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TaiBelow is an RP log from the past 5 hours of Pack RP. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this event, and it was so fun to participate in it and really rewarded to see so many people having fun with it. It's a straight copy and paste from Taien's 'point of view' as there was many things going on at the same time all over the airship, and I wasn't in chat range for a lot of it. So, as I said, this is from my characters point of view. I tried to clean up the log a bit too.

[12:01] Jillian Ireman pads over to red and dea and kinda smiles a bit " hey.."
[12:01] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' make a fac at le, "somehoe i feel taken advantage of"
[12:02] Deanna Tamura smiles at jill as she apporaches " hey to you too" Dea chuckels " how is ya?.... was quite a while when we met last time"
[12:02] Redbeauty Lytton smiles to Jilleh..." Hey hey sweety all ok wiff you?"
[12:02] Nasreen Serevi grinned at Clockwork and Leo both "whatever gets the job done!"
[12:02] Nil barks. "We gonna head up to the ship soon?"
[12:02] [12:01] Jillian Ireman pads over to red and dea and kinda smiles a bit " hey.."
[12:01] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' make a fac at le, "somehoe i feel taken advantage of"
[12:02] Deanna Tamura smiles at jill as she apporaches " hey to you too" Dea chuckels " how is ya?.... was quite a while when we met last time"
[12:02] Redbeauty Lytton smiles to Jilleh..." Hey hey sweety all ok wiff you?"
[12:02] Nasreen Serevi grinned at Clockwork and Leo both "whatever gets the job done!"
[12:02] Nil barks. "We gonna head up to the ship soon?"
[12:02] Jillian Ireman shrugs some " as good as I can get right now.. long story.. about yesterday.."
[12:03] : Jillian Ireman peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:03] : Jillian Ireman (comm): 'Ro, Adaire.. I think things are about to kick off.. ya may want to make ye way over again
[12:03] Nequael Quan pads closer so she can find out where they were going...she hated surprises and Tai had kept this one a very good secret "So...whats the plan?"
[12:03] : Taien Foulon (comm): Yeah. Last call.
[12:03] : Taien Foulon peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:03] Redbeauty Lytton looks up and down at Jill..:" yeah you look kinda diffrent..." she smirks
[12:04] DarkLord Daviau: sorry Flae"
[12:04] Jillian Ireman frowns " yeah.. I know.. think.. im kinda stuck like this for a while.."
[12:04] Rae Topaz stood there quietly, lips pursed, outwardly calm but inside she was absolutely bursting with curiosity as to what was going on
[12:04] Flaetriu Darkmatter: its ok"
[12:04] : Castalia Darkstone (comm): where are we meeting ?
[12:04] : Nil peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:04] : Nil (comm): Urrgh! where exactly are we going?"
[12:04] Taien Foulon pads into the middle of the group, standing near to the taxi, apparently filled with the supplies they had found throught the day. "Th' plan. Is that get all this shit loaded on th' airship." He gestures northwards. "Tao set it down over there.. So. C'mon. Hop ta it. Start loadin' shit up."
[12:04] : Nequael Quan peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:04] : Nequael Quan (comm): the ruins of disney land!
[12:04] : Taien Foulon (comm): Meet at LW. Sniff us out.
[12:04] : Taien Foulon peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:05] Redbeauty Lytton shakes her head..." well i could pull you in my biotube later and we could try to make a make over this... Depends if you want" she looks still to Jilleh
[12:05] Chasity Dawes nods to Tai, grabbing something laying around and starting to carry it over to the ship
[12:06] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' grabs his drum he carried for leo and puts it on the ship
[12:06] Deanna Tamura moves from one foot to the other and waits to finally hear what is going on here. Dea listend to red and jill and nods " yeah there is quite some diffrence "
[12:06] Jillian Ireman grabs what she saw which were a couple of shovels and a few tinkers, and made way to the airship
[12:06] Drucilla Ceawlin shrugs and leans down, picking up a barrel with her left paw and swinging it upon her left shoulder with very little thought. Her mechanical parts doing the work for her "righto....." she waits to be shown exactly where to go
[12:06] leonora Aristocrat picks up the det cord clockwork brought cause its lite and yellow and black and matches her dress.. could make a nice accessory she thinks
[12:06] Nequael Quan picks up her two five gallon bottles of gasoline and diesel she procured from Celtic and starts to carry it to the ship...when it was brought down that is...
[12:06] DarkLord Daviau picks up a shovel and a box of rations and carries it to the ship as well
[12:06] Taien Foulon smacks his hand against the taxi. "Come on. All o' you that're just standin' around, grab whatever ya can 'n' start takin' it ta th' airship. Look lively."
[12:06] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' takes the det cord back from leo and mock glares at her
[12:06] Rae Topaz couldnt shift a whole barrel on her own so she waited until someone else could help "anyone care to help shift this other barrel with me?" she called out
[12:07] Nasreen Serevi moved forward to her stash of shit she'd accumulated, grabbing one axe, a bottle of accelarant, and some old rags. With that, she'd make to move to the airship, tosisng out "Chop chop!"
[12:07] Drucilla Ceawlin follows others with the item over her shoulder
[12:07] Wishstar Ninetails picks up a barrol as well waiting for others to lead theway
[12:07] leonora Aristocrat sighs as clockwork took the only thing she could carry that would match her dress and picks up something muttering about stuff not coordinating and all
[12:07] Redbeauty Lytton picks up the shovel and the Pick axe she borrowed yesterday from the Undead´s.... and turns grining to Dea and moves over to the air ship whistleing a little tune on her lips
[12:08] DarkLord Daviau pauses for a second.."anyone need help with the barrels?"
[12:08] Rae Topaz: "me" she grinned "c'mon"
[12:08] Frodo Tereshchenko grabbed two shovels and muttered, "Let's go pet,"
[12:08] Deanna Tamura nods to Tai's words and walks to the taxi grabbing some of the boxes she yesterday brought here with red and DL to follow the group towards the airship
[12:08] : Taien Foulon (comm): Once ya've grabbed something, take it ta th' airship 'n' load it up. Who knows how much stuff we'll need. So be plentiful!
[12:08] : Taien Foulon peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:08] Xulltana Lowell peeks over curiosly
[12:08] Rae Topaz hefted one end of abarrell and waited for DL to help
[12:12] Frodo Tereshchenko nodded and pointed to some supplies, "Yes. Take those - I have the shovel!"
[12:12] : Taien Foulon (comm): On mah way ta th' airship.
[12:12] : Taien Foulon peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:13] : DarkLord Daviau (comm): not sure but I think all is loaded
[12:13] : Drucilla Ceawlin (comm): lookin' forward ta ya arrivin'
[12:13] Flaetriu Darkmatter "alright tai" he says with a hiden smile
[12:14] Taien Foulon nods to Flae, "Alright dude. Let's head onto ta ship yeah?" He looks to Tao, and nods to her. "Let's go up, yeah? This is yer mission afterall.."
[12:16] Tao Ninetails shrugged where she stood, not really turning to look at Taien, she seemed distracted by something, staring off into the distance, "i wouldn't know." she said distantly, "Shall we move?.. where's 'Ro?" she asked, not looking around for him.
[12:28] Nomeda Coage pads up nonchalantly.
[12:29] Taien Foulon points at the airship. "C'mon guys. Let's atleast get on board."
[12:29] CCS - v1.0 - METER: Garcanno DuPont has detached their meter
[12:29] Xulltana Lowell shifts on the other side of the boat looking around curiosly, her posture a bit slanted to the side
[12:29] Nomeda Coage doesn't really get what's going on, but follows Tai onto the airship because he was told to.
[12:29] Xulltana Lowell head tilted tot he side grineing broadly as she stares at everyone
[12:31] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' lookd up at nil, why ya gotta be mean?"
[12:31] Jillian Ireman pads up to the front " Can.. I sit up here?"
[12:31] Drucilla Ceawlin fails to perch on one of the airship cables and sighs, she wanted a perch
[12:31] Nasreen Serevi smiles "Sure! Take a seat!"
[12:32] Nil "Because I'm hungy, and I don't know where we're going."
[12:32] Jillian Ireman smiles and takes a seat on the fallen pillow and crosses her legs getting comfy
[12:32] Castalia Darkstone was back and gave Jillian a quick wave, befor she went back to her silent worry about blowing up and the humanity .
[12:32] Xulltana Lowell: wacha guys doing *grins* comes to see...comes to acout....
[12:33] Drucilla Ceawlin starts up her new and improved holocomp and works on various things until she is told anything further
[12:33] Jillian Ireman waves to cas back!
[12:33] Jillian Ireman waves at tao!
[12:33] Wishstar Ninetails cries on leos shoulder
[12:33] Nomeda Coage sniffs at the air, disorientated by the foul odour of too many Packies in one area.
[12:33] Xulltana Lowell and dead flesh....
[12:34] Tao Ninetails doesn't wave back.
[12:34] Castalia Darkstone quirked a brow as the designer of said airship revival copped a spot next to her , "I thought you' be on the bridge? .." she says curling her hand in anxiety , 'who's driving this thing?" Witches historically had trouble crossing water.. this was a ship of another kind.
[12:35] Xulltana Lowell picks at her skin makeing fresh clotted blood seep from her pores as she watches everyone ont he ship sitting agenst the wall ready to go whever they are going
[12:35] Nomeda Coage looks at Anna, does his wolf equivalent of a smile - which mostly uses his eyes, and within moments it's Nom standing there, still disorientated by Jerrek/Johnny/Nil's foul, musky odour.
[12:35] Jillian Ireman blinks and hides her hand
[12:35] Deanna Tamura moves her head back . Dea feels a bit scared seeing red with such big tools and raisies a brow " watch out with those love ya and tools is a dagerous "
[12:36] Redbeauty Lytton turns around waves with one hand to Scarlet and nearly hits dea with the shovel..." Uh what did you just said my love?"
[12:36] Nequael Quan stands around awaiting any orders or any news in where they were for the odeur...well she had been around the Pack so long she rarely even noticed it anymore!
[12:37] Jillian Ireman then remembers that she looked different from the last time she saw tao... thinking that was the reason she didnt wave back.. she shrugs and leans back against the couch
[12:37] Xulltana Lowell thinks she smells the worst then all the pack.....
[12:37] Drucilla Ceawlin thought the pack smeelt great, escecially herself. But she barely noticed it as she worked on whatever new programming item she had her mind set upon now
[12:37] Xulltana Lowell sees bane and grins broadly, waveing
[12:37] Annalisa Carver waves at Bane, her " dad" and snickers at the thought of him as an actual dad
[12:37] Bane Hellmann smiles and waves back to X
[12:37] Tao Ninetails raises her right arm to motion in the general area of the ships wheel, even though it was an airship it still had the traditional wheel for steering of old times, "Taien will be taking command shortly i imagine.." she said sounding somewhat distracted, "He's probably ensuring we have everything and everyone before we depart."
[12:38] Bane Hellmann: hey anna
[12:38] Annalisa Carver: hihi
[12:38] Nomeda Coage looks to Anna; "So, why are we sitting in an airship?" He asks her not because she's the best informed, but because - never mind. If you don't know, it doesn't matter. Then he follows her eyeline to Bane, and says nothing.
[12:38] Xulltana Lowell: so where you all heading
[12:38] Wishstar Ninetails pokes dru i think im getting wrose
[12:38] Wishstar Ninetails: worse
[12:38] Chasity Dawes looks over at Xull shrugging "I udnno, who are you?
[12:38] Taien Foulon was doing just that, in fact. Afyer everyone had spaced out for a minute. "Alright everyone. Everyone loaded up th' shit yeah?" He glances around. "Speak up though. Who brought what? Ah gotta make sure we got allw e need before we depart."
[12:39] Xulltana Lowell: *giggles hauntingly*
[12:39] Xulltana Lowell: im X.....
[12:39] Annalisa Carver shrugs at Nom's question " dunno love, better ask one of the big dags"
[12:39] Adaire DeCuir curls against her mate, snuggling against him. She piped up to Taien, "Whole lot of us got some fuel!"
[12:39] : Wishstar Ninetails peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:39] : Wishstar Ninetails (comm): didnt ge any xp lol
[12:39] Rae Topaz: "DL and I lugged a barrell up" she called out
[12:39] : Adaire DeCuir peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[12:39] Nomeda Coage looks to Tai; "Leo had an H Bomb. Then I had it. Then I put it by Nas's foot." Just for the hell of it.
[12:39] Xulltana Lowell looks at Bane trying to catch his eye to come closer.....
[12:39] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' "i got my det cord and dtonato!"
[12:40] Drucilla Ceawlin blinks over her screen at Wish "ah'll beh lookin' at ya later hon" then loudly to Tai "ah wus bringin' ah barrel oh sumthin'" she points at the barrel
[12:40] Chasity Dawes shrgs "I grabbed a box of something."
[12:40] Nil "I brought my claws, and I pushed a car. And a collapsible shovel.
[12:40] Nequael Quan is totally haunted by X's giggles...but she tries not to let it bother her too she pipes up "I did a deal with the collective to get five gallons of gasoline and five gallons of diesel...had to part with my own drugs as well!"
[12:40] Nomeda Coage: "And I have my generic techspider explosives, so it's all good."
[12:40] Deanna Tamura shrugs but feels reliefed to finally it seems to go on . Dea places the two boxes of combar rations she yesterday picked up with red and DL on the ground and says " brought some food up here"
[12:40] Frodo Tereshchenko poked a thumb at the shovels and supplies,"Shovels and supplies," he called out to Taien before getting comfy for the trip.
[12:40] Xulltana Lowell leans agenst the railing grining, her rotted jaged teeth showing as she looks around curiosly wondering if she will get a chance to feed ont his trip
[12:41] Nequael Quan then adds "I also helped push the car and recomended borrowing the shoves and pick axes from the Risen folks..."
[12:41] Bane Hellmann walks over to X"heya,how you been?
[12:41] Xulltana Lowell look sat Nequael and grins at her "Your Welcome!"
[12:41] Nomeda Coage whispers to Anna; "You were right. It is the same one." She'd presumably know what he was talking about.
[12:41] Castalia Darkstone was vaguely aware that there explosives and gasoline on board the ship. She settled into the cushioned seat hand reaching for absent seat belts. Her pale skin likely more so , "we're safe right ?" She asked looking over the guard rail. fashes of every recorded aviation and nautical disaster going through her mind.
[12:42] Xulltana Lowell: scouting....
[12:42] DarkLord Daviau glances over to Neq and gives her a thumbs up.."good call".....dont know
[12:42] Nil' Ialso brought a shitload of different arrows in case were attacked or need to blow shit up."
[12:42] Nequael Quan blinks "Welcome for what?" She smiles and nods to Dark "I was due a good idea!"
[12:42] Bane Hellmann looks over to the Trade post
[12:42] Annalisa Carver chuckles and says uncertainly "im... sorry?" shrugs and pats his cheek
[12:42] DarkLord Daviau chuckled at her comment
[12:43] Jillian Ireman looked to cas " I hope so..but.. I have no clue whats going on.. so.. I cant predict anything yet" she shook her head and fiddled with the pillow she was sitting on
[12:43] Taien Foulon just nods, "Alright then.. Good work everyone. Let's just hope ya all brought enough explosives. Cause otherwise we're gonna have ta make another run around 'n' this trip will be all fer nothin'.." Taien glances up, and calls out to Tao. "Tao. Ah think we're ready ta go. You wanna fly this thing cause ah got no idea where the fuck we're goin'!"
[12:43] Xulltana Lowell: For the picks from my family.........mmmm this looks like fun.....will I be able to feed along the trip? *asks abcently looking around eagerly*
[12:43] Bane Hellmann: ill be right back all,need to get something tai
[12:43] Bane Hellmann: and im sure you will X
[12:43] Chasity Dawes plops down by one of the couches, nodding to Cas and Tao
[12:43] Nomeda Coage shrugs; "I'll live. Well, probably."
[12:44] Annalisa Carver nods " yesh u will live"
[12:44] Nasreen Serevi settled down again as Taien barked the flying orders to Tao. "Yes, time to brave the vast seas! Erh...skies!"
[[12:44] Nil "We bringin' one of the archaics? IO sure as hell ain't losin
[12:44] Jerrek Swordthain: any bits.
[12:44] Tao Ninetails Eyed up Nas who was being stoic and leaderly on the arm couch opposit her, "Safe?" she hadn't really thought about the safety of the ship or it's crew, "About as safe as an improvised flying vessel full of lycans and explosives can get i'd assume." she said simply, not really sounding like she meant it sarcasticly.
[12:44] Xulltana Lowell grips the railing frowning at whats going on
[12:44] DarkLord Daviau looks over to Tai..then remembers Tao saying something about him flying this thing...this might not end well..he thinks to himself
[12:44] Nomeda Coage looks to Tai; "So, where we headed? Presumably not to Bondi Beach, with all this stuff?"
[12:45] Annalisa Carver reaches out and grips Nom's arm looking at him all scared like, cuz flying equals high and.. yea he knows
[12:46] Xulltana Lowell chews on her razor blade
[12:46] Nasreen Serevi snickered at Tao's comment "Yeah, safe isn't the best word now is it." Nas' eyes danced at the thought, after all...a little danger was the spice of life. Well, NAs' life anyway. "Ya gonna fly this bad boy, Tao?"
[12:46] Taien Foulon shakes his head to Nomeda. "No idea. Tao is th' one who knows ah just saw th'.." He pauses. "Blueprints 'n' photo's o' where we're goin'.." Taien once again turns and calls up to Tao. "Tao! We need ta take off. We're set 'n' we need someone who knows how ta fly this thing."
[12:46] Castalia Darkstone nearly choked at Taien's words. "uh..he doesn't know ... " she leaned back closed her eyes, a thin film of perspiration coating her. "alrightly then. " She said as her stomach bottomed out.
[12:46] Rae Topaz mumbled a soft prayer for everyone's safety, the prayer not to anyone in just didnt know who could be listening out there
[12:46] Nil warps through space time to go sit on the couch.
[12:47] Nomeda Coage uses Anna's grip on his arm to spin her round into a full over-the-shoulders hug. He murmurs into her ear; "I got you." And then rests his chin on her head.
[12:47] Adaire DeCuir is Online
[12:47] Chasity Dawes laughs excitedly, calling out "We're all going to die!"
[12:47] CCS - v1.0 - METER: Richmond Rembranch has detached their meter
[12:47] Xulltana Lowell: *giggles hauntingly*
[12:47] Nil "Get up then!"
[12:47] Nomeda Coage kicks X off the airship for giggling irritatingly.
[12:48] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' turned and saw nil missing, "where'd he go?"
[12:48] Xulltana Lowell jumps back frmo nomeda's kicks and grins at him showing off her jagged rotted teeth
[12:48] Annalisa Carver smiles and whispers " yesh ya do... but ima still close my eyes anyhow"
[12:49] Jillian Ireman looks to tao and wonders if she heard tai. then looks to cas and perked a brow " you.. dont like.. flying do you?"
[12:49] Tao Ninetails didn't really think about actually telling Taien where we were supposed to be going.. which only dawned upon her when everyone started getting worried about who was really in charge here, "mmm." she muttered, using the couch as a support to bring her to a standing on her hooves, she wasn't a fan of standing on moving things, Hooves had this effect of lacking the muscles required to counter-balance sudden movements, clicking her way round to the wheel of the Airship though not really doing anything with it for now, she looked over the balcony-like area behind the wheel down at Taien, "Time to go?"
[12:49] Jerrek Swordthain: `/4 "Get this hunk of junk in theair!"
[12:49] Drucilla Ceawlin puts somethink highly techno in her ears for the trip, the airship seemed to warrent it))
[12:49] Deanna Tamura looks up to where Taien shouted his commands and shrugs . till now dea didn't really think this thing can fly and looks around a bit nervously (( back ))
[12:50] Nomeda Coage grins back, showing his yellow, dripping, monster fangs, glad Anna has her eyes closed and can't see them - not that should could anyway, unless she looked up at him. He then speaks to Anna again; "If you fall, I'll jump out and catch you." Not that it would help, but it sounds reassuring.
[12:50] Taien Foulon takes one final look around, then nods again to Tao. There was nothing more to be said, or for anyone to do. He just hoped that everyone was holding on.. "Yes. Let's go." He looks to Flae, "An' don't throw up on me!"
[12:50] Castalia Darkstone glares over at Chasity and reaches out in an attempt to thunk her head with a finger flick . "no more that " she said Her eyes then scanning back and forth between Tai and tao, "Maybe I should drive it " she offered, yes.. driving a thing she had not a single clue about .. fantistic idea.. but hey she'd be in control ............. of their deaths.
[12:50] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' has black sabbath over his internal audio circuit
[12:51] Frodo Tereshchenko began to bang on the cold steel - almost like that at a football match, "Why are we waiting?" he began to chant - with the voice of an angel.
[12:51] Chasity Dawes just grins as she's thunked,laughing again and settling back
[12:51] Annalisa Carver: going non com, people needing help with the level up))
[12:51] Rae Topaz glanced around and said "are we nearly there yet?"
[12:51] Richmond Rembranch ties himself in nice and secure and sets his camera glasses to auto snap, hoping that the large number of heavily armed individuals didnt come down onto the observation deck anytime soon
[12:51] Adaire DeCuir clung to Ro, murmuring, "I don't know...about this flying stuff..."
[12:51] Bane Hellmann walks onto the deck of the ship,pulling several crates behind him and carrying a oil drum on his back,happy to be back on the ship before they left,he sets his highly flammable cargo onto the deck
[12:51] DarkLord Daviau looked over as Tai uttered his last remark..then looks to Flae and backs up a step or two.
[12:51] Nasreen Serevi waved to Richmond "Heya! Along for the ride? Better hold on!"
