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MissyMissy runs on shaky legs back to the den, her breath short in her chest, her hair wild and tangled around her face... she glances over to her right, to Castalia. "You OK?" she pants, a severe stitch in her side making her feet slow, her hand grabbing at the sharp electric pain that seems determined to saw her in half. She bends over in the street, spots appearing before her eyes as she's forced to stop running, concentrating on restoring the oxygen balance to her muscles, all of them screaming at the build up of lactic acid in her tissues. A shaky hand pushes away tendrils of hair from a brightly flushed face and Missy whirls, hearing footsteps behind them, coming fast. "Shit! They're still after us" she mutters to Cas and Missy injects Cas quickly with an adrenaline shot, using the last one she has.. Just then Bree appears out of the gloom and she looks to be in the same exhausted condition as Cas and Missy. Missy breathes out a sigh of relief it was a friend and not a foe fast on their heels.

Missy's feet once more turn toward the direction of the den and she wills her feet to move, reaching deep within herself to get going again. Cas glances at Missy "hey.. you need need a shot yourself" she murmurs and Missy feels a wash of energy surge into her as Cas casts a spell on her, easing the muscle cramps and the exhaustion enough so the three of them can keep running, each leaning on the other until the recruitment stand blurs into vision.. along with the welcome sight of reinforcements in the form of Dark and Frosty.

Once there the three tend to one another's wounds.. most of them shallow scrapes and cuts, and the worst for Missy is a 3 inch gash that runs down her left forearm. She grabs a 4 x 4 gauze pad and holds it in place with her right hand, leaning against the stand as she pants, getting her breath back gradually. "Any.. any.. anyone see any sign of Xeno? Macca? Vixy? Bane? or.. that white tailed lycan girl who went with us on.. on the raid?" she pants raggedly, embarrassed slightly at the level of her exhaustion in the face of the super-toned and fit lycans. She considers she might need to undertake some roadwork in order to be able to run with the Pack. She makes an effort to stop heaving for breath, but both Frost and Dark notice her condition and spell after spell is cast on her. Soon Missy feels 100% or close enough to it. "Thanks" she murmurs to both of them, her face flushed now not from physical exertion but from a bit of embarrassment. No one makes any comment though and Missy remembers she's still wearing her comm.

"Xeno? Macca? Vixy? Where are you? Are you guys OK? The rest of us are back at the den."

Missy's transmission is met with silence and she chews on her lower lip as she looks back toward the half-broken bridge leading into Damnation. "Shit shit shit" she mutters under her breath, a hand tousling through her fiery red locks, her fingers dishevelling her hair into a wild frenzy around her head, wet strands clinging wetly to the sides of her neck, the cleavage between her breasts shiny with moisture. She pushes up from the recruitment stand where she'd been leaning and notices the white-tailed lycan girl approaching.

"Hey!! Hey.. you OK?" she asks, hurrying over on still unsteady legs, her ankle nearly twisting in her extremely impractical high heeled boots. She catches herself before she sprawls in the street. "You injured at all? You see Xeno or the others?" she asks, her green eyes clearly worried. The girl shakes her head and is just about to reply to Missy's questions when the arrival of the missing parties under discussion redirect Missy's attention.

"Xeno!! Macca!! Vixy!! Where have you been?!? I was just about pulling my hair out in concern about you three.. or four" she says as she notices Bane is there and accounted for as well and the state of Missy's hair gives proof to the claim.

Vixy gives a casual shrug of her shoulders "We just hid and healed up until we felt better to make the trip back is all" she says casually. Missy darts a look at her, a look that is slightly suspicious in nature.

"Oh yeah?" Missy asks "Your comms not work where you were? I kept calling for you!"

Macca and Xeno share a look between the two of them and Macca mutters something about comms only working intermittently. Missy frowns but she's soon distracted by Bane's side wound, which seems to be oozing a fair amount of blood. She wraps a bandage around it and holds it in place until the worst of the bleeding eases and his lycan regeneration starts to kick in. Missy sighs. "Well at least everyone made it back.. even if the raid wasn't exactly successful" she murmurs.

