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KayteearI haven't had too much time to spend going into SL lately. Last time was two days ago when, suddently, my wife came out from her nap andrealized I was RPing. She showed me one of those deathraying gazes women give when there are unpleased with something --as meaning "you are there again"-- and I had to quit immediately before thing got worse (that's why I had to leave so abruptly in the middle of our conversation, Avi). I could feel my RL CCS metter hitting 0% of health, and she did not talk to me for about 90 minutes (as I was CCS dead and the dead do not talk --they barely manage to cough).

Ok, ok... I'm being a bit exagerate, but I really don't have too much time to RP, so I've decided to RP a little here, in the forums, right now ("right now", as Josephine told to Napoleon in their conjugal room after their wedding)

[i]Hic et nunc, carpe diem.[/i]

So if anyone wants to join you can post your emotes in this thread.
IMO, anyone participating in this "forum RP" should be allowed to use what happens here later in SL. So if I RP here getting drunken, you can tell me "you were drunken" next time we meet in SL.

Here I go:

[i]Kay enters the clock tower al LC having been prompted by Cleo to go there in order to pick up something... or you better say "someone". She enters the elvator and pushes the button to go up to the fifth floor. After a few seconds the elevator reaches the top of the building. Kay exists the apparatus and looks around. Kay sees no one... "What the...?" she mutters to herself. She then realizes that was not the "fifth floor" Cleo was talking about and enters again the elevator. This time she pushes the basement button and the elevator starts its smooth descent. When it stops again, Kay exits the elevator and looks around again. There, standing in the middle of the room and looking around in curiosity, there's someone just dressed in a skirt and a shirt. Kay opens her eyes widely as she slowly approaches that other person and softly whispers in amazement: "Wow! It's like looking at yourself in a mirror!"[/i]

((Feel free to enter the clock tower basement to meet Kay and the "other"))
09/17/09 14:45
MissyMissy is bent over, rooting through an assortment of boxes, thoroughly absorbed in the task, so much so that she doesn't hear the elevator whir up, or if she does it's only in a dim recess of her mind and she's hardly concerned about it, some unconscious part of her mind reassuring her it's likely Arsene come to check on her. At any rate, she doesn't hear it clunk it's way down the shaft to the basement room she occupies when Kay shows up. No.. it's not the elevator that wakes her reverie.. it's the treasure she finds in the last box she has sorted through.

"Ohhh! Look at that!!" she grins, murmuring to herself. "It'll be perfect! This is just what I need to make some curtains for the Heartbreak Hotel" and she clutches the bolt of fabric she's discovered to her chest gleefully and whirls around in a joyful circle, her skirt flaring around her thighs, her hair a flaming banner of red in the dust-mote filled air of the basement. She stops midspin and gasps, her lips parting, mouth formed in a small O as she registers the fact that she is not alone in this dark, dusty room with someone she's never met before.. someone that the dim light makes difficult to see.

"You startled me!" she gasps. "Are you friend or foe?"
09/18/09 01:21
ZiauZiau looks up at the clocktower, one of the last actual pieces of the human need of a calendar, or time, or the keeping track of how hours passed. It was obvious, alas, that the actual stars in the sky couldn't be seen from the soot and the ash that dared not fall from the Earth's orbit, and the greenhouse effect that scientists dared try and comment on in the past being nothing more than a simple fable compared to the near desert wasteland of what remained of their home. Ziau hated the idea of time passing, hell, he hated the idea of anything taking away his will to breathe, stand, use his fingers to love a woman or pull the trigger on the shotgun tucked so neatly at his side. A monster, that is what they would call Ziau, his two toned black and blonde hair tickling at his rather chubby pale cheeks before he lifted up a lip and grunted, shuffling his checkered slip-ons towards the very building he despised.

With a little rumble of his chest, his nostrils flaring as he picks up a fresh scent, his hunt became a little more exciting, and his footsteps became quieter as he followed the rather pointed scent of a pair of females, each making their way to the elevator. The Russian Gray, a wolf prided on trekking ice fields, rushing past trees quickly through feet of snow, and keeping their sprints up on frozen lakes and through thick icy mud. Rugged hikers, the most in tune with nature with their kind aside from those blasted domestics, huskies whom could run just as far, just as fast, but ate from a bowl and got petted on their filthy heads.

