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erinnic**OOC note: i left for a while due to health reasons & had to come up with a reason why i left. i ended up tying in a portal Erica had in LB and said that Erinn got too close to it. She woke as a human in LA, but in an LA that is, for the most, like ours now. No apocalypse, vampires, etc. And she woke up human. With no history to speak of and totally tormented by all the mindfuckery of her past, she ended up homeless & an addict quicker than a child actor from the cosby show. this is just a bit of fic i've been meaning to write up on her time there**

Much like most of the buildings in Los Angeles, the walls in the Gateways Mental Health Hospital were far too bright and a strange combination of cardinal red and neon teal. Something about the cheery tones seemed sick and morbid to her as she waited, one plastic flip flopped foot bouncing on it's ball until the shake snaked all the way up the right side of her frame. Every few moments her badly chewed up fingernails would graze at her neck near where her vibrantly crimson hairline began, scratching there then moving in sporadic jaunts towards her forearm. When you saw the little interview rooms like this in films they always made them seem friendly and warm—thickly woven plant hangers with flowing greenery cascading, knick knacks indicating a clearly liberal lean, maybe some comfy chairs that sat too low to be modern. That was all bullshit. The only thing in this room was the badly painted walls, two plastic chairs with a cheap table between them, and one heroin addicted former vampire.

The door opening left an audible click that caused her to jump out of her seat a little, hands planting hard on it's sides immediately after to steady herself as if the motion were more proclaimed then it had been. She snapped her head over to one side, watching the woman enter the room with her little voice recorder and notepad. Erinn studied the woman for a good while, noticing the things the doctor said without a word or gesture. She was the kind of too skinny that turned unpretty because it extended to her face, everything longer than it should have been and mouth following suite save that it was turned sideways—thin with pursed wrinkle lines around the edges even though she couldn't have been more than forty. Her hair was thick and dark, pulled back carelessly in a flea market scrunchie. She actually wore simple attire, a doctor's coat open with black pressed slacks and a white button up shirt. Her personal flair illustrated by the chain that held a pen at her neck, said pen emblazoned with the green, yellow, and blue designs of the Brazilian flag. Everything about her said she was the type that never listened to a song that played on top 40 radio, preferred books to people, and probably began this job hoping to save immigrants much like her own salt-of-the-earth parents. She sat down with the heavy thump of an ass borne of inactivity, inhaling deeply as she opened a manila folder sitting atop her notepad. She clicked on her little recorder as she read, not even bothering to hide her reactions the times the information listed appeared to shock her. Tilting her head a little as she silently finished, the doctor finally looked up and plastered on a smile that revealed squared, small teeth.

“Good afternoon, my name is Dr. Gloria Silva. I work on the Administrative Board here at Gateways but,” she leaned in a little closer, trying to gauge Erinn with her eyes. “The County MET who brought you to us recommended I speak with you today. Do you remember why they have brought you to us?”

The tone of her response was dry, “The Sheriff's Mental Evaluation Team brought me here because HOT didn't want to deal with me anymore. I guess Homeless Outreach Teams in LA don't like to reach out to junkies with my caliber of...” She gritted her teeth to continue,”-Madness.”

The Doctor smirked. “We're going to put that word in a box for the rest of this conversation. I don't like to use it and I'm sure you don't want to be called such a thing. Now, I'd like to ask my question again, please. Are you aware of the events and circumstances that led to you being brought to our facilities?”

“I was there.”

The doctor stared down at the file again. “Were you...or were you in this other city you told MET about?”

“There isn't another city.” She hated the spark of hope that came up in the Doctor's eyes when Silva misunderstood her. “What I mean is, it's the same city. It's just a different dimension.” The spark vanished as quick as it came, eyes darting back down to the file again before she uncapped her pen with a pop to jot notes.

The Doctor cleared her throat before speaking again. “Do you know what day it is?”

“Of course I do.” She hated these asinine questions, as if she were completely without her facilities. “July 1st, 2039.”

“You're correct,” her tone as if this wasn't something Erinn already knew. “You've been brought to Gateways because you assaulted a man at the Path Ventures homeless shelter two months ago. From what I've read, you shouted obscenities before calling him a-” Another quick glance downwards, as if the good Doctor couldn't even remember a few paragraphs at a time. “Calling him a 'Packie' before stabbing him with one of the knives you stole from a worker at the shelter after punching her and knocking her unconscious.

Erinn shrugged quickly, nervous hands moving across the table between them in an erratic rhythm between moments of scratching again at her arm, the skin there going raw. “In my defense, the guy was extremely hairy.”

“Yes...which would have then made him a wolfman?”

“Well, sure, if you want to go all Lon Chaney about it. They really prefer the term Lycan though.”