Missy walks around tending to injuries, chatting about the strategic errors made by both sides in the battle that had just ensued and the mood is light around the den, everyone relaxed and pleased not to be missing anyone. Missy remembers about Luden though and she wonders if he made it out.. or not.. she remembers him falling.. remembers trying to go back for him, but she was too exhausted to consider doing anything other than literally run for her life. She eventually finishes with healing Bane and tending to a small older scar on the white-tailed lycan girl's face. Missy learns her name is Clarissa and she smiles as she notices Clarissa and Xeno seem to have a special bond between the two of them. She wonders if this will bloom as her love for Arsene has blossomed or whether they will end up friends in the end. She hopes whatever way it turns out suits them both equally well.

Missy sighs and runs a hand on the back of a sweaty neck, the hair at the nape of her neck tacky still with perspiration. "Ugh.. I feel icky. I'm heading home to shower you lot. Take care and stay out of any more trouble tonight, hey?" she says with a final wave over her shoulder. She smiles at the chorus of good byes that accompany her on the way home.

Missy elects to head to the club.. it's closer and it may not have a shower, but.. ohhhh.. it has a deep tub and a long hot soak in perfumed water sounds like the exact remedy her body needs right now. Missy's steps quicken as soon as the subway stop lurches into view and the rail car doors open, letting her out into the stagnant air of the terminal station. Missy hurries up the steps and bursts out into the street, smiling and nodding at a neko girl nearby. She continues on her way and she unlocks the club doors, hurrying inside and heading straight up the stairs, her boots clattering on the steps, her one goal being to sink into a hot tub.

She enters the apartment above the club and she cannot help but smile as she admires the gracefulness of the room's furnishings, the walls hung with some of her very favourite images. She runs her fingers along the bottom edge of the picture hanging above the tub, this one perhaps her very favourite of all. The man standing behind the woman, his hands taking audacious liberties with her body.. her posture, head forward, hair falling over her face.. clearly lost in pleasure at his touch. Missy shivers as she pictures herself in the place of the woman in the picture.. as she pictures Arsene in place of the man. She bites her lower lip and closes her eyes as a shudder runs through her body at the images and daydreams that spring to life on the movie screen of her eyelids.

She lingers a moment longer in the daydream and then she opens her eyes to find herself standing next to the deep tub, her clothes melded to her sticky body. She quickly removes her weapons and medical belt and runs the water full-force into the tub, adjusting the temperature until it is as hot as she can stand it. Missy sprinkles perfumed bath salts into the water, letting them dissolve while she quickly strips off her clothes, letting them fall into a heap at her feet. Missy grabs a white fluffy towel and drops it on the floor next to the tub before she sits naked on the edge of the tub, her red hair falling over one shoulder, the graceful curve of her back melting into the ripe curves of her rear, her body gently backlit by the diffused light shining through the stained glass of their apartment windows, glints of fire lighting in her hair as she stirs the water with a hand, helping the last of the salts dissolve into the now steaming water. Billows of fragrant steam perfume the air and Missy quickly ties her hair into a knot on the top of her head before she eases her body into the water.

One foot eases in, water flowing up over Missy's knee and then the other long leg joins the first.. Missy lets out a long sighing moan as her hands grip the opposite sides of the tub and she slowly sinks all the way down into the water, the temperature of it doing much to untie the knots the physical exertions of the night had managed to tie so effectively into her muscles. She hisses as the gash on her left forearm comes into contact with the water, the lapping fluid managing to sting fiercely for several seconds until Missy's body acclimatizes to the sensation. A frown marrs Missy's brow as she examines the cut, noting it isn't particularly deep or serious, but it is there and Arsene is bound to notice it and question her about its origin. She chews on her bottom lip as she runs through a few practice trial runs of explanations in her head, rejecting one after the other as soon as she thinks of them. She sighs. She'll end up telling him the entire truth of the situation of course, for it is beyond her ability to lie well to anyone, but most especially him... not that she'd ever want to lie to him, except to spare him worry or pain. She sighs again and shrugs her shoulders, letting her arm drop back into the water and she lets even these concerns drift away on the warm currents of the water surrounding her.

