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arsene_Braveheart[[i]Disclaimer :
I have hesitated a lot before posting this.
I have admired the wonderful, well written, graphically detailed, mouth wetting, amazing, and so much more, texts that have been posted by talented writers and players.
Being neither a writer nor even a native English speaker, I thought that it would be presumptuous on my part to lay my short and rather raw text by theirs.
But I decided to post it anyway, and will post the following texts, for I have sometimes this need in me to write, however clumsy the result may seem compared to the other.
Please be gentle with me.
I’d be grateful if you’d point to me the worst mistakes, grammatical horrors and hair raising misspellings.[/i]]


Chapter I : You’ll be a man, my son.

Rivulets of blood under a once so soft and sweet fur. Rivulets of blood gathering under a once so supple and living body. Eyes forever open on an empty gaze. A feline half smile eternally printed on a once so tender face.
She lay there, under the first drops of rain from the wet season, droplets of her blood tinting the first water that the earth sucks down into the thirsty sand. She was life. And she is no more.

I stand there in the warm rain, my sack laying at my feet, and I can’t detach my eyes from her. The soldiers told me they would be back to gather me, once they had cleaned the area. Clean what ? We were alone here. Just me and her. And my books. At least, they let me took some of my books. Something of my past life.

How long have I lived there ? How old am I ? Two questions. One answer. I don’t know.
I’ve always been there, in this abandonned village. At least, that’s what my memory tells me. And each time I tell it that’s not possible, there are images that slowly come to the surface like corpses in a dead marsh... images that I can’t see... but I know that I don’t want to see them. Images that don’t exist, but which wakes me up screaming at night. How can I be so afraid of something that doesn’t exist ?
The soldiers tell me I look like eighteen. I tell them that’s true. Soldiers are always right. They’re on the good side of the gun, after all.

All around the village, the familiar savanna welcomes the rain in an unusual calm. An impala dashes through the background, a cheetah fast on her heels. I used to go hunting with her. And she would laugh of my clumsiness. And I would laugh to hear her laughter.

I look around the familiar ruined huts that the soldiers set on fire. Volutes of dark smoke rise up from the long abandonned catholic mission where I spent my late childhood.
Cleansing, they say. Clean what ? They already killed her. Will they kill me next ? They say I’m human and that they saved me. Saved me from what ?
From her eyes that where sparkling a myriad stars when we kissed ? From the soft purrs she made while my clawless hands scritched her feline head ? From the unforgettable feel of her sandpapered tongue on my unfurred skin ? From the unpardonable happiness two abandonned teenagers had, far away from the dark world ?
Yes, we’d been happy. A punishable offense it is. A crime. She has been found guilty. And now, there she lies at my feet, her fur damped by the never ending rain. Three small holes drilled in her body, red flowers on her panther furred skin, red openings to nothingness through which her life dripped out.

She was ... life.
She’d been with my protector tribe for as long as I’d been living in the mission. They had not eaten me when they had found me. They had sent me to the human abandonned village, to rest under the library’s roof, about the only place in the ruined village that could pass as a shelter.
From time to time, they’d come and give me some meat they’d hunted. And I would read stories from the books to the young kitties, altering the heroes so that they had cute ears and proud tails.
Sometimes, it was weeks before I’d see them come, and I was left on my own. I learned to love solitude and calm. And, as months became years, I learned to love myself. In all the senses this may have. The priest’s personal collections included many strange books who heated my teenager’s blood, all of them involving sinfully sexy women clad in shiny clothes, and quite a lot of miscellaneous equipments I didn’t fully understand the purpose of by the time.

She was ... love.
She came one day in the dry season’s bright and merciless sun.
I remember being seated in the cool shadow of the library’s walls, when I saw her slender body shaping itself in the door’s frame, her sinuous forms outlined by the harsh sun that was burning the savanah outside. She walked to me, with her supple walk that made her hips roll like a ship on high seas, and she kneeled next to me.
- Read me a story, human.” She said.
- You know all my stories. I’ve been knowing you for years now, even if I still can’t pronounce your name.
- Invent one.” She leaned towards me and rested her head on my thigh. Then she turned her gaze up to me, her big and wide feline eyes full of sparkles. “Please, human.”

This night, she purred for me for the first time.
And there had been many wonderful times after this one. Our games would have seemed strange or shocking to others, shaped that they were by the kinky books the priest had left behind him, but we didn’t care about others.
And I still don’t care a dam about them.