There was a silence, one the Doctor probably figured was going to soften the blow of her next statement. Her voice came out robotic, a question she had clearly asked a million times over. “And when did you last use?”

Her blood almost screamed at the mention, the flesh beneath her skin seeming to move wildly at the mention of drugs. Her body, her brain, every bit of her wanted, needed, craved another fix sooner rather than later. They had kept her in here for a while now, but there was no while long enough when it came to heroin. It stayed with you forever, the want. It made a hole, bottomless.

The impatience of the want transformed into anger, balled fists slamming hard on the table. She tried to stand, getting only inches before the shackle at her foot brought her crashing down. The metal on the leg cuff scraped hard into her calf, stabbing in and pinching the skin there tight. She twisted violently against the pain, falling hard back into her chair and closing her eyes. It wasn't a fatal injury, but no amount of time had gotten her used to what pain meant again. What pain was to a human, how it was so wholly corporeal and debilitating. Tears shrink wrapping her eyes, she looks up at the Doctor with in pleading.

“I don't want this any more. I don't want this humanity. I don't want pain and bodily necessities and I don't I've ascended this already. Put me back.”

The Doctor, she just now noticed, had slid backwards so she was closer to the wall—probably when Erinn had slammed down her fists. Dr. Gloria Silva had one hand up towards the glass partition from which they were certainly being observed. As soon as she saw that Erinn had calmed, she moved the hand into a single finger upheld. Asking them to wait just a moment longer.

“Back where?”

“LA. The Coven. Where I belong. This isn't my world. This isn't my reality. This isn't my humanity. It doesn't belong to me. I gave it up.” Her arms were pulled up against her body, hands on her shoulders. When she was a vampire she could push all of this away. She could tuck it into a place undiscovered. All of the emotions could go to sleep each night as she rose.

Since the moment she got to this place, all she had tried to escape when she embraced her immortality came crashing back in a heaving tidal wave. There were no vampires here, no demons, no wolves or elves or things that go bump in the night. This place was startlingly like the world she had known as a young child. A world without monsters. This world didn't need monsters, though. Men here, they did things that her LA's monsters did...the monsters she knew just had the decency to admit it when they were damning you. This world had something worse. It had the sick reality of being unable to leave oneself, of knowing she couldn't escape all the trappings that consumed the human she now had become.

The doctor spoke from across the room so her voice was louder now, but it still held the sweet melody of someone trying to calm the insane. “You can't go back to that place. You can't go back there because it doesn't exist. This is the place you are. Your addiction is a disease, and you've created this place in hope to escape it.”

Erinn shot her head up, voice defensive when she spoke. “No, I created my addiction to avoid this place.” She had only been using in the time since arriving here. It was the only thing that quelled the whirlwind of pain deepening in her. In her actual human life, the one where she faced an apocalypse before being embraced, she had lost her daughter when Hope was only five years old. Still eagerly asking after what Santa would bring her and which shade of purple best coloured the sky in her pictures, Hope was the center of Erinn's world when the Angels came down and slaughtered her along with the whole of the island they lived. All in the name of some prophecy that probably didn't even exist, Erinn had been forced to watch her child die before her helpless eyes. As a vampire her need for revenge kept her anchored, she could turn off the pain of loss. Here again, the only thing that dulled it even minutely was nearly passing out with a needle between her toes.

The doctor ignored her completely. Her very posture indicated that she was fully prepared to end this conversation. Just another junkie unable to sort fact from fiction, case closed. “Your detox is going successful, but you cannot leave our care until we can be assured that you are safe to be let into society. The people of Los Angeles appointed us to keep them safe, and you are preventing a clear danger until you can properly ascertain the real from unreal. I also believe from our conversation that you may hold a risk for yourself as well.” She scooted her seat towards the table again, scratching out a few more things on her piece of paper before watching Erinn closely for a moment. “You have to realize this place does not exist. What exists is what you are seeing in front of you.” She motioned by tapping her fingertips on the tabletop. “Right now. And the only way for you to lead a healthy life again is for you and I to spend some time concluding what about right here and right now that makes isn't making you happy.”

She leaned as far forward across the table she could, eyes narrowed. “The only thing not making me happy about right here, right now? Is that I can't reach across this table and rip the flesh from your neck with my teeth. I'd love to hear how you sound as you die.” Erinn snapped her teeth viciously, a laugh with sick desperation plaguing it bubbling out of her throat.

The Doctor leapt to her feet, hand raising up towards the glass, moving fast to her right to tap on it a few times with an open palm to catch their attention faster. Her body spoke again without a word or a gesture. Saying she wanted out of that room before the kind of insanity Erinn had got picked up by a breeze and floated in her direction. The junkie-former vampire-just continued to laugh as they came to sedate her, her teeth still snapping wildly.
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