[12:52] Wishstar Ninetails: goes to fins somewhere to sit
[12:52] Redbeauty Lytton wanted to sit in a total diffrent spot and is amazed to land up here O.o
[12:52] Bri yells out in a squeekie girlish voice. "AHOY ARRRRR... " he looked up at the packies.
[12:52] Nequael Quan lays across the top of the sofa very much like a house fact she puts her feline vocal chords to good use and "Mrrrowls!"
[12:52] Drucilla Ceawlin sits up front, brushing a few stray bits of dust from her new mechsuit
[12:52] Xulltana Lowell plops down on the edge of the seat with the liveing pack members and grins at them with a cheerful "Hey there!"
[12:53] Jillian Ireman heard a squeekie voice and looked around " WhAT was that?"
[12:53] Rae Topaz had no idea how she ended up on the couch..but hey, she shrugged, it was comfy
[12:53] Wishstar Ninetails: shouts back "atleat your on the sofa im ona box at the back"
[12:53] Tao Ninetails sighs outwardly a little at Taiens acknowledgement to move this mass of people into the sky on the 'Safe' Airship, rotating round from the hip first then walking the short distance to the wheel, raising her left hand to be placed on one of the rungs which line it's ring, looking to Taien one last time before saying "off we go then.", then abruptly pulling back on the wheel making it link out of the column which it was attached to slightly, the engine in the back of the ship increasing in noise dramatically as the ship started to pour pressure into the ground in order to gain lift.
[12:53] DarkLord Daviau reaches over and places his hand on Cas's leg..rubbing it gently, trying to make her feel a bit more reassured all would be ok..even though he had no clue himself
[12:54] Nomeda Coage: "So, we all gonna join the Mile High Club, yeah?"
[12:54] Nil "TAKE OFF DAMNIT!"
[12:54] Deanna Tamura pokes DL next to her a bit wondering how he came next to her and chuckels softly while she leans back against the couch
[12:54] Nasreen Serevi laughed at Nome's comment.
[12:54] Xulltana Lowell: oooohhhhhh flying! *looks around excitedly*
[12:54] Drucilla Ceawlin relaxed as they hit the air "now ahm impressed ah tell ya"
[12:54] Rae Topaz laughs nervously, wishing she still had her own wings
[12:55] Nomeda Coage: "....What's the in flight movie? I hope they don't give us any of those crappy bags of nuts that are impossible to open... where's the bloody air hostess when you need her...?"
[12:55] Xulltana Lowell chews on the couch lazly as she looks at the clouds around her
[12:55] DarkLord Daviau is very happy sitiing next to Cas and doesnt move
[12:56] Nequael Quan eeps as she is launched up into the air with the ship, she wasn't afraid of heights...she was mostly feline after all...but being that high up was somewhat disconcerting, she didn't even know how safe the thing was "Oh jeeze..."
[12:56] Chasity Dawes blinks as the thing actually takes off "Wow..." she says "Where are we going?"
[12:56] Nil "Stewardess! Bring me some meat!"
[12:56] Nomeda Coage looks over the edge; "I'm so tempted just to jump."
[12:56] Castalia Darkstone was taking pictures
[12:56] Wishstar Ninetails offers nomeda a parachute
[12:56] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' tosses nil a steak
[12:56] Nomeda Coage doesn't need one.
[12:56] leonora Aristocrat stands up and brings nil nomeda .. giggling
[12:57] Nequael Quan calls over to leo "Hey leo...this is right up your alley...air hostess duties?"
[12:57] Jillian Ireman remains on the pillow!
[12:57] Taien Foulon goes a little pale, and rubs his face a few times. He was feeling sick. He'd never gone up this high before. "Alright.. No one fall overboard, otherwise we wont be able ta like.. ever find ya.." He looks to Tao. "How long will it take before we get ta our location? An' how far is it?" He looks to everyone else. "While we're flyin'.. May aswell bust out th' booze that some o' you was told ta get, yeah?"
[12:57] Frodo Tereshchenko padded over to Tao having finally managed to get used to the turbulence and stuff, "Can't believe this actually flies!" he muttered.
[12:57] Nil catches it in his jaws, and hungrily devours it. "Ahhhh."
[12:57] Drucilla Ceawlin giggles at Tai "oh whut booze we got?"
[12:58] Nasreen Serevi stares around then starts humming a bawdy pirate song to amuse herself.
[12:58] Xulltana Lowell communicates with the world's Lost Souls.
[12:58] leonora Aristocrat nods and grins at neq "coffee tea or me! whee!" she giggles
[12:58] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' smirks to nil, "now are you gonna be nice?"
[12:58] Nomeda Coage spins his pistols out of their holsters onto his fingers, catching them with a *Crack* of noise; "RIGHT you motherfuckers, this is a hijack!" Because it's like, high; "And I DON'T mean the kind Tommie would do that ends up with sticky flooring!" He sniggers.
[12:58] Chasity Dawes reaches for Leo's tail "I choose you." she says trying to pull the girl into her lap
[12:58] Xulltana Lowell gets off the couch and starts sniffing around
[12:58] Wishstar Ninetails: can i have you leo "he said with a bgrin
[12:58] Deanna Tamura stays on her spot, her face turning a bit more pale then usually and sighs, flying is for sure not her thing
[12:59] Annalisa Carver rolls her eyes at Nom
[12:59] Tao Ninetails was looking akward, more ot less wrapped around the ships wheel, she cursed her hooves for the second time, "About 15 minutes i guess?" she didn't really know but she figured she'd shoot a ballpark figure in there for Taien just to satisfy him.
[12:59] Nil swallows, drooling and looking at Garc. "Alright/..."
[12:59] Richmond Rembranch tries to keep the lunch that dodgy cat person sold him down, while taking a few snaps of the areas below decks, mindfull of the fact that he hadnt really been invited along and that these folks were seriously well armed.
[13:00] Wishstar Ninetails gives up and sits on the edge hoping someone would push him off
[13:00] Xulltana Lowell walks over to Bane and grins leaning agenst his side
[13:00] Nil "Nom, I'm not taking you serious until you grow a beard and wrap a turban around your head."
[13:00] leonora Aristocrat giggles as her tail is grabbed and she reaches into a bag she was carrying, one you handt noticed of course and starts pulling out cold beers "let me see I can offer chicken or beef.." she says "no not really but I brought a bunch of cold beers for inflight service!" and grins holding up a st. paulis girl "anyone want?"
[13:00] Rae Topaz lifted a hand and waved amiably at the dude in the hat opposite her
[13:01] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' laughs
[13:01] Nequael Quan slams her hand on the edge of the sofa, sending dust flying upwards "I need a large shot of jackdaniels...stat!" She frowns, remembering how she in fact told Wish not to bring Jack Daniels...she wasn't sure whether booze was required...but it was possible someone else she looks around hopefully...
[13:01] Wishstar Ninetails: me presses a bottle of jd into neq hand
[13:01] Bane Hellmann smiles to X"enjoying yourself?
[13:01] Frodo Tereshchenko narrowed his eyes as Adaire seemed to slip off to the back of the ship for some reason before looking back over at Taien, "Is this the lot then?" he asked, hoping none had got left.
[13:01] Nomeda Coage smirks - his typist had to go, for one reason or another, and he'd just felt a spurt of epic-ness coming on; "Hey, here's a few techspiders." And he dumps a bag of the spidery things on the floor of the deck; "Peace out, suckers." Making the peace sign, and rolling backwards like a diver off the edge of the boat; "I left some of my mega booze next to the ramp!!" He yells as he goes down.
[13:01] Wishstar Ninetails presses a bottle of jd into neq hand
[13:01] Adaire DeCuir watched Nomeda fall overboard.
[13:01] Castalia Darkstone nudged Dark with a foot still anxious but suddently the thirll of flying was out weighing the anxiety. "so what's our destination?"
[13:01] Taien Foulon pauses for a moment. There was a scent on board that he didn't recognize, not in the least. "Oi." He calls out, pointing at Richmond. "WHo th' fuck is that? We got an intruder."
[13:02] Chasity Dawes looks around, trying to see who Tai is poiting at she calls out "THrow him overboard!"
[13:02] Drucilla Ceawlin cant see Richmond for looking
[13:02] Xulltana Lowell looks at Taien and grins at him broadly showing all her jaged teeth "Intruder? intruder? Where tell me so I can bite so hungry *grins sadisticly at Taien*
[13:03] leonora Aristocrat "make him walk the plank!" and suddenly thinks she should have worn her pirates uniform
[13:03] Nequael Quan squees as a bottle of Jack was pushed into her hand...good old Wishy! He always comes through! "Ah thanks're a fucking angel..." She unscrews the top and takes a large gulp straight from the bottle, before setting in back down behind the sofa...
[13:03] leonora Aristocrat: "anyone want a beer?" she asks, having never had guys turn down a beer..
[13:03] Nil paces restlessly. heading down below decks to be alone for a bit.
[13:03] Xulltana Lowell grins at Taien and leans over to bane makeing it look like shes about to bite a chunk off his shoulder
[13:03] Taien Foulon glances around a little, the stowaway having escaped him for the moment. "Right. We got a stowaway on board. Ah want ya ta find him. An' bring him ta me. Unarmed 'n' unhurtt. Points go ta whoever finds him first." ((and I think Richmond just crashed.))
[13:04] Wishstar Ninetails girns then thinks maybe if i was an agnel she would fuck me then sighs and gets another bottle of jd
[13:04] Jillian Ireman wasnt about to get drunk on an airship.. specially since she didnt know what was going to happen.. she would like to stay sober.. just in case things happen
[13:04] Drucilla Ceawlin giggles a little "ah think if weh all go an' try an' get a stowaway things'll beh all messed...overboard an' maneh here!"
[13:04] Chasity Dawes frowns, getting up, she peeks ounder the couches, making sure the stowaway isn't very flat. not many places to hide on an airship really
[13:05] Flaetriu Darkmatter gives tai a salute "am on it sir"
[13:05] Nequael Quan is unaware of Wishes thoughts on fucking her...but if she was she would inform him that she wasn't really interesting in angels
[13:05] Deanna Tamura declines the offered beer with a smile " no thanks"
[13:05] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' wondrs wha was up with jerrek and decides to follow
[13:05] Bane Hellmann doesnt mind X being this close to him,shed been before,he leans back against her
[13:05] DarkMajik Bauhaus glances back to Tao-san.. "So.. we're heading to the location?" she smiled, being one of the few that had some incination what was going on.
[13:05] Drucilla Ceawlin still cant see Richmond
[13:05] Wishstar Ninetails rests his head on neqs head
[13:05] NALINE Yoshikawa waves to everyone (rzzing :x )
[13:05] Frodo Tereshchenko glanced over at Adaire and called out, "I heard something about beer. Fancy getting one for us?" he said.
[13:05] Chasity Dawes goes through the cannon room carefully, shrugging as noone seems to be there either
[13:06] Adaire DeCuir clutched at the side of the ship, terrified. "Beer?" she squeaked. "Um, where?.."
[13:06] Richmond Rembranch is worried about the commotion coming from above and brings out his bowel disrupter incase any non leathal force was needed
[13:06] Xulltana Lowell giggles and starts to nibble bane's shoulder over the fabric of his shirt, her blood stained arms slideing along his hips from behind him
[13:06] Xulltana Lowell: *giggles hauntingly*
[13:06] Frodo Tereshchenko poked a finger at Leo.
[13:06] leonora Aristocrat looks to ro and pads over handing him an icy cold beer "here sir.." she says, on pack airlines drinks are complimentary
[13:07] Frodo Tereshchenko rolled his eyes - his arms where not that long. "Come on pet, grab a beer and lets look downstairs!"
[13:07] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' sees richmond nd sigs and walks away keeping out of this
[13:07] Chasity Dawes drops through th hole in the deck, almost accidently, might as well check when she was down there, seeing smeone he did't recognize, though thatdidn't exclude them s a prospect she'd pounce for Richmond.
[13:07] Richmond Rembranch blinks a couple times and decides to roll with it hiding the bowel disrupter behind his back "Thank you miss"
[13:07] Bri whistles innocently feeling sort of like a sto away.
[13:07] DarkLord Daviau: /hide
[13:08] Taien Foulon kicks back a bit, and waits for those who went out looking for Richmond. It wasn't like they were going to arrive at their destination anytime soon and all.. "Always fuckin' stowways, thinkin' they're fuckin' jokers, eh?"
[13:08] Frodo Tereshchenko tapped his foot as he waited.
[13:08] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' had his audioreceptors full of back sabbath and didn't ntice anyone following him
[13:08] Nequael Quan points to the woman known as Bri...she wasn't sure whether she's a prospect she hadn't me yet...but she sure didn't recognise her "Anyone know who that one is?" She steps towards her getting reay to throw her overboard if need be.
[13:08] Garcanno DuPont: much less hear
[13:08] leonora Aristocrat holds a beer out for Tai "umm beer or beer sir?" she offers, figuring its better than chicken or beef
[13:09] Drucilla Ceawlin peers over the front, leaning with little care if she fell "ooooooooooooooh"
[13:09] Jillian Ireman smiles and raises her hand " I do.. I know.. bri..yus..shes wiff me..!" she nod nods
[13:09] Flaetriu Darkmatter notices the intruder stowing away at the back of the ship, he runs up to him and trys to grab both of his arms to hold him steady
[13:09] Richmond Rembranch tries to dodge to the side of chasity as she pounced bringing the bowel disrupter to bear on the one wearing the gas mask the weapon was set to spastic colon and would hopefully incapcitate the poor bugger
[13:09] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' yelps as he's pounced and flails a bit
[13:09] Wishstar Ninetails kinda pervs neq ass while she walks past
[13:09] Tao Ninetails continued to fly the ship (apparently) to some destination that was to this point kept secret from the rest of the people on board bar a select few, making a quick course correction she cranks the wheel to the right a little with apparently what required some effort as she struggled with the wheel, metal grinding on metal and being stretched in odd ways echoed hollowly from inside the ship and the distant sound of rust cracking off quitly from just about everywhere on the ship, causing the whole ship to tilt slightly to one side, before counter steering to line up the vessel steadily for where she wanted it to go, feeling content with it's bearing she let go of the wheel with her left arm, reached over and unbuckled the PDA which was strapped to her right one off it's normal holding spot, then offered it to Dark.
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Tai[color=#808080][i]Added 07.26.2009 21:50:36: [/i][/color]
[13:10] Bri snickers and looks at Jill and winks. She waves to Neq, "Ello! I'm okays I'm with the band.." she nodded and snickered.
[13:10] Castalia Darkstone glanced over at Bri, "we could see if she bounces" then settled in next to DL , for the ride, "where's the flight attendant?" she whispered to him. .. And were are the little puke bags"
[13:10] Chasity Dawes catches herself quickly , leaping for the man again as the ship begins to tilt, hoping it will throw him off kilter and aid her in knocking him down.
[13:10] DarkLord Daviau smiles as he gets to the ground snuggling Cas her a squeeze and whispers.."I was kinda nervous too"..then kisses her cheek sweetly
[13:10] Adaire DeCuir clutched at the railing and moved a few inches on her knees, then yelped, terrified when the ship moved and made metallic grinding sounds. "Oh!" she said, looking a bit green. "I am not thinking beer would be in order..."
[13:10] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' shudders as the larger male scritches his ear, "figured i'd listen to the clouds or something"
[13:10] Drucilla Ceawlin clutches the rail a bit as teh ship luches, although her eyes remain fixed n the world below
[13:11] leonora Aristocrat hands adaire a beer with a smile "here you go mam!"
[13:11] Deanna Tamura looks over to red a bit worries how her wife is doing and tries to smile over to her, Dea doesn't feeel that well herself though and her smiles loooks mover forced then areally friendly gestures
[13:11] Xulltana Lowell sniffs bane's chest and grins licking her lips , pressing her palms agenst his torso
[13:11] Bane Hellmann leans his head to the side as she bites him"better not get me infected with those teeth of yours"he chuckles
[13:11] Frodo Tereshchenko sighed and padded over to Adaire - he knew she wasn't a traveller. Curling his arms around her, he led her along the railings, "Come - lets go see the rest of the ship quick!" he muttered.
[13:11] Nequael Quan pouts a little bit and nods...she so wanted an excuse to throw someone over boared...or better yet make her walk the plank...she was wearing the right attire after all! She sways a little to the side as the ship does, quickly grabbing onto the railings to prevent her from falling off "Okay...just no throwing shit off the edge...could kill someone like that..." She also scratches her ass as Wish stares at it.
[13:11] Jillian Ireman giggled and saw bri's wink and then blinks as a few new people showed up, giving a wave to the hand, then blinks as cas and DL.. wind in almost in her lap?
[13:11] DarkLord Daviau then continues.."dont jknow..but someone has beer"
[13:11] Wishstar Ninetails pinches neqs ass to get her attention and motionms for the bottle of jd
[13:11] Adaire DeCuir took the beer from Leo and held it up to 'Ro, her knuckles whitening with the hand that kept a death grip on the railing. "Oh, maybe that would better when it's um...docked?"
[13:12] Bri looks to Cas, "Well my tits bounce does that count?" she snickered and shrugged softly. "Well I could just fly.. like an annngel.. "She breaks out singing the song from some movie the player actually forgot.
[13:12] Nasreen Serevi feels the supplies near her feet rock and roll with the movement of the ship, and she works to keep them near. She didn't know hwo long they'd be flying, but luckily Nas wasn't the motion sickness type.
[13:12] Xulltana Lowell: no infected...*mutters as she starts to softly eat at bane's shoulders, ripping a bit of fabric and flesh slightly, not enough to kill him or make him bleed but enough to get a damn good sample of bane's shoulder
[13:12] Richmond Rembranch is knocked about by the sudden shift and is suddenly knocked down by the young woman the bowel disrupter spinning overboard and into the great beyond, he lets out a wince of pain as he hits the deck breaking his wrist
[13:12] Frodo Tereshchenko put the beer down on the sofa seeing as his arm was curled around her, "This way," he said with a faint smile as his mate seemed to green at the experience.
[13:12] DarkMajik Bauhaus surveys the PEDA, noting the GPS coordinates, she nods, smiling, reaching over and resting one hand on the wheel of the ship.. "Need me to steer for a few, Tao-san?" her cybernetic arms wouldnt tire as easily.
[13:12] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' tries to squirm under his captor to roll onto his back, "so what if i do?"
[13:12] DarkMajik Bauhaus: ((PDA>))
[13:13] Nequael Quan eeps as her ass now gets pinched...she aims a swift slap for Wishes face and mutters "Fresh!" In a southern accent...and grabs the jackdaniels, taking another large gulp...
[13:13] Miyu Vendetta now has a Sil on her head. It'sa good thing.
[13:13] Adaire DeCuir clasped Ro's hand, then his waist, squeaking. "It's just that it's SO windows...planes are ok..there aren't any windows..."
[13:13] Drucilla Ceawlin creeps up behind Neq, she'd show her fresh if she didn't notice
[13:13] Bane Hellmann winces"gah"he growls lightly as she bites him"see told you youd get to feed
[13:13] Jillian Ireman peered over at miyu, aubs, sil and adam, and lowers her ears and look away a bit
[13:13] Wishstar Ninetails gets slapped but thinks it was worth it to grab neqs ass but punts when she doesnt give im any
[13:14] Taien Foulon holds up his hand to Leo. "Ah'll pass on th' beer. Ah'd prefer ta be sober durin' this little... Thing we're doin' here.." That and he was feeling a little sick from being so high.. "Where th' fuck is that intruder anyways? He should have been brought in by now."
[13:14] leonora Aristocrat anyone else want inflight service?" and then blushes brightly realizing this might be misunderstood "I mean a beer?" holding one up
[13:14] Tao Ninetails looked to Dark with a look that suggested her soul was being severely comprimised by the lack of good er.. hoofing, letting go of the wheel with one arm and waving from dark to the free rung to motion dark to take the spot.
[13:14] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' grins and takes nil's paw in hand, "hey hey these are my only pair"
[13:14] silversky Moonbeam wiggles her toes in Miyu's hair.... cause she can
[13:14] Xulltana Lowell growls and bites a little harder at the giveing flesh bane was offering, chewing and then sucking at the blood, her face stained now with Bane's blood wraping her arms around his hips to press agenst him
[13:14] Miyu Vendetta has Sil's toes wiggling thru her hair . .softly.
[13:15] Deanna Tamura looks to her right still feeling rather sick and notices Miyu... Dea tries to distract herself from the sick feeling and pokes miyu " hey hun hope ya have enough sugarcubes with you " she chuckels
[13:15] Flaetriu Darkmatter sudenly notices the guy pull out a strange weapon and pointing it stait at flaetriu, he makes a suden change in movment jumpint out the way as if to save another lif, unfortunatly he was to quick, the shot hit him strait in the chest causing him extra propulsion hiting the ground even harder.
[13:15] DarkLord Daviau heard the words in flight service, turns to leo and sees her with beer.."hey leo, can we get a couple of those, please?"
[13:15] Nequael Quan did notice Dru behind her! She turns around and gives her a look of warning...warning that she would end up over the edge if she even thought about getting fresh with her! She pushes the bottle of Jack daniels towards her and grins "Join the party!"
[13:15] DarkMajik Bauhaus glanced again at the PDA, transferring the coordinates to her databanks, she stepped into the wheel, gently leaning against Tao as she does.. placing one hand on the spokes, she started to make minor corrections to the course. "The pack collected enough fuel?" she grinned.. "Guess its a bit late to ask that.."
[13:15] Aubs Westland rummaged through his pockets, managing to find an apple in the maze of fluff and old sweet wrappers, and tossed it at Jillian "Cheer up sour face..!"