This Gray, worn down only after twenty three years of life, young for a Lycanthrope, young for a human. This Gray, angry, arrogant, way too successful in a world where success dared not play it's role in many people's lives. This Gray, fresh on the trail of those whom dared wander alone, especially the most fragile of the sexes in a wolf's eyes. They had no social care, the wolves, they had no courtesy, nor did they have any shame. Peeling back his upper lip, giving a quick snarl to the end of his grunt, he presses the button on the elevator, letting the ding give off his enterence. Let them know, this was a wolf's world, this was his own walk of life that not one could take from him. A simple step into the metal box, and the rickety doors closed, his mind almost picking apart what either one of these prospective treats could dare say to the almost overbearing man.

Sure, he was not a god, though he told everyone he was. Sure, he wasn't the quickest, or the strongest, but he seemed to hit hard and fast when determination dared bead along his brow. And sure, he wasn't the smartest, but his mind had kept him on his feet this long, perhaps luck, perhaps something less and more in tune with the way he marched into chambers to throw the forum aloof. That tinged scent of vomit was still in the elevator, some poor bloke wound up getting sick, though it was no where near this time frame, the stench of another generation's filth etched into their existence simply because he couldn't hold his own. Taking a wild guess, Ziau presses all of the buttons from one to roof. What could it harm, their scent would pick back up soon enough.

The roll of the lift, the people in the building would know he was coming, there was no doubt, so the wolf reached for his gun. It was a commercial build, sold at the pier for many things, brought in from some Swedish maker that worked out of factories that survived the fire that rained from the sky above. Apocalypse or not, there would always be a weapons trade, but money still had no use in their pockets or in their purses. Finally the doors would open, the sudden lurch in his chest, and his golden oceans of eyes narrowing on what was revealed. An empty hallway, and nothing along the lines of a trail to tickle his nose. Ziau would smirk, he was getting too excited, he nearly pulled the trigger and sent buckshot down the hallway with no one there.

Gripping the gun's handle tighter, the safety long put into the "armed" position, the metal doors would close on the archaic lift, a slow creak as he was taken to the second floor. Raising the gun and pointing it right where the light would pour through and meet his eyes, he grunted as he was revealed another empty space, this one more scattered with debris, but no scent to pick up on. Just as the doors closed and the trip upward had begun again, the wolf gently sighs, ready to give up if it was going to be too far before he got his action for the evening. There was a loud twang, a metal cord pulling taut, finally a snap and the lack of gravity as the sensation of falling graced his toes. "Mother fu-" It was all he could say before the basement was met with the loud crash of the elevator falling from it's shaft. There was no telling what had become of Ziau, hell, there was no telling how anyone was supposed to get out, but one thing was for certain, no one in that clocktower was alone.
09/18/09 07:12
Kayteear((oh :) how interesting...))
((Please notice that in my previous post I RPed Kay went down to the basement to find something Cleo left there for her Perhaps it was not too clearly stated. That something is a clone, so exceptionally I'll be RPing two characters this time. Fortunately, this is something that this forum RP allows to perform)).

[i]Some seconds before Ziau's hard landing:

Kay slowly approaches her cYBER eVOLUTION made clone, staring at it ashtonished and. The clone then notices Kay is approaching and stares back at her.
"It's... incredib..." she starts to whispers, but suddently stops as she hears a third person's voice.
[quote=Missy]"You startled me!" she gasps. "Are you friend or foe?"[/quote]
Kay is also startled as she did not expect anyone else to be there. Kay instictively reacts by wrapping the handle of her Marantian blade with her right hand, ready to draw it if necessary, trying to spot Missy and giving fast looks both to her clone and the place in which Missy is supossed to be standing, since the darkness of the basement makes it hard to determine where Missy actually is.
Kay shouts to her clone "Shit! Couldn't you tell me there was someone else?"
Nikkay (Kay's clone) blinks and tilts her head looking at Kay. "Processing... No orders written about that".
And it was just then when all of a sudden a big crashing loud could be heard, the room being immedately invaded by a dusty cloud, making Kay to leap aside from the elevator's shaft, while the clone remained still on her place, the dust completely showering it.[/i]
09/18/09 10:58
Missy((Yeah.. I figured out about the "other" after I'd written and sent it. See? I'm a terrible RPer. Anyway. We'll do what we'd normally do in CoLA and just.. carry on.. mistakes and misinterpretations and all. At least it's honest. Anyone else interested in joining Kay, Nikkay, Ziau and myself in this RP please do so at any point as far as I'm concerned. This is fun so far :) ))

Missy's huge green eyes get larger as yet another someone moves in the dust-speckled darkness. She gives her head a shake and curses under her breath, her eyes darting from the two unexpected visitors to her gun which rests just a few short feet away.. but of course, Kay and Nikkay are between her and it.

