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TheMinus Ziskey"Who am I?"
Minus had asked that question, both to others and himself for a very long time. Well, seven years seemed long to him. It had been seven years since the day he had found himself buried in the pelvis of a dead, burnt woman. He had to tear his way out, only to find himself amongst an entire pile of burnt corpses. Who was he? Why was he there? What had happened on that day to all those people, and how did he survive the fate they had succumbed to? So many questions, and yet so little in the way of answers. His mind was simple, and yet completely woven with complexities. Different people, hundreds upon hundreds. All of them spoke to him, and he visited every single one of them in his dreams.
A dream. If only.
"You are a singularity, a fleeting thought in the minds of the dead. The dead think. The dead dream. The dead have a voice. You, confused and immoral, are merely a single word of their voices, spoken in unison. The dead unite, and you are a whisper of their message to the living."
The figure stood there, speaking to Minus, but without a voice of his own. No, the dead spoke for him, answering to Minus in the moment as the figure had no voice of his own. True power does not require a voice, only a will. An aim. An end, to which others unknowingly aspired to accomplish. There stood the Coronzon. God and Demon of Egos. Where, however, were they standing?
A familiar spot.
One Minus knew well.
The sand below his feet was a dark blue, the sky an infinite swirling vortex. The winds were harsh, whipping against his body as though to try and carry him to further into oblivion. No, not to carry him to oblivion, to remind him it could. He had a place and meaning here, and that meaning was finally being revealed to him. Death was the answer to his questions, and the dead were now the ones to answer him.
Minus looked to the figure, robed in black with only his forearms and hands showing. His face was shadowed by a hood, revealing only his lower mouth. Surprisingly, his mouth and chin were very human, a lack of color being the only way to know the thing before him now was not a living being. Nothing was living there, though, Minus being no exception to that rule. His mind was oddly silent, the clouds that often disguised his intentions and emotions completely lifted now. Minus, the odd one that confused even himself, had found where he was able to truly understand himself. It didn't really help him, though, as understanding ones self only went so far if there was little to understand.
"The people here, they are me."
Minus looked around himself, the desert never fully concealing the disgusting display it so proudly paraded to him. Corpses, only with voices, strewn throughout the landscape, each of them only expressing as much as incomprehensible whispers. Once or twice, they would speak a few words he could understand, but they never really made a lot of sense at the time. Even now, the meaning they may have carried was completely lost to him. Perhaps that's what he was often seen as lost to others. If these were his voices, then what did that say of his own ramblings?
"Yes, and now, you are one with them."
Death had become his marriage. A uniting of the flesh. His flesh to theirs. Another voice in the sea of the dead. Yet, Minus was not buried as they were, sand functioning only to obscure their features and not act as another opponent. How had he been spared this outcome? Why?
Something was wrong. He was wrong. He was never right to begin with.
The Coronzon, in no way blind to the irony he saw in the man that stood before him, reached a hand out to Minus. "You are free now. Free to once again be the voice of them. Only now, they will speak volumes..."
Minus reached his hand up to meet the figures own gesture, only to see his hand was blowing away, like the grains of sand that were ever present and thrown against him in the never ending storm he now stood in. Normally, this sort of thing would at best make a man worry of his own fortunes, and at worst, break him. Minus, however, was not a man. He was a word, a whisper, a fleeting thought amongst a sea of lives, minds, voices, opinions, and emotions. Love, hate, revenge, lonesome, greed, lust, all of these things were far more than Minus ever was. Even in their weakest and most feeble moments, they held twice the amount of bearing on the life of mortals than he ever did. Dreams mean nothing when reality looks only to itself.
"What will I be now?" Minus asked the question, almost feeling a tint of fear for what might become of himself, but there really seemed to be no answer that would either make the situation better or worse for him. He knew what he was, and what he was going to become, but he also felt individuality. Such a feeling made him wonder if he was ever separate from those that now announced their bearing on his life, or absence thereof.
"You, no, you will be nothing. You were a simple word, and you have been spoken."
So that was it. Minus continued to blow away, the wind wearing him down and reclaiming his body as just another amalgamation of the incalculable substance the morbid landscape was made of. "And yet..." Minus couldn't help but try and get the last comment in. "... I spoke for myself. So ya, fuck you." Really now, he couldn't just let good enough be. He had to go that extra mile. What had he ever spoken anyways? Being a tick on the ass of the world didn't seem to carry the prestige he now afforded it, but he was proud to mention it anyways.
"Never again."
The figure started to shake, as did the bodies randomly placed in the sand that spread as far as the eye can see, the dunes of the world that had swallowed Minus in his state of death now vibrating with the same motion.
Does the mind ever stop?
Does emotion ever cease?
Do the senses as a whole every fail for a moment.
Minus, as far as he could tell, his status in existence in its entirety fading, was about to find out.

Lost Angels, plagued by so much vermin that thought too highly of themselves, had suffered a normal day as it always did. One of drama, of life, and with the ever willing hand of death looming over it. People there, if you wish to call them people in some cases, were minding their own business, proudly gallivanting around and showing off their acute sense of self worth to each other in a way only mortals could.