[13:16] Drucilla Ceawlin stops as Neq spots her and just grins in an innocent kind of way
[13:16] Adaire DeCuir mumbled, "I like can't see...stuff rushing by. And feel like I'm eating clouds!" She sat down abruptly on the floor of the belly of the ship, embarassment flushing her greenish cheeks.
[13:16] Miyu Vendetta looks down, all sad like because she had left her little box of sugar cubes at home. Rifling thru her pockets, she does manage to pull out a packet of sugar, which was almost as good (not really) and fiddles with iti n her hand.
[13:16] Frodo Tereshchenko led her down below as he moved to press a few locks from her face, "You looking a bit green there love," he muttered. "It won't be long now!"
[13:16] Wishstar Ninetails: damn it i want some of my drink
[13:16] Bane Hellmann turns and watches as his skin stiches itself as she pulls her mouth from his shoulder"son of a bitch,theres a reason it doesnt heal that fast naturally,that hurt worse then the bite did
[13:16] Taien Foulon looks over his shoulder, gesturing to DL and Rae. "DL, Rae. You guys wanna down below deck 'n' see what's keepin' Chas 'n' Flae..? They should have come back by now..."
[13:16] Bri feels like shes drowning in all the conversation even though they are on a boat in the middle oft he sky.
[13:16] leonora Aristocrat looks to dark "umm you want a beer captain "and thinks of offering inflight service.. I mean this could be virgin airlines right? a stewardess has to do her job!" and holds a beer out to dark
[13:16] Ad4m Weatherwax idly pulled his knife out and began to itnricately flip it about as he chuckled, not for any reason, he merely enjoyed the cool air rushing by as he looked around idly
[13:17] Richmond Rembranch rolls about clutching his broken wrist in agony, sweeping his eyes about looking for the disrupter not wanting to pull anything lethal
[13:17] Jillian Ireman almost gets pelted with the apple but catches it in her claws crushing it a bit, and looks up to aubs " I.. am.. trying.. yis" she nods and looks to the apple and bites a hunk out of it and smiles " thanks.. aubs"
[13:17] Frodo Tereshchenko tapped her with his foot, "Go on, scoot up so I can sit too!"
[13:17] Xulltana Lowell chews happly and gulps down grining, licking her cracked lips "yum....yum yum...."
[13:17] silversky Moonbeam finally sees Aubs and wiggles her fingers infront of his face, still standing on Miyu's head
[13:17] Bane Hellmann: Glad im so tasty...*he chuckles lightly
[13:18] Nequael Quan chuckles and points her finger between Dru and Wish "Share it between yourselves...straight jackdaniels wont do me any good..." She calls over to Leo "A beer if you please Leo!"
[13:18] DarkLord Daviau takes the beer...swallowing a big gulp..looks back to her.."thanks"..then offers some to Cas..*when she returns*
[13:18] Aubs Westland admired Sil's balancing skills and gave her a wave back, not with his hand or fingers.. but with his left foot
[13:18] Flaetriu Darkmatter lands heavaly on the ground causing the whole ship to shake slightly. " fuck! that stung like a bitch.." he grasps his chest in pain. sudenly his stomach starts cramping as if being crushed the pain was extream causing him to be emobilised. He just lay on the cround rithing in pain " am gonna...get you ....for that" he trys to say but with each word came pain.
[13:18] Chasity Dawes aims to Pin the man, looking down to him as he rolls about, she takes some rope from her pack, aiming to grab and bind his wrists before he can try anything else cute.
[13:18] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' frowns watching nil leave and looks down at his pants, a tear dangerously close to hi junk, "damn you ro...."
[13:18] Nil sees the man attacking his fellow packmates, and roars, leaping at him claws outstretched.
[13:18] Wishstar Ninetails pokes dru for his drink
[13:19] leonora Aristocrat pads over to neq "yes sir.. umm st. paulis girl or st. paulis girl?" she asks, and resists being an american airline and askign for five dollars
[13:19] Rae Topaz nodded to Tai and got unsteadily to her feet, swaying with the motion of the ship "i'll go look now"
[13:19] Wishstar Ninetails finishes the bottle and throws it 0overboard
[13:20] Richmond Rembranch is grabbed and bound, unashamedly making a little shout in pain as she binds the broken wrist, but the sight of the poor bugger with the sevre stomach upset made it feel slightly better
[13:20] Xulltana Lowell growls in pleasure leaning her forhead agenst bane's healing wound looking at the others with he beady black eyes, bane's blood staining her mouth
[13:20] Jillian Ireman digs in her pocket and finds a toffee wraped it its wrapper still and extends her arm pointing it to aubs.. wanting to give it to him in trade for the apple.. she hopes he can see it.. then starts to think and moves it to miyu hoping one of them would take it.. toffee was always good to eat
[13:20] Nequael Quan raises her pint to Leo in thanks and takes a sip...she was much more of a beer drinker than anything else "Thanks!"
[13:20] leonora Aristocrat curtseys a bit to neq "pleasure sir, thank you for flying with us!"
[13:20] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' grins and ets on the comm
[13:20] Drucilla Ceawlin giggles at Neq being called sir
[13:21] Wishstar Ninetails: hey leo where is yoyr short tight unniform
[13:21] Miyu Vendetta takes the goddamn toffee cause Aubs told her too.
[13:21] : Garcanno DuPont peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[13:21] : Garcanno DuPont (comm): tai this is clock on the 2nd observation deck i think we found him"
[13:21] Adaire DeCuir clung on to Ro, saying, "I don't think I ever told you I was a bit...skittish."
[13:21] Bane Hellmann leans against the railing,cracking his neck lightly to the side"wonder how long were on here for?
[13:21] : Taien Foulon (comm): Bring him up then. Ah wanna know who it is.
[13:21] : Taien Foulon peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[13:22] Nil lands next to the man and lays into him with his claws if he doesn't roll away.
[13:22] : Garcanno DuPont peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[13:22] : Garcanno DuPont (comm): right woring onit
[13:22] Frodo Tereshchenko felt her nails dig into him, his face pulling into a wince as he muttered, "I hadn't noticed!"
[13:23] leonora Aristocrat looks down "well if id know.. it'd be on!" and she grins at wish
[13:23] Jillian Ireman smiles a bit.. and takes nother bite of the apple and looks to miyu and aubs... sil and adam.. pondering.. while still munching on the tasty apple.. then chokes a bit seeing naline hovering on a broom ?
[13:23] Wishstar Ninetails: well how about just going naked
[13:23] Richmond Rembranch is being bound so he cant dodge nil's attacks so is clawed, wincing in pain and really wishing he had more drugs he decides to lie still an feign death just in case
[13:23] Chasity Dawes pulls the man up as she sees nil clawing at him, snarling at the wolf, she tryes to drag him by his wrists if neccesary upstairs
[13:23] Castalia Darkstone looked at the beer before her, and pauses a moment , she wasn't particularly the type for motion sickness, her queasiness from anxiety . She reaches fo the beer chugs it . handing back an empty can to the now invisible DL.
[13:24] : Chasity Dawes peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[13:24] : Chasity Dawes (comm): somone muzzle Nil. seriously
[13:24] Nequael Quan arches a brow at Wish and waggles a finger "Carefull you really want to be -that- person?"
[13:24] Rae Topaz walked carefully down belows ship, holding onto whatever she could grasp and at the very least staying away from the edge. Spotting the intruder with the others, she frowned as the man appeared to be putting up a fight "OI..." she shouted out to Richmond "quit struggling or you just get tossed overboard, best lay still"
[13:24] leonora Aristocrat blushes brightly.. "its against miss branson's policy" and she points to nas
[13:24] Wishstar Ninetails: be what person neq?
[13:24] Nil backs away, licking the blood from his claws.
[13:24] Flaetriu Darkmatter fights the pain placing both hands infront of him and forced him self up, back onto his feat , stagering slightly as the pain set in.
[13:24] leonora Aristocrat sees cas and pads over and hands her .. her very own beer
[13:24] Nequael Quan smirks "The pervy guy on the plan that asks people whether they want to join the mile high club..."
[13:25] Xulltana Lowell breaths int he air....."mmmmm beside dog.....I smell blood...." grins broadly
[13:25] Chasity Dawes slings the man over her shoulder to mark him as her kill, growling at the others who come near, his feet likely dragging the ground but the effect the same.
[13:25] Nil growls "Kill him....let me have him."
[13:25] Wishstar Ninetails: neq there are only two girls i will ask and wel they woud both say no so im not gonna bother lol
[13:26] Adaire DeCuir turned around and looked around, then looked at Ro. "You hear something? Like...angry people...hard to hear in this wind..."
[13:26] Nil stares at Richhungrily, drooling.
[13:26] DarkLord Daviau reluctantly takes the empty her a slight smile..."feel better?"..he would...then tosses the can aside for the trash later
[13:26] Castalia Darkstone gladly takes the beer from Leo and begins to drink it as well. She could offer it to DL but she considered this medicinal and thus did not . Yeah feeling better" she answerd breaking into a grin.
[13:26] : Chasity Dawes peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[13:26] : Chasity Dawes (comm): someone else deal with Nil, If i do he's going to wind up with less teeth. Tai said unharmed. so he starts clawing into the guy when I had him.
[13:27] Nequael Quan arches a brow at X did she really call everyone dog while she was high up on an airship with a pack of lycans? She couldn't have...anyone would be an idiot to do that, so she walks over "Sorry, did i just hear you correctly? You say you smell dog?"
[13:27] Taien Foulon looks at Richmond, curling back his upperlip slightly. "Hello there. Mind tellin' me who th' fuck ya are 'n' what th' fuck yer doin' here?!" He growls, yet note to those who had aprehended him thankfully. "And yes, ah did say unharmed."
[13:27] Frodo Tereshchenko listened carefully, "Yeah, what the fuck is that?" he muttered.
[13:27] Nasreen Serevi looked over hopefully to Dark and Tao, wishing like hell they were almost there. "fuckkkk." Her head was starting to ring for some reason, and she forced herself to look out to the sky, searching out the destination.
[13:28] Adaire DeCuir only heard the crackle of the comms, and she gripped Ro's thigh. "Maybe we should get back on might be needed...I..." She tried to set her face and appear brave. "I can take it."
[13:28] Xulltana Lowell looks at Nequael and grins at her "yes.......though my sence of smell is starting to dull......and my scent now is of bane..." giggles as she lifts up her blood stained hand fresh with bane's blood and starts licking it off her pawm looking at Nequael seemt o be unknowing of her offence
[13:28] Wishstar Ninetails shrugs since neq just ignored him and walked off so goes back to staring at leo
[13:28] DarkMajik Bauhaus made another minor adjustment to the couse of the ship.. "Watch the clouds, Nas.. it helps with motion sickness." she smiled. Looking back to Tao.. "How long do you think?" she shrugged.
[13:29] Xulltana Lowell: palm**
[13:29] leonora Aristocrat looks to neq as she speaks to x and winces "umm well in case of emergencies like a sudden loss of cabin pressure or your thrown overboard" and she holds up one of those tattered yellow useless life vests she found under a seat "umm x you might wanna put this on.. help yourself before assisting others.. " she offers
[13:29] Richmond Rembranch: "The name's Richmond..." Coughs a bit "Richmond Rembranch, I'm a journalist and terrorist by trade, I saw the zepp and decided to collect a few photos" massaging the broken wrist gently then with a sudden twist sets the bone.
[13:29] leonora Aristocrat offers wish a beer
[13:29] Frodo Tereshchenko nodded back at her as he stood up, his hand firmly grabbing on her arm as he pulled her up. "You have a point. Let's go love!"
[13:29] Nil growls, the snapping of bone making him hungrier.
[13:29] Jillian Ireman fiddles with the pillow she is sitting on and smiles wide, having musterd up enouhg courage to talk , she looks to miyu sil and adam and aubs " H-hi.. guys"
[13:30] Adaire DeCuir clutched his hand, whispering, "Pleasssse. Don't let go!"
[13:30] Nequael Quan narrows her eyes and looks towards Bane, she wasn't a wolf herself, but she knew how most lycans got offended when they were refered to as dogs, so she adresses this to Bane "She said that she smelt dog...what do you think on that one?"
[13:30] Xulltana Lowell looks at Leo's offer then just grins
[13:30] Frodo Tereshchenko grinned and steered them topdeck...or something.
[13:30] Nasreen Serevi nodded absently to Dark at the advice, her eyes catching the shapes of the clouds as she counted under her breath. Her temperature was rising, cheeks starting to flush at the motion, But she'd perk her ears to listen for Tao's response on time.
[13:30] Rae Topaz walked back up, eyes straying to the stowaway as she wondered what was to be done with him. Twiddling her fingers , she looked around to see if there was a plank
[13:31] Bane Hellmann shrugs"and i could say i smell decay on her,it doesnt really bother me"
[13:31] Xulltana Lowell: *giggles hauntingly*
[13:31] Wishstar Ninetails takes the beer with a bow "thank you fair lady leo" still watches her ass as she walks away
[13:31] Chasity Dawes drops the man at the Beta's feet, kneeling to hold his ankles, looking to Tai to see what should be done.
[13:31] Drucilla Ceawlin isn't sure how she ended up where she is
[13:31] leonora Aristocrat pads over to nas "alpha would you like a complimentary in flight beer?" she asks, dropping the lifevest in front of x on the way
[13:31] Aubs Westland frowned all epically and stuff "You got yourself a stutter there Jill..?"
[13:32] Nasreen Serevi shook her head too vigorously to Leo "No. Nothing." She swallowed.
[13:32] Tao Ninetails let go of the wheel and let Dark take over the flying, cybernetics were advantageous in a banged up old flying skipper like this one, reaching over to retreive her PDA though clopping towards the balcony a bit, she wasn't gonna start reading something standing up on this rocking adventure park ride, sitting down in the corner by the balcony wall she mutters "Not long now" in response to dark's questioning, returning her attention to her PDA, slidding the GPS off the screen to reveal some photographs of old documents with military emblems on them.
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Tai[color=#808080][i]Added 07.26.2009 21:51:55: [/i][/color]
[13:32] Xulltana Lowell picks upt he life vest and frowns at it, dragging hre claws agenst the fabric curiosly
[13:32] Jillian Ireman frowns a bit and bit her lip " no.. just.. hmm no stutter.. just nervous" she nod nods and hugs her knees
[13:32] Taien Foulon just smirks. He didn't really care who the guy was, he was just making small talk. "Well then. Mr Rembranch. We're going into unchartered territory.. And you, my friend. You will be tossed into where we're going first. We gotta make sure it's safe fer us all ta go into, right..?" He looks to Tao, then nods his question answered before he could ask it. "Bind Mr Richmond for now.. Make sure he doesn't have any weapons...."
[13:33] Nequael Quan rolls her eyes, she hated that giggle, but she didn't say it outloud because she knew that Xul would only end up doing it more and more...people were like that "So would i bother you if i was to throw her overboard...because it does bother me..."
[13:33] silversky Moonbeam nods over at Jill.. just a nod
[13:33] Chasity Dawes nods to Tai, using rope to secure Rich's ankles as well, before flipping him over onto his back and rifling through his coat and pants pockets for anything weaponlike or not
[13:33] Xulltana Lowell hides behinde Bane and smiels at Nequael
[13:34] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' stands next to nil
[13:34] : Nil (in lycan): raaah raaah grr-snort
[13:34] : Nil (in lycan): Can IO eat him! Please?"
[13:34] : Chasity Dawes (in lycan): raaah raaah grr-snort
[13:34] : Chasity Dawes (in lycan): Shut up or i'll eat you?
[13:34] Xulltana Lowell: not aloud.....ise good im here to watch over and scout.....makeing sure fiends afe....
[13:34] Castalia Darkstone held up her beer in a salute of sorts toward Nas, "I feel better" she said softly, as if encouraging her to try it . She loooked off tot he side and watched as the pack around her seemed to bounce and float around, her stomach doing another flop, "oh fuck's sake how much longer?"
[13:34] : Garcanno DuPont peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[13:34] : Garcanno DuPont (comm): heyheybe nice
[13:34] Chasity Dawes makes a small pile next to the man of a mouse trap and two pistols, pulling his hat off for good measure, checking inside it.
[13:34] Drucilla Ceawlin eyes Neq and the one she was speaking to, looking distrustful of the latter
[13:34] leonora Aristocrat sees chas finishing tying up the guy and turns around "umm mam would you like a complimentary in-flight beer from non-virgin airlines?" holding out a beer.. she is running low
[13:34] Bane Hellmann turns and wacks X on the back of the head"dont start things
[13:35] DarkMajik Bauhaus checked against her database, "Hang on folks!" She called out.. "Time to start the descent!" pushing oward on the wheel, a massive graiting sound, followed by a shudder through the entire vessel as it started its slow descent. Reaching above, she pulled another lever, a slight hiss as more hydraulcs engauged, tilting the massive flaps on the bow and stern of the ship, furthering the decent. "In we go!"
[13:36] Nequael Quan rolls her eyes as she hides behind Bane, she doesn't really understand what she's saying so she just looks towards Bane since he seems to be her meat sheild "Keep her mouth shut would you otherwise she'll be over the edge..."
[13:36] Drucilla Ceawlin grabs ahold of soemthing as the ship descends
[13:36] Nasreen Serevi wasn't motion was more...flying with so many nearby. Perhaps claustrophobia in the air. For whatever reason, she was not looking chipper. Knuckles white as she gripped her seat, wayy too much attention given to breathing. As the ship started to lower, she looked relieved "Thank fuckin gods."
[13:36] Rae Topaz reached a hand out, grabbing the sofa as her knees semi buckled with the motion of the ship's
[13:36] Nil barks visciously atChas.
[13:37] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' sighs and flicks one of nil's ears, "behave you....why don'twe go ellow and cha?"
[13:37] leonora Aristocrat looks around "the captian has turned on the seatbelt sign, please return your seats to the upright position and turn off all electronic devices, the crew will be passing by to pick up any remaining inflight service items" as she looks at the junk strewn on the floor and shrugs "well I tried" as she holds on to something
[13:37] Tao Ninetails looked over the documents on her PDA some more, something about them seemed to be troubling her, as she kept going the documents changed into russian ones, which she read through for a while before swiping the window back to the GPS, then swiping again to another display, which appeared tapographical only with temperatures or infra red readings of some kind, it was being poorly updated at around 1 update per 30 seconds and was covered in static noise, though there was a large white/yellow spot on the display at one point, grasping the PDA, she used her free hand to drag herself from the floor to standing, walking up behind Dark and holding the PDA infront of her face, "it lights up like the fourth of july." she said.
[13:37] Jillian Ireman grabs onto the pillow and prays to god she dont fly off the airship
[13:37] Taien Foulon holds onto something, as the ship starts it's descent. "Alright guys!" He calls out, raising his voice. He really didn't like flying. "Once we land. Ah want everyone ta move the shit offa th' ship 'n' set up camp. Do not wonder if yer not told ta do so. Ah don't want anyone dyin'. Follow th' orders o' th' elders.. An' look lively. Who knows if we'll be attacked or what we'll find."
[13:37] Miyu Vendetta makes random ship noises.
[13:38] Chasity Dawes bags the guys stuff and tosses it in with her own things for now, connecting his wrists to the ship railings and taking a seat
[13:38] Drucilla Ceawlin nods at Tai as she aparently sits infront of Adam, not what she had intended but still it had happened
[13:38] Nil growls at Chas still, flexing his claws and making scracthes in the metal.
[13:39] : Chasity Dawes (in pack): gro growl g growl grr-snort growl graa-a-a growl gro grrl
[13:39] Nequael Quan takes a seat on the sofa as she prepares for the decent.
[13:39] : Chasity Dawes(in pack): I'm serious. someone deal with that thing. I outrank it. the next time it callenges me i'm tearing it's throat out.
[13:39] Frodo Tereshchenko rolled his eyes and barked backed.
[13:40] Adaire DeCuir just held onto Ro for dear life, prefering him to the railing, but only slightly. The railing, at least, was attached to the flying contraption. "Please!" she squeaked. "I hope...we won't be flung off as we descend?! Hold on to something!"
[13:40] : Garcanno DuPont (in pack): grr-snort
[13:40] : Garcanno DuPont(in pack): i'lldeal wth himhe's jst anty
[13:40] : Ro-Bear (in lycan): raaah raaah grr-snort
[13:40] : Ro-Bear (in lycan): And I outrank the most of you - next person that pulls rank gets to taste my leather...or ignore rank for a matter of fact.
[13:40] : Garcanno DuPont (in pack): gr rah-ah-owl
[13:40] : Garcanno DuPont(in pack): i think....that or just hungry
[13:40] : Nasreen Serevi (in pack): graa-a-a grr-snort g
[13:40] : Nasreen Serevi(in pack): Fucking stop your sibling squabbles for them moment, yeah? Chas? Nil? You guys wanna have a pissing it when we're on the fuckin ground.
[13:40] Xulltana Lowell grins and hugs bane
[13:41] : Chasity Dawes (in lycan): gro growl g growl grr-snort growl graa-a-a growl gro grrl
[13:41] : Chasity Dawes (in lycan): so we're completely ignoring the concept of a pack now yea? Kay then I don't have to listen to anyone either. see how long that goes."
[13:41] Adaire DeCuir blinked at Ro's words over the comm, muttering, "What is this leather you're talking about...that sounds...kinky. I thought I get all the kinky!"
[13:41] DarkMajik Bauhaus 's eyes literally lit up as she looked at the PDA.. "Fucking amazing.." she smiled, she pushed foward a bit harder on the wheel, speeding the decent down.. "Coming up fast.. I hope your altimiter is correct.." she smiled at tao, reaching out and tapping the gauge.. watching the numbers tick as they decended.
