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erinnicSomewhere, amid a downwards shaped thumb archipelago on the outskirts of the Kerkenah Islands, a woman trembled from an icy, painful chill consuming her frame. Where her thin but wide frame wasn’t tanned burnt leather it peeled in bumpy scabs of pink with fresh white frames. Her lips were viciously swollen, bee stung with a thick cracked layer peeling around the edges. She had been on the boat for many, many days before she had ended up on the beach amidst the small human tribe here, and it had been two days of them trying to bring her back to life before her body even began to work her limbs into the death rattles they now exhibited. Humanity wasn’t going to be long lived for Erinnic Hitendra at this point.

The man’s arrival didn’t have announcement, he was simply one moment not there and the next was. His skin was so deep you couldn’t read emotion or features there in the pale night of the tent. His hands rested on his knees, and his intensely red eyes watched down upon her from their wide orbs with unblinking intensity. He smiled suddenly, and the ferocious whiteness of his jester wide grin was unsettling enough to cause her next shudder to intensify.
He raised a hand over her and tilted his head a bit before explaining to her in perfect English, “You’re weak, but you’ll try now and you will be able to speak.”

It shouldn’t have been possible, and years of reflection would never rationalize it to her completely, but when she tried—it was true. Her voice was there, even though her body continued it’s numb shakes towards early death. “I can.”
“Good. Now.” He retracted his hand and his smile, speaking slowly. “Tell me your life.”

“That’s a long story.”
He nodded, “But I can sense you have much to tell, and I will make sure we have time for you to tell it.” She dimly heard the sound of loud voices—the humans that lived at this place—and turned her eyes towards the sound. “They were killing you. When your boat arrived, they saw the body of the child and they thought you it’s demise. So they’ve been purposely mistreating your injuries from the exposure of your boat ride here.”

If she could find the tears, they would have been there. “I. Didn’t. Kill. Her.”

“I didn’t say you did. I said the humans thought you did.” The grin came again. “No, no…you’re not going to live much longer.”

“I don’t have a story. I grew up in the States, I read a lot as a kid. I liked reading about the past…back when the world was normal, back before all of you fucked it up.” She wanted to swallow, she was thirsty. Erin still couldn’t understand how it was she was able to talk. How it was she was willing to speak. She knew what this thing was, anyone with a radio could have figured out a vampire nowadays—and she didn’t have to trust what he was saying about the humans here, but somehow she did.

“Yes. That did happen, didn’t it? We…fucked it up.” He said the words strangely, as if he was equal parts amused and proud.

“Not as much as some others—but yes. I was just a few years out of getting my Doctorate in Cognative Philology, and I was engaged to a great man in my field named Paolo Canettieri. Paolo had been working years on some Pre Akkadian translastions, and he was called upon but International Governments—the same who ignored us as chasing myths only a few decades earlier—called upon him to go to a special compound designated Project Revive.”

A scowl formed on her face as she continued, long beyond the pain and trapped in the thrall of the story she told, that she truthfully had been longing to tell. “Allegedly many texts across the globe had been discovered mentioning a way to bind the rifts existing between Heaven and Hell, not allowing any more interference from either and possibility allowing humanity a leg up in this whole mess. I didn’t know much of it, I didn’t have anywhere near the level of skill that Paolo did….but I went with him because I was pregnant at the time.

“By the time I was six months we were moved to the compound. There were over seventy families living there from all across the globe, and we all had translating devices and the spouses…we all knew each other well. I didn’t go when Paolo did to study, I stayed at home—and I soon found out I was the only pregnant woman there. So when Hope was born…it was like she was born to all of them too, in a way.

She stopped for a long while, neither moving until she went on again. “Hope was six when they came, and for six years everything was normal. It was like nothing outside our world existed. Our world was ours. Then they came. A band of Angels.” Her voice got thick on the last word, as if she were spitting it out.

“They came upon our homes. They burned everything with their Holy powers, and they struck down everything they could find. Including my daughter.” The pause this time could have gone on for hours if she let it, so she continued on instead. “I was up in my crawlspace getting down something—I, I can’t even remember what. And that’s when they came. I couldn’t get to her, I heard her scream and I couldn’t get to her. And she was gone and I….

“I ran out onto the streets with her in my arms. Everywhere I looked there were dead. I tried to find someone but they were all gone. I crawled with her in my arms towards an escape boat, I pushed it with paddles for hours until I got brave enough to turn on the engine. I kept her with me. They didn’t follow…and I kept her with me. I. Didn’t. Kill. My. Daughter.”

He leaned in then. “Then who did?”

Her eyes were blazing as they met his, her voice thick with venom. “God.”

He smiled at her, this time with his mouth slightly agape and his fangs poised. “No, you won’t live much longer.”

((i didn't spellcheck and i've gotten little sleep, so forgive stupid errors plz))
12/23/08 16:49
Missy*Missy shivers.. Ohhh very nice Erinnic.. I love how your character's hate for God and anything angelic is so carefully set up and explained... Anyone with a child can understand this and the motivation is pure. I also really love the repetition of the line “No, you won’t live much longer.” It has such an eerie significance for CoLA inhabitants and yet in this instance it could almost be replaced with "No, your human suffering won't go on much longer."

Simply spine tingling!
12/28/08 02:44
erinnic*blushes* a million thanks :D12/28/08 20:31
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