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Kayteear((Grammar and style corrections will be more than appreciated)).

[size=14][b]Who owns who?[/b][/size]
A little preamble:

[i]Instructions to wind a watch
(by Julio Cortázar)

Preamble to the instructions to wind a watch

Think about this: when you are gifted a watch [...] they give you a new fragile and precarious piece of yourself, something that's yours but not your body, that must be tied to your body with its belt as a tiny, desperately hanging onto your wrist. They give you the need to wind it every day, [...] they give you the fear of losing it, of getting it stolen, of it falling to the ground and getting broken. [...] They are giving you the tendency to compare your watch with other watches. They aren’t giving you a watch, you are the gift [...].[/i]

((I found this fitted well with the story that follows. You can read the original version in Spanish at th end of the story, and the whole “Instructions to wind a watch” [url=]here[/url])).

Try to imagine. Just try. You will find you are not able to do it if not in a lame way. One day you wake up finding yourself in a place you don’t know at all. It takes you some seconds, even some minutes to put everything in the correct order to be able to realize that the people around you actually are your family. It’s not only the fact you have lost memory for a while –hours, days, maybe weeks?–. You also find that your memories are… stored. That’s the word. They are stored in your mind, indexed, tabulated. Not all, actually. But many of them, and there you find some are not even yours. You don’t know why, but it’s like some of those data were put in there, written in your mind as if it was a fucking hard drive. And then you no longer can make out a distinction between what once belonged to you and what now you’ve been given, loaded.

So that’s what actually happened to Kay one evening when she woke up in the new Tribe base. In the middle of a nightmare, choking as if life was being taken from her, she awoke with a muffled cry. Getting to a sitting positon her eyes frantically scanned the place, her head moving from one side to another trying to recognize something untill she was startled by a hand that was softly leant on her shoulder, almost making her jump from the couch she was sitting on. She rapidly stared backwards. Her fear could be noticed in her small dark brown eyes and it took her almost two seconds to realize that hand belonged to her friend Nadir, the sometimes sweet sometimes raging hourglass shaped werecat. Yeah, I know. Two seconds does not seem to be too much, but they last an eternity when you are scared. I swear. And Kay too. She felt it like an eternity as her mind made the required matchings, her mind being connected with tonnes and tonnes of new data that flooded her mind until she was able to retrieve the information she was looking for in her mind, the information telling her the image she was seeing actually was Nadir’s. It also took her a little since she was able to recall everything before she lost memory. She got the shock of her life when she realized her left arm wasn’t there. She had even forgotten that fact, and it wasn’t untill some minutes later when Nadir and the data in her mind helped her to remember the facts that caused her to loose that limb. The data in her mind… The data in her mind… Arranged, tabulated, hierarchized.


Do you remember what happened some months ago? Don’t worry if you don’t. I’m feeling generous and I’ll tell you about it for free.

Kay always knew she won’t live too long. Call it ego, or self-preservation instinc. The fact was she wasted a considerable amount of money in ordering a cYBER eVOLUTION made clone. Natural neo-waste tissues wrapping a Megatech carbon-titanium skeleton and a Sarmann Shell cyberbrain. She put her little savings on it. Some robberies in shops and some businesses of dubious honesty did the rest.

It’s not easy to tell why. What did get across Kay’s mind to make her take that decission about ordering a clone of herself? As I said, call it ego, or the hope to live a little longer. But something went wrong… or too fine if you want. It depends of the point of view. The fact is the clone had more self control than expected. It wasn’t supossed to be that way, but the clone’s will was greater than Kay pretended in the beginning when she ordered the clone. Hence, when Nikkay –the name the clone was given when its cyberbrain was initialized– realized about “The Original Being’s” intentions to shut her down, she managed to escape. Kay tried to find her but she finally had to surrender and accept the fact Nikkay had followed her own path. Much for her regret… and her pocket’s. How naïve…

