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Kwekwe KaruKanontsistóntieÅås
Flying Head
Ki oká:ra, we'néhstha tsi ne aorí:wa iotká:te rón:ton é:rhar tánon ón:kwe ne kwah rontén:ro. Ki kanontsistóntie ratoratskó:wa róhsere's.
A story that illustrates why dog is often called man’s best friend. A great hunter is pursued by the legendary Flying Head.

Sikeksá:'a, ó:nen é:so' iotohserohétston tsi náhe, Oneida, Kanientará:ke konwá:ia'tskwe', tho non ratinákerehkwe ne Oneidahró:non, tánon tho ó:ni ren'terón:tahkwe ratoratskó:wa, Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton ronwá:ia'tskwe.

O'wà:tsiste' ionnia'tón:nen ne raonónhsa, tsi iotená:to'kte nihen'terón:tahkwe. Tehniiáhshe é:rhar ronaskwaién:tahkwe, okwáho teshontié:ren. Tió:konte' ne tehonhsonterátie'skwe'. Thó niteshakó:te tsi ki' ní:iot ne rontate'ko'okón:'a.
When I was a boy, many winters ago, near Oneida Lake, there was an Oneida settlement. In this settlement there was a famous hunter whose name was Wolf Marked.

Wolf Marked lived in a bark house at the edge of the village. His only companions were two large wolf-like dogs who never left his side. They were his constant companions and Wolf Marked treated them as his brothers.

Ne sé's iá:ken nó:nen enhatorátha, sók ki é:rhar enhnitakhéhson enthonwanató:ri ne kontírio tsi nón:we ítre's ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton. Ki ratoratskó:wa iáh nonwén:ton tés:ro ne iáh thé:non thaonsahoientátie.

It was said that while hunting, these swift running dogs would drive the game to Wolf Marked. This famous hunter was never known to have returned from the trail empty-handed.

Akwé:kon nonkwehshón:'a ronwanorónhkhwa ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton. Nó:nen rorio'taientátie, ó:nen'k tsi enshakawehiá:ra'ne ne rotitenhténion, ionatehré:'ons tánon tehonatonhnhakarí:'on.

Thitió:konte sé's iá:ken rotateweienentá:'on ashakoié:nawa'se ónhka' teiakotonhontsó:ni ne kaienawa'séhtshera. Iáh ni' nonwén:ton tehothontá:ton nahonwakária'kse.
Wolf Marked was well liked by other members of his nation. A portion of all game brought down by his arrows was given to the needy, the widow, and the orphan.

He was always ready to help those of his people who were in want or need. His aid was given willingly and he always refused pay or reward for his services.

Iotká:te' sé's ne Ratikowá:nens, ráonha ienhonwató:ri tsi non thatinákere ne Rotinonhseshá:ke ne ne thé:non aharihwaiénhna ase'kénh teho'kahtón:ne. Iotká:te ni' thé:non enhonwari'wanón:tonhse nó:nen rotitsenháien, ase'kénh ro'nikonhrowanén:ne ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton.

Nó:nen tenhathenno'ókha é:so ne ráonha enhá:ion'te nétsi ranentsha'shátste tánon tehó:ka. Tsi nahó:ten ne ka'shatsténhsera enwateri'wanón:ton ráonha tiaonhá:'a tha'shátstehkwe.
No one was fleeter of foot than this young man and often the Chiefs of his nation sent him with wampum messages down the long trail that bound one end of the Longhouse country to the other. His wisdom was also great and his advice was often asked in Council.

He was a great ball player and many times his strong arm and fleet foot carried the ball through the goal post of a rival people. In feats of power and strength, he excelled above all of his people.

Siiohrhon'kéhstsi á:re né'e ratateweienén:ta'skwe ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton ahatorátha. Asé'stsi kaienkwire'shón:'a tánon tsi nihatstha'shón:'a iaháhawe wahahtén:ti.

É:neken nonkwá:ti niahá:re, raia'taktón:tie í:ne raotshenen'ó:kon é:rhar.
One morning, Wolf Marked made preparations for a hunt. Taking his new arrows and other supplies, he left the village

His trail led toward the west, on each side of him walked his dogs.

Kon'tátie wahahtén:ti tehatkahthonión:re tóka' kénh thé:non kontírio enshakó:ken. Ki wenhniserá:tehkwe kwáh sák thikén:nen ne kahrhakonhkó:wa, iáh thé:non thashewenná:ronke ne otsi'ten'okón:'a, iáh ni' thashé:ken ne tahonhtané:ken, akwé:kon ne ónerahte iáh thaiesathón:te'ne nakontoriá:neron. Kwah sak thikén:nen ne kahrhakonhkó:wa.
All day he travelled, his eyes ever alert for signs of game. But on this day all life in the forest seemed to have vanished. Over the entire countryside a deep silence had fallen. Not a bird sang a song. Not a rabbit crossed the trail. No leaf rustled in the wind. The forest was silent.