The acrid taste of smoke in my mouth takes me out of my daydream. Fires all around give off a nearly unbearable heat, but I feel so cold inside. I just cannot detach my eyes from her, tears from my eyes getting lost in the pouring rain that soaks me to the heart.
If only... If only I would have known how to heal her... She had come to me, wounded, and all I had done for three hours was just holding her in my helpless arms, crying, feeling her life being drained away, praying... But, even in his own house, God had not shown up. There was no help to be expected. No rescue. No hope. Just life and death.
If only I would have known how to heal...

- Come on, son, we gotta keep movin. Take your sack. We’re taking you back home.

The soldier’s voice is rough, harsh, unforgiving. The voice of a man who has a job to do.

- I’m not your son. And this was were I lived.
- Then you can die here if you wish or follow us to safety, son. Your choice, really.

Looking around at what has been my home for years and now burns slowly into oblivion, I obey his voice mechanically, putting my sack on my shoulder, and getting in the middle of the tough guys he leads, all equipped to the teeth with shiny tools of death.
As the sergeant passes by the body of my beloved panther, he spits.

- Nekos...” He just says.

For this few years, I had just called her... “love”.

03/05/09 18:18
MissyOh.. this was wonderful Arsene. Thank you so very much for sharing it. Please share more! Your command of a language you were not raised speaking from the cradle is impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed every word and was sorry to reach the end of it so soon.


Please write some more and be sure to post it! It's too good to keep all to yourself.
03/29/09 09:48
KeylaOmg, that story was phantastic, Arsene!
You shouldn't worry about writing less. Write more! Much more :) And put all of it in here so we can read it. ;)
You have a very nice style. Keep up the writing. Please?

(btw, no mistakes, horrors or misspellings :P In case you were wondering. At least none I found.)
04/01/09 13:05
TalmoriaChecks her pistols and armor* "bring it soldier boys"04/01/09 21:18
arsene_BraveheartThank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.


Chapter II – Paris by Night

Leaning over the Seine, the centuries old building seems to sleep under the sickly palor of the moon. Classical architecture built upon older and darker buildings, its twisted silhouette cuts through Paris blackened skies, a tenebrous pendant to Notre Dame’s vivid illuminations on the island of the City.
The disturbing forms or the Cathedral’s gargoyles are nothing compared to the scars that history have carved on this dark building. Chains and rings set in stone remember times when prisonners where shackled to them and tortured to a grizzly death for sins they didn’t commit but were accused of, or times when hundreds of people were stacked within its chilling walls, waiting for the steel cold kiss of the guillotine.

Inside, the deserted building is dark and silent. Neons are flickering on the ceiling, scattering bleach light around the empty morgue. Rows upon rows of drawers line up on the walls, closed boxes holding pathetic remnants of unknown lives. Some faucet in a distant room leaks a little water on a metallic basin...
Drop… Drop… Drop…
The barely audible sound of water droplets falling on brushed metal seems to be the only event which marks passing time as it echoes through the empty rooms where corpses are stored under white sheets.
The stagnant air smells of acrid and aggressive disinfectant… It smells the rancid and nauseating smell of dried blood… It smells the penetrating and frightening smell of death.

This late in the night, there’s no one in the lonely building where autopsies are conducted… or so the usual human think. The usual human doesn’t know of vampires, nor does he believe in lycans...
Too bad for the usual human…
There are plenty of usual humans in the morgue’s drawers. Usual humans whose missing limbs have been chewed by powerful jaws… Usual humans whose blood has been sucked away, leaving them with an unearthly pale skin and a terrified look sculpted onto their faces for eternity.
I have seen these corpses. I have made conclusions. I have reported the facts… But the usual human at the head of the medical university did not believe me. The usual human expelled me from the university because the facts where too frightening for him to bear. The usual human prefers to hide under his blanket and pretend he’s not dying while the jaws and fangs tear away at his trembling flesh.

The long and dark corridor that passes through the dissection rooms is slashed by a ray of bright light coming from an half closed door which opens to a room. My room. My place.
Here, naked skeletons give me solace when I feel lonely, images of death remade into familiar companions. Rows upon rows of miscellaneous objects that have been extracted from countless human’s rectums and exposed here as a grotesque museum remind me that there is no limit to human imagination, however sordid the goal it sets itself on.
And then there is my place. My huge, comfortable, and antique chair... Surrounded by myriads of books piled on wooden shelves or stacked on the ageing persian rug. I feel safe and relaxed, despite what I know. And that the others don’t want to know.

Soft and sweet feminine moans bring my eyes down to the ground, and I smile. The vampire princess is kneeling at my feet, shackled in steel chains of love, submissively kissing my boots, her tongue gently passing through her ring gag to clean the black leather.
As I caress tenderly her jet black long hair, I recall the day we met. My first day as a Master. My first day with my princess...

