loud enough to be heard by her. His concern for the woman flashed through him and fed Aesendria. Even with the damage done to her body, the searing emotions of those around her were feeding her well. She felt stronger than ever, despite the wounds done to her flesh shell. This had to be the right woman.

Aesendria looked up at the lovely pair of Logan and Kayna, her rage and hate bubbling up within her, but she just smiled and let out a playful laugh. "Mmm Logan, I meant to talk to you... but I'm glad I could have that little chat with Ziau first. And mm is this your lovely wife?"

The girl wrinkled her nose in disgust and a twinge of fear and miscomfort. She started to turn and walk back inside. Logan tilted his head and lifted an eyebrow as he looked down at her. A wall went up inside him as he steeled himself to do whatever it took to protect his woman. Little did he know that fed Aesendria, building her up ever more, even with her wounds.

“Yes it is. I'm sure you're here for her, too, so I'll be taking her inside now...” he said in his stone cold voice where he tried to pretend he wasn't feeling anything, that he was calm and chill and all those things the military taught him to be. But she was devouring that lie, feasting upon it and growing stronger.

Kayna took a moment to look back down at Aesendria with a certain sadness in her eyes. It made her hesitate a moment.

“I don't want to do this...” the boy said. He shook his head and stood crouched down at the edge of the ditch while Logan raped Gul Mina. Logan groaned as he rutted her like a pig, ramming his dick in and out … of her asshole for those that cared. Gul Mina was past caring at this point, having been raped repeatedly for hours on end. The pain was a dull throbbing and she simply laid still and waited for the suffering to end.

“Its not right,” the boy said. Did he look like Dazza? Did he have neko ears and a tail? Nekos were much more rare back then as Aesendria recalled, so it was not likely. Still there Dazza sat on the rocks, his tail swishing behind him nervously. “This isn't right... Allah forgive us for what we are doing...”

Logan picked up a rock and shoved it back at him. “Be a man,” he said, “You're such a whiner. You're never going to be a warrior with that attitude.” He pulled away from Gul Mina, pausing for a moment to spit in her face. One of the other men walked up when Logan vacated. That man started to piss in Gul Mina's face. All the men chuckled, all except for the boy, for Not Dazza.

Logan-Elam pushed Not Dazza towards Gul Mina. “Get in there and do it like a man. You are a man aren't you and not a sodomite?” Logan Not slapped Dazza's behind and the boy jumped.

“NO! I'm not!” He cowered a little but eventually pulled his pants down and crawled on top of Gul Mina. He shivered as he moved against her. The boy however, didn't push his little cock inside her. He play acted for the men, humping her without entry. Tears streamed down his cheeks and landed on her urine soaked face. “I'm so sorry, so sorry. Allah forgive me, I am so sorry for this, please forgive me,” he whispered to her.

Gul Mina saw her Asura lay atop Dazza Not's back and peer down over his shoulder. “He's so beautiful and he doesn't mean to hurt you... are you going to show mercy?”

Aesendria looked up at Kayna, her hand shaking ever so slightly as the woman walked away. “Mercy?” she said to her Asura, who laid beside her on the ground in front of the Vanguard base. “I hate the word.” She looked back at Kayna, focused again on the here and now.

"Ahh I thought so Logan. I have a gift for her... and you." Suddenly the barrel of a pistol ripped out from her palm. "This is for the bullet you gave me as a present Logan!"

Before her, she saw the ruins of Parachinar. Buildings smoked, bodies lay twitching ripped into pieces, burned with acid cum. Voices cried out in anguish knowing death was coming. Her tentacles were out and she was covered in blood. She looked down and noticed her tendrils wrapped around Not Dazza's throat.

Not James and Not Logan were dead. Their bodies were in pieces dragged all through the ruins of Parachinar, a head here, an arm there... Dazza was still very much alive. He screamed and mewled like a little girl and kept shouting, “Please spare me! I didn't rape you! I showed mercy on you! Please in Mohammed's name be merciful to me!”

Aesendria raised the boy up in her tentacles and peered right into his eyes. “Let me see if I understand. You stood by and watched as I was gang raped for hours. You did nothing to help me get medicine for my father. Who DIED … partially because of you. You did nothing as the fine protectors of this village drug me from my home and tied me up and stoned me to DEATH. You did NOTHING!” She noticed that he was screaming in pain.. apparently she was squeezing the boy's neck a tad too hard.