[13:41] Frodo Tereshchenko leaned over and clutched for her breasts - she didn't say what to grab on to and if they where going to die, he sure as fuck was going to die with a smile on his dial.
[13:41] Frost Meredith all magically appeard on the ship, hearing the order of the Beta , she nods . And peers around on all that was gathered on the ship, it was interesting . ((:O nice))
[13:41] Nil whines and scrabbles around on the metal. "Fuck!"
[13:42] Adaire DeCuir swats at Ro, then stops abruptly, saying, "Ooh, does you doing that help?"
[13:42] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' grabbed the rail wit one hnd andnil's cruff ith th other "approachingthe grund vey rapily....
[13:43] Rae Topaz went to the rail to look over too
[13:43] Nil "No shit herlock!"
[13:43] Jillian Ireman wide eyes and feels like she was weightless from the decent. feeling the pillow move around she screams out a bit, then covers her mouth quickly
[13:44] Nil jumps onto Scrlet's lap, and clings to the sofa with his claws.
[13:46] NALINE Yoshikawa: Where is everyone ?
[13:47] Richmond Rembranch: no idea
[13:47] Xulltana Lowell: we landed?
[13:47] NALINE Yoshikawa: eh
[13:47] ChanChan Dagostino is Offline
[13:47] Castalia Darkstone: wonder's who is hugging her ..
[13:47] DarkMajik Bauhaus rockd as the ship shuddered to a hover.. "Anchors away!" she called out, depressing the switch which released the massive anchors down to the land. "Annnnd, here we are." pulling back on the wheel just hard enough to lock the anchors into place.
[13:48] Aubs Westland sniffled and wiped his nose, and went to go make his way down the lady into thw quarry-like place
[13:48] Frodo Tereshchenko looked about and took a sharp intake of air into his lungs, "Alright Pack, I hope you're fucking ready?" he called out as he moved to the edge of the ship and began to look around the new landscape.
[13:48] DarkMajik Bauhaus: Do not split up!
[13:48] DarkMajik Bauhaus: No one go fucking exploring..
[13:48] Redbeauty Lytton nods to Frodo...:" Shall we all dig you a grave now Ro?" she giggles
[13:48] Nil jumpsoff th airship, whining, and clings to the ground. "Ohh fuck fuck fuck fuck."
[13:49] Nequael Quan jumps off and looks around to see if they had discovered the new world!
[13:49] Nasreen Serevi got her breath back and was only all too happy to exit the airship. "ONWARD HO!" She couldnt' resist.
[13:49] Tao Ninetails walked to the rope-ladder which descended from the ship while reading more on her PDA.
[13:49] Taien Foulon shouts: /mr calls out to everyone on the ship. "As the others of said. Off th' ship. Unload th' supplies, DON'T go explorin'.. Just unload 'n' wait. Alright?!"
[13:49] Jillian Ireman lands with a loud thud and a poof of dust and looks around
[13:49] Frodo Tereshchenko rolled his eyes at her, "Just get off the fucking ship before I bury you," he called back motioning to the exit.
[13:49] Jerrek Swordthain: ((aha! We're ABOVE the wastes!))
[13:49] Deanna Tamura nods aswel and laughs at red . Dea hears taien's words and grabs the boxes she brought with her again to bring them down
[13:50] leonora Aristocrat has secretly sntched the colour coordinated det cord and holds i
[13:50] Miyu Vendetta dumps her small satchel of rope and dynamite near the other boxes. Wasn't much, but people don't reaaallly carry dynamite with them anymore. Goddamnit.
[13:50] Chasity Dawes carefully watlks down the ramp holding a box of miscelaneous suppys.
[13:50] Xulltana Lowell lands hard and cracks her leg in half falling
[13:50] Xulltana Lowell: OOF
[13:50] Richmond Rembranch sits around tied up waiting for someone to decide his fate, he looks up at Tao "Why is it whenever I try to track you down I sustain injuries"
[13:50] Nequael Quan had also grabbed the two large bottles of diesel and gasoline right before she jumped off...she had spent her hard earned cash procurin git, she was going to make sure it didn't get lost!
[13:50] Frodo Tereshchenko leaned over and grabbed the supplies they had brought with and muttered, "Let's go!"
[13:50] Xulltana Lowell stands up to snap her leg back into its socket, a grose squishing of flesh and a loud bone pop as she fixes herself
[13:50] Jillian Ireman waved at tink who bunped into her " O ha!"
[13:50] Redbeauty Lytton smirks looking around ...:" what nao Treasure hunt?.".... she giggles mad
[13:51] Bane Hellmann pulls his box of c4 and oil drums out of the hold and drags it over to the equipment pile"and there we are
[13:51] Tinker Haystack oomphs and waves 'Sorreh...' ((rezzing ))
[13:51] Castalia Darkstone moved back to the cargo hold and surveyed the activity below. " where the hell is this? "she said as her eyes strayed over the barren landscape " and holy mother of ... we have to fly on this thing home?"'
[13:51] Jillian Ireman giggles "s'ok
[13:51] Annalisa Carver coils a bunch of rope that was piled at her feet and jumps off the ship, tossing it next to the crates on the ground after she landed
[13:51] Xulltana Lowell: I smell death..... *grins widely
[13:52] Aubs Westland being the 'brat' that he was, Aubs wasn't rally one for rules, and instead wondered around the extremeties of the grab, randomly kicking stray rocks "You see an entrance...?" he mumbled over to miyu
[13:52] Chasity Dawes: So..where are we?
[13:52] Frost Meredith placed a box of explosive onto the ground . She snickers for her self as she thought about it . And swinged around .
[13:53] Taien Foulon looks around a little, then to Tao. He didn't see what all the fuss was about.. "Tao. Dark. What th' fuck is this? Where are we? Ah thought ya was takin' us ta that thing.. Ya know. On th' photographs?" He looks around more. "Where is it?"
[13:53] Miyu Vendetta kneels down beside the low outcropping, and frowns. "It's a wall! Come look!" Miyu pats down the wall as she looks for any crevice or crack.
[13:54] Nil barks at Leo. "What the hell is that thing?"
[13:54] Frodo Tereshchenko deposited the supplies he brought as his eyes moved over to dance between Dark and Tao, waiting for their explanation.
[13:54] Xulltana Lowell looks around curiosly
[13:54] Tinker Haystack was completely lost, but trusted her packmates and remained quiet, observing.
[13:54] Tao Ninetails swiftly flipped open the laptop which was set out on the box, booting it up about as quick as your averagly decent laptop boots, reaching over to dark and attempting to pull at a jacketted shoulder, getting her attention and pointing at the laptop, "Check the levels" she said assuming Dark would know what she meant, talking over Taien who was apparently upset, then walking over to look slighlty up at his taller physique, "i never said it'd be sitting around waiting for us to take it, it's probably underneath us, she pointed into the distance where there was protruding metal.
[13:55] DarkMajik Bauhaus cupped her hands to her mouth, calling out "Stick close people.. we're not sure that this is completely safe yet. We're going to need to send out scout teams, but first, Tao needs 't say somethin." she nodded to Tao.
[13:55] Redbeauty Lytton has her shovel handed and the pick axe still on the back nealry ready to do anything
[13:55] Adaire DeCuir walked off the ship with wobbly legs and practically kissed the ground. "Hmm...I have never seen this place before..." She tilted her head, perking her ears to listen up.
[13:55] DarkMajik Bauhaus then turned, lifting the laptop, she nodded, "I'd say.. its within 10 meters, if not closer, Tao-san." she smiled, "I think you're right, the readings seem to be coming.." she motined vaguely to the ground.. "From below."
[13:56] DarkLord Daviau stood there calmly..waiting for instructions..he was in no rush and had all the time in the world
[13:56] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' finally spots nil and runs to him, "this location isn't on my map where are we?"
[13:56] leonora Aristocrat "blasting time!" she smiles "I'm a scout" and she blushes
[13:56] Nil "Damned if I know."
[13:57] Bri sneaks up and tries to give Nas a hug and stick a stick of 'skul panda' on her back. If sucessfull she caccal and run off.
[13:57] Nequael Quan nodded, now this made sense...this is why they needed the shovels and pick axes...they were going to dig for treasure that was buried!
[13:57] leonora Aristocrat "dig?" she says "blast? if its below" she sighs
[13:57] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' frowns, "and my scanners aren't working.....i can't discern hostile from friendly or sentiant from non!"
[13:58] Richmond Rembranch hums a little tune and watches the scene unfolding infront of him waiting for the right oppurtunity to attempt to slip his bonds and myabe steal the zepplin they had arrived in.
[13:58] Taien Foulon points to metal looking objects protruding from the ground, a wry grin plastered on his face. From the blueprints he'd seen, he was extremely excited. "Ah'm thinkin' it's gonna be there.. It's gotta be..?" He looks to Tao, and Dark. "We need ta clear some o' this rock though, eh? Should stick some charges in th' ground. Send in a scout team, includin' Richmond.. Check it out first. Who knows what we'll find.. "
[13:58] Xulltana Lowell walks over to the wall and sniffs a little, parting her lips in a small hiss as she listens
[13:59] Wishstar Ninetails watches leo since he had nothing else to do his eyes drawn o her ass
[13:59] Nil pads around to the metal tubes. "What's going on? Why are we here?!"
[13:59] Wishstar Ninetails: oo scout can i go first to
[13:59] leonora Aristocrat looks up at Tai and waves her hand "pick me pick me!" she says
[13:59] Xulltana Lowell swears she smells dead flesh other then her oun, scratches at the metal
[13:59] Wishstar Ninetails: no me mem e iwaana go in first
[13:59] Jillian Ireman stood by ready to heal anbody that got smooshed.. or cut.. or any type of hurt
[13:59] Tao Ninetails gave a stoic picard-esque nod to Taien, the look that says 'make it so', before whipping round to see what Dark had on the laptop.
[14:00] DarkMajik Bauhaus tapped her comm, she went to say something when an incredibly loud backsuqeal was herad.. "FUCK! Shit.. Tao, too much ionizing radiation around here, comms are a no go.!" (((OOC NOTE: You cannot USE or HEAR coms here, ignore any comm transmissions from CoLA))
[14:00] Miyu Vendetta: shouldn't we send in a canary first?
[14:00] silversky Moonbeam: monkey?
[14:00] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' follows nil like a lost puppy
[14:00] leonora Aristocrat "or use an H bomb!" she adds, helpfully in her own mind
[14:00] Wishstar Ninetails puts his hand over leos mouth so she cant talk " pick me iwanna go first
[14:00] Nasreen Serevi also got panda skull pinned, just belatedly. She pulled the axe from her back, having lugged it off the ship. ""Right then." The bottle of accelerant was at her waist and she looked ready to...something.
[14:01] Nil shifts restlessly, he didn't like this. He whines and growled.
[14:01] Taien Foulon looks to Miyu. "We got Richmond. He'll go in first. Everyone else. Back off away from that metal thing fer now. Let Tao give th' word on where ta set th' charges. Precious cargo is below. Ah don't want ta harm it."
[14:01] DarkMajik Bauhaus: If you're invovled in the RP that started on the airship, You cannot hear any comm transmissions from LA, nor can you use your coms while on this "set." thanks :D
[14:01] Nil "Wht the hell is it?!"
[14:02] Xulltana Lowell turns back to the pack members "is it just me or do I smell dead flesh......and not my oun...."
[14:02] leonora Aristocrat sighs and pads away from the metal thingy "you know if we had one of those little backpacks with a camera we could see as he died.. like a formulae one driver crashing.. it would be cool
[14:02] Redbeauty Lytton smirks and holds herself back with the tools.... she looks to Miyu and taien and just waits for the moment
[14:02] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' was as nervous as nil was
[14:02] Xulltana Lowell grins widely
[14:02] Richmond Rembranch snorts "So i get to be a canary, no problem, I dont suppose I'll be getting my guns back?" he said hopefully, all the while wondering where the hell his hat and mousetrap had gone
[14:02] leonora Aristocrat bites wishes hand
[14:02] Xulltana Lowell raises her limp arm
[14:02] Castalia Darkstone wandered aimlessly around the area, looking at the soil composition and the fact that it was completely barren land, She was pretty sure she should have paid mor attention in meetings or to the boards. but she was stuck on the fact that she would have to get back on that freaking air ship or die here.
[14:02] Xulltana Lowell: ill go!
[14:02] Tinker Haystack lifts her nose to the air and takes in a deep breath, knitting her brows slightly. She smelled something but she wasn't sure what it was.
[14:02] Xulltana Lowell: im dead what should I care if something bad is down there
[14:02] Bane Hellmann looks around,too much happening at once to really focusing with anything at one point
[14:03] Xulltana Lowell grins sadisticly
[14:03] Annalisa Carver reaches down making sure her injection gun is still secured to the metal screws in her leg, just in case someone needs something medical. she checks the supplies she tucked in her pouch as well, noting all was there and hoped she was prepared for anything
[14:03] Miyu Vendetta perchs on the strange anchort and grins. "Yar, let monkey-boy be the poor soul who haz to go down there . .and if he dies, then we all go to Chuck E Cheese or soemthing!"
[14:03] Adaire DeCuir said rather excitedly, "Ooh! Going to make stuff go boom, I think. How very exciting." She practically pranced around 'Ro, her tail swishing and ears rolled forward.
[14:03] leonora Aristocrat holds up the det cord "umm tai where should I put this?"
[14:04] Wishstar Ninetails since he wasnt need just sits and stares at his arm
[14:04] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' growlsat leo "who'd you get y det cord agin!?"
[14:04] Jillian Ireman giggles at adaire and looks to where all the comotion was happening
[14:04] Frost Meredith spots a new face among them ....or was it a new face. She narrows her eyes in Bry's direction . Or was it maybe Bryan, she had once seen him in the female shape. She snickers for her sellf, not beeing totally sure though. But she tossed her hands in the air , wiggling a few fingers in his direction. Bebore she casted a glance around to see what she could help out whit. She had just placed some explosive onto the ground.
[14:05] Frodo Tereshchenko knew fuck all about soil, transmision blocking, explosives or any of that stuff which is why the Pack was what they were - a diverse mix of skills and talents all brought into one. His mate's swishing tail met his hown as he looked about, suspiciously looking over at the stranger, but hell, if somone was to die, the stranger was the better option despite the fact in the films the bartender always died first. Note to self, next time, acquisition a bartender.
[14:05] Frodo Tereshchenko: *own
[14:05] *Varen* Dark Samurai Tento CCS Enhanced (Left Hand): Bryan Nirpaw Varen Dark Samurai Tento : Initializing, please wait ...
[14:05] Tao Ninetails eyes over the laptop, mostly attempting to shove dark of out the way so she could use it, popping open various programs she had prepared.. "For forever and a day I shall chase that white whale. " she muttered to herself as she looked over what was probably a blueprint.
[14:05] Nil is in even more trouble. he's pitch black.
[14:06] Xulltana Lowell tries to offer again "want to send me down there first?" grins
[14:06] Taien Foulon nods to Leo, and gestures towards a portion of the rocks surrounding the metal coming out of the ground. "Over there. Anyone who has explosives. Put them around th' openin'. But nothin' big. Ah don't want it blown up any. Or harmed.. An' don't waste explosives either, we dunno when we might need some more. So. Hop ta it. Go go. Set us up some charges. Everyone else, take cover 'n' wait fer mah go ta set 'em off."
07/27/09 02:53
Tai[14:06] leonora Aristocrat looks to tao, oh yes she had read moby dick and then looks to ro, comtemplating the pack and if she could read his mind.. she would add "and makeup, makeup is very important.." but she cannot, thus she stays silent
[14:06] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' walks over and snatches the det cord from leo, "no pickin my pockets"
[14:07] Redbeauty Lytton listens to Tao and looks a bit Puzzled to Dark and giggles...." so.... shall we cover ourselfs better befor this rocks blow up?"
[14:07] Nil "Grrgh, ?I can shoot it with an explosive to set it off."
[14:07] Aubs Westland gestured over to Leo for the Det cord "I'll take it over you want, I've got a couple o' lengths of safety fuse and a couple of Detonators to go with it" he'd learned a couple of things from a resistance group his was with as a kid
[14:07] Nasreen Serevi snickered at Tao's Captain Ahab reference but moved over to where Taien motioned. She carefully set her bottle of accelerant down with the stuff...figurin it'd make a good boom. "Woot! Kill it with fire!" Kill what...shd didn't know.
[14:07] leonora Aristocrat pads over and sets the det cord down, tying it in a pretty bow around a rock and stepping back to admire her work, if she had scissors she'd strip it so the ends would curl and it would be a pretty det cord
[14:08] leonora Aristocrat turns to aubs 'there! all yours!"
[14:08] DarkMajik Bauhaus dropped her pack on the ground, pulling out a few blocks of RDX, "I've got some military grade RDX.." she mutttered to no one in particular, "Oh, and these.." she pulled out a handfull of chemlights. "I figured we'd need' em.." she sets them up on the crates.. Glancing over at Tao.. "I hope you got a better name for it than 'Moby Dick'" she cuckled.
[14:08] Xulltana Lowell watches the detinations being set grinding as she sways side to side curiosly observing
[14:08] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' sighs, "YO TAI that det cord is good for makin holes wit miniml risk shal i useit"
[14:09] Tinker Haystack watched at all the explosives being set around, eyes lighting up. This was like christmas to Tinker and she couldn't hide her excitement for seeing things go 'boom'
[14:09] Miyu Vendetta rests her chin on Aubs' shoulder as she listens to everyone. A glazed look on her face, she kinda tunes out until she hears the word 'explosive'automatically thinking of a big boom. "Big . .badaboom . ." she mumbles to herself, rather absentmindly.
[14:09] Frost Meredith moved towards the opening Taien was motion to, where they where to put the explotion down. She moved towards that place and palced the explosive there . ( as all was gry to her )
[14:10] Bane Hellmann walks over to the metal thing sticking out of the ground,pushing the barrel of fuel against the metal and opening the box of c4,he plants one after the other on the sides off the structer,he runs a wire from one to another,the putting one of the wires into the gas tank"alls set here with my stuff
[14:10] Taien Foulon steps forward. "Alright. Let's see how much this uncovers.. Everyone take a step back. Take cover. Those who set down explosives, come ta me. We'll set 'em off 'n' see what it does." He grins. How exciting.
[14:11] Castalia Darkstone sidled away from the group.. other than tossing explosives with random .. if not lucky hits , she knew nothing about any of this shit .. she didn't know wat a DET coordinate was. or RDX or .. well pretty much she was a fish out of water . Thus she spent her time looking for sparkly stones and that sort.
[14:11] Tao Ninetails dropped onto the box the laptop was perched upon, spinning the laptop round to face her as she typed on it, pulling open a document marked 'Project Mjolnir', she was perspirating slightly, she opened another document marked 'Project Silent Matter', not noticing a crimson red liquid drip slowly onto her hand from her cheek, hearing shouts of explosives being readied in the distance.
[14:11] DarkLord Daviau stood blnakly..covering his eyes and ears...dont ask me how..he just did..and waited for the explosion anxiously
[14:11] leonora Aristocrat takes her hello kitty lighter out "can you use this?" having no idea how to set off any of this stuff
[14:11] Nasreen Serevi moved back and hid behind the big dudes. "don't want my hair singed." she added. Ever the one to care for beauty. She also plugged her ears, the most sensitive thing to explosions.
[14:11] Redbeauty Lytton sighs and looks to Jillian...." I wonder how manny asses fly soon around here..." she giggles soft
[14:11] whispers: Sorry, you are not authorized to use this.
[14:11] Nil "Like I said, I can shoot it with an explody bolt!"
[14:12] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' had pocketed hi det crd, itreallywasn'tfor big bangs ut makn door, "i'll save his"
[14:12] Nequael Quan takes a step back...she ahd too mnay bad memories of being a little too close to bombs going off...strangely enough all of them involved coleslaw...thats right she ahd fallen victim to her own coleslaw bombs!
[14:12] Aubs Westland was perhaps abit to close to be standing in clear view of the c4, but 'what the hell' he thought, he just wanted to see some big bangs
[14:12] Jillian Ireman looks to red and giggles a bit " not to sure.."
[14:12] Annalisa Carver covers her ears and closes her eyes, peeking out occasionally while she waits
[14:12] Frost Meredith ears perked at the *Setting of the explosive * She snickers almost evily, and runs back to her orginal possition . Turning to peer in the direction of the explossive, while she pressed her palms against her sensitive lycan ears. Eye's wide as plate as she looked in the direction ,feeling thrilled now, mixed whit some expectation .
[14:13] Tinker Haystack flattens her ears over her head and goes a little wide eyed, odd gaze locked on the explosives, she eased back towards the crates. Churring quietly to herself, she bunched her fingers into hersweaty palms.
[14:13] Bane Hellmann walks over to Tai and hands him the controler to one of the charges"ok i think i have all mine set to blow under one fuse,or they wont at all hell i dont know
[14:13] DarkLord Daviau heard Nas jump back so he thought maybe he should follow...and he does
[14:14] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' gave nila ligh hug bfore sandingnext t him
[14:14] Nil growls at Garc. "'s not the time."
[14:14] Taien Foulon looks to those who'd gathered near him, figuring it was those who had set the charges. He also takes the controller from Bane.. "Well, here goes nothin'.... "Blow that shit up guys." Taien assumes that everyone had taken cover, and then just presses the button on the controller.. Grinning at the ensuing explosion.. which, of course, hurts his ears and causes him to stumble backwards a few steps. "Argh."
[14:15] Frodo Tereshchenko padded over to Nas, his head cocking to the side, "Hey!" he muttered randomly at her, waiting for the explosions....and then there they were!
[14:15] Nil flattens his ears against his head, and crouches down, bracing himself.
