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Halcyon Nacht=^^= HOME =^^=

Born to a working-class family in the bustling, smoggy city of London in the late 1700's, Halcyon, "Hally," grew up a on a meager lycan compound on the outskirts of the growing metropolis. Her mother, father, and three older brothers lived a fairly quiet existence in the small pack enclosure.

Hally spent her days fighting and playing with her brothers and the other pups in the area. All of the members of the pack were a close-knit family; the men of the group taking turns standing guard along the boundaries of the city as the sunlit sky gave way to the darkness.

The high wooden walls of the compound were littered with clusters of brightly lit lanterns propped on the tall, splintered beams, and an abundance of fireflies surrounding them. Hally remembers, in great detail, spending late nights with friends, chasing each other around the perimeters of the aviary, just enjoying being a child. Some nights, her and her brothers would sneak off into the city, stealing from the local vendors, peeking through the windows of the brothels, hassling the French prostitutes, and drinking from the half empty beer bottles still sitting in the hands of the wealthy business men who hadn't a clue how to handle their liquors and passed out in various parts of the city.

As she grew older, however, Hally began to understand the political chaos that swarmed around her familiar home and threatened the future of the established orders. A large band of feral lycans began attacking nearby colonies and cities, viciously killing all who stood in their way of destruction and dominance. Though it was understood that each small city was its own democracy, being run only by a series of elders upholding the common laws, the ferals were working for a dictatorship, spreading violence to all those who wouldn't adhere to the rules of the new leader.

Hally was still fairly young by the time the ferals had reached her compound. They raided one night and slaughtered most of the males in a matter of hours using heavy artillery that had yet to make the main market in London. The females and pups gathered together in the town church and prayed for salvation and protection for their loved ones fighting the great battle. Her three brothers stayed with her and her mother until the third night. So many male lycans had been killed, more of them were being recruited to fight against the ferals at younger ages.

Her brothers left for battle early one morning, leaving Hally and her mother behind, crouched down below the pews as they cringed at the sounds of gunfire, their nostrils filled with the distinct lingering scent of gunpowder and smoldering ash. Only one of her brothers, the youngest returned a few nights later to bring food and water to her mother, also giving word of the good news of victories and assured them all would be over soon. Though their father had been missing for several days, he instructed them not to give up hope. Several male lycans were being held captive, but were unharmed; he might be one of them. As her brother left, Hally sighed deeply, clutching onto her mother, believing the worst was over.

The days were no less quiet than the nights, constant sounds of screaming and gunshots rung out through the town, replacing the once solemn chimes of the church bells. The females dared not wander out into the streets, fearing for their safety. Thus far, no intruders had tried to enter the sacred space, so their fears and tensions were being held at bay. Some fathers and sons would return to bring messages from the outside, but never stayed for long and never dared give more than vague, weak reassurance.

It was on the thirteenth night that the village was completely overrun by rivals. Every last male lycan was slaughtered or taken captive and the ferals had broken into the church and began taking the females and enslaving them. Hally and her mother were separated that night and would never see each other again.

Hally was dragged, kicking and screaming through the unrecognizable streets of her once so-beautiful compound and city. The wooden walls, that had for decades stood so regal and tall, were burned, leaving scattered ashes and scorched wood piles in their wake. Like a repeating nightmare, Hally could never shake the memory of looking back at the falling, burning walls of her home as she was carried out, over the shoulder of a large, powerful feral through the front gates of the colony.

=^^= Encampment and the K9 Series =^^=

From here, she was brought to a hostel in a feral town, miles from her home. She recognized no other female from her city, but identified the same terror and misery on each lycan's face. All of the females were raped, beaten, and tortured for information of where their male family members were hiding, or the locations of their hidden arsenals.

Several years prior to the active invasion, the new regime, along with its multitude of top-ranking scientific researchers, had been experimenting with the idea of mechanically enhancing lycans to become stronger, better, faster, more resilient fighters. High ranking officials had demanded their armed forces be hailed superior to all else, and their overarching need to insight a civil arms-race against neighboring rogue-packs lead them to seek answers in biomechanics and new technology.

Only weeks before Hally's town had been overrun by the ferals, researchers had developed a breakthrough with several mechanical enhancers. The male lycans whose lives were spared upon captivity became guinea pigs for the researchers' experiments. They were cut open, modified, pulled apart ... most of them, in the first several batches, didn't make it passed the surgical stages due to infection in the low-grade medical facilities.