Husks of the corporeal existence pretending they understood what it meant to carry flesh on them, to breath air, and to avoid death and it's unknown territories. Pretentious thinking on the part of one that watched them, but ego only knows ego. There was a lot of that to go around in this place. However, there was one less ego to go around now. Few would notice, fewer would care, and fewer still would understand any significance in the matter. A blood stain here, a full vampire there, a few Lycans that couldn't help but get hungry at the smell of something they would so eagerly sink their teeth into and rend to morsels, tearing it asunder.
The streets, as always, carried the dissipated filth of the parasites that wandered them daily, slowly letting it creep into the very essence of the foundation. One parasite had managed to die, and many would flood in to take its place in that world. However, that parasite left a gift to those that had not even the slightest clue said parasite really ever lived. A puzzle of sorts, and almost complete too. Such a generous offering to the mindless drones that flaunted their existence in the form of feigned importance and superiority. All the long, they were merely cogs in a machine.
What of the puzzle, left behind by an insignificant that bore no super-inflated importance to machine that churned on without it? What did the puzzle aim to reveal, or unleash? And if at all, for that matter?
Time would tell.
It always did.
Time has a very big mouth, and keeps few secrets for long.

((Pardon my crappy story telling, but I figured I would allude to something.))
10/10/09 12:41
TheMinus ZiskeyNon story clarification and revelation!:
Minus was never a full living being as most would call themselves. In fact, he was never a single person. He was actually the few and far between agreed upon actions of 611 dead people, all of which are his tormentors and life force. He was brought to the world as a vessel for withcraft, but the witch that had more or less created him lost control, and eventually become just another voice within him, guiding him to what eventually was his end.
Minus was never a good guy, and never really a bad guy. He was never a guy. Merely another puppet.
And now, he is going to be faced with something that may forever change him: the possibility of becoming whole. That said, being whole would change who he is, and seeing as he was never whole, who would fill the blanks and how will this change him?
Also, how the fuck will he show up again?
The answer to that resides in a puzzle, which I will eventually place inside of LA as a means to bring my character back.
In the meantime, I am a new character, only here to give me something to do, as well as those that would interact with her.
Edit: Oh, and sorry if my story telling session is short, but really, there is little to tell of his after life. Someone that never lived barely has one, and he didn't have much in the way of leniency to do what he wanted there.
10/10/09 12:50
Shells DenimoreLooking out on the stone path before her, kicking her feet against the base of the fountain, Shells frowned. She closed her eyes as she felt something change. It wasn't a great change, nothing that most would even notice. But sometimes, sometimes she just was a little more observant to the life around her, or lack of such. With her eyes closed, she let her thoughts escape. The kids were fine, a little confused about the facts of life but fine all the same. Her husband, although gone for sometime, was fine as well. She tried to think what this change was, it wasn't anything that hit at her heart strings, for her heart never sank. But something she adored in some form was ...gone? She opened her eyes and looked out at the people around her. Shells's eyes were solid, the luster of adventure and playfulness missing, and when she realized the change that seemed to be of some and yet little importance, she whispered "my blackhole...."10/10/09 13:57
Missy[quote=TheMinus Ziskey]((Pardon my crappy story telling, but I figured I would allude to something.))[/quote]
((It wasn't crappy in the slightest and I hope you'll post more later :) ))
10/10/09 19:05
Orlok LectarAh yes, the storytelling of the Minus. I'm all too aware of how this works.

You should have gone with the HungryCrackPot storyline. 'Magic weed? SUPERHERO TIME, BITCHES! Toke up for JUSTICE!'
10/10/09 21:40
Miyu Vendettacool story bro.10/10/09 22:20
TheMinus ZiskeyI had a full new story typed out, but a power outage ate it.
I'll rewrite it later.
10/16/09 12:42
IkeLoved it! =)10/23/09 15:10
TheMinus ZiskeyThe wind whipped against her as they always had. She was used to it by now, though, and welcomed the barrage as a fond friend in this place of death and lonesome. The vortex sky swirled around above her, reminding her there was both so much more and at the same time absolutely nothing beyond that which people called reality. Worlds of absolute extremes, tailored by those that had the power to do so in order to serve normally a single purpose. This place was a prison, a repository of souls that had been ripped away from their mortal coil. She knew much about this, because she had in fact created this place.
Well, no, it had been created for her.
The witch was known by many names, most of which really said nothing about who or what she was. The only one she had grown rather fond of was Baba Yaga, but using the name generally brought trouble with it on account of notoriety. She wasn't even the real Baba Yaga, she had just been called it several times, which suited her when ti had happened. Now, she was just Witch, and was trapped in the very prison she had been using since the dawn of mankind. Adam, Eve, none of it had ever been important to her. She had been born with the purpose of bringing mankind in a line, drop them to their knees, and force them to face that which would either enlighten or destroy them. This never really panned out, however, as mankind had changed far faster that ideology and philosophy could keep up at times. Old ways in a new world never worked for very long, and she was too old to keep up. So she had started using other people to keep up for her.