[14:15] Xulltana Lowell stagers back and madly says "wweee" as she feels the ground shake
[14:15] Luna Narayan was a little distracted but saw explosives being used. "Erm... my research is distracting me but, what are you doing? I'm sure there' no need for explosions."
[14:15] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' chuckles, "alright alright...." he jumps and flails at the xplosion flinging his pipe in a random direction
[14:15] Redbeauty Lytton turns her head away from the explosion and lays her ears back down
[14:16] Adaire DeCuir ducked behind 'Ro and shuddered. "It's better when one is farrr away, I think." She rubbed her ears and said, "Yikes."
[14:16] Xulltana Lowell: *giggles hauntingly*
[14:16] Bri twiddles her thumbs and just watches everything going on. Yup just another day hanging around with the pack!
[14:16] Aubs Westland covers his eyes as debris the blast gets thrown into the group, he stumbles back a couple of steps "whoa..!"
[14:16] Flaetriu Darkmatter just stands there grinning waiting for the bang
[14:16] Bane Hellmann gets blow back slightly,his boots digging into the ground
[14:16] DarkMajik Bauhaus winces at the blast.. "Nice!" she called out, waving bits of dust and debris from her face and pushing some from her hair.. "Once the dust settles, see if we've exposed any more?"
[14:16] Nequael Quan closes her eyes and pins back her ears as the explosions go off, but it was no good...there wasn't a huge amount that could be done to protect themselves against explosions that big "Would have worked better with coleslaw..." She mutters///
[14:16] Nil closes his eyes as chunks of rocks and dirt bounce of his fur.\
[14:16] Jillian Ireman cringes and overs her ringing ears
[14:16] leonora Aristocrat does her nails and looks up "oh wow" and looks down "I chipped another nail" and she stomps her foot
[14:17] Xulltana Lowell: boom Boom BOOM!
[14:17] Xulltana Lowell laughs
[14:17] Tinker Haystack woots and jumps up at the explosion, laughing manically almost and notmindin the debris that is flying around
[14:17] Redbeauty Lytton: ehehe
[14:17] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' hears his bit of pipe smack into something and sighs, "damn there goes my pipe"
[14:17] Xulltana Lowell runs over to the rubel
[14:18] Nil cautiously sniffs along the ground, stalking towards the rest of the metal they exposed.
[14:18] Taien Foulon pushes his finger into his ear, and wiggles it a few times, waiting for his earing to come back, after the temporary loss. "Ow ow ow ow.." He grumbles out, having stood too close to the explosion site.. "Alright.." He moves towards, scanning the uncovered area. "As ah said.. Someone bring Richmond ta th' front.!"
[14:18] Bane Hellmann looks at it and nudges Aubs"any idea what were looking at?
[14:18] Taien Foulon: hearing*
[14:18] Xulltana Lowell crawls over the metal looking at the ground grining as she kinda dances on it
[14:18] Adaire DeCuir said to 'Ro quietly, "Well it's awfully good we had a stowaway, isn't it?"
[14:18] silversky Moonbeam pokes miyu, "what the hell.. seriously? is going on"
[14:18] Aubs Westland shrugged.. but.. for a moment through the dust he thought he saw.. "Hey.. is that a tape recorder.. IN the wall..?"
[14:19] Xulltana Lowell twirls round and round draging her metal claws agenst teh metal as she looks along the new platform
[14:19] Nasreen Serevi barely contained her whine at the sound of the explosion, and she rubbed her eyes to try and clear her sight. She nodded to Adaire "Yeah, send in the nobody dude." Even if she had met him that AM.
[14:19] Frodo Tereshchenko nodded back to her, "Yes. Always good to have a guinea pig of sorts.
[14:19] Frodo Tereshchenko: "
[14:19] Miyu Vendetta had pulled out a cereal bar after the explosion, peeling back the wrapper and munching. "Iunno," she says with a mouthful, then offers the bar to Sil. "Wanna bite/"
[14:19] Luna Narayan wasn't exactly ready for explosions and probably got caught a little surprised. Luckily her augmented body wasn't the type to tip over easily, leaving here there blinking a little. "Definitely... no more explosives.", she'd say.
[14:19] Frost Meredith dropped into a crouch possition, her hans covering her sensitive lycan ears, and her head. Beeing the fact it was some vital parts. She rather not end up deaf, or head less . She whimpers some , as she heard the huge sound of the explotion echhoing in the stone walls(or what ever was around ..grey lol) As the explotion was over, she rose up on her legs slowly , seeing more space beeing revealed in front of her eye's . Which made her jump up and down and clap lika an mainac.
[14:20] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' "it appeas to b a buner"
[14:20] Garcanno DuPont: bunker*
[14:20] Taien Foulon calls out at the top of his longs. "Gather round everyone. And Someone bring me fuckin' Richmond! Ah aint puttin' anyones ass in there til ah know it's safe. Assumin' we can get in this way 'n' all."
[14:20] Xulltana Lowell twirls again just for fun , stumbeling ont eh ledge as she falls a little tourds Aubs "ack!!....lumpy!!'
[14:20] Aubs Westland prodded the strange device suspiciously "What do you think it is..?" he muttered, looking up and back at the group behind him "You reckon I should press this button..?"
[14:21] : Taien Foulon (in lycan): Hold on a sec, Aubs. People might wanna step back.. Ah saw it in a movie once.. air can get weird 'n' melt off peoples faces if yer not careful.. Who knows how long this has been concealed.
[14:21] : Taien Foulon (in lycan): graa-a-a grr-snort g
[14:21] DarkMajik Bauhaus called back, "Here he is, Taien." she motioned to the man, armed with nothing more than a Chemlight, she sighed, pulling out her USP, she empted all but one round, pressing it into his hand. "If you get into shit, fire, We'll try our best." she shrugged, feeling a bit bad for the guy.
[14:22] leonora Aristocrat backs up.. being like.. very aware of melting faces..
[14:22] Nil remembers something from long ago....something about an ark. It clicks. "you gotta be fucking kidding, Tai. the Ark of the Fucking Covenant?"
[14:22] Nasreen Serevi blinked as Taien's words registered to her mind. Her ears were still ringing with the boom of the blast, but she stepped back.
[14:22] silversky Moonbeam pushes adam, towards the entrance, not wanting him to miss anything
[14:22] Xulltana Lowell hops up on teh slab of metal and leans down what aubs is seeing "whats that....."
[14:22] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' laughs, "that's in a museum somewhere"
[14:22] Richmond Rembranch takes the chemlight but shakes his head at the USP "I'm more likely to shoot myself with one of those things than anything threatening"
[14:22] Nequael Quan blinks and backs off at the mention of faces being melted off...that was the last thing she wanted considering her fur had been melted off just the previous day...well thats what she as telling everyone anyway...
[14:22] Bane Hellmann walks back to the edge of the metal
[14:22] Adaire DeCuir held Ro's hand and paled visibly. "I sure do like my face where it is...and yours too, Robear." She was curious as to what was in the hole they just blew up.
[14:23] Xulltana Lowell yipes as the floor moves under her, falling back
[14:23] Redbeauty Lytton pokes the metal with the shovel in her hand looking how much stable it is while sniffing in the air a bit curious
[14:23] Xulltana Lowell thuds
[14:23] Luna Narayan gets attacked?
[14:23] Taien Foulon looks around for Luna, then calls her name. "Luna!" He points at the panel where Aubs was sitting. "Yer robotic here. Ya wanna scan it 'n' press it? if it's safe 'n' all.."
[14:23] Xulltana Lowell: whatch out what kinda buttons you push!!
[14:24] Aubs Westland shrugged "Duno" and as the curiousity got the better of him and hammered on a random set of buttons "Hmm, doesn't seem to do anything.. must be broke " he mumbled
[14:24] Frodo Tereshchenko's attention pulled back to Dark manhandling the stranger before drawing nearer to the crowd - his eyes widening at Taien's comment before rolling his eyes. The Beta had gotten confused with...well, something else - facepainting perhaps? Either way, he clutched onto his mate's hand as he called out, impatiently, "Go on, punch him in the gut and flick him in there!" Sure, he hadn't thought it all through, but if indeed his face were to melt, it didn't matter if he was conscious or not.
[14:24] Luna Narayan nodded to Taien. "Well, I was going to suggest a 3D perimeter scan just in case. Never know what could happen in a place like this."
[14:25] Taien Foulon nods to Luna, he trusted her judgement. "Not workin' Aubs..? Let Luna can. See if she can fix it. Ah want this shit opened, an' no harm done ta th' shi--er.. Whatever it is, down there." He coughs, and slides his head to the side, "Everyone else, sit tight fer now."
[14:25] Nil whines, scratching the floor. "Just oss him in there, I want him to die so I can eat!"
[14:26] Aubs Westland stood to his feet and moved to the side to let Luna get in "Seems the powers off or something, maybe the blast knocked it off..?" he shrugged again and looked around
[14:26] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' flails his det cord in tai's direction, "ortabl door aker!
[14:27] Xulltana Lowell walks over and leans agenst the wall
[14:27] DarkLord Daviau sighed and hoped for the best...lets see,he thought...a bunch of lycans, cyborg's undead and vamps and who knows what else, gathered around an ancient hole with a coded door...this ought to be interesting indeed
[14:28] Frost Meredith kept her eyes on her scritching friend Luna as she where to scan something . She tilted her head to the side as she tryed look between the gathering of pack mates .
[14:29] Luna Narayan walked over to the panel and kneeled down, her eyes lighting up to an blue glow as an indication her tech scan was activated. She'd sweep at the panel, trying figure out its function, and whether it was trapped. While she was at it, she'd sweep the insides of the thing, at least if the metal wasn't too thick to be breached.
[14:30] Nil impatiently growls, and smacks the metal with a heavy paw.
[14:30] Adaire DeCuir watched Luna curiously, then looked at the sun. She started to get a little anxious about Kylah being home with the robonanny for so long. She murmured something in Ro's ear, then returned her attention to the proceedings ahead.
[14:32] Tao Ninetails watched Luna mess with the door controls, she figured Luna would know how to open it, Infact she wondered if there was anything Luna couldn't help her with, she figured she'd take a note of bugging Luna to help her with some of her projects in future, though just now she was distracted, that blurryness in her mind was returning from before, blood lightly dripping to the floor from her right eye, "i know.." she muttered, talking to herself, before quickly looking to her side at Dark, then returning her gaze to Luna, "open it up Luna." she said simply, pointing at what she assumed was the door control panel at her feet.
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Tai[color=#808080][i]Added 07.26.2009 21:55:39: [/i][/color]
[14:32] Redbeauty Lytton leans back against the dirty metal and smirks looking at Luna... she holds the shovel in her hand hands to Slap Luna away if anykind of safe mechanism kicks in
[14:32] Nil snarls. "Open, damn you!"
[14:33] DarkMajik Bauhaus glanced to Tao.. she shook her head, speaking a few soft words in old Russian to Tao before looking to Luna.
[14:33] Nequael Quan just leans back against the ledge and watches, getting ready to cover her face if anything was to jump out and attack...she had seen far too many sci-fi movies not to be concerned.
[14:33] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' takes out all the det cord he had, which was quite alot, and measured how much to use and for what and such
[14:33] Adaire DeCuir peered up at Ro and murmured a few things in his ear, leaning against him as she shifted from foot to foot.
[14:34] Luna Narayan shrugged a little. "Well... it's pretty much what it seems to be. It's a opening mechanism, seems functional and I don't see any traps or safety mechanisms. I can't be one hundred percent on what's inside but so far I get no indication of a reason to not open this door or hatch, or whatever you want to call it."
[14:34] Richmond Rembranch stands infront of the hatch door thingy putting himself between luna and the opening, incase of any blasts.
[14:35] Nasreen Serevi watched Richmond, aka guinnea pig dude get in front of hte door, and she couldn't help but growl loudly "Do it, Luna!" Yes, Nas was not known for her patience.
[14:35] Nil "Shove him in!"
[14:36] Miyu Vendetta wonders why there's a Spider Jerusalem reject in front of her, then realises it's the canary boy. With a smile, she steps off to the side to let him die.
[14:36] Nil scrabbles around the metal floor, whining and growling.
[14:36] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' barks atnil, "have patience wuffie!"
[14:37] Adaire DeCuir heard "Wuffie" and wondered if anyone was crackin dog jokes. She in turn cracked her knuckles, being a little angsty and wanting to punch someone. Or something like that.
[14:37] Taien Foulon just nods to Luna. "Open it. As soon as it's open, someone toss th' Space Monkey inside."
[14:37] Redbeauty Lytton smirks just leaning back and trys to relax..... she looks in the round... She holds her ears up to listen to the surrounding and narrows her eyes a moment
[14:37] Frost Meredith kept staring at Luna, and what was bellow . She smiled widely fiddling whit her skirt , a mix of beeing nervouse and excited at once . To what they might find , hearing she mention there was nothing that indicated that there was reason to not open it. She peered at what looked like a locking mechanism, smiling for her self, as she casted a glanze on all the other . To watch theyr expression or excitement.
[14:37] Tao Ninetails brings her right arm up to face her palm to the crowd, as if metaphorically holding them back, "Patience." she said simply.
[14:38] Frodo Tereshchenko sighed and pulled away from her ear as she cracked her knuckles, having missed his comment and went back to watching the proceedings in front of him.
[14:39] Nasreen Serevi started to pace. So many people, so much barely contained energy, all these things triggered her hunter's instincts almost to the point of irrational behavior. She trusted Luna, she was good, would stand by her call to open the hatch. At Tao's suggestion to calm, she attempted...but failed...biting off a growl of frustration.
[14:39] Luna Narayan nodded, her right hand's fingers slowly turning into biomechanic tendrils. She'd latch on to the mechanism with them, each tendril's feelers pushing into microscopic cracks. "Well it has a fingerprint scanner. How quaint. Give me a minute.", she'd say, her tendrils breaching the insides of the panel and began probing its insides, latching into the correct circuits and whatnots... and about a minute later, the fingerprint scanner was hacked. Whatever was the style of the door opening, it would've probably happened about this time, as Luna decided to engage the opening mechanism.
[14:40] Nil is getting riled up with the anticipation of the vault opening, of the guinea hopefully getting ripped open and devoured, and the energy running throug his body.
[14:40] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' smacks nil in the head with another bit of meat
[14:40] DarkMajik Bauhaus rocked on her heels.. she smiled slightly at the pack, so much going on was chaos to most, but to darks already chatoic mind, it was sweet music. She glanced up, hearing the hiss, and metallic graiting that told her the door was opening.. her hand reached out to find Taos, gently pulling her toward the entrance..
[14:40] Nil snarls at Garc, and then snatches the meat from him, hungrily wolfing it down.
[14:41] Tao Ninetails heard the sliding of metal plates as the door to the monster whale was made clear, she clicked her way over to Luna and the Canary to peer into the opening, not really worried about her safety.
[14:41] Richmond Rembranch looks down into the darkness of the opening and cracks and shakes the chemlight before tossing it in, seeing a ramp he decides to make his way down saying to himself and anyone near by "'Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla where the brave may live forever."
[14:41] Aubs Westland stumbled as the metal hatch opened, the years of inactivity and rust creating a loud ominous creak as the door slid open to reveal the dark mystery below "Now we're talkin'.. in you go fella"
[14:41] Redbeauty Lytton walks a bit closer and looks amazed at the opening door she nods softly to herself and gives Luna a little grin
[14:41] Taien Foulon steps up to the opening door. "No one goes inside. Richmond first. If he doesn't die, a small team goes in afterwards..."
[14:41] Miyu Vendetta really hopes he dies.
[14:42] Nil "If he dies, I get to eat it! and tear and bleed."
[14:42] DarkMajik Bauhaus really couldnt wait any longer, she looked to Taien, and then Tao.. saying simply, "Nanites." she stepped foward, down the ramp behid the "canary."
[14:42] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' smirks, "can w share?"
[14:42] Nequael Quan just stayed calm, sat against the edge of the metal structure they were on top of and watching, she felt kind of bad for the guy that was going to be thrown inside...but he did hop on board the ship uninvited so she guessed he did deserve it after all. She perks her ears up and takes few steps closer as the vault gets opened and just looks at the Guinie pig to see what happens...
[14:42] Richmond Rembranch strains his eyes to look around the area "this isnt a vault" he murmurs. The air is stale but breathably and he looks back up at the faces of the pack members behind him "Clear.... I suppose"
[14:43] Aubs Westland glanced over to nil and rolled his eyes before crossing his arms beding slightly to look down into the passage
[14:43] Miyu Vendetta grumbles as he looks at him. "Cn we kill him if he doesn't die? That's always fun too."
[14:43] Taien Foulon nods, "Alright. Canary seems still alive. Tao. Dark, Bane. Aubs, Luna, Miyu. Go down. If anythin' bad happens. Get th' fuck outta there." - "Everyone else.. Stand ready.."
[14:43] Bane Hellmann walks over and looks into the hole
[14:43] silversky Moonbeam: wait! Miyu!!!!!
[14:43] Bane Hellmann nods to Tai and jumps into the ramp thing
[14:43] Miyu Vendetta totally waits and turns to Sil.
[14:43] Richmond Rembranch: welcome home Tao
[14:44] silversky Moonbeam hurries throwing glitter on to Miyu... "be safe! damnit!
[14:44] Adaire DeCuir stopped cracking her knuckles, leaning into Ro. She said quietly, "Hope they will be ok..."
[14:44] Nil barks eagerly, dashing down the hole.
[14:44] Redbeauty Lytton smirks as her name doesnt falls and stays sighing back looking to Taien and back down the hole
[14:44] Miyu Vendetta wiggles her ears and grabs Aubs' wrist, hopping down.
[14:44] Nil "Grrrargh!"
[14:44] Aubs Westland took a few steps caustiosly down the romp.. "Wiss us luck.." he muttered before dissappearing with the rest
[14:44] silversky Moonbeam: aubs!!!! *she throws a mad bit of glitter on him as well*
[14:44] DarkLord Daviau nods and waits patiently
[14:44] Frodo Tereshchenko nodded back to her, "Yeah, me too. Should all be ok," he replied, not really knowing.
[14:44] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' growls, "damn you wolf!"
[14:45] Bane Hellmann looks around
[14:45] Taien Foulon looks back to everyone else. "Alright guys. Th' hard part aint over yet. Keep ready here. We'll prolly need ta dig this thing up outta th' ground somehow... Any ideas on that while th' scout team explores?"
[14:45] DarkMajik Bauhaus stopped, dead in her tracks, she blinked a few times.. looking at the massive peice of machinery.. "Oh my sweet gods.." she looked to Tao, with the look on her face like the child who just found the bike they've always wanted under the christmas tree.. "Its... fucking.... amazing.." she smiled, "Do you think it will work? I mean.. can we repair it? Is it even broken?" she rattled off the questions in quick scession without waiting for a reply.
[14:45] Bane Hellmann: intrestin
[14:45] Miyu Vendetta: There's another level it seems . .can I go down?
[14:45] Nil "Grrr ...what is it?! Is it treasure?"
[14:46] Adaire DeCuir tapped her nose, thinking. "S'pose that's what you have the shovels and pick axes for...maybe ropes would come in handy to pull it out?"
[14:46] Luna Narayan walked over to the large 'tunnel', stroking her chin slowly. "Now if I'm not too mistaken this here would be the place for a power core, but it's either missing or never was there. Possibly a good thing in the sense there's no radiation or other hazards present because of the absence... but whatever this thing is won't be powered up without it."
[14:46] Nequael Quan arches a brow "How to dig it out of the ground? We could maybe...loosen the rock around it...then depending on how powerfull the other ship is...kind of pull it?" It was the first idea that popped into her head...
[14:46] Richmond Rembranch looks up at the blue print on the walls and takes a snapshot with his glasses before turning to Miyu "I'll go first, job of a canary after all"
[14:46] Tao Ninetails jumps down the ramp and is suddenly surrounded by inert electronics and the smell of burning wires, flesh and stale air, her eyes darted around from pipes to panel, then finally the large cylindrical mechanism that encompased most of the centre of the room, "it's dead." she said aloud to no one in perticular, quickly taking off her PDA from her right arm and hoding it up to the air, letting a quiet clicking sound be heard, "it's really dead." she said to affirm her prior oppinion from readings, "Tell taien and some heavies to come down, they should probably look into the belly of the beast, i smell burning." she motioned with the arm which had the PDA in it up the ram.
[14:46] Nil clicks down the stairs to the lower level.
[14:46] Bane Hellmann walks over to a wall where there seems to be a blueprint etched into
[14:46] DarkLord Daviau looks to Taien with a shocked exprssion..."the whole thing?"..he would gasp...then calms himself to continue.."were gonna need something big, like machinery to get this whole thing out of the ground"
[14:46] Redbeauty Lytton surghs with her shoulders..:" surely... if thats anykind of ship... bring the engines online and then see what the rest of the system does and how many stuff needs work on...." she looks to Tai and throws the shovel away
[14:46] Nasreen Serevi nodded in agreement with Neq "Yeah, what she said." Though her pacing continued.
[14:46] silversky Moonbeam closes her eyes, her throught on miyu and aubs, she sends out positive vibes everything inside of her going out to them. She takes a deep breath in through her nose and out through her mouth... her mind, she concentrates on their safety and good luck
[14:47] Miyu Vendetta nods and shoves him down there, eager to explore more. The machines were bitching, but not her thing . .there might be candy or treasure or CANDY TREASURE down there.
[14:47] Nil "Good! Rowrf!" He leaps down
[14:47] Aubs Westland glanced around, trying to decipher the architecture on that adorned the walls "What the hell is this place..? some kind of mining station.. an old airship..?" he didn't really have a clue, he looked over at miyu and down at the level below "We shold go deeper.."