Relenting for a moment, she ran a tentacle soothingly through his hair. “For this one momentary act you think you are a good and pious person? Weighed against the evil that you committed through your life? You think you have any claim to use Allah's name? How dare you! You vile monstrosity! You are so much worse than I will ever be!” She slammed him against the wall and extended her cock, pushing it up into him... it ripped through his anus and tore into his flesh. She continued to pound away at his corpse until she looked down hours later and noticed that there was only a bloody smear of flesh left, and a thick coating of acid cum covering the wall where he had been.

There was a loud series of bangs as she fired repeatedly at Kayna. Aesendria laughed and laughed and laughed as she pulled the trigger again and again. Kayna spaced out a bit... she seemed rather flighty a thing and tripped and fell right into Logan. That distraction prevented Logan from doing much about the bullets zipping towards his wife's delicate flesh. Before he could whip his gun from its holster, three or four rounds had already hit Kayna in the back.

Aesendria giggled with glee, having achieved everything she had wanted to. Bullets impacted her body. Kit Ristow, a familiar face, stood nearby and shot white hot energy into her. Mac, loyal masked guardsman, fired multiple rounds into her body. Her flesh was wrecked and near destroyed, but the hurricane of emotions were a feast to her ethertentacles that coiled around them, unseen, unfelt, untouched, and growing stronger and stronger. She let out a soft sigh, unnoticed in the barrage attack.

Logan forgot all about Aesendria for a moment as his concern became solely about his wife. He stopped firing and closed his other arm around her, turning her and himself to place his armored back between her and Aesendria. He lifted her relatively tiny form entirely and carried her inside. His wife had been shot. To him at that moment, nothing else in the world was of any consequence.

Aesendria's physical form was in tatters on the ground, but she laughed her eerie echoing laughter which rang down the docks. “Taste the kiss, Logan... Logan's Wife,” she said derisively.

Her Asura laid beside her, his tongue licking at her mutilated flesh even as Mac and Kit kept firing and beating her. “Was that meant to be clever? A hint as to the extra gift you gave them? Really... How obscure can you get, my beautiful flower?”

Aesendria chuckled and flicked her long tongue playfully at her asura which she knew was not really there when this happened. “It is a hint freely given. If they don't catch it, this cannot be blamed on me.”

Her conversation with her Asura was cut short when Mac, the one with the helmet, knelt down beside her. He drew his knife and quickly and efficiently slit her throat.

Aesendria didn't make any particular move to stop him, not that she could anyway. Very sarcastically she said, "Oh no don't slit my thro – arrrrghhhhh...."

“That gurgling is very unbecoming,” said her Asura. He stepped out onto an unfamiliar platform within the Black Library of Sumeru deep within the Asura Hellscape imagined by generations of Hindus. A huge tunnel of rock at least a mile in diameter and hundreds of miles from top to bottom stretched out before them.

Aesendria held out a vial of black liquid and followed him at a leisurely pace. “I have mastered Distilled Memory, dear Asura. I successfully ripped the memories away from a woman even as I tortured and killed her. I saved the experience for you here.” She plopped the little vial into his hands. “You are progressing quickly young Aesendria. Time for a new lesson.”

She looked down into the pit and saw hundreds of chains descending from miles above. As the walked down to the new platform, she saw the chains ended in barbed hooks, which were impaled into the backs of naked humans. The humans hung limply but were still alive, supported by an odd system of living tubes that wrapped miles down the chains and slowly pumped in just enough food water and air to keep them alive. Barely. The people's flesh was used as a living library. Spells and incantations were carved and tattooed right onto their skin.

Her Asura pulled on some of the controls and one of the library bodies swung over closer to them. “What are we to begin learning about today my master?”

He stepped around her, his long snake tongue tickling her naked flesh as he circled. “I'm going to teach you a powerful technique you can use to infect a human host with a demonic force that will slowly but surely consume their body. It is called Nirriti's kiss, of course named after the great goddess Nirriti, the Lady of Chaos.”

