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erinnicThis is a thread designed for anyone interested to contribute to the story being created. So that this can be enjoyable, there are a few rules to be followed:

1. Same rule applies as in CoLA. Don't be an ass. You are offered a unique opportunity in that you have partial control over characters created by other people, don't abuse that. In other words, while we want the story to evolve organically, saying something like "A nuclear missile hits Dallas, destroying everything" or killing off a main character without a proper build up would be kind of rude, as would god modding something like bringing in an all powerful character. We're all experienced role player, don't be an asshole, do unto others, blah blah blah.

2. All posts are to be 300 words or less. Once you reach 300 words you must stop -at- that word, not another word beyond. Microsoft Word and most word processing software have a word count tool. If you are posting where you do not have access to a word count tool, go here: [url][/url].

3. You must post to claim that you want to pick up the story next. Post something like "next. claimed. i'll go up" anything simple and to the point. Once you have requested, you have an hours time to get your post up. If you go beyond that time and have not posted, someone else is allowed to put up a claim. If no one else puts up a claim after an hour and you are still prepared to post, you still may.

4. If you are ending a scene please put up a line of ****************************** to indicate such. If your scene ends in between your 300 words, you are of course allowed to begin the next scene.

5. Any questions or comments OOC are NOT allowed in this thread. Take it back to the 'Joint Round Robin Fic Anyone?' thread here: [url][/url]. If you have any questions that you think may not be appropriate to be discussed openly, feel free to drop me a PM (altho they don't always work so well so be warned) or drop me an IM in world ((Erinnic Hitendra)) as I'm usually online nightly.

6. While this is the CoLA universe, this is NOT Lost Angels. All RP here is separate from in world RPing.

[b]Backstory: [/b]

Dallas, Texas was a battleground easily won when the Demons and Angels came to Earth as a powerful demoness named Lilitu brought her army of Shedim to wipe out any Angels opposing her. Lilitu used the guise of a Holy oasis to lure in the surviving humans of Faith scattered across the United States only to entrap them all to be used as playthings for her horde. The city has remained this way, really only possessing Human and Demon within, for over a decade now. A handful of humans broke free and gained some magicks so that they have a safe haven for their resistance within the Renaissance Hotel in the West Village neighborhood. They are led by a burnt out sage named Ozzy and the tactical heart of their resistance-Kiel and Paddy Healy. Everything in Dallas is about to change dynamics with the return of races who had seemingly up until now given up on this city of Hell...
01/09/09 23:25
erinnic((i went waaaay over the word count on this one, but just because it is an introductory post. so yay me on breaking my own rules))

“Why the -fuck- did I come to Dallas?”

Kiel’s hunter green eyes met the strangers while he uttered a contemptuous snort under his breathe, large hands twisting expertly to reload the Remington 870P shotgun he had carried ever since they surviving humans first looted the police station in Turtle Creek years earlier. Truth be told, he couldn’t have given a single good reason anyone would come to this city, it’s lore must have passed elsewhere by now through the few and far between souls that managed to escape it.

Dallas was a nightmarish spectre of the city that once stood in its place before Wormwood, and not just because of the massive damage done by the falling fragments. No, the city took on a sinister purpose shortly after the demons began their treading on Earth. An elder demoness calling herself Lilitu quietly took shop in the city along with her hordes of Shedim, but kept them at bay initially while she hatched her plan to draw in the few live human bodies scattered across the United States. She called upon two sisters, Laura and Jenna. Using their famous name to call to the faithful amongst humans--making false claims that Dallas would be a Holy oasis, humans flocked with renewed hopes. They all quickly learned that Lilitu was simply amassing her own slave pool for her demonic legion’s pleasures, and the city in its near entire became the Shedim’s twisted pit of a playground.

Things hadn’t exactly looked up since.

Kiel leaned in closer to the guy, his voice coming out in a low hiss as he switched in command mode. “The Shedim are deaf and dumb. Their ears don't hear like ours and she-“ He didn’t use her name, hated the sound of it on his lips. “-Blinded them so they couldn’t gaze upon her. Their vision has adapted to work something like sonar, but fortunately it only works in close range--they have to be at least 3 yards from you. Which means shut the fuck up and try not to move if they get too close. I’m going to draw the attention of the ones on the right flank while you try to move back to the Hotel against the left wall. Once you make it to the Hotel, Paddy will be waiting for you.”

“And if Paddy isn’t there?”

“He’ll be there.” Kiel had become the leader of their ragtag resistance for the most part, only second to Ozzy and mostly then just because Ozzy was older and less rash--but it was his little brother that never let down their charges. Paddy was a small guy, all bones and bright carrot hair shaved close to his scalp so when he stood behind a light the fuzzy hairs made his head look like it was on fire--but he had a heart that the elder of the Healy brothers lacked and it made him useful in ways Kiel knew he could have never been. Paddy would be there, prepared as always to take in new lost souls and keep them safe in the haven he had created within the Renaissance Hotel.

A Blue Norther was making the air whistle around them, causing an unnatural chill to the air but giving some much needed advantage with its distraction. Kiel held his gun tightly against his chest as he did another mental count of the Shedim--four of them total all standing in a group with unseeing eyes searching desperately in every direction. The creatures were tall, the smallest usually about seven feet tall, and looked almost human in shape save for their hoofed feet and the serpentine black skin that made them almost not visible save for the pearlescent sheen their oily bodies gave them. Kiel looked back at the stranger one last time as he made the go ahead signal, hating that he knew the frightened look in the other man’s eyes almost definitely meant he was about to die.

His mouth formed the word “Go” before they both sprung to action, neither feeling very comfortable about the mile of open ground they had to carry before reaching safety.
01/09/09 23:26
Erica KesselKiel watched the stranger start to sidle along the wall, the stranger's eyes wide and locked onto the Shedim, while Kiel himself moved the other direction. He strided swiftly on a vector that took him closer to the demons, and as he approached within about 30 yards swung the barrel of his shotgun up and fired, not bothering to aim very accurately. The slugs scattered in a cloud; a few of them finding their targets and sending spurts of blood into the air as they dug into the tough skin. Kiel watched his distraction fail miserably as the demons reacted by moving out in all different directions, one heading almost straight towards the stranger.

[i]Are these things getting stupider?[/i] Kiel thought as he assessed the situation. The stranger was now frozen in place, which might not be that bad an idea as long as stayed quiet. Kiel took a few steps towards the Shedim heading for the stranger when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and noticed one of them was closing in on him. [i]That's a fast one.[/i] He reached into a sack on his belt and pulled out a small green gem, immediately flicking it at the ground, aiming between the demon's legs. The gem hit the dusty ground with a soft thud, following by a shuffling noise as vines started snaking out and wrapping around the Shedim's legs. Kiel quickly made his way closer to other demon, which was getting dangerously close to the stranger at this point.

((So I managed to resist introducing the now undead 2007 Dallas Cowboys into the story for this post, but I can't guarantee I'll have the willpower for the later ones))
01/10/09 19:52
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