"You really are too stupid to live, Missy." she mutters to herself under her breath and before she can form her next phrase, the elevator makes a shrieking, screeching, monstrously loud bang as it smashes into the base of the elevator shaft, the creaky wrought iron doors enclosing the shaft from the rest of the room squealing in a horrific protest of rending metal and snapped cords. Boiling clouds of dust obscure everything in the basement room and Missy doesn't even have time to whirl for the staircase in the far corner behind her before the roiling cloud swallows her up like the maw of a dirty ravenous beast, the fetid breath of years of accumulated dust making her cough and wheeze in the sudden ringing quiet, a silence made all the more impressive and oppressive by the tumultuous crash just moments before. Missy just has time enough to see a jumbled pile of boxes made all the more disheveled from her rummaging separating her from the freedom and safety of the staircase. And then in another second... the stairs are gone... lost in the thick cloud of dust and who knows what centuries old debris that has littered the floor of this building. A sense of disorientation steals over Missy and her heart leaps into her throat as claustrophobic fears invade her mind, adding to her sense of panic.

Missy drops her bolt of cloth to the floor and she flattens to the ground, an instinctive reaction taking over.. her spasming lungs searching for a breath of dust-free oxygen and finding none even here. Danger seems to spice the air and her forearms prickle with unease. Her pulse booms loudly in her ears, and she strains to hear past it, to hear the sound of anyone approaching. She has no idea who has made such a grandiose entrance to the clock tower basement, but she distrusts his or her motives. She crouches on the floor, doing her best to stifle the coughs that rack her lungs, her ears ringing, listening intently to the sounds of the people in the room, doing her best to gauge where they are, as well as how many of them they might be. Her eyes sting in reaction to the fouled disturbed air, and she squints, struggling to see but her eyes tear up at the persistent irritants in the air. She may as well have been a newborn kitten dropped in the middle of a pit of vipers for how defenseless she is at this moment. Adrenaline surges through her and her muscles tense, waiting for the next sound in the room.
09/19/09 03:26
Kayteear((I was waiting for Ziau to post something, but here I go))

[i]Kay leapt away from the being wrecked elevator's shaft in an instinctive reaction, not caring about the landing which turned to be quite clumsy as she stumbled with an undetermined object laying on the ground. Once over the floor, Kay crouched trying to recover her compossure and covered her mouth and her nose with her forearm in order to protect herself from the dense dusty cloud, her firts though being that they had being attacked with a bomb.

*cough*cough* "Shit! I can see nothing... Nikkay, where are you?", Kay asked trying to spot something in the middle of that dusty fog. But before she could realize Kay felt herself being pulled over the ground from the neck of her vest. Not seeing anything around, her first reaction was of panic. She waved her arms trying to reach whatever was pulling her from behind and eventually reaching it, grabbing with both hands what felt as a wrist.

"Stop! Stop! Lemme go!". While being pulled away, she felt passing close to another shape which might be Missy ((who knows?)).

As she was pulled, she started to feel her ass hitting the ground several times, each hit being accompanied by a *thud* and a moan given by Kay herself "Aie! Ouch!". She assumed whoever was pulling her was leading her down the staircase in one of the corners of the basement.

After several more "thuds", the one pulling Kay released her, who clumsyly stood up again. Down there the cloud wasn't so heavy and Kay could distinguish a humanoid shape who talked to her with Kay's own voice. Just a slight metallic nuance could be distinguished in that voice to establish a real difference between it and Kay's own voice.
"Stay away for a moment" the voice said. Kay had already realized it was her own clone who was trying to get her out of the wrecked basement even though she could not see her too clearly due to the dust and her itching eyes. Kay started to wonder what her clone Nikkay pretended to do know, but before she finished thinking about it, a loud crack noise could be heard: Nikkay had broken down the door letting them to get out of the basement, and right after that, Kay felt ferself being pulled again, this time from her wrist, making her give clumsy stumbling paces into the dark exit tunnel.[/i]
09/19/09 17:28
Kayteear((Oh, c'mon! You gave it up? RP'ing alone is so... kinda... masturbation))
((Self pleasure in 3, 2, 1...))