[14:47] Taien Foulon just blinks. "Pull it...? Er.. We'll see what Tao thinks on that.." He looks to Red, "Well. That seems more possible.. Though, that's assumin' we can fix it. Ah'm guessin it's prolly not gonna be in th' best o' states." He nods to Dark. "An' yes. Th' whole thing."
[14:48] DarkLord Daviau figured he meant the whole thing..but gives him a smile and a nod.."you got it..we'll make it happen somehow"
[14:49] Luna Narayan jumped off from the supposed power core, glancing over to Dark and Tao. "Hmm... will require some work, eh?"
[14:49] DarkMajik Bauhaus nodded at Tao, she padded back up the ramp. Calling up to Taien "Taien! I need you, and some heavies down here.. seems we may have a fire.." she shrugged, "Tao says its dead.. like.. gonna need some work."
[14:49] Redbeauty Lytton nods.." well you never tested my Hacking and Repairing Skills Tai..." she looks to the side and smirks soft... She looks down the hole and hears some broken parts of the ongoing conversation...
[14:49] Nequael Quan smirks a little bit, she didn't think he idea would be so feasable...but it was the first thing to pop into her head after all...trying to repair the engines and get it moving on its own would probably be better...
[14:49] Jillian Ireman crosses her arms and looks around at the rock and dirt, thinking that wold take forever to do by shovel.. and pick, then looks around for more. explosives
[14:50] Nasreen Serevi didn't know shit about engineering or technical stuff. Her specialty was carnage. So, all this was just making her antsy. Again, she paced, looking to Taien as Dark's yell reached her ears as well.
[14:50] Tao Ninetails watched luna deftly leap from her old location to just infront of her, looking past her to the inert 'core', "probably.." she said sounding dissapointed, then spotting something half way up the ramp she clips off to investigate.
[14:50] Frost Meredith kept fiddling whit the skirt, rubbing the fabrick between her fingers, her ears perked as she tryed take in most of what was beeing sayd . Peering whit at Luna as she strolled to check out if there was some power cord at the tunnel. She cracked her neck to the side , and shifted her gaze back to the door. her tails flicked behind her ,beeing filled whit expectation and suspense. To what might be revealed beaneath them.
[14:51] Adaire DeCuir said worriedly, "Fire?" and she yanked on Ro's shirt. "Don't go down there. I don't need a crispy father for our child. And singed wolf hair stinks."
[14:51] Taien Foulon nods down at Dark, and looks back, out to those who were around. "Alright. Neq, Flae, Red, Wish. Come wi' me.." He calls out to Frost. "Frost, stay out here wi' th' others, make sure no one follows. Ah'll be back soon. Make sure no one jacks th' airship too, otherwise we'll be royally. fucked."
[[14:51] EvilMonster Land suddenly jerks up from a slouched over pose, the visor going from dull unlit to full on, bright red glow. "Alert, perimeter breached. Initiating procedure purge and clear. Combat systems online." The machine then proceeds to lurch forward towards Miyu.
[14:51] Nequael Quan nods and heads down after Tai...
[14:51] Miyu Vendetta shouts: AUBS!
[14:51] Redbeauty Lytton jumps after tai down
[14:51] Bri sat like an emo loner, not really doing anything, acting qutie apathetic about the full situation.
[14:52] DarkMajik Bauhaus perks an ear.. "FUCK!" she calls out, hearing Miyu's yell, "BELOW DECKS, NOW."
[14:52] Aubs Westland turned to the sound of miyu's voice.."Miyu..??"
[14:52] Luna Narayan: What the hell is going on in there?
[14:52] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' sighs not getting to be involved at all
[14:52] Flaetriu Darkmatter gazed around the emptynes, the earyness, something felt wrong here
[14:52] Taien Foulon calls up. "Guys, we got a hostile down there. Anyone that's able ta fight. Come down, now. Let's sort this shit out."
[14:52] Frost Meredith nods to Taien " Sure " She shifted her gaze to the other ,checking that no one esle went down there for now.
[14:53] Jillian Ireman frowns and hops down
[14:53] Redbeauty Lytton grins..." Finaliy some action....."
[14:53] Nasreen Serevi went over an tried to punch Clockwork int he arm "Dun sigh, man. I'm stressed enough!"
[15:06] DarkMajik Bauhaus: I'm 86'ed, need halp.
[15:16] Bryan Nirpaw falls asleep.
[15:17] Taien Foulon roars out. "It's down. NICE work!"
[15:17] Nil "finally! Stupic robot hurts! "
[15:18] Nil howls. "Strip it for parts!"
[15:18] Frodo Tereshchenko padded up as he patted Taien on the back having seen him give the final blow. "Nice work," he muttered before calling back at the rest, "Everyone else alright?"
[15:18] Adaire DeCuir said, "Oops!" and looked at the fallen beast.
[15:18] Nequael Quan nods her head, she had been fairly sneaky with landing her blows "Never better."
[15:19] Taien Foulon just blinks, it wasn't him who'd gotten the last hit. But everyone had worked admirably during the fight. "Well.. Ah'm guessin this must be it's security system o' somethin'.." He sniffs, inhaling deeply. "Air can't be that bad, otherwise we'd all be dead, too."
[15:19] Miyu Vendetta stomps up to the evil person and growls. "You're a jerk!" she spits out, placing a well aimed kick at the robbit's side. "Were you the one who killed all those people?"
[15:19] EvilMonster Land collapses to the ground, sparks issuing out of a dozen places in the machine as it lays on the ground. Cracks in the armor from the blows it had recieved where clearly obvious. "System error. Activate retrieval sequence. Shutting ddddddddddooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....." then the windows shut down theme plays rather loudly.
[15:20] Aubs Westland scratched the back of his head "Well so much for a warm welcome.." he walked upto the machine and jabbed it with his foot "What is it..? some kind of robot..? "
[15:20] Nil "Bastard interrupted my meal."
[15:20] Aubs Westland crouched down to get a closer inspection of the thing "Seemes pretty old school.."
[15:20] Bryan Nirpaw walked up, not having done really anything pulled her fingers together like a gun pointing it at the robot. "Its just been revoked."
[15:20] Redbeauty Lytton sighs..." the poor Machine..." she looks to the side and sighs loud
[15:20] Luna Narayan: "A defense mechanism drone.", she'd say. "Quite obviously designed to keep people out. Surprisingly powerful for such low tech, I might add."
[15:20] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' scans the thing, "my guess it's a security sentinal"
[15:21] Frodo Tereshchenko shrugged, the fogs of wall and all that shit. "Some on people, get healed up" he muttered looking around for his mate.
[15:21] Frost Meredith stood there whit wide open eyes, this was impressing what an security system. But they finally manag to defeat the so called security sude wasnt an easy match afterall.
[15:21] DarkLord Daviau looks to the wounds on his body he had sustained during the battle..then looks around to the others..."you think theres more of these things around?"
[15:21] Frodo Tereshchenko fails
[15:21] Miyu Vendetta kneels down to poke it, nodding at Luna's words. "Can we use it for spare parts? Or, oo, can we rebuild it and make it like a robbit slave for the Den?"
[15:22] DarkMajik Bauhaus looked at Tao.. then the "Security system." she shook her head, "Holy shit." was all she could say.. "I didnt think that they had this kind of tech..." she arched a brow.. "What didnt you tell me." she smiled.
[15:22] Luna Narayan tilted her head. "Well if a drone can be that powerful, we certainly should look into using it for our own purposes. Perhaps we can re-program it."
[15:22] Nil "It's pronounced Ro-BOT. And what the hell is this place."
[15:23] Taien Foulon steps forward. "Alright. Everyone. We'll be takin' this hunk o' metal back as scrap, ta see what we can figure out from it.. " He looks to Luna, "It's not gonna wake up is it? It's actually.. Gone..? Atleast fer now." He looks around. "We should scout th' area. See what else we can find on this ship. Once ah got word this bot is outta commision.. Ah want it taken ta th' airship above th' ground."
[15:23] Bane Hellmann: were in some kinda ship
[15:23] Miyu Vendetta: "Don't make fun of my speech inpediment, you insensitive jerk!"
[15:23] Nil "I can see that, numbnuts, WHOSE ship is it?"
[15:24] Adaire DeCuir snarled at whoever the "big talker" was, irritated. "Bite your tongue, pup, and listen to the Elders!"
[15:24] Luna Narayan: Well you can never really fully know, it might have automated repair capabilities. I would make absolutely, positively certain the thing has been deactivated before tampering it any further.
[15:24] Nil reels from the blow and whimpers.
[15:24] Bane Hellmann swipes a hand across his face
[15:24] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' raises a hand, "i can do that!"
[15:24] Bane Hellmann: shall we go again>
[15:25] Nil growls. "No."
[15:25] Bane Hellmann: good boy
[15:25] Nasreen Serevi couldn't help with re-programming, so she piped up "I'll start scouting the ship. I need to clear my head in any case."
[15:25] Nil "I wanna see if there's more food here."
[15:26] Miyu Vendetta looks at Luna, then back down at the heap at her feet. Miyu backs slowly away from it, standing behind Aubs as she glances around. "Do you think we could possibly reclaim anything from that command center we saw when we first came in? I'm sure there's something of worth in there."
[15:26] Haelo Exonar is Online
[15:26] Aubs Westland knelt down and took out his knife, he brought it up and struck down hard into the robots necks "Should be safe enough now, right.? cut off the supply from the brain and it's dead.. or does that only work for Zombies..?"
[15:26] Adaire DeCuir finally found her mate and quickly siddled up to him to take his hand. "Well, that was exciting! And neither of us are dead! I'd say this was a win."
[15:26] EvilMonster Land laid there, visor dark once more. Its last words still somehwat echoed through the ship, stating it had shut down with a system error, and also activated some sort of retrieval system.
[15:27] Tao Ninetails shoves her way through the crowd to look at the robot on the ground, her head was pounding and cloudy, looking at it she looked extremly dissapointed and audibly exhales, pushing her way back out and headed in search of something else.
[15:27] Redbeauty Lytton surghs with her shoulders and turns around going back to the commando bridge look a like thing
[15:27] Nil huffs, growling. He stalks off into another part of the ship.
[15:27] Eric Boccara is Offline
[15:28] DarkMajik Bauhaus spoke up, "Form teams, spread out, look for more.. if you find anything, Yell." she turned then, following Tao-san.
[15:28] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' followed nil instead
[15:28] DarkLord Daviau nods.."whos team I on?"
[15:28] Bane Hellmann walks over to Miyu and Aub and sil"lets head to the bridge then
[15:28] Aubs Westland looked over to miyu ""come on you, you'd better sitck close incase you find anymore rust buckets"
[15:29] Luna Narayan kneeled down carefully to inspect the drone. "I don't fully understand how something this low tech can be so powerful... but if you want...", looking around for the leaders, "...I could try and find out. Perhaps create something useful out of the bot."
[15:29] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' looks at nil, "wanna scout?"
[15:30] Frodo Tereshchenko curled an arnm around her, his breaths heavy as he hid the few cuts he had received, "You ok?" he muttered, leaning in. "And good work out there!"
[15:30] Scarlet Singer watches from the side in silence, listening to the others as they spoke and trailing her gaze towards the bot with a furrow of her brow.
[15:30] Frost Meredith peers down onto the one they had defeated, to then look up at Luna " yeah , he was strong ....wonder what he is made off " She looked closer at the on the ground, but Frosty had no clues when it came to bots and such. She rather take a step back now that she had gotten a look on it.
[15:31] Jillian Ireman looked around to make sure everybody was somewhat healed, then perked a brow wondering who she should follow. and stick close to just in case another attack ahppens
[15:31] Taien Foulon growls, he didn't like the noise that the robot had made. And for some reason, he couldn't shake off a feeling that this wasn't the last they'd seen of whatever had made the security drone.. "Alright. Thanks, Aubs." Taien looks to Dark(male) and Flae.. "Guys. Can ya take this hunk o' metal back ta th' airship outside. Make sure it's secure? We'll take it back with us. Oh 'n' Garcanno. Look over th' android. Ah want ya ta make sure that it's definitely out." Finally, he looks to Luna. "Luna.. Would ya be able to find Tao, 'n' see if ya can run a diagnostic on this ship, ta see if it's operational at all? Somethin' is buggin' Tao." Taien looks around for Scarlet, then smiles at his mate. "Ah love ya. Nice healin'." He steps closer to her, lips primed to press against her own as he draws in.
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Tai[color=#808080][i]Added 07.26.2009 21:57:08: [/i][/color]
[15:31] DarkLord Daviau approaches the stranger carefully..."hello"
[15:32] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' nods and walks up to the robot, "i can get it out'd do better to be without distraction anyway"
[15:32] Luna Narayan nodded to Taien. "Affirmative. I'll go look for Tao, then."
[15:32] Adaire DeCuir nodded, murmuring, "Jilly and I are a good team!" She sniffed the air then swiveled her head when she saw her mate more carefully, worried when she found a flash of red on her mate's arm. But she kept quiet, scanning the strange place they were in, instead.
[15:32] Scarlet Singer blinks rapidly up at Taien, "No problem, as long as everyones healed up and alright" She says, offering a small smile before stepping forward and tilting her head upwards to meet his lips with hers in a kiss before pulling away with a mummbled, "Love ya too" and looking to the others, "Now what..."
[15:32] Nil "Where to now?" He grumbles, his head stinging from the smack.
[15:33] Navate Neox didn't seem to notice the man, even if he was noisy enough, at least just yet. He was simply sitting and looking the ground over cautiously, he'd grab a few worms and other creeping bugs alike with his dirty, almost rusty, hands and mutter to them as he hold them over the sight of his eyes. "O-O-Oh, Mister-r-r scribbles, so kind of you to join me this evenin... for dinner." He'd stutter before going to stick the viscous bug into his mouth. "Why you taste wonderful toda-y-y." The old man smiles widely as his eyes would roll over, showing their white sides for a moment, pretty much as he was almost orgasming with his meal, he lets out a somewhat stuttered pleased laugh, making him almost choke and cough every few seconds.
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[15:33] Flaetriu Darkmatter looks over at DL " you want to grab the arms all get the legs" he asks still looking around nervously
[15:34] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' "yes someone please take it to the surface i will be there momentarily"
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[15:34] DarkLord Daviau almost gagged as he watched the man eat the bug.....his senses on full alert..he responded ina calm voice.."who are you..and how long have you been down here?"..he would make his reply
[15:35] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' sighs and just lifts the damn thing himself, "i'll do it myself"
[15:35] Nequael Quan is Offline
[15:35] Flaetriu Darkmatter looks over at tai " its ok i will be ok by my self" he say as he glances down at the bot " dosnt look that heavy"
[15:36] Frodo Tereshchenko slipped his hand into hers and looked down the ways, "Come on - let's go take a look around," he muttered sheathing his sword. "As Nas said, clear the head a bit - its very stuffy in here!" he said, panicing a bit as the walls seemed to close in on him.
[15:36] Frost Meredith attention shifted to Taien and Scarlet, She smiled widely for her self. Before she looked down at the bot, waiting for it to be carryed away . She watched the dude lifted him up " ned help whit it? he looks heavy ?"
[15:36] Jillian Ireman was about to go help, untiil cloclwork came in and lifts the thing up, she shurgs and looks to the doorway to her right and sniffs the air catching any odd scent
[15:36] EvilMonster Land was exceedingly heavy. Bordering on 450 kilos of metal and machinary.
[15:36] DarkLord Daviau nods to Anna...placing a finger to his lips.."quiet, please"
[15:36] Navate Neox slowly turned to face the stranger who was addressing him. Still with half the bug between his buggy lips. His eyes dart up as he looks at person, with a somewhat freaky, old and cold look. His eyes were almost more red than anything else, out of obviously, many many nights without sleep and general tiredness and only god knew what else he had to pull through in such dark place. He seems to want to reply but no words really come out.
[15:36] Annalisa Carver taps DL on the shoulder " whatcha find?"
[15:36] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' shakes his head, "augments....makes shit much lighter"
[15:36] Adaire DeCuir nodded and followed after 'Ro, eager to take a look around, but also eager to take a better look at him to inspect him for cuts and such.
[15:36] Annalisa Carver snaps her mouth shut and stares at the strange dude
[15:37] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' makes his way out of the ship
[15:38] Frost Meredith laughs at Garcanno, he sure seemed to be effective.
[15:38] Annalisa Carver scoots a bit closer to DL but not too close cuz, ewww and stuff, and whispers " he smells"
[15:38] DarkLord Daviau stands carefully watching the man..inhaling his scent..actually a scent of death surrounding him...he grimaced as he looked to him..."how long have you been down here?"..he would simply ask again
[15:38] Miyu Vendetta holds out a mangled motor piece to Naline, grinning, then drops it on the foor near the door. "I found something neat!" she exclaims before discreetly wiping her grimy hand on Sil's bum.
[15:38] Taien Foulon looks to Flae. "Er. Keep an eye on Garcanno, yeah? Might wanna follow him out, incase th' 'bot wakes up. He'll prolly need th' help if so." Pulling away from Scarlet, with a smile, he blinks over at Miyu, "Found somethin'?"
[15:38] silversky Moonbeam wiggles her butt after miyu fondles it
[15:39] Bane Hellmann: creepy
[15:39] Bane Hellmann: does it talk?
[15:39] NALINE Yoshikawa blinks at Miyu " oh cool eh.... but no thank ...." *sticks her tongue*
[15:39] Aubs Westland peeked around the corner and recoiled slightly at unexpected sight of this pecualiar man "he.. didn't come with us? did he..?"
[15:39] Miyu Vendetta nudges the motor with a frown. "It was laying in the air duct, gathering dust so I figured . . we might be able to use it?"
[15:39] DarkLord Daviau nods..."yes, he speaks"
[15:39] silversky Moonbeam: miyu... we gots to find the aubs
[15:39] Annalisa Carver: yea.. like gullum from LOTR
[15:40] Flaetriu Darkmatter " yes sir right away sir"
[15:40] Bane Hellmann: maybe we can train it
[15:40] Nil growls. "There's a person down here?"
[15:40] Navate Neox tried to smile as best as he could, although what really came out was something rather creepy. He canted his head towards DarkLord. "I must say, you-u-u-u're a fine mannered young lady." He nodded his head a few times, looking all serious over the man. He looks at each person within the group quickly, "Did the box bring you here?" He blinks in a non stop motion.
[15:40] Taien Foulon nods at Flae, and looks to the others. "C'mon guys. Let's go below deck. See what all th' fuss is about."
[15:40] Flaetriu Darkmatter: ( stuck in the wall...)
[15:41] Bane Hellmann chuckles lightly"Darks a girl now"then he looks at the man again
[15:41] DarkLord Daviau nods then speaks in case the man cant see his motions..."you mean our ship..that we flew here in..if that is this box, you are referring to?"
[15:41] Aubs Westland rolled his eyes and took a step closer to navate.. "The box..?"he pondered for a moment "Oh, you mean the airship..?"
[15:41] Nil "He smells bad."
[15:41] Annalisa Carver nods to Nil " i said that toooo"
[15:43] Nil "what's his deal. He smells like death...and lotion."
[15:44] Miyu Vendetta makes a noise in the back of her throat as she smiles at the elderly gentleman. "Pish, he smells perfectly fine, don't be rude." Miyu sticks out her hand, smiling brightly. "Hi, we're the Pack and we found this ship . . do you live here?" Miyu was the model of politeness, and totally respected her elders.
[15:44] silversky Moonbeam hops up and down all over, her eyes scanning over her friends to see if there was danger. She wanders around a bit, eyes searching for danger. Though it probably looked random to others, or a bit goofy.. that she couldnt help.
[15:44] Navate Neox nodded his head a few times at everyone around him, tilting his head backwards in a 90º degree, in a rather creepy motion, almost as if he didn't even have bones on his spine. As the old man notices the place getting more and more crowded, he crouches over and takes his stinky long arms and hands to cover half of his face, peeking through a small opening at the group, where only an eye could be seen of him, although it was enough to notice how horrified he was. He did nothing, other than pointing at the ceiling and yelling out suddenly. "He's watching."
[15:44] Taien Foulon just blinks a little. He was quite supprised that there was someone else on the ship.. Someone actually leaving. "He wasn't on th' airship.. An' we had scouts up top ta keep watch.." He muses, quietly to himself..
[15:45] Nil "Who's watching? There's just metal, crazy man."
[15:46] DarkLord Daviau looks up curiously as the man points..."whos watching..the robot?"..he would ask curiously
[15:46] Aubs Westland was a liiiittle creeped out by the mans apparent olympic standard neck bending skills, he followed his gaze up to the ceiling "Who's watchin..?" he questioned with a frown, seeing nothing at all accept for rusted metal and rivets
[15:47] Navate Neox steps back from Miyu some, wiggling his walking stick. at her. "Wa-a-tch yer manners young-g man." He gulps, almost choking. "He's watching you as well." He didn't reply to anyone else around, almost as if he wasn't intellegent enough or didn't have the ability to talk with more than one person at time.
[15:47] Annalisa Carver giggles " miyus a young man now.... uh oh for aubs"
[15:48] Nil "This nutter's been here foreer. He's crazy."
[15:48] Miyu Vendetta wrinkles her nose and takes a step back, still trying to be nice and pleasant. "Oh, um, yes .. I'm sure he is," she nods as she moves closer to Aubs.
[15:48] Nil yawns, jingling theb ell on his collar.
[15:49] Aubs Westland glanced back at the group "Someone should probably get tao, she'll probably be interested in this weirdo.."
[15:49] Jillian Ireman chuckles some, and then goes quiet, listening to odd sounds.. and stuff from the rest of the ship, keeping watch around the place since everbody attention was turned to the man
[15:49] Taien Foulon nods. "Ah'll go get Tao. Everyone else, keep an eye on th' crazy guy. If he says anythin'... Lemme know. Ah'll be right back."
