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Lilith13First, the physical details.

This character is very tall, a bit slim, muscular, with a hard face and disapproving/critical expression; she has all the right feminine curves and slightly pointed ears. Her skin is a medium to dark grey, with dark lips. She wears dark clothes. Her eyes shine red, visible even at a distance. Her hair is up out of the way. She is clearly a fighter, and her expression is that of one who is critical of others.
When she speaks, her voice is deep and resonant, though strangely soft. It hints at darker things and danger, yet is kind of quiet. Her voice is obviously female, but deeper and more resonant than any human female vocal cords could make, and almost beyond the human's ability to hear.
Her name is Kristina, but she thinks of herself as much more than that. She may introduce herself as Lilith, or Lirthanhi, or Kris.
She has had a lot of misfortune, bad luck, and bad situations in her lives, yet she still has hope for the future. Hope lies in the next generations, which lie in the children of today.

Next, the true backstory.

My story's beginning isn't too special, I was born, I was raised, I learned stuff, etc. The basics for every story are similar, it's the details that set them apart, and the soul behind them.
For me, birth is a path to immortality. We all are born, and most of us eventually die, but those who are born again after they die have achieved a type of immortality. These are the old souls, those who existed before and will exist again. They know more, intuit more, remember more than just a single lifetime. They can endure more, percieve more, achieve more. They are the gifted of the world, the reincarnators. They have magick and knowledge not given to most of mankind.
They see much, reveal little. Other than that, their personalities are as varied and diverse as those of any other group of individuals. Stereotypes never work.
For me, I was born tired. Tired of the incessant reincarnation, the forever living, growing, learning until my brain is overloaded. I was born depressed, having known loss and suffering in every previous lifetime. I was born weak, without the will to become strong or to survive. My outlook on the world was bleak and without hope. I was cared for by loving parents and yet I sensed I was alone. They were my real parents, but they were human and I was not. I had dragon in me.
I never made friends. I'd keep to myself in school, learning what I can, reading what I wanted, eating when it was time to eat, but never socializing. I became known as a teacher's pet and book worm, but I didn't care. I'd play games and joke around, eventually, but the pleasure and sense of fun was thin and momentary. It never lasted.
Eventually I got up the courage to attempt to make friends. I had the habit of asking people I liked if they were my friend. I eventually got mean to please others, so that they'd be my friend. Still weak, still very little will, with a desire to please and no longer wished to be alone.
My parents didn't know what was wrong with me. They sensed I was different but didn't know how or why, and didn't have the courage to ask or otherwise figure it all out. They feared I had a disease, or worse that I wasn't human.
The town where we lived was little more than a line of shacks and a local, run-down school. It was inhabited and patrolled by humans, no other race was allowed. There were soldiers, medics, and the regular civilians who lived there. There were men, women, and children, and babies. There were some pets, birds cats dogs, but no other sentient races.
Once, a mage came to the town. He looked and acted human. But I saw him doing magick. I kept it to myself, because I could do magick too. But someone else saw him as well, and ran and told the soldiers. The soldiers came and bound and gagged him and then hung him on a cross and set him on fire and made everyone watch him burn. Later, my parents asked me why I didn't say something when I saw him doing magick, I said because he wasn't hurting anyone so what was there to tell? They told me humans can't do magick and non-humans are dangerous and to be killed on sight. I just nodded and promised to tell next time I see something like that.
I went to school and learned what I needed to learn and did and said what I needed to do and say, but from then on I was much more careful. I didn't do magick, I didn't act weird, I conformed. Then, when I was old enough, I left. I wrote a note and put it where my parents would find it, and put a spell on it that would make it invisible until I was outside the town limits, and it said:

"Mom, dad:

Thank you for bringing me into the world. Thank you for raising me and teaching me your values and about the world. Thank you for giving me a home and food and school. Thank you for everything you've ever done for me. And now, I'm doing something you'll thank me for.
I'm not human. I have dragon in me, and can do magick, and shapeshift, and talk to the dead. I can sense whether someone is human or neko or whatever, I immediately know. I can talk to animals and hear the thoughts of trees. I heal faster. I know more.
The two of you are human. Yes, it is from you I get the dragon in me, but it's dormant in you so you're perfectly normal. But if I stayed I'd put you in an awkward position, so I've gone.
I've put a spell on this letter. Once you find it, if you want to reply you have seven days to write on the back. After that, the spell wears off, and I'll never receive your response. But whatever you write on the back within the seven days I'll know.

