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ElamyrathElamyrath's birth date was 1,553 B.C and he was born in the Ugor Clan, a very specific group of Brujah, located in the Carpathian Mountains in what is now Northern Romania and Southern Poland. Born specifically to be a weapon for the Ugor Clan, Elamyrath was taken into training as soon as he could walk. His sire, Corvinus, was a powerful and vicious man who forced Elamyrath to the very brink even before he was sired. Being one of 12 children born specifically for the task of guarding the Hellfire Stones, he was designated the animal symbol of The Raven. Never allowed to know a woman, he was to love war and his duty to his family alone. To prepare him for his mission, he was set to rest around 360 AD.

After 600 years of rest Elamyrath was reawakened into the world. Now nearly 1000 AD, The Unnamed Ones began to prepare him for his task. For the next 300 years he spent his time mostly outside of his home, his spirit guardian, in Raven form, being his only company. This time was spent in deep meditation and mental disciplining, teaching him the mental stability needed to be unwavering in his tasks ahead.

During the 14th Century, The Unnamed Ones finally called all 12 warriors into their chamber. Their task was to find each Hellfire Stone, one per warrior, and bring them to the Unnamed Ones in order to create a spell to place the world in 'the eternal eclipse', which would blot out the sun permanently and allow all vampire kind to walk during all times of the day.

Elamyrath the Raven left for his mission with one thing in mind, his mission. His life was for this moment, he ate, slept, and thought of nothing but this. Given a scroll with coordinates to the believed location of the Hellfire Emerald, he spent the next 127 years searching for it's precise location. Upon finding the stone, he fell into an ambush, the leader of a great lycan clan taking the hellfire emerald from him.

Elamyrath hunted them for nearly 100 years, always being evaded as they hunted the rest of the hellfire gems. Elamyrath finally reaches the Lycan clans home, using all of his strength to kill nearly every lycan in the clan. Upon finally reaching the leader, Hy' nyick Brrdile, they fought for what seemed days. After nearly a week of battle, the two ended their battle on the stone bridge of a great chasm. Each blow seemed to shake the world around them. Elamyrath and Hy' nyick locked swords, leaning over the edge of the bridge, pushing back and forth. By mistake, Elamyrath pushes the lycan too hard, and sends him over the edge of the bridge, into the unending chasm, the hellfire stone still wrapped around his neck.

Elamyrath returned to his homeland broken. His mission was a failure, he had nothing to live for. Hoping to return to his family in order to end his life, he came back to a land devoid of vampires. Whilst he had been away, his entire clan had been wiped away, leaving a single survivor: Elamyrath. While he mourned, a lone vampire came into the area and found him, distraught. This vampire attacked him and attempted to Diablerize him, to steal his ancient abilities and disciplines. In his attempt, he basically transfered himself and Elamyrath's strengths. Elamyrath lost his 4th Generation abilities, and was nothing more than a 9th generation Brujah, however he retained his mindset as an elder vampire.

A few years later, Elamyrath leaves his homeland, finding a ship that lead to the New World. While on this ship, pirates attacked, lead by one Captain Rose. After a short struggle, Elamyrath was able to take the ship back from Captain Rose, however, these two would meet again on a number of occasions throughout their existance from here on out, falling in love with one another. Elamyrath proposed to Rose during the late 1700's in Venice, but due to srange circumstances, he and her both woke up two weeks later with letters stating never to see one another again. Distraught, they did not seek one another out, but did meet again in 1874. This meeting, however, was alot more brief, and they soon parted ways again until 1938.

Elamyrath the Raven, the once proud warrior of the Ugor Clan, has taken a different path. His home land of modern Poland now taken over by the Nazi war machine, Elamyrath is now known as Eduard Faunkraut. A spy for Poland, he is an SS Officer in the Nazi Military. His tactics are brutal, and he known as a fierce officer. Nobody asks why he wears a mask at all times, such questions are unbefitting one of the new order. He meets Rose during his service, but as he must stay undercover, he keeps her as distant as possible. She leaves, and it is not until early spring in Toxia that he sees her again.

