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Kayteear((English is not my mother language, so excuse me for any mistake in style or grammar))
((This is the story of Kayteear before arriving at CoLA. It's a bit long, but I hope you will enjoy it)).

I was born in an island called Marant which is placed about 1200 km southeast from New Zealand. This island makes about 1000 km from east to west and about 500 from north to south and it’s divided in two enemy countries, the natural frontier being a mountain chain that separates the Western Republic of Marant from Eastern Marant where I was born. That mountain chain makes about 40 km wide and no one is allowed to live there except the army patrols that try to keep it clean from people like me: a frontier guide.

Well, I’m going too fast. I’m no longer a frontier guide, and I don’t consider myself as being Marantian anymore. This is the second time in my live I have to go into exile.

I was raised in the beginning of a conflict involving the two states of the Island and I have known the death, the pain and the horror of the war since I was a child. My city, Vlilianca, the capital city of Eastern Marant, was bombed several times and I lost many friends and relatives. Well, what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger. My elder brother and sister and I were raised in the values of honor, motherland, revenge, martyrdom and many other stupid concepts like these ones. We even had a compulsory military training in the school starting at the age of 10 and there we learned to suffer, to endure, to torture, to steal lives… just to be ready to inevitably join the army at the age of 18. I saw my brother leaving when I was 15, and a year later it came the time for my sister to leave. I also tried to join the army even I was only 16. I begged the authorities and protested until I got arrested. I really wanted to fight.

I know what you are wondering, and the answer is ‘no’. We weren’t afraid. We were just proud. Even if we could lose live in the war, we really wanted to get involved in it, and our parents even encouraged us to get engaged with our motherland.

My brother, my sister, my parents… I have never met them again.

I joined the army the day I came out of age. After my instruction I passed the qualifying tests, getting an average of 87% in theory and 81% in applied tactics, getting an 84% overall. That meant I couldn’t choose the Air Division, but I still could get into the Navy as a specialized diver. I didn’t know how fatal this decision would be.

One year later, my group and I were in a mission to steal some missiles from a Western sunken submarine. The mission seemed to go fine. Too fine. It was too late when we realized it was an ambush. We tried to escape, but the Western Army caught us. Two of as were killed under the water. The rest of us could reach the surface, but we were all captured after some fight. We were pulled out of the water to a patrol boat and there we were handcuffed and blindfolded, and after that we could hear how the soldiers killed our sergeant and another mate just to scare us. Then, we were finally taken to an enemy base. No one of us talked, but we all knew what was going to happen next because we had been trained for it.

We all were locked in a room that would be our home for the next weeks, even though we didn’t know at all at that moment how long it could take –hours, days, months. The day after, they started with interrogatories. In my case, they didn’t touch me; they just asked some questions one day, showed me some images the other or tried to convince me about the injustice of the evil actions Eastern Marant took against the Western Republic. I almost didn’t realize, but they were digging the basements of my conscience.

In addition to this, other mates were not so lucky. Niucha, Samik and Yulan (who was a good friend of mine) were beat up hard almost every day. Sometimes they returned unconscious to the cell.

After a few days, Niucha and Samik started to get angry against me and the other two guys that haven’t been brutalized. Yulan kept calm, but she got distant from me. Niucha and Samik started accusing us of being collaborating with our enemy, of revealing the secrets and tactics of the Eastern army. One day, the ambiance strained to a point where we started to fight each other in our cell. We didn’t realize at that moment, but that fight meant our captors were starting to get what they wanted.

We got separated two by two in different cells. I never saw the others again except for Seryu. They put me with Yulan, but we didn’t talk anymore. She had a broken arm, cuts and wounds everywhere on her body and I only had some bruises in my face. She looked at me distrustfully and I knew she had lost any confidence in me.

Finally, one day my captors gave me the chance to become a Western soldier. The only thing I had to do was tell them everything I knew about the Eastern Army, but there was an obstacle: Yulan was in another room and she had been proposed the same. If both of us accepted, we would become Western soldiers and later citizens, and the State will take care of us. If we denied, then our captivity would last for an unspecified period until we decide to cooperate with them. And finally, if one of us accepted and the other refused, who accepted would be freed as a Western soldier and the other would be executed. Of course, the best option was to accept, but I was sure Yulan would say ‘no’ and I wanted to show her that she still could trust me.

