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Cummere MayoErinyse lay in a pool of her own blood in the middle of the street in the heart of the Little China district, yet another victim in the war between Brood, Coven, and the pack. She hadn’t meant to get caught up in the fight, but the Brood had attacked a child, and for some reason that had stirred something within her and she had joined in a few fights. In retaliation, a single demon had ripped her apart as if she were nothing and left her for dead when it came upon her as she was searching for her pet neko, Cummere.

She weakly managed to reach one of the blood packs clipped to her belt and was relieved to discover that though damaged there was enough there to buy herself a little time. Bringing the bag to her parched lips she lapped until she had consumed the bag. She fingered her com to record a last message to her family and was both surprised and gratified to hear an answer. She managed to give her location before the blackness claimed her.

Four years earlier:

It was a small Midwestern town with a worn down train station, a couple of diners, a few farms and stores a run down garage and not much else. At first glance it was pretty unremarkable for a town. That in itself made the town rather remarkable. In the three years since Armageddon Midwest had become a desolate wasteland known as the badlands where cities and towns were virtually unknown.
Closer in the affects of Armageddon on the town were much more visible. From about 20 miles outside the city the city looked deserted, windy and full of dust clouds. Closer in and the dust clouds became people. A temporal rift was breached on the town, causing time to pass at a rate about 16 times the normal pace for those inside. Ironically, this rift had saved the town…until now.
“Well, well, well, this town isn’t the deserted relic it appeared to be. This just keeps getting better and better,” the leader, a pale tall man with jet black hair announced to his group.
“Indeed,” a voice to his right purred, and he looked down at the lovely, pale creature with equally black hair and pouting lips dressed in a barely there dress of leather velvet and lace, as dark as her hair
“Do we take it?” another voice piped up as a dark haired man stepped up, curling his mouth into a smile that bared his fangs.
“Definitely,” the leader replied. “This will make a nice foothold for the Daeva and allow us to start our own coven for the clan.” Without another word the group of about twenty marched into the town.

