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LlyrThrough the green silence of the winter wood she comes. No branch rustles at her passing, no leaf stirs at her feet. She is a dream, an impossibility of grace, and in other woods than these men have died for having glimpsed her; turned to stags, torn apart by wolves.

But today she does not hide from presumptuous eyes. Instead, she herself is seeking a man. Knowing the woods as well as she does (did she not create them, after all?) she should find him without effort. It is mildly irritating to her that she does not.

When at length she locates his camp, she feels a grudging admiration. It was extraordinarily well hidden. Even now, not twenty feet from the boulder that shields the eyrie from the view of anyone passing below, she might have missed it were it not for the faintest tang of smoke on the wind. The site is halfway up a steep cliff that juts from the skirts of the forest like a shrugging shoulder, difficult to see, even more difficult to reach.

She frowns a moment in concentration and gravity obligingly relinquishes its hold. Upwards like spider silk caught on a warm breeze she drifts and in moments her slender white feet touch the granite ledge, high above the forest floor.

The camp is simple and orderly: a small timber and thatch structure, a stone-ringed fire-pit, cold and swept clean of ashes, a small store of firewood. It is also apparently empty. With a small frown, she glides to the cabin to peer within.

Her surprise when someone speaks behind her is beyond measure. In her own woods, the place of her power, it shouldn’t be possible to evade her notice so completely.

“Who might you be, lass?”

She turns, consternation hidden behind a brilliant smile, showing small, even teeth and the tip of a pale pink tongue, and takes a long moment to appraise the object of her search before responding.

He is tall, enormous really, with breadth of shoulder to match his height. By rights, no one so massive should be able to move with such complete silence. His hair is ragged, a long mane of unremarkable brown reaching midway down his back, his only clothing a kilt of tanned deer-hide, neatly stitched and belted to his waist with a band of heavier leather –elk? His grey eyes are deep-set and dominate a craggy, unhandsome face. The longbow in his hands is bent into an arc, a flint-tipped arrow aimed at her throat. It’s thicker than her forearm and must draw at more than fourteen stone, but he holds it without apparent strain.

But two things strike her more forcefully than the threat of arrow and unwavering gaze.

His skin is smooth and brown and entirely without scar or blemish.

And he has no wings.

Neither had been the case when last she’d seen him.

“Do you not recognize me then, Llyr? Am I so different?” Her voice is a ripple of silver bells. He frowns, the tip of the arrow lowers fractionally.

“You… you’re Manannan’s lady. Fand?”

She claps her hands delightedly.

“You’ve changed a great deal Angel, but I was sure you’d not have lost your memory of me. Your skin is new but your memories are old. And I see that your habits are unchanged. This could be a military outpost – were you expecting an invasion?”

“Where am I?” He ignores the barb, his voice thick with disuse. “There’s a place prepared for Angels when they die th’ true death, but this canna be it. I’ve travelled fer months t’ each point of the compass an’ seen not a soul. Not ‘til you, an’ yer no angel.”

“That could almost hurt my feelings, Caomhnoir An Fanan.”

“I’m a watcher o’ nothin’ here, Fand. There’s none t’guard.”

“And yet you live like a soldier, and you’ve equipped yourself with the tools of battle.” She gestures towards the bow that now rests on one tip at his side. He glances down at it. “You can take the angel out of the war, but ….”

“It’s fer huntin’ deer an’ such. This body needs t’eat.”

“Indeed,” she responds drily. “And how many deer do you intend to kill with each shot? A bow like that is for piercing armor.”

He grimaces in irritation, takes a half step forward, his eyes intent on her own.

“It’s a bloody bow. It’s how I make ‘em. Answer th’ bloody question, Fand: Where am I?”

She shakes her head ruefully, but she smiles as she does it, “What, no gratitude, Llyr? We saved you.”

“Saved me?” His face is blank.

“Well, perhaps save is not the ideal term. But we made arrangements for you to be brought here, should you ever perish, to be given a second chance at life should you wish it.”

“I don’t understand.”

Slowly and carefully, as if explaining to a child, “In payment of the debt the Sidhe owe you for fighting on our behalf in the Asharim wars. We made this place, a tiny world in a fold of the universe just for you, to house your soul upon the event of your death. So that you could choose, if you wished, to live again.

The grey eyes fill with anger for a moment. “But y’ve left me here, alone fer more’n a year. I’ve..”

“You should thank us for that, Llyr. After so many years of strife and conflict, we thought to give you a space to rest and be at peace. Have you not been… happy here?”

His jaw works for a moment, a huge hand clenches and unclenches. At length he nods brusquely.

“It’s been fine. Better’n I deserved. I just wish I’d known. Can’t understand yer doin’ this fer me in th’ first place.”

“The Sidhe repay their debts, Llyr. You know how important balance is to us.” She drifts closer, tilting her chin to look up into his face.

“And what do you wish now? Would you go on to that final resting place of angels? Or would you return to the mortal world?”

