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erinnicAnyone else up to start up some 'round robin' fics in here? What it pretty much means (as far as i've done them in the past) is where one person begins the story and is required to stop at a certain point (250 words maybe). no matter where you are at, you have to stop. then the next person picks it up (i'd recommend since we don't want two people working on a post @ once that someone says "it" or something as a post to indicate they are going to pick it up, and then they have 1/2 an hour to do so or something like that). Instead of just writing for your character, you get a chance to write all around and I think that sort of thing can also really add depth to a writer :).
It would be a way to get some quick writing out and it would sure pass time for some of us bored out of our minds @ work.
Drop a reply here with suggestions as to how we could go about it, or just to say if you'd be interested. This sort of thing takes at least three or four people to be good, of course, so I'm hoping we'll get at least that many mentioning an occasional interest in such a concept.
12/30/08 19:07
MissySure! I'm frequently bored at work.. heheh.. sounds like fun to me. Far as I'm concerned, the guidelines you have outlined here sound good to me. But what do I know? :P12/30/08 19:39
Heir MaelstromWhy not just do forum RP if that's the route your taking. Except ensure it will be quality RP from the outset by coming up with what you want to happen and begin writting to that effect so anyone else joining the story will have ample information to form long coherent posts based around them?12/30/08 19:55
erinnicwell forum RP, round robin--whatever you want to call it, it's same dif.

as far as the story, i was figuring to keep it from conflicting w/ what happens -in- SL itself, and to keep things interesting, those involved in the beginning could help come up with some NPCesque character to be the big bad in this particular fic/RP

I guess the big dif between fic and RP in my mind is that in fic you control -all- characters, wherein with RP you control just yours. this way you're surrendering your character by having to stop @ the 250 word mark (or whatever) but also gaining flexibility as a writer because you are being forced out of your zone into the mind of another character. of course...those involved also have to be brave enough to put their character in another writer's hands for the sake of the concept lol
12/30/08 20:42
orenI'm down for this, not the forum rp but the round robin fiction.12/30/08 21:53
Heir Maelstrom[quote=erinnic]I guess the big dif between fic and RP in my mind is that in fic you control -all- characters, wherein with RP you control just yours. this way you're surrendering your character by having to stop @ the 250 word mark (or whatever) but also gaining flexibility as a writer because you are being forced out of your zone into the mind of another character. of course...those involved also have to be brave enough to put their character in another writer's hands for the sake of the concept lol[/quote]
In an RP you control NPC's which can be whatever you want them to be, thus forcing you to consider their point of view anyway. The difference between the two would be that one has multiple characters in which you developed for this scene and the other has multiple characters many people have engineered for a wide variety of situations. I will admit, its fun to see how people will have my characters act and sometimes even suprising to see them do things they would do that I would never have thought of on my own, the point being is that they arn't your creation and really comes down to if the owner agrees with what you wrote.

I'll just shut up after this post, don't want to bring negativity into the thread cuase it sounds like a fun idea. It's just that forum roleplay was the first thing I ever got into when I started playing games online. From one-liners up to 5,000 word posts involving entire story lines and multiple developed characters. Either makes me biased to one way of doing things, or at the least highly suggestive about doing them that way. Best of luck in your endeavor, will read it one way or another when it gets fleshed out.
12/30/08 22:09
orenNo reason why both cant be done. You start your kind of thread Heir and let Eric start what she was suggesting, then people can respond to either/both of them if they feel so inclined.12/30/08 22:11
erinnicexactly :)

and yea i come from a forum RP background, but we usually capped out our word -requirement- @ 1,000 words. not that we didn't always write beyond that...;) and to be honest, the closest thing i've done to a 'round robin' is but i figured we can make it our way and just rename it something slick if it must be done. ha ha
12/30/08 22:15
erinnicalso...if anyone has any creative brainstorming they'd like to begin to throw out there--let's do it! i don't want to start too quickly, so i figured we'd hold off a day or so before we start.
maybe we'll pick up a few more people that way and everyone can offer their input as to how we can go about this in the interim. and heir, please don't shy away--offer your suggestions! we'll come up with a clever new way to do things between all of our super amazing throbby brains :)
12/30/08 22:19
Erica KesselI might participate, but I have to warn you that I will probably find it difficult to stay serious.12/30/08 23:52
erinnici have mulled a bit more.