That didn't seem to work out either, though. The death of Minus only proved that the current world had gone beyond the point where old tricks could meld with new ones. No, there had to be a new way of doing things, of accomplishing the greater goal of ageless evil. Something more self sufficient, that was capable of making people bring themselves to the results demanded by Coronzon. Trying to get people to listen to someone or otherwise fall for the machinations of the witch had only shown that people had become entirely resistant to it. There was a time for subtlety, but that time had passed. A new age called for a new method. An age of pain, though blunt as it was. It seemed like the only means to the desired ends anymore. It also meant the end of the Witch. She was just not acclimated to such extreme ideas, and had gone so far as to stop them in their tracks whenever they had happened in the past. Now, things were different. She had no stake in this anymore, only a job.
The body was nearly finished. She had been putting it together for days on end, though in the world she was in, it seemed like a lifetime. Time worked differently there, to allow a multitude of emotion to occur within mere moments of the waking world. The new creation that stood before her truly was the amalgamation of the work she had done since nearly the dawn of man, created from the first to last bodies and souls she had harvested. It was beautiful, a creature of near perfection. But perfection can only be declared upon finishing it, and it was missing two more pieces. The desert landscape was empty now, save for her and the homunculus of dead bodies she had made. Coronzon was surely watching, though. The demon would make it's appearance when it had to give the finishing touches to the beast they had brought together.
His skin was mostly black, burnt together rather than stitched in order to make it seamless. Rivets and a cage like structure was used to hold the thing together moreso that a normal body could. Every inch of it had been put together with the collected dead: The bones, the hair, even the clothing it wore. A long black kilt of sorts covered its lower body, further adding to the dread it seemed to exude. The thing would only know pain, hatred, and a damnation that was to many going to be new and awe inspiring. The only thing missing now were the eyes, which were the most important parts.
Eyes to see the people that would be haunted by what terrible visions it would bring to them. Eyes that would watch over the horrifying events it would bring upon the living. Eyes that would be used to carefully create pain and torture unlike anything else could. All the other senses were important, yes, but sight would be the primary means to which the creature would be able to work. It had to see the body, know the body, and tear it apart piece by bloody piece, stripping the flesh asunder in order to bring it's chosen soul closer to the enlightenment of pain, and the realization that flesh was only a cage. Something that kept people bound to a smaller world. The world that they perceived directly in front of them and around them. It was such a limited world with limited vision. The man she had created them would show them so much more. Oh, the things they would see, those eyes.
She looked to the creations face, the golem of flesh and iron, reaching for her own face as she did so. Both of her hands were at her right eye, still using them to gaze upon the being she had crafted, and reached into her own flesh, that of which was around her eye. Her fingers slowly dug in, tearing through the skin and fat, then the underlying bone afterward, without so much as flinching. This pain was nothing compare to what was to come. She had felt years of pain, this moment was nothing more than fleeting at best to her, the agony of it meaning little in the grand scheme. Her grip on the eye itself becomes reality, giving her the path of removal. The arm jerk away from her face, hand following thusly, and what was once her eye is no more than discarded flesh and tissue, the purpose of it soon to become greater than she could have ever afforded it on her own. She raised the lost instrument of vision to the creation she had labored on, and inserted the eye into one of the empty sockets. Almost at once, the eye aligned itself, becoming one with the creature.
Her role had finally come to an end.
A sound rang out from amidst the howling of the winds, closing in from behind her. The crunching of footsteps in the deep, dark blue sand that made up the majority of the world she was in. She didn't turn around to face the dark figure of Coronzon as it approached, fully aware of who it was and what they were there for. Her time had come to an end. She, too, was now just another part of the pawn she had spent seemingly ages working on. So it came as no surprise to her when, as Coronzon passed by, a line drew across her face. Not a line, a cut. Deep, fast, and fatal. Her body started to fall to the ground. The top half of the cut, which went through the middle of her eyes (or eye now), slid to the side and down to the ground separate from the rest of her body, now a crumpled husk in the sand.
Coronzon now moved on towards the man, as robed and dark as before. Nothing had changed in the demon. Nothing ever changed. Which is why Minus was needed. Minus could change, and he had. He had been made into something so much more than he was, something that could do the job in the only way that seemed likely now. Enlightenment, pleasure, total one-ness, all through visceral in their intent.
Coronzon brought a dark, shadowed hand up to his left eye, simply plucking the thing out with none of the gore laden display the witch has showcased. He took no time to look to the small ball of meat in his hand, and wasted no time raising it up to the automaton in front of him. The eye floated out of the figures hand and went straight for Minus' free eye socket, snugly fitting itself into the socket. Coronzon watched for a moment, before turning his back and walking away. He knew what was going to happen, and had seen no reason to really linger. He had many other things to do, and the road this creation would walk was one he paved himself. He knew all the turns, all the stops, and where it lead to. Before long, Minus was by himself, in the dark blue desert. Awake. And alone.
(I'll post more later, this is just an update of what I have so far.)
10/24/09 11:47
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