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Methias[[ It's been a while. Decided id post my latest piece here. Excuse any typos Ive made, and Enjoy.]]

It was light out today.

Methias laughed as he walked through his house, naked victim over his shoulder, kicking and screaming out for help. "Your screams only fuel my passion that much more my dear human. You are out of luck." he says as his laughing grew louder and more manic as the time passed. The sounds of the humans high pitched shrills and pleads for helped ricocheted off of the halls, producing an eery harmony within itself. Methias's smile only got wider as he absorbed the humans fear. Finally he reached the end of the hallway he was walking through and kicked what appeared to be an old wooden door to those who looked from outside of the room, but if one was to see the other side they would see that it was a strongly reinforced titanium door that bolted into the wall when it shut, requiring Methias' psionic abilities to open it back up again. Methias then forcefully threw the human up against the wall. And before there was any chance for the human, that happened to be a female in her twenties, to slide down the wall, several lengthy and rusty nails shot from the wall opposite her to impale her into the wall securely.

The sound that came from the nails crunching into and causing the bones to splinter cracks off into all directions before then dulling out quickly as the nails went through the metal wall behind them was surely one to be revered with great pleasure. And it was. Methias flinched as he saw the nails impale through the womans palms, forearms, torso and legs. The flinch was most certainly not one of sympathy, it was caused by the pure adrenaline that was racing through his body as he heard the sweet sound of bones crunching, the thick crimson blood oozing slowly from the wounds and sliding down the wall to form the beginnings of a puddle, and the delightful screams that were like music to Methias's oh so sadistic ears. Methias sighed as he walked over towards the woman and shook his head, noticing and sensing that she was passing out due to all of the pain. "Oh no. I wont have you passing out due to shock." he says as he snaps his fingers, causing a table with many supplies ranging from knives to syringes to arise from beneath the room. He scratched his chin then as he turned towards the table and said rather casually. "Now now, where is that adrenaline shot. It's always hiding away from me the little bugger." he says chuckling as he scans the table and then says, "Aha! Thought you could get away from me little one?" as he found and grabbed for the small syringe. " Mmm. Molecularly engineered Adrenaline. This'll keep you wide awake and feeling every last bit of it. You'll wish you could go into shock!" he says cackling to himself some even knowing that she most likely could not make out a word he was saying due to the fact that she was inbetween blacking out completely, and consciousness, blurring her senses.

Methias pressed up on the plunger just enough to squirt a small amount of liquid up into the air to be sure that the pathway was clear before bringing the needle to his mouth and licking the remaining adrenaline dripping off of it. He smiled with that oh so familiar mischievious twinge to it as he swiftly pulled the needle back, and within the blink of an eye he jammed the needle deep into the heart of the woman causing a slight squish sound to be heard as the needle penetrated the flesh and as he pressed the plunger in to deliver the small, yet rather potent dose of Adrenaline. "And 3...2..1" Methias said under his breath before an earth shattering scream erupted from the woman. All of the pain that she would have avoided by blacking out, and possibly dying rushed through her and violently woke her nervous system up. Some of the wood planks within the room split as her screams became louder. Methias cracked his neck, causing an almost supernatural sound to ricochet and bounce throughout the containment cell that they were in and then let out a shaky sigh. "Mmm. Stop that, you are getting me all riled up love." he said chuckling as he walked back a few feet and grinned before saying. "Mmm. It's playtime again." And with those words, he snapped his fingers once more causing a fiery red flame to spark ablaze from nothingness in the palm of his hand and then violently slamming the palm of his hand up against the smooth metal wall and increasing the intensity of the flames casuing the area around his hand to light up a searing hot crimson red.

The metal would not melt because it was a special alloy that Methias had experimented and created specifically for times like this, instead it was a conductor and sucked in the heat that Methias was pushing into it and with each press into the wall the searing crimson heat spread down the wall, eventually coming into contact with the woman's skin. The woman's screams became almost supersonic, richocheting throughout with verocity as her skin began to melt and stick to the metal, causing the raw meat under her skin to be seared by the blazing hot metal. First the skin on her arms began to melt and stick to the wall, then the flames spread to her legs causing that flesh to bubble up and melt into the wall, eventually causing an outline of her body consisting of her melted skin to become visible as it stuck to the metal wall, like a snow angel yet, flesh angel in this situation. The room soon became stuffy with the smell of burnt flesh, and the overpowering scent of the smoldering meat beneath it. The supersonic screaming of the woman soon began to crackle and roughen up as her throat started to become swolen, and her lungs started to weaken, this was soon accompanied by bloody tears that began to drip down her cheeks, leaving streaks of blood as they rolled down.

Just as her screaming was finally fading back into nothing more than a hoarse whisper, Methias walked over towards her once more and placed both hands on the side of her neck, as he leaned in closely to her face and dragged his tongue up from her chin to her eyes, lapping up the blood that she was crying. "Mmm. Delicious." he says as he repeats the same process, with the other side of her face, some of the blood smearing over his face as he does so. He stood back for a moment and shook his head before sighing."Messy messy." was all he said before grabbing a bloodstained, dirty rag off of the table next to him and wiping his face gently. "Where are my manners today..." he mutters before cackling a bit to himself and scanning the table for the correct knives he wanted to use.