Aesendria curled up on some cushions provided and started to read over the inscriptions carved into the man's back. “Goddess of misery and misfortune... I like her already.” She kept reading. “And what is this about Pisacha?”

Her Asura curled up next to her and began to very gently push his long serpentine cock into her anus as she read. Looking over her shoulder he says, “They are the spirits compelled to enter your target's body because of the curse. They're called the Flesh Eaters, lovely things. They will slowly possess and transform your victim into a demon... the exact nature varies with each host's inner nature. The best part is, its contagious and will spread to anyone who has too much contact with the host.”

Aesendria rocked her hips back against her Asura, taking him inside her. “This seems like a lot of trouble to go to, Master. Why not just kill them? Why go to the trouble of making them slowly change.”

Her Asura just smiled and kissed her forehead. “My dear, sometimes there's something more important than winning.”

Aesendria looked honestly blank and looked back up at him, breaking off their embrace. “Such as what?”

He smiled and leaned into give her a kiss. “Making them suffer.”

Back on the docks, Mac and Kit were hauling Aesendria's battered flesh away even as the energy she had gained from soaking in so much emotion began repairing the damage. She smiled, looking through the window to see Kayna with all the little Vanguardies huddling around her healing her. She could almost feel the Pisacha seeping out of the bullets she had prepared, and entering not just Kayna, but those of the Guard around her.

She smiled, catching her Asura's eyes. “Making them suffer,” she said to him in a sweet joyful voice.

“It is better.”
05/12/09 07:09
arsene_BraveheartWow... Most impressive and chilling story !
I love it.
05/12/09 09:41
KesThat was amazing, Hun. :D05/12/09 12:54
Kayna HuntThat gave me chills.

And also brought a tear to my eye, but I maintain that I have a cold. You captured Kayna pretty well, though :D
05/12/09 14:57
MissyWow.. this was great. I don't think I can write dark dark stuff like this. I loved every word though and the way you kept blending the time lines/characters, linking past memories to present moments was very skillful and done in such a natural organic way. I haven't yet run into your character on the streets and now I really really really hope I never do, for Missy's sake that is. Her longevity might not be that long if she did, though as the player behind the character any scene with you is bound to be epic, based on this example of superior writing. Keep posting more!05/12/09 16:41
KristinI'm at a loss for words. That was absolutely stunning and chilling. I was disappointed when it was over since I wanted to just keep reading. :P Great job!05/13/09 01:46
Kayna HuntIt's just a shame I was SHOT :P05/13/09 12:36
LoganYeah btw we're going to be contagious. Basically you can either

A) Be immune.
B) Be a carrier who feels no effects.
C) Turn into a wtfdemon and rape faces.

In Logan's case, you'll catch it from bodily fluids. So blood, spit, etc. Basically if you take a sword to him, you're exposed.

Which means the entire coven needs that notecard as soon as I log back in...
05/13/09 14:08
Kayna HuntBwhahaha.05/13/09 14:20
AesendriaGlad to see so much interest in the story! Thanks for the kind words! And nice to see the plague RP isn't quite dead yet!05/13/09 17:17
Kayna HuntWell, the baby was waiting for some kick ass RP before coming out :D If I had known that, we'd have done something like this a week earlier and saved that last extra week.

Aes, I think I love you.
05/13/09 23:05
Kit Ristow((I wrote kind of a response of Kit's aftermath, even though her part in this saga is incidental))

The wind howls like a far-off wolf, and the field around her is scorched and still smoldering. Empty. It shouldn’t be empty, but it is here, and Kit doesn’t question it. She awakens on the edge, crouched and hidden in a bush that had been spared t he worst of the fury. That bush had been as tall as she was before, when she hid behind it, but now it only comes to the bottom of her chest. . .

For a moment, the veil lifts, and she remembers curling up under blankets, shivering and bone-dry with fever. She can feel Raven nearby, worried; the setting starts to fade to white, the afternoon sunlight shines through her eyelids. . .

. . .and it’s gone, the world snapping back to opacity around her. The field is burnt and smoking and dark. She remembers it, though what she remembered didn’t change halfway through, didn’t change to dust-covered plain baked in blinding sunlight. Hesitantly, she steps away from the bush, crosses blackened earth that crunches under her bare feet as she approaches the line dividing night from day.