i am wondering if maybe a better way to do this is to have it NOT involve our character or Lost Angels. We could set up the entire RP in another city (Chicago, atlanta, NYC, Miami, London). There could be one 'big bad' decided first off, one massive troublemaker to be the center point of the story. From there each person involved in the round robin (maybe have the very first post of the round robin thread have a list of people involved, with the option to add people as it goes if they so choose) will get to create one brand new shiny character (or maybe even two each? i'm open to suggestions of course).

Rules will remain the same. Word count and then stop your post, but we'll let people at least finish their paragraphs. Post "respond" or something similar, and then be given a half hour/hour time frame to post within to continue the story or else your "respond" request will be transferred to the next person who wants it. I figure a 250-300 word count seems reasonable, but we could always increase it if we all decide that's too short.

Otherwise we can always keep to using our characters now and sharing "joint custody"(ha ha) of them during the fic. Please drop me some feedback, i'd love to start this soon and it could be a lot of fun. :)
01/05/09 22:00
Erica KesselI've seen things like this before, and it works best if we forget the CoLA concept of god-modding. Usually when these are done, you are allowed to control everyone's character while writing your section. Just don't randomly kill people off or abuse them or something, lol. Basically don't be an ass.01/05/09 22:08
oreni'm ready, as erin probably realized when I hijacked her story, lol01/05/09 22:30
erinnicREADY isn't feedback :P LOL
which way do you think we should go hun. CoLA or elsewhere? Our character or still wrapped in plastic ones? 1million word count or less? you're used to making decisions, woman--be aggressive XD
01/05/09 22:49
orenI misunderstood your post and did not realize you wanted feedback.

[quote=erinnic][color=yellow]READY isn't feedback :P LOL
which way do you think we should go hun. CoLA or elsewhere? Our character or still wrapped in plastic ones? 1million word count or less? you're used to making decisions, woman--be aggressive XD[/color][/quote]
Elsewhere, how about Dallas?

New characters, but no limit or who chreates what, let it grow organically. Let people write whatever they want, following the don't be an asshole standard, because if someone write "And the universe ends" when we're 12,000 words into this I'll be fucking pissed.

300 word max, stop where you are, don't even finish a sentence

Oh, and lick my clit Erin
No seriously, do it.
01/05/09 23:16
erinnicalways agrees with oren.

......and obeys.
01/05/09 23:52
oren/me gently pats Erin's waist high head "Good girl"01/06/09 00:46
Erica Kessel/me gets bumped away by Erin, "Hey! Didn't your mother teach you to share?"01/06/09 01:41
Duxso, is Oren like a lollipop with a soft creamy center ?01/06/09 03:02
Erica Kessel/me shakes her head, "I don't think that's appropriate for this thread, Dux."01/06/09 03:54
Duxwhat I was talking about a lollipop, I don't know what you were talking about01/06/09 04:34
Kit RistowYou can always just jump into an existing thread. Dunno about round robin fics, but there were more than a few fiction posts on the old boards that lead to board-based RP.

. . .God, I miss that. . .
01/06/09 06:44
MissyI have one suggestion.. whenever we get started on this, whoever leads us off... please use a clear description in the title or something so we know when to begin (and DON'T edit the first post once it's been submitted.. learn from my errors hehe). Also.. are we claiming sections? Like Erin had originally suggested or do we treat this like the Arrow Spam thread and if there is a second poster they need to edit it to fit the one who was quicker on the Submit button (I'm expecting both Erica and Erin are familiar with that particular button actually :P)01/06/09 08:11
erinnicactually--i'm thinking the thread is gonna have to start with at -least- one descriptive post with not just the rules, but with backstory.
sure, we all know which races are strong or weak in LA, but if we are doing this elsewhere (...dallas? lol) then we have to decide if we want to recalculate that balance. (which i personally think is a good idea) so i think that, at the least, would have to be described.
also, if we are going to run on the idea of a central big bad villian character being the tying "event" for the whole RP, we have to create this character too. and this is a world of all sorts of big bads--so what is it that can make this one the biggest and baddest, enough to put an an entire city at notice?