After locating a small, yet sharp scalpel on his table o'tools, he licked the crusted over blood off of the scalped and sucked on it as he turned back around to the woman, who was completely silent due to the fact that she no longer had the strength to scream, the adrenaline the only seperating her from blacking out and shutting down for a fast descent into death. The metal wall having cooled down by now, finishing the process that would seal her to the wall by her skin, the raw meat beneath it having become attached as well due to the intense heat. Methias took in a deep breath, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the flavour that the stuffyness in the room provided him. Methias leaned down into her flat, in shape torso, and licked upwards from her waist to her breasts. "Mmm.." he muttered before gently pressing his scalpel into her skin, a few inches below her left breast.

If one was to look at Methias while he was doing this, they would see that his mouth was already salivating just at the thought of having a nice slice from the womans chest. The slimy, disgusting substance that was his saliva soon began to pour over just enough to drip down his chin. The womans crying only got worse as he cut into her with the sharp scalpel. Her bloody tears were streaming down her face and trailing down her chest heavily and the stream of blood soon covered Methias's hands in the thick red liquid. Methias's eye which were usually a deep pitch black due to them being somewhat of a connection to purgatory soon became a dark crimson, the sign of his bloodlust rising to peak levels. As Methias carved out a long, somewhat thick piece of meat from her chest, her blood began to gush out of her torso in copious amounts, drenching both of his arms in the blood, which would eventually stain into his skin. Methias then threw the scalpel away from him, a light, muffled clanking noise heard as it fell into the rather large puddle of blood that was covering a majority of the room now. He then shoved his hand into the lengthy wound and ripped outwards with an animalistic force, the lycan bloodlust in him arising as he did so.

Methias's bloodstained, toothy grin could be seen forming on his face as he looked at what he led in both of his hands, a thick spaghetti-noodle shaped piece of human flesh and meat, oh he was hungry, he was very hungry, but this would hold him over until he could find Angel meat, seeing as he didnt much care for Human enough to take anymore than he already had. His jagged shark like teeth then tore into the meat, the sound of ripping flesh only causing him to become more enraged with bloodlust and there for devouring the meat faster, the blood gushing out of the meat squirted out all over his face, turning his slightly tanned complexion into a stained crimson/maroon color.

The woman was facing death's door by now, holding onto life by whatever adrenaline was left in her system which was fading away as the time crept on, slower than it every would be again for her. But Methias wasnt done. Oh no. He had one last plan. As the bloodlust in his eyes and his body receeded back into his normal personality he walked over towards the table once more and grabbed another syringe of adrenaline, this would be goodbye. Without a word he quickly turned around then and jammed the syringe into her neck, and pressed down on the plunger without any hesitation. Any pain she was feeling as she was finally slipping away into the sweet release of death was instantly amplified ten fold. Methias then placed both of his hands around her neck again, and said. "I want to hear your pain sweety. I cant have you being quiet now." he says he then chants a short arcanic healing-spell he picked up from an elven community he had stayed with during one of his realm jumps. A turquoise blue mist began to emit from his hands, healing her throat, lungs, and vocal chords. The woman's screams were involuntary now, loud enough to cause all of the various tools on Methias's utility table to rattle and some to skitter off the edge. Methias smiled as he heard this. "Thats better. And now for the final touch." he said as he snapped his finger, causing a small section of the metal wall behind her to slide away as billions of tiny, highly advanced nanosects swarmed out from the wall and attached to the raw meat that was exposed due to her skin having melted and seperated from it, forming the skin angel as described before. Methias then walked over towards the door and placed his hand on the upper left side, exerting a psionic force strong enough to cause the bolts to open so that he could exit. A loud clanging noise would be heard as he slammed the door shut and made his way back to his bedroom which was conveniently placed behind his torture chamber. The springs on his bed creaking as he crawled into it and got comfortable. The woman's screams began to softly lull him into a relaxed state as he said "Mmm. What a day." his last words before closing his eyes, and slipping off into a sleep-like state.
12/23/08 18:09
Missy*Missy nods her head and re-reads the story again.. "Yep.. see.. this is exactly what they meant when they said to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.. I'm awfully glad Meth is on the friends list.. at least OOCly" She tries valiantly to convince herself that there is NO WAY he'd be able to do -this- to her.. the operative words being "tries" of course. She shudders and goes back to looking at and posting cute funny macro images in another thread, in a futile attempt to wash away the vivid and sick.. yes.. sick images Methias has painted inside her brain.*

(Seriously though.. great imagery Methias .. if I ever do decide to take Missy over to the darker side of the pathway, I know who to talk to, hehehe...)
12/28/08 02:33
Methias[quote=Missy]*Missy nods her head and re-reads the story again.. "Yep.. see.. this is exactly what they meant when they said to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.. I'm awfully glad Meth is on the friends list.. at least OOCly" She tries valiantly to convince herself that there is NO WAY he'd be able to do -this- to her.. the operative words being "tries" of course. She shudders and goes back to looking at and posting cute funny macro images in another thread, in a futile attempt to wash away the vivid and sick.. yes.. sick images Methias has painted inside her brain.*

(Seriously though.. great imagery Methias .. if I ever do decide to take Missy over to the darker side of the pathway, I know who to talk to, hehehe...)[/quote]
Come to the dark side Missy, We have cookies ;D

But besides that, thanks for the good review ;o
12/28/08 20:17
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