Soon enough Missy is lying back against the high back of the tub, her legs stretching out in front of her, her toes barely touching the far side of the long deep tub "mmm.. this is big enough for two" Missy notes with satisfaction as she lies back, her eyes slipping shut as she feels the warmth of the water soothe and massage her limbs, easing away her tension, the soft fragrance of the salts calming her nerves.

Missy's arms drape on the sides of the tub and her fingers idly swirl through the water as she shuts her eyes, her head leaning back against the wall of the tub, a soft humming song vibrating in her chest as she unwinds. She runs through the events of the evening, still amazed at the incredible influx of people that seemed to just magically show up after the initial fight broke out.. how the numbers of Damnation citizens seemed to just spring up out of the literal woodwork, just when it seemed the Pack raid party was about to prevail and be able to restock their fridges. Missy gives a shudder.. she doesn't agree with the principle behind these raids, but.. meat is scarce and her job is to make sure the Pack members don't bleed to death.. she defends them more than she attacks others, though she did land a deadly poison dart on one of the opponents earlier in the evening, resulting in his downfall. She sighs at the memory, not exactly proud of defeating the other person.

She shakes her head and unties the knot at the top of her head, letting the hair piled on her head fall over her shoulders in a rich red cascade, the fiery coloured strands floating on the surface of the water, gradually becoming saturated and sinking beneath its surface. She leans back, lying back in the tub, her rear scooching along the bottom of the tub as the water comes up to frame her face, her hair spreading out in a red cloud in the water under her.. she sighs in pleasure as the street sounds outside, already muffled by the walls of the club recede even further as the water blocks her eardrums, everything sounding muffled and distant as she half-floats. She runs her hands along her scalp under the water, her fingers threading through the silky strands, fingertips tingling as she massages her head. She sits up, water streaming over her breasts and down her back, her hair a deep jewelled red as it clings to the shape of her back. She half-leans out of the tub and strains for the bottle of shampoo that lies just out of reach, her breasts clearing the edge of the tub as she leans out, droplets of water running off the ends of her nipples, pattering unnoticed by Missy on the floor.

She manages to grab the shampoo without falling in an untidy heap on the floor and she sits back in the tub, pouring a generous handful of the slick soap into the palm of one hand. She drops the bottle back onto the floor and lathers up her hair, her hands roaming over her head, fingers working the soap into a rich foaming lather in her hair. A coconut smell fills the room, joining and blending well with the soft fragrance of the bath salts. Missy ducks back under the water again and she rinses the soap from her hair thoroughly.. enjoying the sensation of soap and water caressing her naked skin immensely.

She then sits up and reaches for a cloth and a bar of soap, using them both to cleanse her limbs, starting with her arms and hands, a rich creamy lather covering her milky skin, the rough texture of the cloth rubbing over her skin, and the combination of its rough texture and the temperature of the water serves to pinken her skin slightly, making her glow in the light that shines through the windows. Missy has left the lamps off in the room, preferring the calm and serenity afforded by the dimmer lights shining from the streetlamps outside. Missy runs the soapy cloth over the smooth skin of her stomach and then down one leg and then the other, working it over her thighs and calves in circular massaging strokes, moaning at the comfort this brings her. The cloth then ventures between her legs and Missy sucks her lower lip into her mouth as her hips roll up into the touch of her washcloth covered fingers, the nubs of the cloth running over sensitive folds.. folds that had spasmed so thoroughly and deliciously earlier in the evening.

She trembles as she remembers the love making on the club couch downstairs, her body giving a strong pulse under her massaging fingers, her moist feminine folds throbbing with every beat of her heart, a slick moisture sliding from her warm internal depths. She feels beads of perspiration dot her upper lip and she shifts in the tub, her back once more lying against the high back of the tub, her legs parting, knees yawning apart, breaking the upper surface of the water as her hand continues to rub and tease her throbbing pussy. She rolls her head along the edge of the tub and the cloth in her fingers drifts away out of her grip.. she lets it go where it wants, forgetting in an instant it even existed as her now bare fingers play along the outer lips of her pussy and then, as she exerts the tiniest bit of pressure, those petals spread open and she moans out loud, her back arching, breasts breaking the surface of the water, gleaming with slick moisture, her nipples erect despite the temperature of the gradually cooling water.