On the other side of the light, a man stands, naked and beautiful, bathed in sunlight. His skin is the dusky brown of raw umber, and his hair falls wavy and black, nearly to his shoulders. As he sees her, he smiles, easy and wide; to see the expression is to weep with joy, to glow with pride. She finds herself returning it without thinking.

“Kit.” His voice is the sound of water rushing over rocks, of wind rushing through a canyon. Of birdsong. Of laughter. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

The scorched land behind her groans and creaks in protest. She looks behind her, takes it all in. Shivers, remembering.

“Why don’t you come with me?”

He’s easily seven feet tall, and she must look up to meet his eyes—they’re the blue from the beginning of twilight, nearly as dark as the space between stars. A breeze stirs on the daylight side and passes over him, to her. It smells of sandalwood, though as she breathes the scent, another word for it enters her mind, as though it were whispered in her ear by a lover—[i]ćandan.[/i]

With a smile, he extends his hand, fingers dancing just on the edge of the other side, smooth and brown in the light. She feels her hand begin to raise, her arm to reach. . .

“No.” The voice stops her, though she also feels something pass through her hand, hold it back. It’s the feel of a familiar hand, and though it’s fleeting, it’s enough to give her pause. “You’ll stay with me.” A pause as long as eternities, as short as moments. “Lhiannon.”

Behind her is a man with blonde hair and green eyes; his face is cold, arrogant. He meets her gaze, and, compared to the tall man, he cuts a small and sinister figure, clothing fading into the charred landscape.

And she has never been so glad to hear his voice.

As she faces him, her black hair fades to red, her blue eyes to green, hell-cherry embers burning around the pupil. He reaches for her face with one hand and strokes her cheek with a touch like feathers; she turns her head, whispers into his palm.

“[i]M’aoire. . .[/i]”

“Kit.” The man’s voice is clear and true, rich baritone bordering on bass—a voice of command, of compassion. “You don’t have to stay with him. You’re free to do as you like.”

Her expression falters, and her brow furrows. She looks at Avris, pulls back slightly.

“He’s not real, [i]leanan[/i].” His form flickers, disappears for a moment. “[i]Lhiannan shee[/i]. Stay with me.”

“I’m real. He’s enslaved you, Kit.” The voice makes her turn, makes her meet his eyes; they’re dark and drowning as deep pools. “He’s stripped you of your ability to feel.”

“He doesn’t belong here.” This from Avris. He reaches for her wrist, grabs it tightly. “And neither do you.”

The man’s voice, curling in her ear, as though he was standing next to her, beside her. As though he was inside her.

[i]You’re free. [/i]

With a start, she tries to pull away from Avris, and though his grip remains firm, she manages a couple of steps backward. Her free arm flies behind her, into the sunlight, and the man reaches out to touch her shoulder. His hand is dry as dust, as hot as iron.


The world inside her head—in front of her eyes—bursts into the blazing sun. The air is a desert oven, seems to bake against her skin, and small stones prick the bottoms of her bare feet. Her skin is entirely bare; she stands naked and proud, back straight as she surveys the land.

In the distance, she sees something huddled on the ground, covered in fabric. She starts towards it, and the steps pass in a blur. As she approaches, she sees that the figure is a woman, clad head to toe, though she cannot see any bit of its skin.

And there are men there. And they are horrible.

She feels fabric against her skin and she sees it around the woman. And when the first stone is thrown, when she feels it arc through the air, she feels it bite into her flesh. Into the woman’s flesh.

The blood soaks through the woman’s robes, and pools on the sidhe’s flesh as the men’s cries echo from far away and deafen her at range.

“[i]Churail! Churail![/i]”


It is terrifying, and it is happening to the woman in front of her eyes. She feels it as though it is herself.

[i]You feel compassion.[/i]

A stone finds the woman’s jaw, cracks it into a wave of pain. The sidhe’s eyes fill with tears, and her shoulders shake. She weeps.

Another stone, a larger one. It hits the top of the figure, square in the temple. The sidhe still can’t see her face, but sees the wave of blood cascade across her own eyes, painting her vision in deep red. It tears her heart in two, and the pain of it brings her to her knees.