I had stayed hidden in the Louvre after dusk, when the doors are closed and an eerie atmosphere grasps the deserted rooms. I knew I shouldn’t have been here. I had seen several exsanguinated corpses at the morgue with horrible wounds made by sharp fangs. All had been in the Louvre after dusk. None had interested the Police.
But I was there. What for ? I had no business being there save my insatiable curiosity. Why do I always have this uncanny need to put my nose where it doesn’t belong ? Why do I always try to right wrongs that no one asked me to care about ? My psychanalist might have given me a good answer to these questions if he had not freaked out on my nightmares long before...
So here I was, hiding behind an antique mummy, listening to every creepy sound echoing through the huge rooms, as if they were the very footsteps or Belphegor.
Then a rythmic ticking sound made my heart beat faster. High heel boots clicking on the marble floor as she walked through the empty rooms on her way to some unfathomable meeting.
As she passed near the egyptian mummy I was hiding behind, she stopped. She frowned and seemed to peer more closely into the darkness. Then she smiled. A smile I would never forget. A smile with fangs onto which the moon cast a sharp and surgical light. A predator smile that made my stomach climb up my throat.

- Hello, dinner, she said.

As I scrambled for my life, running as fast as my terrified legs would take me, I heard her laughter echoing through the long corridors, following me like the shadows of my own death. Suddenly, there was a blurred form moving at incredible speed along the walls and then... she was there. Right in front of me. Her mouth already half opened in her pale and youthfull face surrounded by a mane of black hair.
As I stood there, cornered, panicked, panting, she stepped towards me, her lean and toned body sheathed in a black velvet evening gown. Slowly, she got closer to me, closer to my throat that she began to look at with an overpowering feeling of hunger emanating from her. I was as paralyzed as a small rodent under a snake’s gaze. Nothing could make me move, or detach my eyes from her night black eyes that were shining with a hundred stars as she leaned on me, standing on her tip toes to reach my throat, already half closing her eyes in the anticipation of her feasting.
Had she not talked then, I would have died that night, like so many others, in a last flash of agonising ecstasy.

-You’re cute, boy... I think I won’t kill you... No... I’ll keep you for myself... And you’ll be my slave... You’ll love that, my cute boy...

Her words sent a lightning strike into my heart. They made me erupt in a rage so primitive I could not control it. The mere mention of giving me an order sends me reeling in anger in ordinary times, but the thought that she would even consider enslaving me shot me on a mindless rage even before she had finished talking, lifting my terrified hypnosis, and turning me into a storm of wrath and anger. Both my hands raised in reflex and graspped her throat as I pulled her of the ground, her hands trying franctically to ease the crushing grasp around her neck. Then I turned violently and smashed her head into the sarcophagus. Again. And again. And again. Untill her body dropped in my arms, her eyes rolled back, her limbs dangling from her limp body...

A soft whimper takes me out of my daydreaming... out of my pleasant memories...
As I look down, I see my beloved pale princess rubbing her cheek on my jeans, tenderly trying to catch her Master’s attention, softly moaning in anticipation of delights to come.
I peer down in her eyes of pure blackness seeded with gold sparks. Her irises are made of night itself, her skin pale as white satin, her lips a rich and deep red, shining and moist opening to her secondary temple of love, guarded by long and menacing fangs which protrude on each side of her ring gag as a reminder of the power she has... the power she has entrusted me to harness.

She’s hungry. I can see it in her eyes. Her hungers are multiple and layered. Hungry for my blood, hungry for sex, hungry for life, hungry for love... She knows her hunger could consume and destroy her, reducing her slowly into a monster of bestiality she herself would be afraid and disgusted of. But she knows she can trust me to help her control these overwhelming instincts, this horryfing urges which burn endlessly in her heart. Snuggly tied in the bonds of steel and love I wrought around her, she can at last be free from herself, free from the haunting questions and agonizing doubts. She’s more free to be herself than she has ever been.

Passing my index in the decorated ring that ornates her collar, I gently pull her up, pull her up to me, pull her up towards my loving lips. Her naked and luscious body is slowly revealed to my lusty eyes, her back arched by the way her wrists are cuffed together behind her, exposing her round and firm breast to my inquistive fingers.
I slide my leg between hers and she is allowed to ride on my knee, a pale and shapely leg on each side, a small dark patch of hair between them marking the entrance to her intimacy.
She pushes herself along my thigh, leaving a wet and dark trail on it where she has rubbed herself on the coarse and black jeans, moaning softly from excitation as she gets nearer my hot body and it’s seemingly infinite reserve of blood.