So yes, Nikkay started her own life in the shadows as in independent being and started taking her own decissions, feeling a strong will to survive but also being aware about the possibility of dying. Well, Perhaps "death" is not the proper term to refer to the fact that an artificial being ceases to exist, but still that’s the way Nikkay felt it, and being a clone of Kay and having the same memories stored in her mind, she also felt the need to have a safeguard system, something allowing her to make sure that everything she had lived lived does not fall on deaf ears and isn’t lost like tears in the rain. This awoke in her mind the sick idea of synchronizing herself with The Original Being, a difficult task since there was no interface to connect both brains, so Nikkay had to resort to furtive arts inherited from Kay to gather the money to hire a gang to reduce Kay and to perform some cyber-neuro-surgery on her brain in order to embody Sarmann Shell interface connecting device in Kay’s head, right behind her right ear, just in the same possition that Nikkay has hers. And she succeded.
That was several months ago. Kay woke up on a pile of garbage somewhere beyond Damnation feeling a weird sensation she was not able to describe, her fingers behind her ear noticing the outrage of which she had been the victim. Anyway, no sychronizing could be performed at that time, so only some residual data harrashed Kay from time to time… untill the recent moment when Nikkay finally managed to do a full synchronizing with Kay’s mind.


The new Tribe base was there, impassibly standing before her. A mass of concrete and glass, a bunker featuring the design of the late 60’s of the 20th century. Her research had led her to that place. Nikkay got closer to the main door. She doubted for a moment if the system would grant access to her.
‘Stupid!’ she chuckled. Of course it would! Her genetics easily hacked the system, wich openly announced the arrival of Kay Nakajima to the base, greeting her as if she was an old acquitance. The place was quiet. No one was there, no one except one body that rested on a couch in the far right corner of the hall. It fidgeted on the couch. Even if asleep, it was easy to tell that person wasn’t having pleasant dreams. She got closer in the dark only to find that one actually was who Nikkay had been looking for: The Original Being, Kay, her personal walking datastore repository. A sick smile showed up in her face as she watched Kay wince and writhe on the sofa. She was so close now.
Nikkay decided it was better to rush up. The synchonizing would take some minutes so there was no time to lose. She took an interface wire from her pocket and connected one end to the connector behind her own ear. Then she prepared the system for the synchronizing process untill the “Awaiting for Synchronize with external device procedure” showed up in the viewers of her corneas. That was the difficult part. Trying to plug something on something else that does not stop to fidget when its dark is like trying to thread a needle being blind. She had to do her best to soothe the movements of Kay’s head with one hand while the other tried to insert the plug in its bay. After several tries she finally managed and started the synchronizing process, feeling how data flowed from her to Kay and from Kay to her, loads and loads of new information regarding recent facts that were unknown to her being stored in her solid state memory devices. Kay, on her side, was also experiencing the effects of the data invasion in her mind, her fidgeting being more soft now, but the winces on her asleep face being more evident and clearly unpleasant.

Two minutes later the process was finished and Nikkay rushed up to get out of there as fas as she could. She unplugged both ends of the wire and put it back to her pocket, running towards the exit which obviously let her out with no problems, leaving Kay there wrapped in her own nightmares. She exited the building and suddently stopped as she heard some paces getting closer from the corner at her right. She did not wait to know who was coming. She just fucked off from there, dissapeared in the shadows of the night before anyone could notice her.

And now, right now she does what she uses to do: lives her pixeled life waiting for the right time to resynchronize her mind. [i]Who owns who?[/i]

Instrucciones para dar cuerda al reloj
(por Julio Cortázar)

Preámbulo a las instrucciones para dar cuerda al reloj

Piensa en esto: cuando te regalan un reloj [...] te regalan un nuevo pedazo frágil y precario de ti mismo, algo que es tuyo pero no es tu cuerpo, que hay que atar a tu cuerpo con su correa como un bracito desesperado colgándose de tu muñeca. Te regalan la necesidad de darle cuerda todos los días, [...] Te regalan el miedo de perderlo, de que te lo roben, de que se te caiga al suelo y se rompa. Te regalan [...] la tendencia de comparar tu reloj con los demás relojes. No te regalan un reloj, tú eres el regalado [...].[/i][/size]
03/22/10 22:03
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