1. one possible scenario:
--without many vampires or lycans in the area when things first started to go down, the city was mostly a demon/angel battleground. demons won out this particular city for the most part, keeping the remaining humans alive to enslave. we could being our fic right as there is some sort of uprising (even if not from the humans, maybe vamps or lycans wander into town to try and take over, or-erm-aggressive nekos? or the angels rise back up? whatever) and the uprising is against the de facto leader of the demons who had taken over the town? we could begin right around there.

any other suggestions on that front? please, please let's flesh out this 'villian' character a bit more. i mull stuff in my head, but i like ping pong idea making--i'm far, far, far from one of the most creative in this group LOL. so throw out whatever idea you have, we can get this started real soon i think :)
01/06/09 14:52
oren[quote=Missy]Also.. are we claiming sections? Like Erin had originally suggested or do we treat this like the Arrow Spam thread and if there is a second poster they need to edit it to fit the one who was quicker on the Submit button (I'm expecting both Erica and Erin are familiar with that particular button actually :P)[/quote]
Yes, we'd be claiming sections, what was outlined earlier in this post was that someone post "Got it" or something like that, and then the person has x amount of time to post the next section.
01/07/09 16:49
MissyGotcha! Thanks Oren. :)01/07/09 17:15
erinnici am sooo half dead the past two days. *thinks a moment*

any other questions or comments or suggestions or futher plot discussion or anything along those lines anyone can think of? or should we just run with the semiconcept i hatched up earlier? or should we just begin and play it by ear?
01/07/09 17:47
orenThe concept that you posted was fine by me. Why don't we just get started and deal with whatever problems arise because I'm sure there are things we just can't foresee at this time? Let's start another thread with the actual round robin rp and continue to use this thread to address any problems. To restate what we have come up with so far:

[ol][i]The story will be set in Dallas where currently the Demons are in control of the area and have enslaved the humans after winning in the local area against the Angels. Other races, at least at the beginning of this, are scarce.

300 word max per post

Call it when you're going to be the next to post by saying "Got it" or something, then edit the post with your portion of the story to maintain continuity. You have 1 hour to write your post from when you call it, then it is up for grabs again.

Everything is shared in the story, so if you want to develop an existing character, you can, if you want to introduce a new character you can.

Follow the "Don't be an asshole rule". In other words, while we want the story to evolve organically, saying something like "A nuclear missile hits Dallas, destroying everything" or killing off a main character without a proper build up would be kind of rude, as would god modding something like bringing in an all powerful character. We're all experienced role player, don't be an asshole, do unto others, blah blah blah.[/i][/ol]

Post any questions or concerns here.
01/07/09 18:37
Erica KesselLet's just jump into it. I'll start.

When Walter Havendish awoke one evening, he expected it to be a night just like any other. He went through his routine in a half-asleep stupor; a routine which had changed little in the past three hundred years. His long black hair had become unruly during his day's sleep, which he attributed to his tossing and turning. He glanced back at his sleep number coffin, thinking it had been a total waste of money, as he wrestled his hair straight with an antique brush. He took in a deep breath of the cool night's air as he walked outside, a pleasure he still enjoyed from when he was alive. Yes, it began just like any other night, but by the end poor Walter would never look at eggplant the same way.

Yes, this a joke. Don't continue this story...because it's the beginning of an 800 page novel I'm writing and you'll be violating my copyright.
01/07/09 18:39
orenApparently Erica will be the designated comic relief in whatever we do.