[15:50] Redbeauty Lytton nods to Tao´s words and heads off .." allright we let you know if we find something that you dont want to Discribe for some reason..:" she growls a little and walks just off after her words
[15:51] Taien Foulon calls out to Tao. "Tao.. We found someone. He's a live. Ah want you 'n' Luna ta check him over. It's important."
[15:51] Adaire DeCuir perked her ears, wondering who Tai could have found.
[15:51] Tao Ninetails spins around hearing Taien on her way to the defunct console, "Alive?" she said somehow surprised.
[15:51] Nasreen Serevi moved back down, also interested in what was found.
[15:52] Taien Foulon nods, clarifying himself. "Alive. He appears ta be old 'n' all sixes 'n' sevens, too. Come quick?"
[15:52] Luna Narayan was walking over to Tao when she heard Taien. "Alive? Was this person trapped inside here?", she'd ask, tilting her head slightly. "Doesn't sound plausible, and certainly needs a checkup, if that is the case."
[15:53] Luna Narayan: I'm ready for anything. Doctor's honor, can't leave a patient who needs help.
[15:54] Tao Ninetails rolled her head to a side slightly her obsidian locks falling infront of her face as her right eye started to bleed again, dripping gently onto the floor, "No one should be alive." she said to Taien, "No one should have survived." she continued, taking a moment to remove the locks from her face, "Show me." she said simply, motioning with the same hand to behind Taien.
[15:54] Nasreen Serevi tossed down to the group "I know I'm not an expert, but I wandered round the ship, I don't see Various old shit laying round, casings, bones, rotted cables. But nothing unusual."
[15:54] Taien Foulon just nods, and walks, quickly. "It's all wrecked Nas. That's what it seems ta be.." He calls back, quickening his pace the closer he gets to the survivor.
[15:55] Miyu Vendetta keeps quiet, getting more nervous by the second. "What . .exactly did happen?"
[15:55] Nil snorts. "I'd eat the captain if I was hungry..."
[15:55] silversky Moonbeam sense adam! and goes on a scouting party of her own
[15:55] Aubs Westland looked around at Dark and shrugged "pretty much, he's not making much sense, I reckon he's been here awhile.."
[15:55] Bane Hellmann looks the man over,keeping his distance from him
[15:56] Scarlet Singer turns to look at DarkM, "Well, I'm assuming they're human. You don't exactly eat the captain of the ship that's flying your ass around for nothing. "
[15:56] Nil "Good point."
[15:57] DarkLord Daviau turns to Dark and whispers.."yeah, pretty much just like this"
[15:57] Taien Foulon stalks up behind his mate, having found Tao. He felt a little more relived. "Scar. Ah missin' anythin'?" He asks, simultaniously trying to wrap his arms around his mate, and press his lips to his mates ear, speaking his words directly to her, all while inhaling her scent that he loved. He needed to.. Because the place they were in stunk of death and decay.
[15:57] Luna Narayan jumped quite dashingly over the sea of people, after spotting the person she thought matched the description. "I'm sure everyone is eager to see the survivor, but perhaps non-medical personel could take a few steps back?", she'd ask, politely... tilting her head as she observed the strange man.
[15:57] Navate Neox waved his stick a bit at Scarlet, "The box did young man. Not him." He stuttered some. "He's not a murdered." He holds his face on his hands. "HE'S NOT. NO MATTER WHAT YOU'VE BEEN SAYING FOR OVER THE YEARS." He crouches to curl a bit over his own lap. "You're all nuts. You. The ship, the box, the whispers." He looks directly agaisn't the ground and starts to grab worms and random bugs alike to stick them over between his lips, munching some as if it would comfort him.
[15:58] Nil "How does a freakin' box eat someone?"
[15:58] Frost Meredith rested her eyes in the man whit the hat that spoke much, sounded as tough he talked about somone that was actually dead...a ghost maybe...a dead one . She cracks her neck to the side, as she had not seen him before now in fact. She stared at him, while nodding to Scarlet and agreed " Maybe its a ghost ship " She snickers
[15:58] DarkLord Daviau nodded to Luna and stepped back, but kept his sword ready just in case
[15:58] Redbeauty Lytton pokes Dark on her shoulder..." did that guy anything said over this Core the strange lady Looks for? " she looks to Dark and points to Navate
[15:58] Aubs Westland took a few steps back, nudging miyu along with him
[15:58] Bane Hellmann doesnt need to be told to get away from the man,backing up
[15:58] Adaire DeCuir curled her lip back and snarled, her nose offended by the stink of whoever was here...and had been here...for quite some time.
[15:59] Nil feels a strange kinship and curiosity wit hthe man...he knew what it was like having to put up with whispers.
[15:59] DarkMajik Bauhaus shakes her head at Red, "No, not that I've heard.." she sighed.. "Then again, I cant make heads nor tails of what he's saying.. poor bastards quite nuts, I think.." she looked over to Tao-san, her eyes narrowed a bit. She sighed, padding over to put a hand on Tao's shoulder, "Sorreh.." she muttered.
[15:59] Tao Ninetails nudges through people a bit to find out what the commotion was about, spotting a somewhat deranged looking old man surrounded by an army of Pack, hearing him muttering insanities about perhaps is crew members, and a box, the normally unemotional Tao Grinned a sinister grin as she thought about the probable association of the term 'box', "Where is the box?" she asked Navate, though calm and collected in her words.
[15:59] Scarlet Singer jumped a bit when she felt Taien approach her from behind, it couldn't be helped that she was edgy really, with killer robots and a crazy old man eating bugs and shouting. She'd take a small step back, edging closer towards Taien and raising her hands to place them over the arms he had wrapped about her waist, "You missed the old man screaming about a box, says his brother ate the captain" She mutters softly.
[16:00] Jillian Ireman cringes and backs away from the man " thats juss nasty" she snorts and holds her tummy.. having started to feel sick [[wb ro]]
[16:00] DarkLord Daviau looks over and talks softly.."he asked if we came in the box, I assume he meant our ship"
[16:01] Luna Narayan called out to Dark, beckoning her over. "Dark... you're a great medic and a doctor... could you come and help?", she'd ask, watching the old man eat insects. She'd not physically touch him, and tried to stay calm to not alert the man, as she engaged her medical scanners to check for vitals - brainwave patterns, DNA scan, microscopic bacteria, parasites, and the like. She'd try and scan for as much as she could, hoping to find out what was going on.
[16:01] Taien Foulon brings one foot behind the other to better support himself and Scarlet when his mate inches away from the guy - who by all probability should be dead. "He says his borther ate th' captain'..?" He repeats. "So those bodies.. Up on th' above deck.. Guess they're th' cr--" He quickly corrects himself. "Ex-criew.."
[16:02] Nil "Those bodies tasted kinda fresh though....."
[16:02] Aubs Westland: "He also talked about.. something 'watching us'" he said to tao "maybe he's talking about that drone we walked into earlier.. I dunno.." he shrugged and clicked his tongue
[16:02] Nil "And this man is pretty old."
[16:02] DarkMajik Bauhaus shook her head at Luna. "I heal wounds.. not minds.." she sighed, padding away from Tao, towards the bug eating stranger.. "What the hell happend down here.." she shook asked, not really asking him.. just sort of, voicing concerns.
[16:03] Adaire DeCuir shook her head in disgust. The whole thing was crazy, and it smelled like hell down here with the stinky old man. She buried her face against Ro's chest and muttered, "Tell me when it's over...I don't want to think about those bodies layin around the ship."
[16:04] Nil "They're not that old....and they tasted ok. I'm good, you can probably have some."
[16:04] Scarlet Singer frowns with a small nod of her head at Taien's words, "But why is this guy the only one left?" She asks softly, leaning back against Taien once again as she eyed the old man cautiously, "and what box ishe talkin about?"
[16:04] Frodo Tereshchenko goes back to typing his post, is stapled to the ground by his mantool and thanks all]
[16:04] Luna Narayan nodded to Dark. "Yes and you do that better than I do. Let me handle the mind, you check for physical injuries... please?", she'd ask, still concentrating on her scanners. She had noticed the man was still talking and active, but he didn't seem coherent enough. She was merely concentrated on trying to find out what was wrong to know if help was needed, or if it was possible to begin with.
[16:05] Navate Neox rolled his neck backwards as if he was spineless once again to tilt his head at Luna. The old man, seemed like he was about to speak, holding a index finger at her but suddenly, turned over to stare blankly at Tao. "The shadows took it, or rather, it wanted to be took by the shadows." He lowers his tone. "They watch us. All-the-time." He places a finger over his nose in a Shhh gesture. "Keep it our secret. Or you'll rot in here and end just like my brother." He smiled warmly, although his eyes showed a totally opposite emotion of sadness. Showing off a rather creepy expression, while the drops of bugs green blood run down to his chin. The old man stops and shakes his head a few times, almost as if he was offended while waving his arms and walking stick at him. "My brother ATE THE CAPTAIN, young lady!" He nodded once, all serious in a 'lets not misunderstand things here', gesture.
[16:05] Frodo Tereshchenko narrowed his eyes as he looked about, his eyes finally focusing in the dark and his breathing heavy as he fought the mouldy air. Leaning over to press to Adaire, he muttered, "What's this fool's story?" [and TY Dark]
[16:06] Nil scratches his ear with his paw. "What MADE him eat the captain? hunger? "
[16:06] Adaire DeCuir whispered in her mate's ear, bringing him up to date.
[16:06] Nasreen Serevi finally caught the words of the old man, gagging at the smells and his words. "Fuckin nasty." she mumbled, a bit overwhelmed by all that had went down today.
[16:07] Bane Hellmann just kinda watches,not able to make much sense of what the man is seeing
[16:07] Bane Hellmann: saying*))
[16:07] DarkMajik Bauhaus shook her head.."Uh.. Luna.. I dont think there's anything I can do for him.." she sighed, "At least.. not here.." she motined arond the airship wasnt exactly a hospital, and the guy didnt seemed to be injured, at least.. he was moving and talking.
[16:08] Jerrek Swordthain: ((the dude singing this song sounds like Elmer fudd. "I've got nothing weft to give you!"
[16:08] DarkLord Daviau had already got that much out of him..yet nothing further...there was definitely something wrong, besides the fact that he looked dead and was eating bugs and other digusting things too numerous to mention again....he sighs, then looks around at the others.."I think this guy needs some fresh air, it cant be good to be in here for so long...alone"
[16:08] Taien Foulon lowers his head, burrying the lower half of his face into his mates hair. Taien shakes his head at what the stranger was saying, and then responds to his mate. "Ah'm not sure. There's a lot o' things about this ship that ah simply do not understand.." He laps at his mates ear. "Did he say he had a name?"
[16:09] Frost Meredith pressed her palm against her lips as she heard Taien mention *ex crew * She tryed not to laugh. But yeah it was some of a spooky atmosphere over the ship now, whit the odd man talking aobut passed ones, and how some had passed. Beeing aten by his brother and such. Noticing he was even eating bugs,she had heard some was in fact filled whit proteins, but if he ate then he proly was a living man...unles the bugs was some illusion..just a picture. She was about to say * we eat people too* but she refrained to say anything at all. But hey eating a captain...wasnt very smart...maybe thats why the ship ended here.
[16:09] Adaire DeCuir picked her head up and did something she hadn't done in quite some time. She concentrated her eyes in what seemed to be blank space. She narrowed the two sea blue orbs, then finally muttered, "I don't feel anything left here...any spirits. At least...I can't see them." She shifted her eyes from left to right, then sighed. "Looks like the loony guy is the only person who can answer questions today."
[16:10] Nil "Wonderful. I
[16:10] Nil "I'm getting away from Captain Crazypants before he pisses me off more."
[16:12] Frodo Tereshchenko pulled his eyes closed as he was brought up to speed. His hand pulled up to rub anxiously at his throat, the perspiration coating his body now and reflecting in the pale light."Sorry," he muttered, more to himself than anyone, feeling uncomfortable and extremely boxed in. Turning to his mate, he blinked as she called on the part of her that had remained from her days as a vampire, his eyes opening then narrowing as the done so. "Mmm," he muttered back to her remembering the last encounter with her gift - something not many knew about.
[16:12] Navate Neox shifts his gaze from Taien to DL, "Alone?" He tap his hat a few times as if wanting to brush his own hair. "I wish, I was alone young lady. I've been here for 46 winters straight." He smiles proudly, giving a face as if he was like... day dreaming. "I have the whispers, my brother shows upfrom time to time, he says unpleasant things, but he is family." He nods at his own statement and reaches the ground to take a few more bugs and toss them at DL. "AND I HAVE SCRIBBLES!" He crouches slowly to hide his face between his legs. "I wish the box would come visit me as often as before."
[16:13] Tao Ninetails raised her right hand slowly into her hair, rubbing her scalp a bit absent mindedly as she listened to the ramblings of what appeared to be a deranged old member of the crew muttering insanities about the box and shadows, "What are the shadows?, where is the box?" she repeated the prior question, though she was fairly sure he was past reasoning with, she walked towards him the smelly, paranoid old man as close as she could get and looked him directly in the eyes, a dark-red empyrean energy crossed her pupils as she spoke to him "Where is it?" she said in a voice quiet and oozing with something eirie and sinister hiding in her tone, "Where is the piece?" she said ambigiously to the old man in that same calm eirie tone. smiling at him showing elongated eye teeth over her bottom lip.
[16:14] DarkMajik Bauhaus just shook her head, backing up from the creepy stranger, moving even faster as Tao approached. "This.. is.. fucked." she sighed, "really.." she looked to Taien, and shruggd, as if.. to say, "I dont know."
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[16:14] Luna Narayan turned her scans off, her eyes losing the blue glow as that happened. "Well, I'll need to analyze the data. So far I can't see anything too mysterious, though.", she'd say and pull back a few steps, letting others to do the questioning. She obviously was more interested in the medical facts than the information the man had.
[16:14] Scarlet Singer leans back further against her mate when she felt him lower his head into her hair, "I..don't know" She said softly, unsure of what his name was, "We could call him scribbles, that's what he said earlier, not sure what though really" She continued, chuckling a bit when he lapped at her ear, despite what was going on and all.
[16:14] Frodo Tereshchenko's eyes moved from his mate to the crowd once more as he began to garnish further details about the ship and its sole survivor.
[16:14] Bane Hellmann walks over to the others"welcome back Adam"he nods to him
[16:15] Ad4m Weatherwax: thank you.. i fell asleep randomly up top
[16:15] Jillian Ireman pondered what adaire was talking about. .that the creepy dude was the only one.. she perked a brow and walks over to her and ro a bit.. parting her lips as if she was going to say something.. but stops and looks to tao moving closer to the man
[16:15] Frost Meredith flicks her finger as she got an idea " What if we find the box ,and ya get to see it again..would ya then leave uss and the ship ?" She asked the man that obviosuly seemed attached to the box he was talking about.
[16:15] DarkLord Daviau watches the bugs land at his feet..he wasnt frightened..just oddly curious and amazed that someone had been alone for what seemed like years with no outside contact or food or water..he looks up to the man from the bugs...speaks to him matter of factly.."so, its your brother, thats up there?"..he points to the ceiling as he says this
[16:16] Adaire DeCuir swiveled and turned, looking around for the "brother" the strange one referred to. She narrowed her eyes further still until they were two blue slits. She sighed in frustration. "He's not here...or I've completely lost the talent." She turned her attention to Tao and caught a gleam of red in her eyes, and she felt her mouth fall open. "Oh my..." she muttered.
[16:17] Flaetriu Darkmatter runs up to the group as he notices tai " tai we need to talk, its ergent! " he shouts still shaken up a little by what he had just found out.
[16:17] Navate Neox smiled sweeter as a granny, as he watched Tao pad closer. "Why young man, the shadows are out in the galaxy, they took the box off us fo-" The old man stopped mid sentence and just stared blankly at Tao, his jaw dropped in horror and shock while he looked her up and down. "How dare you." He clings his fingers together into a fist and his eyes spark out with rage at Tao, he'd then proceed to try to grab at her shoulders and shake her off violently, (if he wasn't stopped before that) "GIVE IT BACK. GIVE IT IN!"
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[16:19] Bane Hellmann leans against the wall,his head snapping to the man as he lunges for Tao,his hand going for his holster,drawing his gun,not able to get a clear enough shot,he trains it on the man,waiting for a break in the cover
[16:19] Jillian Ireman tences up seeing the man burst into some kinda fit of anger, and looked to tao waiting to heal her in an way that would aid the situation
[16:19] DarkLord Daviau looks to Flae as he bolts into the room...then quickly back to the man as he raises his voice angrily gripping Tao with his hands...gripping his sword tightly watching him..he lets out a fierce growl to the man as a warning.."drop her now...or you will die where you stand"
[16:19] Taien Foulon turns his head to look at Flae, "Flae? What's up?" He didn't like the one of the males voice, and squeezed Scarlet lightly, protectively. He was concerned.
[16:19] Nasreen Serevi blinked at Flae's urgent message and distressed body language, but was distracted by the creepy, smelly old man attempting to shake Tao. A low growl rumbled in her throat, and she took an involuntary step forward in anger.
[16:20] EvilMonster Land systems started coming on rapidly, too rapidly. Suddenly firewalls where in place demanding an access code from Garcanno and blocking him off from accessing any data or system. Nil's smack across the forehead seems to fully awaken the robot, and its eyes glow to life, suddenly blaring out, "ALERT! Tampering detected! Rejecting connection!" It says and the usb cable is suddenly shot out from the port forcefully.
[16:21] DarkLord Daviau quickly turned to the others.."did you just hear that?"..he would yell out
[16:21] Flaetriu Darkmatter looked over at tai " come with me for a second tai, beter to show you as well" he says still whith a hint of shock in his voice
[16:21] Adaire DeCuir practically pounced on her mate, wanting to get him the hell away from wherever the monster was coming from. She started to shiver, whimpering.
[16:21] Miyu Vendetta whips her head around and yelps. "What the jesus christ?"
[16:21] Aubs Westland peered up at the ceiling "you guys hear something..?"
[16:21] DarkLord Daviau glances back to the old man..."hes better get down"
[16:22] Frodo Tereshchenko just stood silently.
[16:22] Scarlet Singer turned in Taien's arms to peer over his shoulder and around towards the others, not liking where this was headed. She looked up at Taien when she felt him squeeze harder, "What the fuck is going on"
[16:22] Tao Ninetails gets grappled by the shoulders and shaken somewhat by the crazy old man, though he seemed frail and old, not really hurting her, quicking bringing her left arm to the syringe holster on her right as she was being shooken, quickly but effectivly pulling a syringe from it, attempting to push the old man off her, then bring her now free hand to the syringe and pull off the clear plastic cap which covered the hypodermic needle, throwing the cap into the crowd behind her, she'd then attempt to lunge ontop of the old man, and pinning him with her leg and bringing the syringe quickly down into his chest, a 'tss' being heard as the liquid contents of the syringe empty.
[16:23] Taien Foulon nods to Flae, then calls out to Tao, Luna, and Dark. "Guys. This shit aint gonna fly. Th' crazy guy knows shit. Sedate him. We'll take him back ta yer lab Tao. Where he can be properly looked at. We aint gonna be able ta move this dead peice o's crap metal anyways.. We currently don't have th' means.." Taien Squeezes Scalet once more, and whispers to his mate, "Come with me.." He'd then, follow Flae.. He'd heard that blasted robot again. "Bloody 'ell..."
[16:23] Flaetriu Darkmatter started to slightly jog back to the deck above here. his heart beeting a little faster than normal
[16:24] Navate Neox stutters some and didn't bother to look again at DL to reply to him, the man's full attention was turned to Tao, he didn't care about anything else, he didn't even hear anything. "YOU HAD NO RIGHT." He keeps shaking her over and goes to bring his stick up in the air for a moment, he'd sure try to beat Tao with it next but just stopped mid air to look around the building. "Look what you've done, selfish brats. You'll all end up here just like the crew." He pointed his stick at Tao. "AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT." He said as a tear ran down his eye to his chin. "I don't want to see blood again.. not that blood. I hear enough whispers, it's fine as it is." Only then, he realized he just had a syringe being injected on him, his eyes shut slowly and he faints to his knees.
[16:24] Miyu Vendetta looks at DarkLord, and would comment on his wool cap, but she keeps it on the DL.
[16:25] Jillian Ireman went to follow, then looked around " You guys going to come?"
[16:25] DarkLord Daviau relaxes as he sees Tao unharmed..turns his attention to the others.."ok, Im headed up above..can we get some healers as well, this guy ainyt going down easy"
[16:25] Taien Foulon: Flae?
[16:26] Flaetriu Darkmatter stared at the bodys on the ground " look at their wounds" he says with a hint of shock
[16:26] DarkLord Daviau looks around carefully for the robot he could swore he heard
[16:26] Jillian Ireman blinks and looks to the wounds on the body.. wondering what she was suppose to see
[16:26] Taien Foulon blinks a little, looking down at the bodies. "Th' wounds? Fuck th' wounds! We already know that some dudes brother ate th' captain.. Though.. Th' validty o' what he says.. Kinda questionable.. What's up wi' th' bodies?"
[16:27] Flaetriu Darkmatter " they where all killed by their own weapons" he says as his heart begins to beat faster , the adrenalin shooting round his vaeins
[16:27] Jillian Ireman blinks and frowns " Oh.. that cannot be good!"