Missy pictures Arsene's face, his body, his masculine overpowering presence, her breath coming shorter and faster, this time thundering to the demands of desire rather than the desperate fight for oxygen due to extreme physical exhaustion. She moans and her fingers move faster along her folds, sliding slickly along the inner folds, teasing over her erect clit with the lightest of touches, the barely skimming touch of her fingertips making her pussy spurt small streams of fluid into the water around her. She bites her lower lip and the water sloshes around her as her movements make the water heave inside the confines of the tub. Missy gasps as she remembers the earlier lovemaking on the couch, the way Arsene's tongue and lips had pleased the very part of her body her fingers now explore and tantalize. She slides a finger deep inside her sopping pussy, moving it slowly in and out as she now recollects the way his cock surged inside her tight clasping folds.. she cries out as a sharp spasm arrows through her, as the sensations rapidly build in her loins, fire licking along her thighs and pooling at the juncture of her thighs, making her clit tingle and pulse urgently.

She moves her fingers up to the top of her nearly spasming pussy and she rubs her fingers in tight urgent circles before moving them back lower to plunge her median finger inside her tight inner lips, again working it slowly in and out, her pace only gradually increasing as she alternates between her clit and her silken depths, each getting their turn. Her other hand drifts to her ripe full breasts and her fingers play with first one nipple and then the other, long fingertips running across the erect and twinging flesh, each pulse from them rushing to the top of her aching clit, making her body shift faster in the bottom of the tub, causing her other hand to increase its pace. All the while Missy dreams of Arsene, dreams of the way he touches her, she pretends her hands and plunging fingers are his hands and cock forcefully taking her pleasure, his lips closing over her nipples, tugging them into his wet sucking mouth, tongue flickering over the sensitive ends.

Suddenly, Missy's body starts to tighten and tauten in that familiar welcome way, her body starting to tense and clamour for its release, her clit rising out of its silky cowl, her pussy letting down even more fluids, the texture of them as they slip out of her markedly different than that of the steaming water washing over her. Missy's breathing is rough and ragged as the pulses build, as her fingers fly faster and faster, her body starting to heave in the tub, water sloshing over the high sides as her movements get more and more uncontrolled. Suddenly Missy's body stiffens and her muscles lock, her thighs tense, her back arched and her mouth falls open on a harsh cry as she shouts out the joy of her release into the room, rough pounding waves of it raking her from head to toe, violent wracking waves of pleasure coursing through her one after another after another.. she half-sobs with the intensity of the climax, the intense shivers of sensation only gradually dissipating in the steamy water of the tub.

Her movements gradually ease and Missy falls back into the tub as the crashing waves recede, leaving her panting, her body shaking in the tumultuous aftermath of her orgasm. She can do naught for several moments but bathe in the luxurious golden waves of afterglow that surround her, her eyes still closed, her mind still picturing the face of her love, her master, her soon husband-to-be, the true love of her life, eternal mate to her soul. Missy dozes in the tub, the events of the night coupled with the shared pleasure with Arsene earlier and the self-pleasure now too much for the human woman to resist anymore. Missy's breathing is deep and even and she slumbers peacefully for a few short moments, her body taking the period of rest it so desperately needs.

Eventually Missy becomes aware that the temperature of the water encasing her body is now decidedly cooler. She licks her lips and she sits up, her eyes blinking open, her head whirling a bit. She leans forward and unplugs the tub, letting the water rush out along the plumbing pipes and into the sewers that run just beside the club. She sighs in contentment and rises from the tub, snagging the towel from the floor, wrapping it securely around her lithe body, tucking it under her armpits as she pads into the bedroom, grabbing a bottle of body lotion on her way past the bureau in the bathroom.

