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orenAs I my feet carried me through the crisp air of the evening I adjusted my scarf absentmindedly against the wind blowing between the buildings in South Gate, heavy with the scent of the sea, and considered the events of the past few months. I didn’t want to think about any of it again, I was tired of it, I was tired of everything, but my mind refused to stop picking at the emotional abscess just like I could never stop tonguing a sore in my mouth. “Emotional roller coaster my ass” I thought as fresh tears threatened to spill from my eyes for the thousandth time “More like emotional skydive.” Life was supposed to be full of ups and downs, wasn’t it? “Where’s my ups?” I thought morosely. I had ridden my clattering life up the start of the roller coaster track… click click click click… higher and higher, my stomach clenching waiting for the plunge. Each click a milestone… being accepted to the Coven click, Siring a childe click, promotions click, responsibility click, Elder status click, High Elder by default click, falling hopelessly in love click, getting married click. The crest of the hill was always coming, I wasn’t naive, the anticipation for that first plunge building, knowing that I could only get so high before I had to plunge down again. I wasn’t too worried though, I knew how roller coasters work. You go up, you go down, and you go up again, maybe make a loop de loop, rinse repeat. Over the top, my fists clenching until my knuckles went white, my view shifting from open sky to horizon to… nothing… An emotional scream lasting for weeks tore from my throat because I realized as I went over the top of the hill and the track had disappeared below me. Those guiding rails that would take me back up again, propelled by the inertia of my fall, were gone, I was free falling, my emotional roller coaster turned skydive. There were no brakes; there was no new hill to ride up, just the cold hard ground growing ever closer. The wind whistling past my ears had picked up until it was mournful howl matching my black mood as I shuffled around behind my tower and descended the steps down to my crypt. Stumbling, my feet scrapping over the rough stone floor because I didn’t have the energy to lift them properly, I unwound my coarse wool scarf and let it flutter to the floor in a pool at my feet at I sank unto my velvety couch, still falling. The ground was so close. I popped the clasp on the shotgun riding my thigh as a looked around my room. The vibrant purples and reds and golds might as well have been shades of grey, the empty spots on my wall where my wedding pictures had once hung reminders of what was lost. I sighed, I knew time was short now, the ground was approaching quickly, my skydive would soon be over. I put the cold barrel of the gun under my chin, adjusted the angle as the tears rolled down my cheeks, slid my thumb into the trigger guard, and pressed down as I finally hit the ground.12/11/08 23:57
Missy*Missy blinks... repeatedly...*
Wowzers Oren. Seriously excellent writing. I'd be worried about your character, 'cept I simply can't imagine a CoLA without the threa... I mean presence of the dimunitive vampire.

*Missy wipes a mock hand over her brow.*

Good thing you're already dead, huh?
12/12/08 00:53
orenThanks Missy12/12/08 03:38
Circe EarnshawOren~ woof~! That is seriously tight, well crafted prose. Fantastic imagery- what a great comparison overwhelming grief and vertigo. I'm impressed by how seamlessly you keep your momentum going from one passage to the next. You had better not have successfully killed yourself...if so, I demand a prequel- maybe a story about your father? You are not leaving COLA ic are you? C'mon..12/12/08 17:52
Erica KesselIt's just a flesh wound12/12/08 17:53
Circe Earnshaw*staples and tapes Oren's head back together very carefully.12/12/08 17:58
oren[quote=Circe Earnshaw][color=white] Oren~ woof~! That is seriously tight, well crafted prose. Fantastic imagery- what a great comparison overwhelming grief and vertigo. I'm impressed by how seamlessly you keep your momentum going from one passage to the next. You had better not have successfully killed yourself...if so, I demand a prequel- maybe a story about your father? You are not leaving COLA ic are you? C'mon..[/color][/quote]
My father? Hmm, I never thought of that. I mention him in my bio, but he is a character that could be built on. What I've been wanting to do, if I can find the time, is do a story on my mysterious Sire, the Japanese officer, but I just don't have enough hours in the day. This took me like 10 minutes to write and I was feeling it pretty deeply. Going back and doing my father or Sire though will mean research though... /me cringes

I don't know that I am leaving ICly, but I might spend some more time on my alt, we'll see. Ren's really heavy to play right now, she's just plain depressing. I need to engineer a turn around for her. She sucks me in so much I get really depressed OOC because she's so out of it IC.
12/12/08 18:05
Circe EarnshawI can understand how you might want a break. Maybe Ren will take a renewed interest in life when she meets a possible mentee/student? I don't know, but I think sometimes the best way to creep out of a hole is to hold up hope for someone else. Anything less than that might ring a bit hollow.12/12/08 18:30
oren[quote=Circe Earnshaw][color=Yellow]I can understand how you might want a break. Maybe Ren will take a renewed interest in life when she meets a possible mentee/student? I don't know, but I think sometimes the best way to creep out of a hole is to hold up hope for someone else. Anything less than that might ring a bit hollow.[/color][/quote]
Hmm, got someone in mind for me to mentor?
12/12/08 18:36
Circe EarnshawUm, well, you could hold auditions...Cast call for Oren's Mentee? I'd try for the honor, but I'm a Lycan.12/12/08 18:51
Erica Kessel[quote=oren]I need to engineer a turn around for her.[/quote]
I have an idea :rolleyes:
12/12/08 18:59
oren[quote=Circe Earnshaw][color=yellow] Um, well, you could hold auditions...Cast call for Oren's Mentee? I'd try for the honor, but I'm a Lycan.[/color][/quote]
Yeah, I doubt Nas, Ro, and Taien would be keen on you being mentored by a nekopire that they all despise

[quote=Erica Kessel][color=Red] I have an idea[/color][/quote]
Yeah, what is it?
12/12/08 19:11
Erica KesselWell for starters she could actually talk to her family instead of just shutting them out. Right now she reminds me of the people who've left the family because they kept everything to themselves.12/12/08 19:24
orenOuch...12/12/08 19:25
Erica KesselI understand that taking into consideration Oren's character, there are ways she is going to act and it makes sense to want to RP that. But it seems to me like if RP'ing her character "correctly" is making you depressed IRL and you're finding yourself not wanting to play her anymore, then you need to start RP'ing differently, even if it doesn't make perfect sense. We're all here to have fun, right?12/12/08 19:33
orenShush you, I find your sense making tiresome.

/me stuffs an ether soaked rag in Erica's mouth
12/12/08 21:05
Erica Kessel/me passes out and falls over in a revealing position12/12/08 21:16
erinnicwhat if a member of the family (or even a friend) is concerned about how she's hurting and makes a misguided magical attempt to try and fix it. it could lead to interesting results, could let you RP her as happy w/out going OOC (even having her go in and out of the spells effects or give it a side effect), and the ending results could lead to a lot more RPing in the long run?12/13/08 15:43
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