My lips meet hers in a kiss of controlled fire. Her body firmly held, she can revell in the pleasure we exchange, breath mixing with breath, tongue caressing tongue, desire fueling desire...
For a long moment, we stay there in a deep embrace, my hands roaming freely her helpless body, waking up human and basic instincts that her vampiric life would have blunted and dulled. The involuntary moves of her hips on my thigh, the moans she now interrupts our kisses with, the urgent way she presses her breast on my torso let me know more than any word what she’s craving for.
Then I purposefully press my tongue on one of her fangs, to let the dreadfull tooth puncture my flesh, letting a few dropplets of blood fall into her throat. Her body spasms at the feeling of this bodily fluid slowly leaking down her throat, her eyes roll back as she clenches her fists, her body tense in anticipation of delights to come during this night...
Torn asunder by her desires and urges and feelings, she looks at me with wide open pleading eyes... dark jewells of night begging me to lead her to the moment her hungers will be sated.
And I smile... because... I just can’t resist those eyes.
The same eyes she has looked upon me with on that fatefull night in the museum.

That night, I had dragged her into the janitor closet and tied her up tight and snug with my belt and some rubber bands I had found there, holding some cardboard boxes. I had gagged her sensuous mouth with wiping cloth, after which I had packed her into a couple of plastic dump bags before loading her on my shoulder and taking her back to my lair.
My first intentions had been to keep her as a proof of what I had found and expose her to my sceptical colleagues, may be dissecting her in the process.
But... I just couldn’t bear myself to do this. Her eyes... her beautiful and pleading eyes... I just never succeeded in hardening myself enough to do such a thing.
Everyone tells me I’m too soft hearted. That it will be my downfall... They’re probably right. But... well... that’s me.

That unforgettable night, I have turned my back to the institutions I never had truly believed in anyway, I renounced what the usual human would believe as true and reassuring, and I embraced the world of darkness the vampire princess was inviting me in. This night, I made her mine, accepting the gift that she gave to me, giving herself freely to my loving and guiding hand, awakening in her feelings that had laid dormant for decades, sating hungers she didn’t even know she had anymore, giving her my blood at the time of my chosing, weaving a bond between us that it seemed eons could not unravel...

From then on, I have been tolerated in Paris’ nightly circles, witnessing ceremonies I didn’t care for, healing as I could the lacerated flesh of vampires who had crossed the paths of lycans in the Bois de Boulogne, purchasing ancient tomes of magic in some obscure shop down in the Quartier Latin.
The queen’s daughter has since been my protector in these places were humans would normally be treated something in between a meal and a pet. She has given me time to survive and adapt. Time... The ultimate resource... A chance to survive... Nothing more. But humans don’t need nothing more than a mere chance to grasp and a hope to drive them on. And how she gives me that drive, my beautifull dark haired lady...
Away from the vampiric circles, hiding in our love nests, my little princess gives me her leash to hold in my hand and lets me take her away on wings made of fire to lands her palid and sophisticated family don’t explore anymore, to places of blood leaking from the sun on a scorched land where the rain of our love makes dark red roses blossom under the night skies.

Tonight, like so many nights blessed in our dark fantasies before, her body is arching and spasming under the hail of kisses I rain on her, under the ryhmic pounding my hips deliver in her... once again our passion rises like a dark sun and, as it is about to explode in a heatwave of pleasure, I open my veins and let the liquid of life run through her gag and fill her throat and body and heart with utter ecstasy, unalduterated raw pleasure of so many hungers sated at once, ultimate feeling of fulfillment that shatter our minds into jigsaw puzzles of sensations and bliss.

In the corridor, a long scream of agonizing ecstasy shreds the silence and echoes in the dark and desert rooms of the morgue. Away from the lighted room, darkness is the only world for the dismantled bodies laying there in the hope someone would care more for them in death that they had been cared for in life.
A stagnant death seems to have sculpted the corpses under the white sheets in a macabre parody of their former selves. Indifferent to what little life may be somewhere in the place, the leakinfg faucet marks the passage of time.
Drop... Drop... Drop...

Across the Seine, the illuminated towers of Notre Dame seem to gard the City against the impeding darkness, against the age old fear of the unknown. Its reassuring and bulky silhouette seems an impregnable fortress against the forces of night and evil.
But, on the roofs, ugly gargoyles grin at the thought, the cathedral being only an empty husk, a monument to a forgetful god who has turned his back on his children who were not adoring him enough to his taste.
The bat winged grotesque statues grin and wait, with the patience of stone... Their time is coming... Soon, the darkness will be devoured by the flames.. Soon...

04/24/09 23:06
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