Tehatkahthonión:re ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton tóka' kénh enshakó:ken ne ohkwá:ri tánon oskenón:ton.

Rorihwanehrákwas óh nontié:ren ki raotshenen'ó:kon rahshi'taktóntie í:ne, tánon kwató:ken tsi na'tekà:ron tenkontí:ta'ne ki raotinonhwéhrhon. Wé:ne tsi thé:non sé' rotíhteron's. Sa'hiathon'kwáweron sé's othorè:ke niehonatierá:ton tánon ronateswahtonhátie tsi iówerare skenén:'a rotiwennake'tóhtha tsi nihotina'khwén:'en, thó ní:iot tsi wahonnenhniserókten tsi tehonathahakwenhátie.

Ó:nen thó:ha sha'taontshéntho, ó:nen tó:ske ronehrákwas ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton oh akwáh nihotiiá:tawens ne raotshenen'ó:kon é:rhar. Wá:rehrek othorè:ke nonkwá:ti wahothón:ten'ne kna'katsi'nonió:ten tahatewennó:ten.
Wolf Marked was looking for signs of bear and deer.

He wondered why his two faithful dogs travelled close to his feet. He wondered why their hair rose on their backs, why they acted as though they feared something. They sniffed the air looking toward the north, growling low in their throats. In this manner they travelled the entire day.

Toward sunset, Wolf Marked wondered at the strange behaviour of his dogs. He thought that he heard a strange wailing cry coming from the north.

Wa'thnirihwa'será:ko ne raotshenen'ó:kon nihnià:sakon nontá:we, nék nostón:ha wahotiwennaké:tohte waháttoke tsi niió:re tsi rotíhterons. Shaiá:ta ne é:rhar rakonhsà:ke wahoka'én:ion ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton wahén:ron, ATiaténro, tóhsa entehsatón'neke ki sawén:na én:katste' tsi enkontháhrhahse. Ne tsi tiótkon ní:se tisarihwaié:ri, thó niteskení:te tsi ní:iot ne aetewatate'ken'énhake, ne aorí:wa téntia'ke tsi niionkwarihó:ten tánon enkatá:ti tsi enkonhró:ri. Kwáh hí:ken tsi katsi'nonwáksen rahrhakwe'ní:io tahiá:sere, ákta tahawenonhátie. Wentá:'on tenionkwasteríhen thó nientéwe tsi nón:we iáh thé:non tekarontó:ton, thó khó'k nón:we iáh thahakwé:ni thé:non nahá:iere. Tesasteríhen tieshá:'onk shé:kon sanáktote.
His dogs answered by growling in their throats. He knew that they feared something very unusual. One of the dogs looked Wolf Marked straight in the face and spoke, AFriend do not be frightened that I use your language to speak to you. Because you have been kind to us, always sharing with us, treating us as your brothers, I am going to break our rule of silence so that I can warn you. A terrible monster, who is master in the forest, is approaching you. You must flee and head for a clearing because only there he cannot do you harm. Flee immediately while you can.

Iáh thaón:ton aiontenó:wenhte tsi nihotíhteron's ki é:rhar nikahrà:ke'k thentesheka'én:ion. Ktha'thosteríhen ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton sahatiarotáhrhoke ne ratstha'shón:'a tánon ia'tharáhtate tsi iohatátie niahá:re tsi thonatená:taien niahaié:ra'te, ronwahserehtá:ne raotshenen'ó:kon é:rhar.

Roterién:tare tsi thó'k thí:iot tsi ensha'niá:ken'ne tóka' tsi nón:we ne iáh thé:non tetiorontó:ton nién:re ne raotenatákta.

Tsi ratákhe ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton wahothón:te'ne ki katsi'nonwáksen teiotenonhianíhton tsi na'thohén:rehte. Wahawennésha'ne tsi ní:iot ne tehasén:thos, iáh nonwén:ton tehothonté:on ónhka' e'thó ní:iot tsi taionhséntho. Thó ní:iot tsi ensathón:te'ne tsi ní:iot tóka' ia'tkóntieste' okwáho tahohén:rehte tánon tako'skó:wa, tánon othorè:ke nonkwá:ti tontakawerá:ienhte!

Tsi ní:iot tsi ratákhe thó ní:iot tsi rattó:kas tsi ó:nen thó:ha ahohnhóntera'ne, ó:nen ni' sénha ákta tahohenrehtá:ne. Tsi ó:nen iahá:rawe tsi ionontaientá:'on wa'thatkahrhaté:ni iahatkáhtho.

