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Gabby Perdidevacantghost07/19/10 04:42View
DavidJoshua ArtfulA gentleman dressed in [b]black[/b] with long red hair steps up from behind a tree, through a thick shroud of mist. He offers his hand which appears to be enclosed in a black leather glove. "Pleased to meet you, I'm David," he utters in an accent you find familiar, yet mysterious.

He notices a spy come up behind you, raising a black dagger about to slit your throat. He grabs you by the wrist, pulls you behind him, shifts his weight back on his right heel to lessen his targetable mass... he proceeds to grab the spy's right wrist with his left hand, clenching and twisting into their vein until they drop the knive. Then he proceeds to swing his right arm forward from the hip, pounding two extended fingers into the spy's neck.

You hear a gurgling sound. He sequences through the next series of moves so fast you can barely believe your eyes. He backfists the spy in the cheekbone, smashing the structure or their face; He slams his forearm behind the spy's head on the back of their neck, collapsing their chin down to their collarbone. He elbows the spy, collapsing their other cheekbone; he thrusts a heavy shoulder into the spy's head, then headbutts them in the face, as the spy lets out an agonized scream.

David continues to grab the spy by the shoulders, and kick them in the belly with a dull thud, as the spy collapses to the asphalt in front of the LA Asylum like a straw puppet. Finally, David clenches his fists and draws them in by his hips... he raises his right leg straight up in the air above the spy, and slams his heavy black leather boot down onto the spy's skull, splattering blood, bone fragment, brains, eyes, facial muscles, and teeth all over the asphalt, finishing the spy who attempted to assassinate you.

He calls out to whoever may be next, "Come clean this shit up."
09/26/09 17:07
Kayteear((Lemme see if I can be the first in posting here))

Nikkay was walking out from the center of LA, looking somewhere to hide herself from Kay. She was quite distracted, her cyberbrain being busy with some maintenance tasks at th same time. She was mainly trying to discern which memories were really her own and which ones belonged to Kay, when should she answer as herself and when should she do it as Kay. She was so distracted that she was absolutely unaware of the danger at her back. Instead, she heard some words that echoed in her mind for a second -"Pleased to meet you, I'm David"- and all of a sudden she felt herself being pulled from her wrist by someone she didn't have time to recognize. Thinking that one was foe and not friend, Nikkay was about to draw her Uzi as she was being pulled. However, she could realize that person was actually protecting her from some else.

Indeed, that so-called David engaged in a gruesome fight with the one that was actually about to attack her. His movements were fast, accurate, mortal. He actually looked as someone who knows how and where to hit his opponents to inflict the maximum amount of damage to them. After some speedlight moves, David finished the other person slamming his boot against the other's face, blood, teeth and flesh being splattered all around.

Nikkay watched the scene in utter confussion, trying to guess what have just happened, who that David was and -the most important- who was the one trying to attack her.
09/26/09 17:54
MarkusChristopherMarkus watches secretly from the rooftop, not caring much for this assassin failed in the attempt for he was a poor one indeed to attack the wrong principal target, the fool knows nothing, having been contracted through a third party and is indeed expendable, he knows is more of them, specialists, many more to come in his dark designs of evil manipulation of the hierarchy and laughs very silently and moves stealthy out of sight to implement the second phase of his plan with a flourish of his dark cape and darkness he seems to disappear into the night and shadows.09/26/09 18:15
DavidJoshua ArtfulDavid overhears Markus mention he is hiring assassins, and would gladly offer his services if the price was right, and the target was foolish enough.09/26/09 18:44
KayteearFrom a near rootop, Kay is also crouching while watching the whole scene, trying to make sure the services she had hired were performing the commanded action. While watching all the sequence, she could not help but gasp when she saw the thug Markus sent to catch Nikkay was about to destroy the clone. Fortunately a third person appeared form nowhere and came into scene, changing the course of the events and saving the expensive clone.
Once everything seemed to be in calm again, she took advantage of the power her neuro-master gave to her legs and jumped through the air, performing a rushed landing in the same rooftop from where Markus was also watching.
"You! What kind of idiots you hire? He was supossed to [i]stop[/i], to [i]shut down[/i] her, not to smash and make a colander from her!"
09/27/09 16:20
Ike((/me runs in and reanimates this thread ` CLEAR!` ^_^))

Although Ike was hardly one you could call unnoticable, vibrant pink strands enabling everyone to spot her from miles away, she did love to lurk in the shadows whenever something interesting was happening. After all she was as curious as most of the feline race were, yet would stay out of trouble as mutch as she could. Trouble had a way of finding her though, or in this cause, she found trouble. Slowly she inched closer, the shadows slowly withdrawing their obscuring veil from her slender form. One look around told her something was not quite right. Blood was splattered up against the nearby walls and across the floor and she could only suspect that the clothed lumb on the concrete was a dead body. A second travel of her mismatched eyes told her there were actually twins at the scene, or well, she thought they were twins, the redhaired vampire she knew to be Marcus and the appearent killer of the corpse on the ground. `Turn around and leave` is what she thought, but what she did was take a few steps forward again up to the point where she would attempt to sneak behind David`s back over to one of the twin to curiously poke an outstrechted indexfinger into her bicep. In this city you never knew, maybe it was a frigment of her imagination, a clone or a robot. Or maybe it was just a twin. She`d find out soon enough.
10/23/09 15:23
DavidJoshua Artful/me noticed Ike march confidently up... although he needed to move soon after he killed the predator. He winked at Ike and figured he would see her around. She looked strong enough to survive in the cold urban winter now of a town formerly known as SUNNY L.A.!

He slipped behind the big tree some people worshipped and some denigrated... then peered around the corner of it, catching his breath on the trunk... looked over to Ike, seeing her apparently looking his way, wondering what she would say... he also understood cat-talk.
12/11/09 07:40
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