He is silent a long moment. “How long has passed?”

“Time moves faster here. There it’s been a little over six months. Those you care for have mourned your loss and their lives have gone on.”

“And Michael?” The name is grated through clenched teeth.

She chuckles. “He’s alive. You struck his arm from his body with Answer, but he was saved and has been healed of the wound, as much as any can ever recover from the bite of one of the Great Swords. The pain of it will never leave him entirely.”

“Then I’ll go. If Michael’s still alive, I’ve a reason t’be there.” His voice is hard and certain. Long before he was Retribution, he was shaped to protect the innocent; for him there is no question.

Fand smiles, dazzlingly. “We’d hoped as much.”

He frowns. “Why? What stake have you Sidhe in this?”

“We have as great a desire to see the colour of Michael’s blood as you, Llyr, and beyond that…” she shrugs, “War is coming in the mortal world. Before long Cul Din will be tested against the Shining City, and the Wells of Darkness to the west. Your City of Angels will doubtless be involved also. You have been a strong ally to the Sidhe in the past; we will have need of such again.”

Llyr chuckles, a rumble like a small landslide. “I should ha’ guessed as much. There’s always reason behind reason wi’ you folk. Fair enough though, long as I see yer cause as just I’ll do what I can t’aid th’ Sidhe, keep ‘em safe.”

“There is one other small matter: a bargain we thought we might strike with you. It would be to your advantage as much as to ours. The form you wear now, we would like you to have it when we return you.”

He frowns. “But this is no Angel’s form.”

“No, it is Sidhe. But it has its own strengths that you would learn, and you could be as formidable as ever you were with the shape the Archangels slew. That body is entombed in your cathedral in Los Angeles. It has been made whole but… “she grimaces, “as well you know, it carries the burden of millennia of war. And that was before Michael. And Wrath.”

He nods slowly in comprehension. “An’ the price fer this new body then?”

“It is a small thing really,” she waves a hand dismissively. “You might almost consider the body a simple gift.”

The grey gaze narrows. “Yer folk give nothin’ wi’out takin’ payment in equal measure. As y’just reminded me not a moment ago. Th’ price?”

She sighs “There is a leanan sidhe; you know her. She has… transgressed in ways too grievous to ignore. We have decreed her death. We would ask that you not interfere.”

He stands frozen. And then, unexpectedly he laughs.

“After all th’ years I’ve spent wi’ yer folk, an’ y’ still know me so little. My answer’s no. Th’ old bucket may be banged up, but it’ll do me fine.

For the first time, she looks completely disconcerted.

“You… you can’t be serious, Llyr. What is one girl’s life? Michael will live forever with the fire of Answer’s wound, but what he and Wrath did to you was much worse. The Great Blade touched your heart; you…don’t you see? You’ll never have a moment free of pain as long as you live. I don’ know that you’ll ever regain your full strength. What good is a new life for a guardian like you if you lack…”

“I’ll manage. I’ve been wounded before. This isn’ subject t’debate, Fand. If y’choose t’ keep me here in consequence, so be it, but I won’t betray someone I’ve sworn t’ protect fer this –“ a fist taps the broad chest, “or fer any other bauble y’could tempt me with.”

A long silence stretches between them, and at length she sighs once more. The cliff face looks less obdurate.
“As you will then. I’ll send you back.”

A measure of tension leaves the broad shoulders.

“Thank you, lass. May I have a moment first?”

She nods, and watches the huge form walk lightly to the cabin, and place the bow carefully within. As he straightens, the lowering sun gilds the camp for a moment and he inhales deeply, facing into the light. His eyes close and he nods.

“I’m ready. An’ Fand? Thank you, all o’ you. I’ll not ferget th’ grace o’ this.

Her voice is soft in the golden light. “I’m glad you take something good back with you then, even if it’s not as much as we wished to give.”

And then he is gone.
And then she is gone.
And then the world ceases to be.
02/13/09 22:35

once again, truly a wonderful story. I can't wait for you to be online again... after all, I do have a certain sword that is, no doubt even now, yelling it's head off to be returned to you. *grins* Oh.. and *snickers* since winter was in charge of the body... i put it somewhere safe, though not in the church, even if everyone thinks's its there. can't have mikey going after it.

ps.. check your forum email if you haven't already.


02/14/09 00:22
Kit Ristow. . .so, I probably shouldn't squee-bounce, should I? It'd be completely undignified.

Not that that stops me. . .

And I'm glad to see your fiction-y words again. This was cool.
02/14/09 15:31
Soriel ShepherdWelcome Back Llyr.... Looking forward to seeing your silhouette grace the rooftops of the City once more.02/14/09 19:15
Keylaonce again, I bow to your skills as a writer, Llyr.
the two piece is great. I hope there'll be much more to come, of course. ;)

And it's great to have Llyr back. I still owe you a stealing of your kilt *grins*
02/14/09 22:04
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