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Reoko Farspire(Thank you to Alena Ramon who helped me out with the correct WoD lore, your great!)

Reoco was born into the temple of Huitzilopochtli she was brought up in the ways of her God and his Magic, she played an important part to her community as one of the cities priestess that aided in the sacrifices and someday hope herself would have the honour of giving back her life to the God that bled for her.

Her life of course changed on the fateful that that man and his army came upon the shining city of Tenochtitlan that man was Cortés, at first he was welcomed into the city with open arms by the Emperor Moctezuma who, seemed to bow down to Cortés every whim, Moctezuma had the palace of his father Auítzotl prepared to house the Spanish and their 3000 native allies. Cortés asked Moctezuma to provide more gifts of gold to demonstrate his fealty as a vassal of Charles V. Cortés also demanded that the two large idols be removed from the main temple pyramid in the city, the human blood scrubbed off, and shrines to the Virgin Mary and St. Christopher be set up in their place. All his demands were met. Cortés then seized Moctezuma in his own palace and made him his prisoner as insurance against Aztec revolt, and demanded an enormous ransom of gold, which was duly delivered.

Gold, silks and slaves would be sent back to Spain and it would just so happen that the priestess that had been discarded to the slavers would come to be found in the slaves market within the Spanish capital Milan. There she was brought by a noble from some far off house in some far off country she had never heard off, and that was House Tremere.

And so she would arrive at her new home in the Chantrie of Venna and her life as a ghoul would now come to being, her magical talent towards blood magic and the deep understanding to her art was something her patrons hungry tried to learn for themselves, finding that her own blood magic and their own Thaumaturgy had a great deal of similarities, but as with all other high magic they were incapable of mastering it due to their Undeath. For the next 88 years she would remain behind the great walls of the Venna Chantrie, only venturing out when on orders or has she liked to call to call it, shopping trips when her Masters and Mistress's need.. Parts for their experiments.


Thought the years that she lived there with her Masters, she had not only shown great positional but had also rebuffed the honour of the embrace saying that she has so much to offer and help her Masters and mistress discover and if she took the honour now she would lose her ability to do the things she was doing and help in her own special way. Although she never received any of the credit nor did she ever ask for any, she was in fact responsible for a great deal of advances and the creation of Blood Rituals and Thaumaturgy paths. It was when she had helped develop Tezcatlipoca's rituals and the Lash of Xipe Totec she felt as though she had succeed in serving her masters and also her God, she has created the paths of power that would be taught on to other Tremere for generations to come, and the blood for her God would flow.


Once more she was offered the Embrace and this time she accepted, little did other know the blessing of her immortality as a ghoul came at a great personal cost as her avatar and her very ability to cast her magic’s was get harder and harder with each decade, although she never had problems doing what she already knew, she was unable to advance and learn new masteries, it was time for her to make a chose, Die with power, or be reborn and learn again. What way was more fitting that to start her new life with the taking and given of blood. It was the will of Her God she was sure of it. And so she was embraced and born again into the Clan Tremere, as Reoco, childa of Magus and the Grand childa of Meerlinda. As was expected she was a progeny when it came to learning the clans secret Blood Thaumaturgy, it seemed almost like Childs play to her how she managed to master it so quickly and elegantly which brought great pride to her sire and grand sire. Reoco spent the next forty years relearning and mastering what she had helped develop in life, the only time she left was to run errands or do help distract and divert the attention of the Inquisition to elsewhere.


During this time period Reoco’s life was a busy one, with the discovery of how the Tremere made their gargoyles, a being that was created in a magical process that used parts of members of the other Vampiric Clans, needless to say when the other clans heard of this there would outraged and For a while Reoco was helping defend the Chantrie nearly on a daily basis, until a truce was agreed upon, one of the conditions of that truce was that the creation of anymore Gargoyles was Forbidden. And so Reoco was sent out with other Tremere hunters to track down Rogue Gargoyles and either return with them to the Chantrie for reprocessing or just destroy them outright, not only this but Reoco was used as the Chantrie will away from home, as she personally over saw twenty seven of the birthing chambers destroyed, the things she saw that night have stayed with her onto this night.


With the Gargoyle crisis behind them Reoco returned back to find that a lot of her brothers and sisters had entered torpor, and in truth she herself was feeling rather tired. But instead of join the others of her age in sleep she decided to remain away, for her God was showing her terrible Omens and she had to be ready to protect her family if any of these Omens came to past.