There was no mistaking the terror in the eyes of the dogs. With a bound Wolf Marked flung his pack aside and ran down the trail toward the village, his dogs followed closely behind him.

He knew that his only hope for life was to reach the clearing that surrounded the village.

As Wolf Marked ran, he heard the terrible scream of the monster. It was high, long drawn-out, crying was a cry he had never heard before. It sounded like the combination of the howl of the wolf, the scream of the panther and the roar of the North Wind. As Wolf Marked ran, the wailing sounded closer and closer. The creature was fast gaining on him. Once, while at the foot of a hill, he glanced back.

Seréka thó'k tahotá:'on tsi niió:re tsi wahóhteron'ne nahó:ten wahatká:tho. Aé:ren niio'tónhkwes ki Onòn:tsi, tánon tehakahrowà:nen's otsí:nekwahr niwahsohkó:ten. Kwáh ne ne io'nho'kwáhtsheronte ra'nionhsá:ke tsi ronontahrátie tho wahéhne'ne tsi wa'thátskara'we aé:ren nihahshaká:ron. Kí Onòn:tsi iotsirotátie ne raonónhkwis tsi niió:re tsi io'shatstátie tsi rátie. Iáh thé:non tehaiá:tonte. Tsi nón:we akénhake ne raniarà:ke thó teho'si'take'tó:ton rotstarónnion ne rahsi'tà:ke tánon tetionatkwáthon aé:ren na'tehatsi'eré:son's. Ó:ia'k thí:iot tsi í:res ki Onòn:tsi tsi iorón:tote ia'thani'tsónhkwakwe, sók enharáthen sók á:re ne ne ó:ia tiorón:tote ia'tenhshani'tsónhkwakwe. Rostorátie tsi ní:iot tsi tehotstikahwhenhátie tsi nón:we ia'tehotsi'erontá:seron wa'tken'tónhkwahkwe.

What he saw startled him so much that he almost froze in his tracks. A great fiery head with large, round yellow eyes, a long hooked beak and a large open mouth appeared over the brow of the hill. The creature had fiery hair that flowed in a long wavy streak as the monster travelled. It had no body but fastened to the bottom of the head were two scale-covered paws, on the ends of which were long curved, ugly-looking claws. The monster travelled in a strange fashion. It would jump to the foot of a tree, climb the tree and jump to the foot of another tree. In this way it travelled very rapidly. There was a wide burnt path cutting back through the forest where the creature had travelled.

Kharé' ki ó:nen ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton kwáh io'taríhen rotonriseraién:tha raniarà:ke, ne kí Onòn:tsi thó nihaiéhrha. Shaiá:ta é:rhar tontahatkahrhaté:ni tánon wahén:ron, "Tiataté:ken, ó:nen thó:ha kí Onòn:tsi ahshonkwahnhóntera'ne, thó niénske tánon eniatiaterí:io, ostónha ne' enhi'niskwá:ten tóka' nón:wa iáh nonwén:ton thaonsetiatátken ó:nen ki' wáhi, tiaténro." Tsi waharihókten kí é:rhar sók saháhkete tánon ia'tonsaharáhtate.

Wahothónte'ne ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton tsi tahá:niie ne raotshé:nen, wa'thohén:rehte tsi ní:iot tóka' ne roronhiá:ken. Iaháhewe tsi wahrénheie sé' ne ronatén:ro tánon ki Onòn:tsi ne tho'wahrà:kon. Kí ronatén:ron thó ra'otónhnhets wahá:ien.

Soon Wolf Marked could feel the hot breath of the creature on the back of his neck. One of his dogs spoke to him saying, "Brother, the creature is almost upon us. I am going back to fight it. I can delay it for a little while, but I will never see you again on this earth. Farewell, kind and good friend." Saying this, the dog turned and ran back.

Wolf Marked heard barking and growling and then a yelp of pain. He knew that his faithful friend was dead and was being eaten by the creature. His friend had given his life for him.

Shé:kon nihatákhe ki Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton kwah nék nienshatenontatá:se thó tkaná:taien. Wá:rehre ne ne iá:rawe ensha'niá:ken'ne ki'. Sók á:re' tho'k ákta sahothón:te'ne tonsahohén:rehte ki Onòn:tsi. Ó:nen ni' wahotonriserá:ienhte, tsi niió:re tsi io'taríhen kwáh óntsha akenhiátshon raonònhkwis iottsiraténion raia'taktóntie, tsi niió:re tsi ákta ní:rene ne Onòn:tsi.