Erinyse walked toward the town, her dark, dark red hair sticking to her face. Beside her, nestled in her arms was the beautiful golden-haired Khalan. Khalan… her world, her last touch with the humanity she once shared and was still fascinated with. Toreador to the core, Erinyse fell in love with Khalan’s inner and outer beauty, her passion, her humanity. They had had a quiet wedding shortly before Wormwood struck, bringing about the apocalypse. The three years since had shaken Erinyse as they roamed from one place to another in pursuit of both safety and beauty. There were very little of either to be had in the few remaining cities along the Eastern coast of what had been the United States, so they traveled west.
The town was apprehensive about Erinyse at first but, as they grew to learn that she rarely fed upon townspeople unless provoked and quickly made a kind of truce with both the were population in town and the only other known nearby vampire who lived several miles outside the town, they grew to tolerate her. A few even grew to accept her, especially when she helped deal with the occasional demon, raiding party, or mutant attack. And if they tolerated Erinyse, they adored Khalan.
Then the Daeva arrived and changed everything. Erinyse had been out helping one of the farmers repair one of the massive greenhouses required for any sort of farming and hadn’t heard anything about the arrival of the new self proclaimed coven until she walked into town to find her beloved wife seated in the local restaurant with the dark-haired leader, in the midst of an orgasmic throes brought about by his feeding. Despite the fact that several of his minions were present, two of them holding the four members of the family that owned the restaurant in place, Erinyse marched up to them, and picked him up throwing him across the room. “Stay the fuck away from my wife you weak, deceitful, leach!” she growled dragging Khalan out of there.
“I’m…. I’m sorry love... I don’t know what came over me… I just…. I was just going to have coffee with him I swear,” Khalan said as Erinyse shoved her out of the restaurant then returned inside.
Her anger boiling over, Erinyse gave herself over to her vampire nature, her pupils dilating, fangs extended, her muscles rippling as she turned and faced those holding the human family hostage. Within seconds those vampires were crumpled, on the ground, one clutching at its side, the other with its throat ripped out. The others broke free and ran out of the building, several of the town’s people cheering as they departed.
“This isn’t over yet. They will be back,” Erinyse warned. She turned to Khalan who silently and tearfully embraced her and they walked home.
Four days later, the disappearances started. People, whether human, were or neko simply vanished into seeming thin air. The town organized search parties and Erinyse and Khalan were among those that were doing the searching as well as a few of the nekos and weres. A couple of days later Khalan disappeared.
Frantic and unable to sleep, Erinyse searched until she was so exhausted she literally collapsed midstep. In her unconscious state she felt something inside her being ripped apart, and she knew something had happened to Khalan. The next morning, Erinyse happened by one of the restaurant owners’ daughters, Selena, who told Erinyse she had seen the vampire from before talking to Khalan and then a while later Khalan heading off toward a house outside of the town near the temporal border.
Erinyse headed toward the house and immediately felt the presence of the Daeva and smelled blood, lots of blood. Grabbing her silver coated dagger in one hand she reached down and picked up some calcified wood branches from some long since dead tree or shrub. Without even looking she sharpened stakes as she walked, making a good dozen or so before she ran out of useful wood and tossed the rest away. She then re-sheathed the dagger and drew her mac-tens.
She was almost to the door when she felt something latch onto her leg. “Please… you gotta help me… my family’s inside there and they haven’t come back and there’s been so much screaming,” a little voice said as Erinyse looked down to see a tan neko girl of maybe 16 or 17 holding on to her leg. “Please just let me have them back.”
Erinyse hesitated, her heart torn. She was in a hurry to try and save Khalan, even though deep in her heart she knew it was already too late and she also felt the need to help this girl. “You’re a vampire too, right?” the girl asked. “Look, just give them back and you can have me in their place.”
“I’m not with those vampires. I’m going to kill them.” Erinyse said softly.
“Give me a weapon, and I’ll help you, or I’ll rescue them myself and stay out of your way,” the girl said stubbornly.
“You can’t go in there, you’ll die.” Erinyse said softly. She admired this pretty, if rather unkept girl, and found her spirit appealed to her. Besides she was supposed to be a protector of mortals. Stil she tried to extract herself, but despite her strength the girl held fast.
“Look if you rescue them, I’ll let you feed on me any time you wish,” the girl said softly, “or I’ll do other things for you. I don’t have money, so I’ll pay you however else you want, just bring them back.”
Erinyse nodded and sighed “I’ll see what I can for you.”
The neko released her and stood back, “I’ll be your blood source if you save them, I’ll find a way to kill you if you hurt them.”
“Fair enough,” Erinyse turned and walked into the door that would wind up changing her forever.
02/08/09 03:53
Malice Ashdenefinally got out of my IMs and got to finish it

i cant wait till part 2~ >w
what happens ? D: tell me tell me!
02/08/09 04:35
Cummere Mayopart 2a