After a few more weeks of trial-and-error experimentation, during which time Hally remained captive to the whims of the male camp guards, the researchers believed they had a sufficient product, able to withstand infection and considered "fully operative". They called this system of internal wiring, mashed-up computer hard-drives, and used arms-factory parts the, "K9 ALPHA" series.

Over 500 male captive lycans were put through a series of trial surgeries to develop the system and work out any glitches. Of course, being the first batch, there were many of them. Many lycans would freeze up, shut down, fall apart, or loose operational power only weeks after being placed out on the battle fronts. Researchers went back to their labs to sacrifice more canines for "the cause", making several upgrades to their operating systems in the process. Thus creating a second batch of more highly developed cyborg-hybrids, the "K9 BETA" series, commonly referred to as "K9B".

It became quickly apparent, however, that despite the new functioning system, there were fewer lycans to subject to it. The governing authority of the ferals came to the decision to begin using young, viable female lycans. Hally was among the first chosen to undergo her "necessary changes," as she was told. She was taken early one bright, sunny morning in November, stripped down, shaved completely, and put under heavy sedatives. Hally remembers staring up at large round disks of light as she was forcefully strapped down to a cold, metal table before the "doctors" began working on her young frame.

She woke up two days later, disoriented and in much physical pain. She was laying back in her cot on filthy, urine stained sheets among countless other bodies and had no recollection of how she had gotten there. She craned her neck just enough to see the patch-work scar running from her throat to her bellybutton. The "doctors" had replaced her heart and lungs with a not-so-sophisticated series of pumps and valves connected to one internal hard-drive. Her right lower leg was missing and replaced with a steel-enforced peg, bolted directly to her thighbone. Her leg had become a casualty of the botched surgery. Her right eye had been exchanged for a reinforced fiberglass orb, reflecting back to her the data with which her internal system was connected. Her spinal chord and several extremity bones had been reinforced with steel plating and were wired to her internal circuitry in order to communicate in both directions: receiving electrical energy to heighten her movements and sending signals of damage and system failures back to her hard-drive.

To counter the physical pain, the captives were fed an abundance of unmarked pain killers and street-grade narcotics while they healed. Hally's body, so young and feeble, became instantly addicted to the substances and began relying on them in daily doses to keep her running "properly". Hally, along with 50 other enhanced females, waited in the camps to be taken to battle. They were shown by the researchers, how to use their parts and work with their new components to reach full capability. For 19 hours of each of the 24, Hally was put through strength-training and forced to push her new body to the limits, even while it was healing or going through fits of withdrawal from her drug abuse.

For what seemed like years, but in actuality 7 months, Hally closed her eyes and begged that before she opened them, she would wake from her horrible dream. The sounds of screaming and crying had become the white noise of her life, blending into the background. After having lost count of her days spent in the encampment, having been starved and weakeded severely, a chance for escape revealed itself one night in the form of a kind feral soldier who had taken a liking to the young lycan. He took her aside one night, as he stood post outside the doors, he leaned her against the exterior wall, while the rest of the females slept, and he placed a gentle kiss upon her lips. Shocked by this, she stood there stunned. Before she could mentally react, she began to nuzzle him.. she had sworn she'd forgotten how.

Over the next several days, the kind male lycan would bring her food and water in the middle of the night, preparing her health for a planned escape. Finally the night had come, and with yet another soft kiss, he bid her farewell and he showed her to the edge of the encampment and told her that he would be waiting for her at another camp a few miles North. He promised her he would leave the next night and be there in a few days. She thanked him with a gentle touch to his face, "Orson, I love you" she whispered, before scurrying out into the cover of night. Orson would fear for her safety and attempt to leave that same night to find her, but would be shot and killed upon the feral's discovery of his plan. Hally would never learn of this and would only be left with unanswered questions and a feeling of abandonment.

=^^= Leaving for America =^^=

After days of walking blindly, she came upon a harbor and small Neko town bordering an inlet. Taking pity upon the young, obviously hurt female, the townspeople took her in several nights, bathed her, fed her and cleaned her wounds. Shortly after arriving, word had begun to spread that ferals were quickly approaching and burning all cities and compounds on their way.