(memories fade to the closing months of World War II)

Eduard Faunkraut holds a smoking pistol in his hand, his commanding officer falls to the floor in front of him, dead. With an unchanging look, Eduard calling himself by the english translation of Edward Bracken, Bracken taken after a British soldier who risked his life to save a village near where he lived, walks into a Nazi camp. With the same cold expression as when he shot his commanding officer, he walks in the camp. Gunfire can be heard for only a few moments, then silence. Edward walks out of the camp, his gun still smoking, blood on his face, his look, cold.

(memories fade to 2005)

Returning to his former name, Elamyrath Bracken can be seen running through a forest in Eastern Europe, bullets passing by. He was caught by surprise, attacked in his sleep. Vampire hunters, fanatics who were known for their slaughter of his kind, had finally caught up with him. Elamyrath is not at full strength yet, it being sunset. Suddenly he is caught in a net, pulled up on a branch of an old tree, and bright lights turn on around him. Screaming in pain and agony, his skin burns as they pull him down.

(memories fade to an hour later)

Elamyrath wakes up on an altar in a small church, high up in the Carpathian Mountains. Tied down and weak, he looks around to see monks muttering strange chants around him. The Vampire Hunters walk up to him and dip a stake into an acidic liquid: an amnesiac....just in case. Raising the stake high in the air, the monks chant louder, then stop. the stake falling, hitting him in the chest. An excruciating pain hits him, then everything goes black.

(loss of memories start)

Elamyrath wakes up in pain and confused. The Church was on fire, the monks had all been killed. He looks down to see the stake in his chest, it had just missed his heart. Pulling the metal spike out of his chest, he rolls onto the floor. Crawling out of the church, cold, bleeding, confused, he can see the entire village on fire. Elamyrath pulls himself up and slowly drags himself down the mountain, into a cave.

After three days of being in a near comatose state, Elamyrath reawakens. Unaware of where he was or who he was, he begins his quest to find out who he was, where he came from, and who attacked him. This quest leads him to Toxian City, where he meets Mortana Munro. She creates a syrum that began the return of his memories, and he begins to piece back together his life as it once was.

Forsaking the laws of his ancient family, Elamyrath falls in love with a feline by the name of Neko Nacht. Becoming Blood Bound to one another, they share each others path through life together. After becoming an Arcane Scholar, the weight of the position becomes too heavy on Elamyrath, and he goes into rest for 6 months. When he wakes up, Neko Nacht had been attacked by a demon, fataly, and had commited suicide. Now completely alone, he travels the world for a time, seeking himself once more.

Elamyrath returns to Toxia and the Kindred Alliance to be rather quickly elevated to Blood Knight status. The clan has fallen into hard times, and they are relying on him to help them become as strong as ever. Once he returns, he meets Rose again. Choosing to turn his back on his mistakes, they elope soon after meeting.

Unfortunately, Rose left mysteriously soon afterwords, and after rising to nearly running the clan, The Kindred Alliance collapsed around him. Distraught and jaded, Elamyrath leaves to find his way again. For two decades he wanders, watching the social collapse of the world around him, the world becoming stranger and darker. He changes his attitude again and grows very silent. Then the Wormwood Incident occured, and everything he had known completely changed once again. During one of his travels, he ends up in the former British Columbia. While at an out of the way bar, he insults and gets in a fight with a rather vicious ice demoness. In this fight, the demoness beat him senseless. In her rage, she force fed Elamyrath her blood. The attack changed Elamyrath physically and mentally, causing him to take on a frost ability and changing his blood.

Elamyrath finally makes his way to Lost Angels, a town that had a history of it's own with vampires and darker creatures. Deciding to stop here for awhile, Elamyrath begins to make his name known in the city......
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