[16:28] DarkLord Daviau looks at the others in horror...."this might be a good time for us to get out of this shithole...we dont even know if there is some kind of disease floating around in the air, although I would hope Luna would have caught something like that"
[16:29] Flaetriu Darkmatter looked around him, his heart still beating franticly like it was trying to burst out of his chest " something didnt do this to them..." he says as he then takes a deap breath " they did it to them selfs"
[16:29] Taien Foulon nods to Flae. "Yeah. It would appear that th' crew killed themselves. Atleast.. That's what mah assumption would be. Th' only survivor said that th' captain was ate.. But why they'd all kill each other. Ah got no idea..."
[16:31] Frost Meredith perked her ears as she heard Flaetriu and Taien " maybe sumething made em go crazy...maybe the box or that dude that was left in the ship"
[16:31] Flaetriu Darkmatter looks down at his feat as a cold sweat covers his body " i have no idea what drove them all insane, but what ever it was it could still be here..." he says while his heart beats franticly "
[16:32] Taien Foulon nods again. "Probably. But this ship gives me th' creeps." He turns around. "Let's pack up. Go home. Take th' crazy guy back with us.. See if we can find anythin' out. This wont be th' last time we come here.. No one but us knows of this ships location, right? So, we got all th' time in th' world.."
[16:33] DarkLord Daviau just looks to Taien and nods..the first piece of sensible advice hes heard all day so far.."great idea...who shall we use to bring the old think hell come peacefully?"
[16:33] Frost Meredith nods it was a spooky atmosphere in the ship. She shudders as she looks around .
[16:34] Taien Foulon smirks, "Already been dealt with. Let's head out." He looks towards Dark, gesturing to the female carrying 'the crazy old guy'.
[16:34] Chasity Dawes has totally been here the whole times. someone fill me in in IM))
[16:35] : Taien Foulon (in pack): Alright guys. Move out! Head ta th' ship!
[16:35] : Taien Foulon (in pack): gr gr graa-a-a gro gro growl g grr-snort gro gr gr rah-ah-owl gro gr grrl grrl
[16:35] Taien Foulon: Let's go.
[16:35] Jillian Ireman turns and heads back to the surface
[16:35] DarkLord Daviau nods and follows
[16:35] Nasreen Serevi nodded slowly to Taien "Yeah, let's get out of here." Her eyes flicked around the ship, they were assessing. This was a big space, a valuable find to be sure. AT that though, her lips would curl into a wide smile...growing wider by the second. "Yeah, we know where it is now. We can come back." Nas...she was an addict for the powah...and it seemed a hot new thing fell in her lap.
[16:36] Taien Foulon calls out to Red and Miyu. "Red. Miyu. We're leavin' Come o' you'll be left behind."
[16:37] Nil looks over the robot, and notices little swarmy things on the Techspider. He snarls. "HEY! GIVE IT BACK!" He grasps it and attempts to pry it out of the robot's eye.
[16:37] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' growls, "someon get m luna!"
[16:37] Jillian Ireman gave a soft smile to adam, and looked to the robot
[16:37] Nil shouts: "LUUUUUNAAAAA!"
[16:38] Bane Hellmann looks down"i guess he didnt get far"points to the bot
[16:38] Nil growls again. "This fucker just won't cooperate!"
[16:38] Adaire DeCuir started to take deep breaths, glancing at her mate worriedly. "You ok, soldier?" she asked playfully, giving his hand a squeeze.
[16:38] Luna Narayan blinked as she heard her name mentioned. "Huh what? What about me?", she'd ask and scan the surroundings for Taien. "I scanned the man, I'll get back to you with results as soon as I can analyse the scans."
[16:38] Frodo Tereshchenko took some deep breaths, filling his lungs with fresh air as they finally exited before moving back to the ship.
[16:38] Taien Foulon frowns, he'd told people to get the robot to the ship, not to leave it on the floor. "What the fuck is goin' on here? Ah told you guys ta take th' 'bot ta th' ship. Why's it here?"
[16:38] Nil "this fuckin' robot won't reprogram!"
[16:39] DarkLord Daviau sighs loudly..."shit..back in that thing again?"..he looks up to the airship
[16:39] Bane Hellmann: then pick it up and move it
[16:39] DarkMajik Bauhaus mostly ignores what's going on, she and Aubs continuing to drag the wierd stranger to the airship.
[16:39] Taien Foulon snarls "Ah don't want it reprogramed. It took is enough time ta take it down th' first time. Ah want it back. Back at Tao's lab.. where we can deal with it in a controlled environment. Stop fucking around. We're leaving. Take it back ta th' airship."
[16:40] Luna Narayan leaned down to a little bit and offered Nil a pat on the head. "Have you studied robotics or programming?", she'd ask, even though she kind of knew the answer already.
[16:40] Nil "A little....but not really."
[16:40] Adaire DeCuir blinked rapidly, hearing the irritation in Tai's voice. She hadn't heard him get overly angry about much lately, and it made her raise her eyebrows. Both of 'em. She looked at Ro and muttered, "Maybe we could help Dark and Aubs get that smelly guy on the ship?"
[16:41] Jessicka Sands is Online
[16:41] EvilMonster Land 's nanos crawl up Nil's arm as he grabs the tech spider, but just as quickly crawl back off of him, and finally he gets the tech spider back himself. Albeit the tech spider is damaged and missing parts. The machines nanos go back to their task of repairing the machine with what metal they can find, seemingly ignoring anything that was not metal or plastic.
[16:41] Nil "Did crazy man say anything else?"
[16:41] Nil looks over the ruined techspider, and throws it over his shoulder. Nom could give him another one.
[16:41] Garcanno DuPont is Online
[16:42] Nil "Luuunaaa! It's reparing itself!" He whines, and scratches the floor.
[16:42] Frodo Tereshchenko narrowed his eyes and looked about, "The beta asked for it to be done. I count one, two, plenty other pack here. You lot fucking expect us to do the work for you? Come on...fucking hop to it!" he barked out, echoing Taien's annoyance [ty]
[16:43] Nil "We were TRYING to fix it so it wouldn't go berserk! Now it's fixing itself!"
[16:43] DarkLord Daviau padded over and grabbed hold of an arm and looked to the others.."any help here?"..he would ask as he tugged
[16:43] Bane Hellmann: nil clock,pick the fucking thing up and move it to the shipt
[16:44] Aubs Westland the old fella's weight was taking it's tall on Aubs' arms "We leaving or what..?" he moaned "This guys not light y'know." he rolled his eyes and looked up expectantly at the ship, nodding to dark with a 'shall we go on ahead' expresion
[16:44] Luna Narayan shrugged. "Taien didn't want it reprogrammed. I'm not going against the Beta's order.", she'd say and look to Taien. "Any further instructions? If the bot awakens, we'd be in trouble. Would you want me to EMP it or something?"
[16:44] Nil whines. "It's gonna eat us with nanobots!"
[16:44] Miyu Vendetta helps Aubs with the load and trudges off to the ship as well.
[16:44] Taien Foulon sighs, frustratedly. "Ya sure it's not tryin' ta fix itself cause yer FUCKING with it? Maybe if ya just left it alone, it wouldn't do anything." He looks to Luna, and Garcanno. He didn't care who. "Whoever can disable it. Just do so. Ah wanna get this shit back ta th' lab. Ergo. Let's get this shit ta th' fuckin' airship."
[16:45] DarkLord Daviau pulls with all his strength and got the robot to slide behind him as he walked..waiting for someone to help pull him along
[16:45] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' growled and crammed his fist into the robot's power core, or what he asumed those black boxes were with all his might
[16:45] Bane Hellmann walks over and grabs the front of the robots armor and lifts him part of the way up
[16:46] Nil keeps away from the killbot, growling.
[16:46] CrimsonX Varriale would grin a little and tapped Luna on the the butt. "Well, help em lift. You're strong when you wanna be." Crim couldnt really do shit. She was weak as piss when it came to lifting. She'd let Luna do it and just pad off to the airship.
[16:47] Luna Narayan happened to have a few EMP rockets in a little holster on her leg. She'd reach for two of them, quickly peel of the shell to get ahold of the EMP mechanisms inside... and would try to slap them on the bot, one on its head, one on the midsection. "You got about few seconds to vacate the perimeter. I suggest ten or more meters!", she'd yell and dash off. Of course EMp would have not done much to organics... except maybe scramble their brainwaves temporarily, perhaps causing berserk rage for about ten seconds.
[16:47] EvilMonster Land 's mouth opened as Garcanno smashed into the chest area, smashing the black boxes. IT blares out with a siren, "Core breach detected, meltdown immienent." It starts to emit a keen wailing, "Recommendation, flee to minnimum safe distance. Melt down in eta 30 seconds. Repeat, flee to minnimum safe distance."
[16:48] Bane Hellmann dropped the bot and leaped out of the way"for the love of fuck why
[16:48] Nil yells . "FUCK!" He runs away!"
[16:48] Adaire DeCuir hopped back and said excitedly to 'Ro, "I don't need to be told again! Let's go!"
[16:48] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' goes wide eyed and scrables away
[16:48] Nil "RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!"
[16:48] Frodo Tereshchenko ran
[16:48] Taien Foulon sighs. "Fucking idiots.. Everyone get to the airship.."
[16:48] DarkLord Daviau followed Ro
[16:49] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' looked at tai with a defeated look, "sorry boss"
[16:49] Frost Meredith snickers to Jillian and pats her gun " Yeah they are good to have in sume situations " She leaned back into the couch and yawned, it had been a long day . Whit lots of interesting stuff that had happened.
[16:49] Nasreen Serevi smiled to Jilly and hugged the couch "It was...interesting. I'm anxious to see what all the test results turn up."
[16:49] Frodo Tereshchenko shudders
[16:49] Nil "Take off take off Arrrro!!!!!!"
[16:50] Taien Foulon calls up to Tao. "Let's get outta here!" ((Everyone else. Sit on something :P))
[16:50] Bane Hellmann: yeah lets punch the fucking robot
[16:50] Bane Hellmann: great plan
[16:50] CrimsonX Varriale was squashed.
[16:50] : Frodo Tereshchenko (in lycan): gro growl g growl grr-snort growl graa-a-a growl gro grrl
[16:50] : Frodo Tereshchenko (in lycan): Let's get the fuck out of here, yeah?
[16:51] : Jerrek Swordthain (in lycan): gr rah-ah-owl
[16:51] : Jerrek Swordthain (in lycan): Before it explodes!!!!
[16:51] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' growls at bane, "LIE YOU AD ANYHING BTTER"
[16:51] Garcanno DuPont: like*
[16:51] Chasity Dawes: Find of the century and you rigged it to explode?
[16:51] : DarkLord Daviau (in lycan): raaah raaah grr-snort
[16:51] : DarkLord Daviau (in lycan): Im all for that
[16:51] Bane Hellmann: i was trying to get it on the ship,like we were told to do
[16:52] EvilMonster Land emits the keening wail again, "Core breach imminenet, flee to minim-" and then the emps go off. Its main system was shielded but its voice systems and movement where not 100% sheilded against the emp. The robot spasms on the ground for several moments.... and then it starts to balloon up, anyone with radiation detection would be getting readings heading off the chargt as it starts to go into critical meltdown. Its core power system breached completely and releasing all the energy it had in it at ocne in one huge firey explosion.
[16:52] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' "i had to stop it from repairing and reactivating itself"
[16:52] Nil looks around. "Where's the crazy guy?"
[16:53] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' reads hs hud,"oh shit TAKE OFF OR WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE"
[16:53] Ad4m Weatherwax: YAY i wanna die! stay here!
[16:53] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' "he's going nuclear!"
[16:54] Adaire DeCuir looked around for the "Go" button, but finding none, just held onto Ro and hoped for the best.
[16:54] Taien Foulon would certainly hope not. And awaits Tao/Dark's(?) post about them lifting off, or so. He didn't know how the fuck to fly airships!
[16:56] Frost Meredith clamped her fingers around the couch, yep the couch cause she didnt have anything else here and now. Just hoping they would survive it. She closed her eyes as though she was watching an horror, where she could jsut close em when it got to spooky.
[16:56] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' just lays o crimsn tryig to kep mos of hi weiht on is elbws so he doen't have the ull weght ofa sodavendin machie on hr
[16:56] DarkMajik Bauhaus stepped up to the ships wheel, "Weigh Anchor!" she called out, flicking the switch, the rocks below crackign as the anchor was ripped free. the ship rocking slightly as it loosed its moorings. "All hands on deck." she yanked back on the wheel hard, the enginges sparking to life as they arc and groan pushing the airship aloft. "Fuck.." she noted the huge explosion following them airborn.. "BRACE FOR IMPACT!" she yelled as the blast wave struck the bottom of the airship, shoving it even further airborn with a great shudder. She gave the wheel a hard spin, sending the airship reeling, and rocking at all angles untill she had it pointed in the general direction of the wastes. Shoving the throttles foward, the engines again groaning at the directional change, bits of rust flaking away from the rudders protruding from the side of the ship as it lurched foward. "We loose anyone?" she asked, her cybernetic arms groaning trying to hold the ship on course.. "I think we took a bit of damage to the main ((MORE))
[16:57] DarkMajik Bauhaus continued.. "Rudders... I'll fly 'er home.. Tao." she nodded.
[16:58] Nil howls as the explosion hits the bottom of the ship. "ARRRROOOO Christ FUCK I DON'T WANNA DIE!"!
[16:58] DarkLord Daviau sat there in shock kind of...trying to piece together all that had just happened these last couple of hours...just glad they all made it out alive and in one piece...he slowly looks up to the others..."glad were all here, I think we did really good working together as a family a pack of wolves"..he would say with a chuckle
[16:58] Chasity Dawes cringes, her nails digging into the couch. her eyes closing tightly "IF I die, i'm going to come back and haunt your asses." she snarls.
[16:58] Ad4m Weatherwax: i doo hush up and take tyour fate as it comes
[16:59] CrimsonX Varriale was safe. All she could do was grunt under the weight of both Aubs and Garcanno, which probably wouldnt even be heard over all the noise.
[16:59] Miyu Vendetta marvels at Darky's competence as always, plugging her ears againsts the blast as they sailed away . . .
[16:59] Nil whines. "We didn't do anything except blow up a robot and pick up a crazy old coot! there wasn't any treasure or anything! Or weapons!"
[16:59] Taien Foulon holds onto his seat as the airship is raised into the sky at a much quicker speed than he'd anticipated. Through gritted teeth Taien looks over his shoulder at the explosion below them.. "We're all here.. But. Garcanno. What the fuck man! You fuckin' punch' it's power core. Ah swear. When we come back, that ship better not be fuckin' damaged. We just lost a fuckin' high-tech robot because o' yer rookie stunt. Do -not- fuck up again. Understood?"
[17:00] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' whimperd, "aye tai...."
[17:01] Frodo Tereshchenko leaned back into the sofa as they began the trip back home, his mind aflutter with all the events and the promise of returning to the ship soon. His eyes drifted over to Garcanno as he shook his head before slowly closing his eyes and taking in the fresh air.
[17:01] Ad4m Weatherwax sat there looking disappointed as he muttered under his breath "why couldnt dark have just let us all go up, wouldabeen fun"
[17:01] Bane Hellmann leans back in his seat,the ship jolting alittle as they lift into the air,then the cool wind feeling good as they head home"intresting day"he nos
[17:01] DarkLord Daviau leans over and nudges Jill...whispering to her.."you okay, didnt get hurt did you?"..he would ask in a concerned tone
[17:02] Nil "Crazy bastards..." He heads downstairs to be alone for a bit and quell his impulse to brutally eat the crazy old man.
[17:02] Luna Narayan shook her head. "I was hoping my EMP would have disabled the self-destruction sequence. There wasn't much more to do when the countdown was initiated."
[17:03] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' sighs andgoes bllow a well o watc the couds
[17:03] Jillian Ireman jumps a the nudge from Dl. .having been totaly off in ponder land, and looks back at him " i.. think so. yus" she nods
[17:03] Miyu Vendetta thinks about cockpunching Garcanno, but keeps her hands folded in her lap, a very pleasant and vague look on her face.
[17:03] Ad4m Weatherwax calls out to dark and says "are we there yet!"
[17:03] Adaire DeCuir was actually happy to feel the air on her face this time around. She sat on the couch and leaned against Ro, quietly taking in everyone's excitement.
[17:05] Ad4m Weatherwax called out to dark in way of a repost of what he had so recently said "are we there yet"
[17:05] Jillian Ireman stood up and bounds off the side of the ship
[17:05] Frodo Tereshchenko hopped off the sofa, eager to feel terra firma under his feet. "Let's go," he muttered to Adaire, poking her.
[17:05] garcanno dupont aka 'clockwork' icly jumps off the ship to go sulk somewhere
[17:06] Ad4m Weatherwax frowned "oh apparently we are"
[17:06] Bane Hellmann: yeah adam we are
[17:06] DarkLord Daviau stood excitedly and ran to jump off the ship
[17:06] DarkMajik Bauhaus gently set the ship down on the floor of the wastes.. "Why is it the trip home is always faster?" she laughed a bit.. shutting the engines into hover mode.
[17:06] Luna Narayan tried to pull out her mate from the pile of people on the couch. "Come on hunny... snuggle me instead."
[17:06] Ad4m Weatherwax cuffed bane "noone asked youtiny" as he laughed and said come on
[17:06] Adaire DeCuir padded after Ro, equally as eager.
[17:06] Taien Foulon breathes a sgh of relief as the ship lands once more in LW.. "Alright guys. We'll have a debriefin' later.. Just.. Take it easy now. Speak ta no one but Pack about what ya seen today.. We'll take th' crazy guy back ta th' lab.. Peace out!"
[17:06] Miyu Vendetta lands with a thud on the ground, then hops to her feet. "Aaaubs, you need help with the old duuude?"
[17:07] Frodo Tereshchenko nodded before snorting.
[17:07] : Frodo Tereshchenko peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[17:07] : Frodo Tereshchenko (comm): Good work Pack.
[17:07] CrimsonX Varriale grumbled and caught her breath, having found it hard to breathe while being squashed under two fatties. "Ughh. Lemme off." She'd whine to Luna.
[17:07] Aubs Westland stood to his fee and stumbled around abit, his legs unused to solid ground for the time being "Finally, I'm off for a lemon fanta, see you guys later and.. crap, can someone else get the old fella, he's already stunk me up a treat"
[17:07] Adaire DeCuir saluted the Pack, then took Ro's hand and hopped off the side of the ship.
[17:08] LolaBelle Avedon: how was the dig?
[17:08] Nasreen Serevi made the peace sign wearily "Peace out!"
[17:08] : Adaire DeCuir peels their lip back in a snarl and growls into a strange device
[17:08] Ad4m Weatherwax goosesteps around the wastes as he shouts in a sing-song voice "WE"RE WHALERS ON THE MOON!"
[17:08] Bane Hellmann: very long and itresting
[17:08] LolaBelle Avedon smiles and nods, than look to Anna. "Have fun?"
[17:09] Luna Narayan would try and capture Crim into her arms, in the most loving sneaky way after Crimmy got up from the couch. If successful, she'd embrace her and hold her up, proud of her 'capture'.
[17:09] Nasreen Serevi stumbled off the ship
[17:09] Miyu Vendetta starts to sing as well as she jumps around. "We carry a harpoon!"
[17:09] Independence Shippe shouts back a reply to his brother's sing-songing...'BE THE WHALER HARPOONIN THE WHALE AROUND THE MOON!!'
[17:10] CrimsonX Varriale would sigh and hang there in Luna's embrace. "Can we get off now?" She'd pout and turn her head to look at the ground.
[17:10] LolaBelle Avedon looks at An, tilting her head slightly.
[17:10] Ad4m Weatherwax continued shouting as he goosestepped in Inde's general direction "BUT THEIR AINT NO WHALES SO WE TELL TALL TALES AND SING OUR WHALIN TUNES"
[17:11] LolaBelle Avedon watching An, she stepped closer. "What is it?"
[17:11] Luna Narayan took Crim into a loving "bridal carry", one arm under her knees and the other behind her back, making sure she was securely and tightly in her arms, then dashed off yelling "Yoink!", jumping off the airship. Luckily her legs were equipped with impact dampeners so she could perform such a jump and carry her mate off too.
[17:16] Frost Meredith woke up from her short daze, must had been the explotion and hear fear. She opened her eyes and looked around seeing they had finally landed on ground " Oh great back to the non spooky place " She jumped off the couch and headed off the ship, while she wiggled her fingers to her pack mates.
07/27/09 03:00
Tai[img][/img] - Boarding, and bringing supploes in deck.
[img][/img] - Lift off.
[img][/img] - Investgating the airships location.
[img][/img] - Dealing with the airship security drone.
[img][/img] - Defeated security drone, ready to be taken off for salavaging.
[img][/img] - Meeting with crazed survivor
[img][/img] - Checking out the missing 'artifact'
[img][/img] - Trying to hack the defeated security drone
[img][/img] - investigating what killed the other people on the shio
[img][/img] - Pack leaves to escape the exploding security drone
[img][/img] - Failed attempt at hacking the security drone causes it to explode.
[img][/img] - Returning home.
07/27/09 03:20
NasreenEpic RP :D Gooooooooooood times!07/27/09 06:03
DrucillaWhat I got to see was great. Unfortunately I crashed really hard after jumping off the airship when it had landed. Totally could have had Dru hacking away as well. :-(

Ahh well. Looks like fun was had by all anyway!
07/27/09 08:24
VoodooSeems you guys had fun. But that Navate Neox whatever it was guy, who was playing the old mental man, was kind of a noob! =P07/27/09 23:34
orenEpic07/27/09 23:49
Tai[quote=Voodoo]Seems you guys had fun. But that Navate Neox whatever it was guy, who was playing the old mental man, was kind of a noob! =P[/quote]
Yeah, he was a bit, wasn't he?
07/28/09 00:13
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