As she watched the world around her crash as the mortals lose faith in their governments she felt a terrible stir in the wind as change fanned the flames of war. For the post part she and other experienced members of the clan was used to defend key places and rescue those of importance to the clan. Just when one war seemed to come to an end, in what was but a blink of an eye to her another soon began but this time it would envelope the entire world in conflict and blood. The Wars to her was an Omen in their own right, something terrible was happening and blood needed to be spited, a brief encounter with a handsome kindred inspired her to how sow fear into the hearts of the mortals that tried to take the Transylvanian Chantrie she was sent to guard, and under that star lit night with, the sound of wolfs howling with over 300 hundred Nazi’s impaled. Reoco and her pale skined dark haird handsome lover celebrated, with the sharing of one another’s blood and bodys, a very fond moment of Vampiric intimacy she remembers to this day.


After Returning to her home, the Venna Chantrie. Reoco decided she would take a little brake hell she had earned it and so for two years did nothing but relax, make blood sacrifices and help out with the teaching of some of the fledglings to the Clan. Later on she was asked to go and help a recently set up Chantrie that was having some problems with the mortals and a new faction that was slowly taking form. And so and two others handpicked by the council went to the great city of Lost Angels in the Americas, within a few days the three had sorted out the mortal problem, and have subdued or destroyed the gangs that were trying making things difficult for the fledgling Chantrie. As beautiful a city as Reoco saw it she could not help but feel restless here and at first she could not understand why, she soon encounter this new faction that was springing up, the Coven at first she thought it was just another rag band of Anarchists trying to make a name for themselves, she even when to one of their meets and that was the first time she saw the woman that had been the sauce of no end of gossip in the Chantrie, while impressed at the Elders ideas, Reoco did not honestly have much faith in the little group and doubted it would survive long and so ignored it and went back to focusing on her Chantrie.

Reoco was shocked the night she turned on the TV and saw live reports of Vampires fight, fight each other and cutting down any mortal that got in their way. Once again change was being thrown in her face, deciding it would be best to evacuate the Chantrie, Reoco and the other two that came with her, helped escort and safe guard their Kin onto a Aeroplane to the Chantrie in Venna. Reoco how ever did not follow, something was calling to her and she knew that she had to return to Tenochtitlan.


Reoco returned to her hidden Tenochtitlan, the once might city now laid in ruins, as she walked thought he streets it was as though the past and the present collided as she say broken down builds and was able to recall what they looked like in her life, as she pasted the doorway of her old temple a flash back how crowded it was and the scent of spice and incense hit her nose in the way only a powerful memory could. She Ventured into the Temple and found others, mortal, kindred and mage that had also followed the call, they all followed it deep underground where they found a room that she herself had never been into, for it was only the High Priests and the Emperor that was able to enter, the Hall of Prophecies. After years of decoding they finally understood why they all had been called, Salvation and Damnation, Birth and Death a reckoning was coming.


For the next thirty one years, the old city became alive ago as thousands of others that had visions or had been brought along by loved ones flocked to the Ancient city of Tenochtitlan, The alters once more ran red with blood once more as all gave their blood willingly too Huitzilopochtli. It was almost as though being back in time for her, as mortal and supernatural lived side by side in peace all united by their faith. In the Final year where darkness fell from the comet great celebration was called for as the Reckoning was almost here, balls of fire rained from the sky and the celebrations continued, welcoming their god back into his word. And then, in midst of a sacrificial rite, the portals started to rip open and cheering and joys of glee filled the air as their lord and his servants had come to them. As one everyone in that city that day bleed, some even performing self sacrifices and the streets ran with blood and from this blood a new portal ripped open and from it came Huitzilopochtli, in all his splendour and all his horror. All the blood that was let in his name and honour was taken into him, and although he did not look or speak to him faithful as he and his servants took to wing to join the celestial battle that was raging in the skies.


The battle was a long and bloody one and all to soon the faithful that watched Huitzilopochtli and his servants clash with other gods and their servants joined into the fray or willing sacrificed themselves to empower their Lord and his servants. This continued until Huitzilopochtli met against the Arch Angels of the One God, whom called him a Demon!? While her Lord and his servants seemed at first to out power these Angels, it was soon apparent that these Angels and the Arch Angel commanders, had a far greater reviver of faith to power them, where Huitzilopochtli was dependant of the blood sacrifices of his slowly decreasing number of followers. It was not long until what survivors of his faith remained watched as their Lord Huitzilopochtli was struck down and smited by the Angels after which they flew onwards to their next quarry.


After watching her God and his servants lose, it was as anyone can imagine, a very hard blow for Reoco, and after that day she left the city with no intention of ever returning, her faith which was older than some vampires was now wavering and she was confused and lost and did not know where to turn, for years she wandered, and with each year she slowly harboured a darkness that was slowly eating away at her from the inside, sensations dulled, enjoyment of simple things dimed and the pleasures of life and of the flesh were all too soon becoming old and pointless. Rumours soon came to her ears of Lost Angels that it had survived and had in fact for the most part largely remained in tacked, and so she made her way into the city and met a bald man who asked her was she from around her, and she said yes, but it was a long time ago, and that man was named Tonga.
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