She walks to the couch in front of the fireplace and after lighting the already prepared fire in the grate, Missy smoothes lotion on her skin, starting with her feet and moving upward over her long legs, over the rounded curves of her rear, her towel slipping more and more as she makes her way progressively northward. She rubs lotion across her taut belly and up over her breasts, her fingers light on her now very sensitive nipples, and up around the back of her neck and then down her arms and hands. Soft light cast from the flickering fire bathes Missy in its glow, shadows and random patterns of light highlighting some areas of Missy's creamy skin and leaving others obscured. Soon every inch of Missy is lightly perfumed and moisturized. She sighs in pleasure, feeling extremely content in this moment, warm, safe, clean, fragrant; the only thing that would make this moment perfect would be the presence of her love. She smiles .. the slightest thought of him has the power to make her glow with happiness.

She floats over to the bed, her feet seeming to hardly brush over the hardwood floors and she neglects to hang up the towel that remains lying on the sofa's surface. Missy has left the apartment in quite a messy state, forgetting about the pile of sweat stained clothes that lie neglected by the water spattered floor near the tub, the evaporating water that had sloshed over the sides of the tub during the course of her soak leaving faint white rings on the surface of the battered wood floor. She forgets all of these things as she heeds the siren call of the soft bed in front of her. She slides in between the crisp clean sheets of their bed, groaning in pleasure as the soft mattress cradles her body. She reaches over and snags Arsene's pillow, hugging it to her chest, burying her nose into it, inhaling deeply, his familiar scent thankfully trapped in it. She sighs again and her eyes drift closed. The last image they see is Arsene's face smiling at her. She idly thinks she needs a bedside table here with his picture on it.. but for now.. his image is crystal clear in her memory, making the need for an actual picture superfluous. Before she knows it, she is asleep, once more reunited inside the arms of her love in the landscape of dreams, running free with him in the rich green fields of love and desire.

((I tried to find the image I spoke of in this story, but I couldn't. Instead you will have to come and see it in-world once the doors to the club are opened for the public. More details about that little venture will be forthcoming soon. In the meantime... here is an image I found that more or less depicts Missy's slumbering form. I hope you enjoyed the story. It was extremely pleasurable for me to write it. Truly.))

05/06/09 20:48
KhoryAnd that's why I don't bring Missy over to do my laundry. Lazy...05/06/09 21:39
Missy*makes a note to keep up her lazy habits if it means no Khory-chores*

05/06/09 21:46
Gates VaherVery nice writing Missy, descriptive and vivid, both hallmarks of a good writer.05/07/09 00:48
Kristin^^ I agree! That was absolutely amazing, Missy. I could picture the entire scene from start to finish while reading that. You really did an outstanding job allowing the reader to feel the emotion and sensations. I'd love to read more whenever you post it.05/07/09 00:56
TaiAwesome post.05/07/09 01:06
MissyOhhh.. thank you both very much.. your praise means a lot. I am thorougly enjoying myself in CoLA and every interaction has the potential to spark that writing bug.. Just like this one that grabbed hold of me last night and simply wouldn't let go after the Damnation raid with the Pack. I had to stay up and finish this. I'm so happy it has been enjoyed!05/07/09 01:09
MissyThank you Tai too! You posted your comment before I could get my thanks to Gates and Kristin up!05/07/09 01:15
arsene_BraveheartSuch a wonderful text, my Missy... You're painting images directly in one's brain. You're picturing things so vividly, with such attention to details... You make the reader see the scene, but also feel it, smell it... down to the texture of your skin...
And I love the way you're changing pace, mood, theme... the way you're making the scene progress...

Can't wait to get home to you, love.
05/07/09 13:43
LoganI came.05/07/09 14:15

Arsene.. you are so sweet and while I suspect your views may be a -touch- biased I'm thrilled by them all the same. I'll be waiting eagerly for you at home as always, arms and heart wide open.

Logan.. so did I. *Points to text above*
05/07/09 16:23
arsene_BraveheartThis text has no pretensions of being half as good as Missy’s. And, to say it right now, it is not even erotic in slightest. I just post it here because it’s Arsene version of the same night, and I thought it might make a pleasant contrast. And also because Missy agreed to it, of course.
Please be gentle with my lack of vocabulary, spelling mistakes or grammatical monstrosities. I’m not a native English speaker. But please do point them out to me anyway : I love to progress.


Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap…

Arsene runs. Sweat running down his forehead, he runs for his life. His footsteps landing on the sewer’s wet sidewalk send a gushing noise to echo through the tunnels, signalling his presence to his pursuers. He could stop and try to hide in one of the sewer’s many dark recesses. But what if they find him nonetheless ? There’s no negotiating with half a dozen zombies…

Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap…

Behind him, sounds of groaning and clumsy steps echo back to Arsene, informing him they are still on his heels. From time to time he hears a bloated splash as one of the undead falls into the nauseating thick soup that slithers in the middle of the sewer. But these things always come back. They raise back from anything. Well… When you have raised back from death itself, it makes sense that you don’t fear much after that. At least, that’s what Arsene thinks. As usual, he thinks too much... and not in the most appropriate moments. He just cannot help it. His brain is always working hard. Must be fat and muscled in his skull. Appetizing enough for a horde of zombies, as it seems…

Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap…

In the confined and stinking air, Arsene’s own panting breath comes back to his ears as worryingly short. He’s getting tired. He’s just a human. How long can he escape them ? He should have distanced them now : zombies are notoriously slow…
Well… you don’t run that fast with 40kg of neon tubes on your back.
Arsene hears the tinkling noise of broken glass in his backpack and he curses through his gritted teeth. He’s been scavenging those neon tubes for two days… He has scrounged through dump sites, removed unused signs from abandoned shops… Walked miles with those fucking holy shit of a Norris’ load on his back and now it seems half of them are broken. He may as well throw his backpack away and make a dash to the sewer’s next exit. But there’s a hope that some are still usable.
Humans are renowned for their stubbornness that makes them overcome many an apparently impossible task. They are also well-known for dying easily…

Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap…

Turn right, then left… Up the secondary sewer… Small upward ramp and you’re there… Hang on dude… You’re nearly home…
Arsene know precisely where he is, and a warm hope awakens in his heart.
Despite their unglamourous look, sewers feel rather reassuring to the doc. He once has been chased up and down the city by some powerful monsters, and he had to hide for a week in Little China’s extensive network of underground galleries. In Rampart, he has worked for quite a few hours on the connection between the club and the sewers. They are a familiar environment to him.
He quite likes these dark and stinking places, funny as it may seem. Few people venture here. Vampires and Sidhe think it below their rank, Lycans and Nekos are repulsed by the stench, Angels and Demons usually prefer somewhere where they can unfold their wings and battle in the open… Even robots tend to shun the wet and slippery walkways of the underground city, for fear to fall into the corrosive and thick river that runs in the middle. Only humans can feel comfortable enough in the sewers. Well… and zombies too, obviously…

Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap…

The sight of the steel ladder which appears suddenly after a sharp turn in the corridor makes Arsene’s heart bounce in his chest.
Blood pulsates loudly in his ears. His breath is short. He feels dizzy from exhaustion and lack of oxygen. The toxic fumes that exhales from the green slum manage to affect him despite his filtrating mask. But his hands close on the ladder’s railing. A last effort and he will be out again. Out in open air. Out and living. Or so he hopes.
As he reaches mid height, zombies appear in the underground crossroad where the sewer’s opening is. They raise a hungry gaze at him. They don’t smile. They just trot clumsily to the base of the ladder.
A shiver runs up Arsene’s spine as he speeds up to the top, his throat dry from barely controlled fear. He pushes up the round metallic cover which closes the sewer’s exit, wishing that no one has parked his power armour on the top of it.
Fortunately, the rusty iron disk moves without resistance, as an often used door.
Arsene quickly removes his bulky backpack and manages to pass it through the small opening as the zombies reach the base of the ladder and start to climb it. Pushed by the panic the heavy footsteps of his pursuers raise in his heart, Arsene reaches for the opening, pushes on his arms, and dashes out in the street, extracting himself from the deadly and stinking underworld.
Then… he grins.
There are not that many occasions to grin in such a situation for a combat impaired human doc. But having an incendiary grenade hanging on one’s belt is certainly one of these occasions… Arsene takes out the red metallic can, pulls out the pin and lets the grenade fall down in the dark room below.
As he takes his backpack on his shoulders again, a thundering explosion shreds the silence and a pillar of red fire surges brutally through the sewer’s opening, throwing Arsene back on his knees as the heatwave reaches him, burning away a little hair from his forearms in an acrid smell of phosphorus.