I have a funny eggplant story involving a llama, I think I'll have to post it here sometime.
01/07/09 18:42
Erica Kessel[quote=oren]Apparently Erica will be the designated comic relief in whatever we do.[/quote]
I believe this sentence is universally applicable.
01/07/09 18:47
Erica KesselDoes anyone mind using Vampire: The Masquerade lore in this? The North American Tremere HQ happens to be in Dallas.01/07/09 19:09
Missy[quote=Erica Kessel]Does anyone mind using Vampire: The Masquerade lore in this? The North American Tremere HQ happens to be in Dallas.[/quote]
Nope. I don't mind at all. Course I also have ZERO idea what you are referring to. I hope that's OK. :P

(And I'm being totally serious here too.. I have no idea what this is though I do plan to Google or Sparks Note it or something shortly.)
01/07/09 19:14
oren[quote=Erica Kessel]Does anyone mind using Vampire: The Masquerade lore in this? The North American Tremere HQ happens to be in Dallas.[/quote]
Hmm, I'm fine with it to a certain extent Erica. I just don't want anyone to cry foul if someone posts something that isn't White Wolf lexical since there are some people, as Missy illustrated, who are unfamiliar with the White Wolf universe. Not everyone has the same background we do Erica :P
01/07/09 19:22
erinnici wikied some of the clans and such--had V:tM years ago but never got into it enough to remember -anything-. but if you could drop any details on said base here? that would be sweet.
what if we built on that info? what if the base existed there before the apoc, but since the demons took over the city they lose that stronghold and part of our story could be vampires returning and wanting it back?

also? incredibly jealous since i don't have any cool eggplant stories
01/07/09 19:56
orenI'd rather avoid saying in advance how anything would play out Erin. Maybe the vamps try to take the chantry back, maybe they don't. I just don't want the story to get weighed down by some lore that not everyone is familiar with. I would however say, based on White Wolf lore, I seriously doubt other clans would be linking up with the Tremere to help them retake the chantry, they just don't play that well with others. Well, except the Salubri and the Tzimisce(yes, that's a joke).

Speaking of which, we have a couple Tzimisce in the Coven, why aren't Kerry and Erica constantly at war with them? I'd love to see the animosity between the clans play out. A little intrafactional war between the Chancellor and the Tremere would be interesting.
01/07/09 20:06
Erica KesselOren, you apparently missed the time when your new parents tried to kill me.

And I'm not expecting everyone to stay in the White Wolf universe to the letter, I don't care if don't know anything and just make things up, I'm fine with that. I was just going to use it as a starting place for creating a character.
01/07/09 20:13
Erica Kesselp.s.: Who's doing the first post? If everyone waiting for someone else to start?01/07/09 20:18
Missy[quote=Erica Kessel]p.s.: Who's doing the first post? If everyone waiting for someone else to start?[/quote]
Well ... I am the noob here, so yeah.


<---- hopefully not a stupid noob though.
01/07/09 20:27
erinnici'd totally do it, but i'm at work so i can't focus well enough. i figure it wouldn't hurt to have the first post in thread be a repeat of the 'rules' as stated above. i'm not making that either, tho. cause i have no witty title name in mind and we can't edit thread titles so i don't want it to be 'Super Awesometime RPtime Story Thread' infinitely or anything ha ha01/07/09 20:28
orenI'd rather wait until Erin has time to start it since this is her brain childe.01/07/09 21:40
Erica KesselAgreed. Erin can start it when she gets the chance.01/07/09 21:45
ShyMathysDon't mind if you use VTM If i can use WTA :P01/08/09 06:47
erinnic...WTA? WTF?01/08/09 14:44
Erica KesselWyoming Transit Authority?01/08/09 17:48
ShyMathysWerewolf the Apocalpse... jeez people.01/09/09 08:19
erinnic/me has had her geekdom put to question and failed. failed. failed.01/09/09 17:00
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