How could I know she would accept?

After some minutes, they told me Yulan had accepted their proposal while I had rejected it. I felt my soul being torn down. Three thugs in Western uniform entered the room and started beating me hard, so hard I lost conscience in less than two minutes, but then they revived me and started to hit me again. They hit me breaking my ribs, they wounded and raped me. I haven’t the will or the strength to fight them. I just wanted it to go fast. But they didn’t finish me.

I woke up in another cell with light faded up, all my body aching, and I could hear the weak breathing of someone else. I managed to focus my sight and I realized Yulan was also there, and she still looked worse than me. She had a broken arm, her hand ripped off and she had been shot in the chest and the stomach. She was dying in agony. Yulan tried to say something. I’d like to think she said ‘I’m sorry’, but I didn’t manage to understand her. Instead of that, unable to stand her wide open eyes looking at me I made her a final favour and killed her by spraining her neck.

Then I realized. We had been cheated. We had never had the opportunity to leave together. For any reason they wanted me and not Yulan. Our captors had driven me to the path of betrayal, and that path lead through a one way road: I could never return to the east, so the only way to stay alive was to go ahead and cooperate with the west betraying my own country. I got so mad I started kicking the walls and Yulan’s inert body until some people entered the cell and sedate me.

Some days later I woke up at a hospital and I began recovering both physical and mental with the help of some psychiatrists who tried to erase the wounds and the memories from my head and my heart. I told them everything I knew about the East Army and then I was accepted as a Western soldier despite of my features, being destined to the Infantry Division.

Everything went more or less right for two months until one day I recognized someone. It was Seryu. He was also there, what meant he had also killed his cell mate. We stared at each other with a mixture of shame and reproach.

‘So you are here, too’ he said, even.
‘I am’ I answered looking at him.
‘Ok, see you later’, he said, and then he left turning around on his heels.
My only answer echoed in my head: ‘I don’t think so’

That night I deserted and went into exile in the "Uninhabited Strip" where I managed to become what we called a "frontier guide", a mercenary who helps people to cross the 40 km strip separating Eastern Marant and the Western Republic, avoiding patrols from both armies wandering around to mountains to keep them clear from civilian people, patrols that are cleared to shot anyone before asking anything.

My times as a frontier guide made me wary, silent and fast, always avoiding to get face to face with soldiers, and then I also learned to be merciless when I couldn't avoid them. There I learned to use the marantian sword by myself, as it was almost impossible to get ammunition to keep fire guns running. Nevertheless, one day, after ssix years of surviving as a frontier guide I got caught in a trap set by Furanevi , another guide that hated me as he thought I was stealing his "costumers". I have to admit that he was almost right. I feel ashamed each time I remember it, so I will not get into details. Brief, the Western Army caught me and I was taken to a court-martial where I was found guilty of being a deserter and condemned to be executed. I'm alive, though, and I owe my own life to Seryu, who found me and risked his life to save me when I was being carried to the wall to be shot dead.

That adventure and the fact that I felt myself being loved by someone for the first time after many years awoke a hard will in me, the will to change things, to awake the people and to organize a resistance to stop the war. I left the deserted land and tried to make some contacts. At the beginning things went ok. I could gather a group about 30 people, but our HQ was discovered and the half of us was killed there or executed. In fact I was shot there while trying to scape. Two of my partners helped me to scape and took me to a safe place, but I was severely injured. A bullet had reached my spine just between my kidneys. I needed special surgery. I couldn't move or feel from waist down. The only solution was to get a "booster" to inserted in my spine just to recover the movement of my legs. We finally managed to get one from the black market. So my tail is not a tail, it's a booster that allows me to move. Without that I'd be disabled. It was a used part, so it has never worked properly. With it my legs are supposed to be faster and stronger, and its GPS system should provide me a precision map of the surrounding area and the moving items in it -just like a radar, but it's damaged and then it just lets me move as normal.

A few days after that, the regime tightened and there was no chance to reorganize ourselves. The few who remained from our unsuccessful resistance left the island, each one by their side. After having been wandering around the world crossing many countries, I finally arrived at the City of Lost Angels, a place that remembers me the time I spent in the "Uninhabited Stripe", a place where I feel I can stay for long.
07/15/09 16:43
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