Cummere, though she had a different name back then, was prancing along the deserted tracks enjoying having the day to herself for a change. She didn’t get many of those, especially since she came from a very large litter and was in fact the runt of the litter. She looked around for her favorite sister but didn’t see her anywhere. Her ears drooped in disappointment. Viridian, or Galia as she went by back then, was her best friend and favorite playmate as well as sister. She was also the reason Cummere was alive at all.
Being the runt was normally a death sentence, but for some reason, Viridian had taken a deep liking to her smaller ivory colored sister who had almost identical spots and had taken upon herself to always insure Cummere had enough milk and food and wasn’t edged out and left to starve. In fact when their mother tried to carry Cummere off thinking Cummere would probably die, Viridian had sprawled herself on top of Cummere and growled until their mother backed off, though neither neko could remember that far back.
Screams and distressed howls from the direction of her home roused Cummere from her frolicking, and she raced home. She saw several strange people that smelled somehow really wrong dragging her family off from their home and she raced to their defense her claws coming out of her paws.
She had nearly made it to them when someone grabbed her from behind and clamped a damp cloth to her face. Then it was blackness…
Cummere awoke in a cellar crudely refitted into a dungeon complete with barred cells. The smells of excretement, blood, and death were overwhelming and made her start to gag. One of her siblings, Shanraw, hugged her when she noticed her waking up. “They killed Deovan and Kali,” she said softly, tears dripping from her eyes.
Cummere could not breath and tears welled in her eyes. Her family maybe didn’t always treat her the best, but they were still her family and she loved them. As she looked around she noticed most of her surviving siblings that were in the same cell were either leaning on each other or curled up into fetal positions. There were also some humans and weres in her cell with her. Her mother and father and the rest of her surviving siblings were in the cell across from her along with other people from the town. Two other cells also contained several people including many Cummere recognized as having gone missing in the days before.
Hours passed as the groups tried to work together to find a way to escape their make shift prison and ignore the screams of agony that came from above them.
Every so often a pair of vampires would come down and take one of the prisoners dragging them out of the cell and up the stairs.
One of the times a pair of the older werewolves, a couple well liked in the town for their sweetness and willingness to help out anyone that needed it tried to take down the vampires. They succeeded in ripping the throat completely out of one before the rest came down. Several of the vampires held one of the unfortunate wolves as the leader literally cut his heart out then sank his fangs into it drinking it dry as some of the other vampires including some of the women vampires proceeded to rape the female in front of everyone.
The leader laughed as the wolf struggled to get free right up to the point he finally died. He then took his turn with the female making her suck his cock, before taking her in first one hole then the other. When she shifted form to try and break free, he simply rammed his knife into her anus then pulled up and reached in grabbing the base of her spine and ripping it out. As she collapsed on the floor he laughed, “The next that dares to think they can fight us will get worse”
With that he entered the cage Cummere as in and dragged Shanraw and a human woman out. Cummere started to run after but one of the other vamps simply decked her and she blacked out.
02/09/09 05:13
Cummere MayoCummere drifted in and out never quite able to wake up. Even when she was out she couldn’t block out the screams of pain and horror. She didn’t know how long she drifted in and out.
At one point she heard two of her older siblings whispering to each other sadly. “We can’t let them have the kittens. You saw what was left of mom and dad. Better to kill them ourselves then let them do what ever it is they are doing.”
A reluctant “I guess you’re right. No one is coming and its better to go out our own way then… then...” a pause. “Promise me you won’t let them have me either.”
“We’ll … We’ll sing them to sleep then… then take our claws to their throats in their sleep. It will be fast and hopefully painless. Then we can do each others.”
“Agreed.” Then louder, “Come here kittens. We’re gonna sing some lullabies. Its time for some sleep”
“I’m too scared to sleep…”
“What’s wrong with mom?”
“Mom will be ok soon sweetie. Hush now go to sleep and mom will be waiting when you wake up.”
Cummere drifted out again. Someone poked her and she was starting to wake up. “We should do her too.”
“I don’t feel her breathing and her nose is dry. She isn’t moving. I think she’s already dead. So it’s just us… I know it’s for the best but it still hurts so much”
A sudden gurgling, and then sorrowfully, “I’m sorry but at least its quicker and better this way.”
Blackness again. Then Cummere was awakened as she was grabbed.
“Fuck. There’s only one left alive and only. Little spineless slugs killed themselves. We’re fucking dead. The Marquis is not going to like this.”
“Relax. He isn’t going to be pleased but I don’t think he expected this either.” The vampiress holding Cummere soothed in a deceptively sweet voice. “Besides, this one is alive too. So we have enough to finish the rituals. We just have to forgo a little pleasure till we round up a few more of the townies.”
Cummere woke up enough to try and struggle at that point. The vampiress slapped her which both brought Cummere the rest of the way awake and left her too dazed to struggle. “Save your strength little bitch, you’ll need it later.”
“I’ve stopped the bleeding of this one for now.” The other vampire, reported as he lifted Cummere’s surviving sister over his shoulder.
As cummere looked around she noticed nearly all her siblings her age and younger on the floor, their throats cut. In the aisle between the now mostly empty cells lay cummere’s parents. Both were naked, and dried blood caked around their throats wrists, ankles chests and private regions. Cummere closed her eyes, but she could still smell the blood and semen. She howled in rage and pain and was smacked again.
The two nekos were carried upstairs past a room filled almost literally floor to ceiling with bodies stacked bodies, most of them nekos. In the front room were a few bodies from some of the other town members. Among them, Cummere recognized Selena’s parents and she mewed out softly in sadness.
03/08/09 02:36
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