Kristina Fireguard"

I never received a response. That hurt, but I learned to live with it. Seems they washed their hands of me completely.
I wandered the world for a while, learning what I could of the various races and classes and picking up new skills and abilities through observation and study. I practiced alchemy with the supernaturals, healing with the bots, shapeshifting with the lycans, invisibilty with the vampires, ferocity with the demons, and providence with the angels, etc. I learned a little bit about everything until I learned what it was I truly wanted to know.
I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be able to defend people, and myself. I wanted to never fear, never have to back down simply because I could die. So, I sought out a master of such. I sought out Lucifer, who I remembered from a past life.
I searched for a long time. However, about three years since I left the town, I was beset by vampires, a man and a woman. The man attacked me, drained me near dry, and left me for dead. The woman came a few minutes later and turned me. When I awoke, she explained that she'd been watching me for about a year and a half, and saw potential in me. She turned me so I'd have the ability to finish my quest. I thanked her, and resumed my search.
A few months later, I met a man. He had an unusual appearance. He also had dragon in him, but other than that was human. We spent a lot of time together, and I soon turned him. We learned about each other and ourselves through each other, and eventually became betrothed and wed. After the wedding, we both wandered the world together, learning whatever we could according to our individual goals.
Then the sky opened up for a moment, and a beam of light shone down on us. It started to lift me up, and I could feel the burdens of the world falling away. Instead of leave him, I reached down and grabbed my husband's hand and held on tight, me to him and him to me, and as I rose up I pulled him up with me.
Once we reached the top, I noticed we now had wings and halos and were dressed in white with skin like milk. We had become angels. Why? I merely thought it, why? But the sky answered: "Because you are the most curious, the most intuitive, the most knowledgeable and practical, the most powerful beings, and have the most potential of anyone to create order in the chaotic world." I didn't think so, but I didn't argue.
We were then bid to return to the world and start carving order out of the chaos. We did that for about a month...then got bored.
I then told my husband about my search. He didn't like the idea of doing a deal with the devil, but I told him of my past history with him and with the assurance that lucifer wouldn't double-cross us he agreed.
Along the way, we met a lot of people and made a few friends. My sister, who had been born with the features of an angel and so secreted away to another town and raised by her own kind, where she eventually met the man who would be her husband, is the most prevalent person for me. We also visited my husband's silent brother, who secluded himself in a tower and didn't talk.
After another five or six years, we found what, or rather who, we were looking for. Following lots of clues from defeated demons who didn't wish to be slain, we found Lucifer. He was only too glad to make us demons, he was of the same opinion the sky was.
My husband was shy about it at first and took a lot of convincing, but he eventually agreed as well. And thus, we both became demons
We were set to work in Hell for a hundred years in payment. For that hundred years, and only a hundred years, Lucifer owned our souls. And no matter how he tried, he couldn't get us to sell him our souls permanently or even for longer.
After that hundred years were up, we returned to the world to find that only a hundred days had passed there. We wandered once more.
We settled down in a cove a few years later, where we lived as husband and wife. We were content, at first, but eventually began to bicker a little.
Then a band of roving mages and other humans with magick came to us. They offered to make us human again and remove the demon taint. My husband accepted, then broke his ties with me and kicked me out of the house, which we had shared equally up until now.
So, alone and miserable, I began wandering again. I kept getting into fights with anyone I could, wanting to be killed, but even when I lost I survived. After about a year my misery began to lift, and I began to enjoy myself again, but slowly.
I then decided to carve out a place for myself. I started up a school, and that's where the story enters the present day.

*I finally found this section.*
08/05/09 22:34
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