It’s over. No more sound comes from the sewer’s ladder. Arsene cautiously peers below and is welcomed by the foul smell of rotten and burned flesh. No move. No sound.
He closes the sewer’s opening, not knowing if the zombies will raise again in a few hours, and not wanting to stay there to find out.
With the recess of adrenalin in his body, Arsene feels exhaustion catch on him. His head is dizzy. His lungs burning. His legs shaking. He pulls his respiratory filter down his neck and inhales ecstatically the polluted air of the City. He’s alive. What can a human ask except this ?

The club is just a block down the road, but it seems that it’s the other end of the world for the medic. Helping himself on the walls, he staggers on the sidewalk, his backpack crushing his shoulders, his will all set on reaching the portal, and then the door. As he pushes the wooden double door, Arsene feels a wave of joy bathe him in a soothing embrace. Home. He is home…

In the club’s main room, Missy’s presence can be felt everywhere. The pictures she hanged on the wall… The pole and lapchair she danced for him on. The couches and sofas they chose and tested together… This room is already filled with so many moments with her…
The image of his beloved redhead painting in his mind is enough to give Arsene a little energy back. He slumbers to the scene and lays his backpack down, cringing at the sound of broken glass. Then, feeling relieved from such a heavy weight, he goes to the bar and helps himself from a bottle which pretends to contain some whisky. The heart warming fire of alcohol runs down through his throat and whips up his mind into shape. At least for a little while.

His glass still in hand, Arsene walks to his backpack and inspects what’s left of his two days of work. He cringes… Practically everything is broken or non functional. Just plenty of glass shards with not a lot to be salvaged. Apart from the signs he had found in the house’s basement and which only said “The Club”, there’s practically nothing working in all the pile of junk he has risked his life for.
He sighs… and takes another sip. The club was supposed to be called something like “The Oblivious Obfuscation Club”. He nods and sighs again. Well… seems that a name change is in order... It will be : “The O Club”…

After cleaning his glass and putting it back in place, the exhausted doc crosses the main room again and reaches for the stairs, helping himself on the railing to climb up the two floors that lead to the small bedroom they have made themselves on top of the club.
On opening the sculpted door, an unmistakable perfume welcomes him. Missy…. His Missy is there... He stays there for a second, on the threshold to their room, inebriating in the powerful feeling the mere thought of her presence has on him. The bedroom’s atmosphere is warm and cosy. A fire burns in the hearth. Smells of bath salts linger in the air. A sweet perfume that belongs only to her reaches Arsene and coils itself around his heart to dip it into pure blissful happiness.

As the doc crosses the room, his boots meet Missy’s clothes, scattered through the room. He sighs. And smiles. He shakes his head, glancing lovingly at his enthusiastic and energetic love whose body lies under the red blanket. Taking a laundry bag, he picks up the abandoned clothes for further washing, when they are back to their home in the suburbs, not resisting to lovingly press them on his nose to get lost for a few seconds in her body odour.
Which reminds him of his own stench.
At the moment, he smells a nauseating mix of sewer’s fumes, rotten flesh, burnt hair, phosphorus smoke and, most probably, dead rat too. Even a lycan wouldn’t want him for breakfast. Tossing his trusty MP7 on the sofa, where his medical tools belt soon ends up too, he removes his black jeans and T-shirt to shove them in the laundry bag, opening the window briefly to put his boots to dry on the rooftop.

Honestly, Arsene would love to go to bed right now. He is exhausted. But... well… He can’t just hop under the sheet with such an awful smell stuck in his hair. So he opens the faucet and let the bath tub fill. As he hears the familiar sound of water running down in the bath, Arsene takes the time to observe his love gently sleeping in the bed. From where he is, the red blanket masks her, smoothing out her feminine curve under a thick and warm fabric, but he can see her fiery red mane of hair spread on the pillows, and her graceful profile shaping itself on the white linen, her round forehead and straight nose reminding him of some portraits typical of the quattrocento. He sighs... both in happiness of seeing his Missy so near, and in frustration not to be able to join her in bed right now.