Stricken with fear, Hally decided to leave the country to escape persecution immediately after learning of the new information and vowed to someday return to find her love, Orson. After slipping a few dollars to the harbor master, he agreed to let her stow away on the next ship, leaving that evening for America. Living off the carcasses of rats and mice, Hally silently took the trip to the new world, hoping not to be discovered until she could set her feet firmly on US soil.

Luckily, the ship docked in New York only a few days later without complication and she was off to start her new life.

Being keenly aware that settling down wasn't a good idea so quickly, she decided to travel. She wanted to keep herself busy, moving place to place, so as not to have even a moment to dwell on her recent past; stopping only a few weeks at a time in each place. She took to the streets, stealing money from merchants and pick-pocketing to afford herself her comfort of heroin. She became good at using her innocent looks to her advantage, and using them, she made her way, via several cargo trains, out West.

=^^= Lost Angels =^^=

While stopping one night to regain her strength and find a decent meal in a small British owned colony on the border of Arizona and California (Yes, I put one there.), she ran into a band of feral lycans. As she approached the group, she tensed her hands on her claws and lowered her head. As they neared her, one grabbed onto her arm, whipping her around into the brick wall of the nearby building. After having bullied her for a few minutes, she opened her mouth to refute their advances- when the males heard her accent, they knew she had escaped from their country and would be a prime target for mating.

The small town had been trampled and burned by a rival gang and all the females had been enslaved or killed. Only a small group of male canines had been left in the desolate town, and having a female there, emitting her heat, was sending a forceful desire through all of the males. Unwilling to submit, she growled and clawed.

As she struggled to get her hands loose from the lycan holding them above her head, she looked up into his eyes, and though the expression had changed, she saw a familiar face. She cocked her head and in horror, recognized the face of her eldest brother. "How...?" His eyes widened as he recognized her too. He looked over his shoulder at the other males, and not wanting to bring attention to her, he leaned in closely and quickly whispered, "Run... run to L.A.. there's a town there, "Lost Angels" you'll be safe there. I can't go with you. I'm sorry... RUN." He let his grip on her loosen, as she took one last look at him before running until breath could no longer enter her lungs fast enough.

She traveled, quickly, not stopping for food or rest until she arrived on the borders of the "City Of Lost Angels".

=^^= Lost Angels BRIEF UPDATE=^^=

In the city, nearly two centuries from her original arrival, in which time she wandered around nearby towns, living in the streets that had become so familiar, an imp named Vox would take an interest in her, and begin rehabilitating her. He rids her of most of her drug usage, supplies her with medical care, and was able to join together a small team of city-mech-techs to replace her rotting, rusting, internal and external parts.

Vox created and replaced her optical drive and attachment, exterior spinal column, and prosthetic foot attachment. He also infused the lycan with nanites taken from another being which were meant to help her heal and keep her internal systems functioning properly. However, Hally is proving an unsuitable candidate for long-term nanite occupation and complications have arisen, driving the nanite population down to a dismal, non-functioning few.

Tink replaced her internal circuit-board with a properly functioning unit, capable of much higher volumes of data storage and a more efficient operating system allowing Hally the advantages of a modern cyborg system.

Annette Hotaling created Hally's thigh/knee unit as well as her left forearm component. Annette also installed a chip in Hally that allows her access to Hally's internal system, able to hack into it and override her command-prompts, rendering Hally helpless to Anne's control.

Dark reenforced Hally's right shoulder and upper arm with a highly-developed nanite-comprised unit. She's also tried to infuse Hally with her own nanites, programming them to act as biofilters and healing agents, though her attempts have proven thusfar unsuccessful.

After having been killed by the blade of Annette Hotaling's inner demon, Hally was brought back to life using the updated, highly sophisticated CPU from a spider drone (LADEE). Her entire inner system was replaced, having been damaged beyond repair in the attack and the subsequent frost-bite as her body was lying in a morgue for several days postmortem.

Since then- she's had various parts worked on and replaced and updating would become a full-time job of which her typist hasn't the time for.

02/08/09 00:22
Lilith13Why would nanites not be able to replicate and survive in her to do as their command code bids? I'd think they'd be able to unless they themselves were defective or somehow programmed to the biosphere or DNA code of their original host(s). And once she has working nanites replicating inside her, it is not beyond feasibility that they could convert her mechanical parts into organic or vice versa. I hear they'd also stop her aging...but that's just hearsay. :P

Just some friendly questions and suggestions, hehe.
08/07/09 04:59
KhoryPlus she's Khory's mommy.08/07/09 11:31
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