Kay advanced though the tunnel, being pulled from her wrist by her own cyber-clone while still covering her mouth and nose with her left cyber-arm toprotect herself from the dust that flooded the basement of the clock tower, her head messed up with thoughts moving back and forth trying to guess what had happened there inside and why Nikkay had been so keen on helping her. At the end of the badly illuminated tunnel there still was another door that Nikkay easyly cracked as she did before with the previous one. This last door let them get into the tunnel communicating LC and Pasdemon. There, while dense and dusty, the air was more breathable. Kay took the opportunity to rest a little, heavyly leaning her back against the wall of the tunnel, coughing, while Nikkay just stood up in front of her as if nothing had happened. They both were covered with a grey dust, their dark tanned skin having now the color of concrete.
*cough*cough*cough* "Tat ghenet!" Kay swore in her native Marantian language, something we could translate as 'Damn it'. "Tat essee sora uoh?" (What was that?).
"Parametra kalcur uhes yunotah makin desgaratisi"
She could have never explaned how it felt to hear her own mother language being spoken by someone other than herself for the first time in four years. The shock mede her stop coughing immediately, opening her eyes utterly wide to look at her clone.
"You understood my words?" Kay asked, still speaking in her Marantian dialect. Nikkay answered her without hesitation:
"I am you".
Kay raised herself again and approached the clone to look at it from closer even though the light in the tunnel was really poor. Kay raised her hands to touch the skin of Nikkay, firstly feeling her arms and her chest and finally feeling her face. The touch felt almost real; a bit more cold than a real skin. And it had two natural looking arms. Kay then looked at the clone's back while Nikkay just stood there following Kay's fidgeting with her sight. Kay then noticed the clone did not have a neuro-master attached to her back as she did. The clone actually didn't need one.
"Cleo really did it" Kay muttered, astounded.
The clone looked thoghful for a second. "Cleo... I know who is Cleo",but Kay did not pay attention to Nikkay's words as she was looking at Nikkay in amazement, as amazed as someone that has dicovered the existence of a twin brother.
"Ok,ok... ok... ok... We... we should move from here. We are not safe in this tunnel, and later we will think what to do with you" Kay managed to say despite her confussion. She tried to start walking as she pulled from Nikkay's hand, but the clone did not move, almost making Kay to fall down tothe ground. "What the h...?" she shouted as she spinned around to look at the Nikkay again. The clone stood stillin the same place, looking at Kay,her head slightly tilted to one side.
"Do with me?" she asked.
"Ok, look, I don't know why but Cleo released you before I tell her to do so. You were not supossed to be awaken yet and,honestly, I'm not sure if it's a good idea having you roving around. It'd be confussing. And now let's go..." she ended trying to move again, but this time the clone did not move neither.
"Oh! Yes, I remember that"
"You remember?"
"I am you"
"Oh,yes, right I forgot. And now let'smove from here". Kay tried again to pull the clone, this time grabbing it from its arm, but still the clone did not move.
"And what are you thinking to do?"
"Aw! C'mon! I don't know! Can we move? We'll think about it later... Hiding you, or shutting you down".
And suddently the face of the clone changed. Nikkay frowned, her face looking surly. She immediately got rid from Kay's grip, her voice sounding as deep and grave as Kay's one, only different in that metallic nuance the clone's voice had.
"That's not going to happen. Shut down... Like a coma. Time passing and not living" the clone said as it gave some paces back, and it suddently spinned around over her bare feet and ran away towards Pasdemon, getting deeper into the tunnel and vanishing within the dark. It took some seconds to Kay to react; it happened too fast. She tried to follow her clone "Wait! WAIT!", but when Kay got to the Pasdemon's exit of the tunnel the clone had dissappeared, had left to live its own live, its own artificial live.

((and it looks Nikkay leaves this story at this point. You will probably find her wandering around in CoLA))
09/21/09 23:02
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