Ki shé shaiá:ta raotshé:nen ohnà:ken wahatatónnia'te thó waható:roke tsi na'tehiátere ne Onòn:tsi tánon ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton.

Wahén:ron kí ne ronatén:ro é:rhar, "Tiataté:ken, ó:nen thó:ha ahshonkenihnhóntera'ne kí Onòn:tsi, tóka' enkkwé:ni ehiió'tatshe tsi niió:re iénhsewe tsi tkaná:taien, enskáhkete eniatiaterí:io iáh ki' ne kén:'en ohontsà:ke tha'onsetiatátken. Ó:nen ki' wà:hi tisarihwaié:ri tiatén:ro."

Waháhsa' nahó:ten wahén:ron ne é:rhar sók sahahké:te tsi iohatá:tie nionsà:re. Wahothonte'ne ne Okwáho Rotieronnià:ton tahahní:ie ne raotshé:nen tánon wé:ne tsi wahohkarà:ren tsi ní:iot tsi tontahohenrhéh:te. Wahattó:ke tsi wahonwa'wará:ke ne ronatén:ron, ne ki Onòn:tsi eh nahá:iere.

Wolf Marked ran on. The village was just around the bend of a hill. If he could only make it, he knew that he would be safe. Again he heard the wailing cry of the creature. Nearer, and nearer it sounded. He could feel the hot breath of the head creature singe his hair. Sparks from its fiery mouth fell around him... the monster was close.

His brave dog fell behind him, getting between the monster and Wolf Marked. The remaining dog said, "Brother, the creature is almost upon us. Perhaps I can delay it until you reach the village. I am going back to fight it. I will never see you again on this earth. Farewell, kind and faithful friend."

Saying this, the dog turned and ran back over the trail. Wolf Marked heard barking and growling and then a yelp of pain. He knew that his faithful friend was dead and was being eaten by the monster.

Wa'thahwishenhé:ie tsi ratákhe, nikarhihwésha, sak thón:ton sok á:re ki' Onòn:tsi tonsahohén:rehte. Rothón:te tsi niió:re tsi ákta tahawehtonhátie. Thok niekatsí:res kahrhá:kon tsi non nihotohétston ki Onòn:tsi. Kwáh watsá:a's rahshón:ne tsi ní:ioht rotónrion tánon rattó:kas tsi na'tehoká:nere.

Raohén:ton wahatká:tho kwáh karonhiá:ke teióiaks teioswáthe's tsi nithonattsenhón:ni ne kanatà:kon. Raia'tienen'serón:ne tsi niió:re tsi ratákhe tsi iaharáwe tsi nón:we nihatitéron, ia'thahentiiá'ke thó:ne wa'thata:'ne, ki onkwehshón:'a ia'teiekané:re tsi nón:we nontà:re, wahotinehrá:ko.

He was tired but ran on and after a brief silence he again heard the wail of the monster. He could hear the creature getting nearer as it cut a burning path through the forest. He could feel the hot breath burn his back. He could sense its huge eyes upon him.

Ahead of him he could see the sky lit up by the fires of the village. With a staggering run he entered the clearing in the center of which was the village. Running across the field, he came to a stop and the startled people looked back over his trail.

Tontahahkwataséstahkwe tsi iotéhrhate ki Onòn:tsi iottsiraténion rashá:kon nitkonnéhtha otsí:nekwahr nikatsiró:ten tánon kwáh teiotsirónion tehokahrana'khwén:en teshakokahnerónnion onwehshón:'a. Io'shátste tonsahatkahrhaté:ni tánon iorakaré:ni wa'thohén:rehte rona'khwén'enhatie tsi tetiokáras kahrhà:kon, othóreke nonkwá:ti ionsahonowí:rehte.

(Ne wahón:nise tsi náhe ne ki ratikaratónkwahkwe ashakotina'tónhahse tsi niió:re tsi ratenro'serí:io ne é:rhar. Ne thonnonkwe'tà:ions ne thonehtàkwen ne ónhka' enhonwaié:sahte ne é:rhar tsi iáh tshiá:ionwe tsi nón:we tewatonhnhetsherí:io.)

A great head came bounding up to the edge of the forest. Showers of sparks shot from its mouth. Its great yellow eyes glared in fiery hatred at the people. With a mighty bound and a terrible cry of anger, it turned and disappeared over the dark forest travelling toward the north.

(In ancient days, this story was told to show the fidelity of a dog. It was and is a belief of the old people that a person who was cruel to dogs could never reach the land of happy spirits.)
08/16/09 16:52
Asil KaruThank you, cousin. [That story would make a good machinima ...if someone could build the fire demon.]08/16/09 22:45
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