[i]You feel for her.[/i]

She cannot speak, can only look up helplessly. The figure has gone still. Sobs wrack the sidhe’s
body, and she manages a broken nod.

[i]You[b] feel[/b].[/i]

Breaths come ragged and labored, and she gasps out the response. “Yes. Yes!”

[i]Feel more, Kit. Let yourself feel more.[/i]

Warmth fills her body, from her belly, spilling out across her flesh, across her skin. It burns within her, a fiery rage, a white-hot guilt.

[i]Let her have this revenge.[/i]

The sobbing dies slowly. She wipes the tears from her face; the skin on the back of her hand has turned shiny, shimmers—it feels like smooth, iridescent leather. The muscles of her hand, of her forearm are more defined. She feels powerful. Beautiful.

[i]She deserves this. Your service. Don’t fight it, and you will be perfected.[/i]

She stands on the plain, slim and powerful. Her tongue flicks between her lips, black and forked, tastes the air. Her back arches as a pair of tentacles rip themselves from either side of her back; they’re thick and muscled and not at all slimy, like arms without a hand, jointed and firm. She feels her body shift—her hips growing wider, feels her chest expand, her lips, feels something swelling between her legs, and—

“[i]Lhiannan shee[/i]!” A shouting voice; it rips through her thoughts. The sun around her begins to fade, and she feels the phantom hand in hers again, gripping her fingers, even as she becomes aware of a real hand around her wrist. Her head whips around, and she finds herself staring into Avris’s eyes. She hisses.

“You don’t [i]care[/i], Lhiannon.” His voice is calm and cold, though for a moment, something flashes through his eyes; they go dark and sad before they flicker back to green. “Whatever happened to it doesn’t matter. She’s mortal. You’re [i]mo chailín chroí[/i], my ice.” He gives her a tight smile. “You’re better than that.”

[i]You deserve this. You did this to her—you and your men. [/i]

“You’re better than them.”

[i]Embrace that.[/i]

“You know what she is.”

[i]Embrace that and you will be free.[/i]

“Lhiannon. . .” He looks in her eyes, regret briefly crossing his face “. . .you will never be free.”

She closes her eyes as her skin turns soft under his, to flesh instead of hide, as the tentacles vanish and she returns to herself.

[i]You owe her this, Kit.[/i]

The voice claws down her back now, discordant and hollow. Lhiannon steps away from it, back into the dark field, into the night, back into Avris, shaking slightly, curling against him. He releases her wrist, puts an arm around her as she presses against his chest, and gives the daylight a familiar, cock-sure smile.

“I think we’re done here.”

A nod of his head, and energy rushes through her, into the slice of day, which sputters and flickers and dies like a candle quenched. The whole of the field is there now. The phantom hand squeezes hers, and the beat of a heart sounds through Avris’s chest.

“There we go, [i]leanan[/i].” The smile remains. “Time for yeh t’sleep now, aye?”

And everything goes dark. When she opens her eyes again, she’s at home, in bed. Raven’s hand is entwined with hers, squeezing. It reminds her of something, but when she tries to think of it, to remember it, it’s gone.

“Morning, [i]graih[/i].” He kisses the side of her head. “Your fever broke.”

Kit tries to sit up, but finds her legs tangled in sheets, tries to kick them free. Her efforts prove futile, so she settles back, squeezes Raven’s hand, and meets his eyes. “I must’ve kept you up.”

A quiet laugh, a familiar smile that makes her heart sing. “A little.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

She curls back under covers, rests her head against his chest, and echoes him as she drifts back to sleep.

“It’s okay.”
05/15/09 04:08
Missy*shivers trail up and down Missy's spine*

That was wonderful Kit. You have such a way about you. It's hard to tell you what I feel.. what I see when you write.. Your metaphors are so powerful and evocative.

"... she must look up to meet his eyes—they’re the blue from the beginning of twilight, nearly as dark as the space between stars..."

This is my favorite. I can see these eyes vividly, along with everything else you have described.
05/15/09 04:26
AesendriaReally beautiful addition Kit! Thank you for sharing it. I love your spin on things and look forward to reading more! (soon?)05/15/09 04:38
FelWonderful job, both of you. Gave me the shivers reading both those entries. =D05/16/09 00:35
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