The bath is now ready and Arsene passes his hand in the water. He cringes. The lovely redhead that has taken his heart has also taken all the hot water… He shivers, naked in the bathroom part of their small apartment. He’s in for a cold bath…
As he enters the chilling water, his body hair surge in goose bumps from hair to toe. He grits his teeth as the cold reaches his most private parts, making them retract under the aggression. He gasps as the cold water reaches his chest and hurries to the soap, kneeling in the bath and scrubbing his skin with energy, trying to make this bath as short as hygienically possible.
The long back scrubbing brush makes him shiver, but not in the same way as he shivers when his beloved woman caress him in their two seat bath tub.
He washes his face with energetic gestures, hoping that scrubbing hard will help him feel less cold. Then he dips his hair in the chilling water, filling his scalp contract and his hair raise on their roots. Applying shampoo in these conditions seems to him more heroic than meeting a horde of zombies face to face… but he manages to get thoroughly clean, with a scent of basic soap and cold flesh attached to him.

His teeth playing an interesting percussion theme, he jumps into his bathrobe, energetically wiping out water from the wooden floor before going in front of the hearth fire, hopping from one foot to the other, clapping his ribs and rubbing himself to get a little warmer.
It takes him quite a while to stop shivering and return to a nearly normal temperature.
Walking at last to the bed, he opens the sheets but he then finds out that his sweet Missy sleeps across the bed… and that she has kidnapped his pillow as a hugging comfort.
He just smiles, totally unable to feel anything for his beloved redhead than just love. Oh, she may wear his collar, but… she has his heart in her graceful hands, willing hostage to ensure he won’t abuse the complete surrender she has offered to him.

For a while, he stays there, sited on the edge of the bed, his fingers gently caressing the red curls spread on the pillows. Then, he leans down and lays a tender kiss on the young woman’s cheek, which she only answers by an inaudible mumble and by hugging his pillow even more tightly.
It’s only then that he notices the recent wound on her forearm.
He frowns… What on earth has she set herself into this time ? … He hopes she has not been attacked. Or worse…
She has told him about the suffering she has endured in the hands of the city’s worst psychopaths in the past… and he hopes that she’ll never ever go through these ordeals again.
Whatever it is, she seems to be sleeping soundly now and her aura seems calm and appeased. Too exhausted to use any kind of magic, however small is his knowledge in this field, he doesn’t try to make her wound disappear right now. He will see to this tomorrow. For now…

Well, for now he would need to sleep, but the cold bath has awoken him too much for that. He needs something to calm him down enough to rest, and he knows only two ways of getting such a total relaxation, one of which is deeply asleep by now.
So, with a sigh, he goes to the sofa, and takes up the book he is reading these days : “Schrodinger’s magic cat, an essay on explaining magic by particle physics.” If that can’t make him sleep, nothing can, or so he thinks.
He pushes his glasses up his nose and starts to read.

In the dimly lit room, he sits on the sofa, his naked feet exposed to the warming heat of the hearth fire, his tired body wrapped up in a sponge bathrobe. Behind his tinted glasses, his grey eyes seem to absorb knowledge as if they were drinking from a refreshing source.
In the darker part of the room, under a warm and reassuring blanket, his love sleeps, her soft breath echoing the sound of the pages being turned and the snap of wood burning in the hearth.

The book finally falls from hands too exhausted to hold it in front of eyes too tired to read it.
The orange light of the fire dances across the cold metal on the holstered machine gun.
In the streets, below, danger lurks under the pale moon.
Sometimes a scream or some gunfire is heard in the silence.
A typical night in the city…
05/09/09 15:44
MissyOhhh.. Arsene.. this was fantastic!

And.. I'm sorry about the cold bath.. messy apartment.. hijacked pillow. That said, you just [b]know[/b] it's gonna happen again, right?

But really.. this was fabulous. I love your writing style. And I've said it before we were a CoLA couple.. your vocabulary and grasp of the language is astounding. It's hard to believe English isn't your native language. You too know how to use words to paint a vivid picture, one that springs to life in my mind and then moves to encompass my heart. Thank you for being as wonderful as you are.. for being the pivotal point in Missy's life and heart. :)
05/09/09 16:23
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