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Justa ZeroHe sat in the bar with the bottle of Polish Vodka next to him. He refilled the glass and swirled it around, bringing it up to his face, briefly sniffing the aroma before tossing the liquid into his mouth. The warmth spread as it passed down his throat into his stomach. It was good Polish Vodka, but not as good as Russian…but it was much harder to get exports from Mother Russia these days. He watched the door awaiting her….and wondered if his resolve would hold this time. Justa, as he was known here….he’d had too many names over the years to remember, had tried to push her keep her safe, but she didn’t understand. Thought that love was enough to keep the city at bay…he had no such delusions. He knew all about the darkness that would wash over them one day…It was only a matter of time.

He poured another shot and gulped it down. Liquid courage? Not so much. Justa shook his head as he sat. He was older than her…much older than she thought. When he’d arrived in the city he’d told people that he was forty. He looked younger than that…..but was actually much older. If they only knew. As the warmth spread through him he wondered where he’d end up. It depended, didn’t it? Depended on how long he could keep the darkness at bay…It was harder now. Some had already figured out that there were hidden depths there and had tried to push him into that place. Vamps….he’d been actively avoiding her since their last encounter. He words had stung and he’d felt the dark rising in him, reaching out to take his soul again…to make him what he was….Another shot of warmth..He was cold now.

As he drank his mind floated back, back to where it all started. The cold harsh plains of Siberia. 1929. Over a hundred years. His ability to heal…to use others had kept him well preserved. That and the souls he’d taken. Bargains he’d have to pay for some day. But not today. A small house with his mother and father. He hadn’t know how different they were until later. He sat on his father’s knee learning about love and devotion, faith and retribution. His mother had schooled him in healing potions and poisons, and the craft. Growing up with them he’d thought that every child learned these things…it was only later…later.

Age 7. They’d been whispering for days, hushed and worried tones. “How soon?” “Soon…my sources said that they’ve already left both dimensions.” He’d heard about dimensions from his mother. That was where the Angels and the Demons lived. They’d explained that these people were like everyone else…just more so. And that poppa used to be an Angel, and momma had been a demon. But they’d always emphasized that they had to avoid them, that there’d been some family problems and we couldn’t see them now. He thought it would be great to see Angels and Demons, and they just shook their heads. “He’s young, he doesn’t understand what we did..what we gave up…what we betrayed” his father had said. They smiled at him and his mother said “Someday, maybe someday.” Perhaps this was the day he’d get to see them. He was excited. Finally his parents pulled together a pack with his belongings. They told him they needed to take care of some things and that he’d be staying with some friends nearby. They bundled him up and put him in the cart. The passage to their friend’s house was fairly quiet, no one speaking except for a short discussion between his parents. “Are you sure this is the best place? There isn’t any other?” his father had said. “Can you think of another? They’ll be here soon, and at least they have some abilities…they can cast wards to try and hide the child.”his mother had responded. His father had sighed and nodded his head in resignation, “I guess it’ll have to do. And if we surv..” he had started to say, but she cut him off “No, don’t say that. No here, ….not ever. We have to be ready, and doubts will only slow us down.” And with that they were silent for the rest of the trip.
12/19/08 17:38
Justa ZeroIt took a long time to get to the house. Other neighbors were closer, but we passed their abodes and moved steadily on through the night. On the outskirts of a neighboring town we stopped at a small house, much like any other except for the pentagram marking the door. I knew from my mother that this was a mark that protected houses and the people in them. It was the old ways. Most people had crosses with a man dying on them, but our house and this one had pentagrams. I wondered if they could show me more of what my mother had been teaching me.

My mother knocked on the door. A man and a woman opened the door and peered out into the dark and cold. Seeing my mother the man stretched out his hand “Ardat, welcome , come in. And I see you’ve brought your husband and your child. He’s grown since we last saw him. Has he….does he know yet?” We entered and my parents shook of their outer layers of clothing, warming themselves by the fire. “No,” my mother answered, “I..I don’t think the time is right…I want him to be able to play while he can.” She turned to look at the man “Unfortunately we can’t stay long. They’re on the move, and we don’t want to be here when they find us.” The man looked worried “You said they….is it both factions?” My father sighed and answered “Yes, they are both moving against us. It would seem we’ve become to much on an embarrassment for either side to allow. We’re going to head home and prepare. What ever happens, it’ll be finished in two days. Bring him back then.” My mother looked at him with pride in her eyes. “Then you believe that we can stop them?” He shook his head, “I don’t know…but we have to try….to be with you, it’s worth it, whatever they bring.”

Having warmed themselves they put their heavy coats back on. “Thank you for this. Keep him safe. I know it’s a risk, but I don’t think they know about him yet. Two days, bring him in two days.” Each of them came over and gave me a hug and a kiss “Be good for them” my father said “We’ll see you in a couple of days” and then glanced at my mother. She hugged me tightly, not seeming to want to let go, and then kissed me lightly. “Keep up with your studies, ok?” She patted me o the head, her face seemed to have a sad smile. “We must go now dear” my father spoke, breaking her reverie. They moved to the door. My mother turned to the man as they exited “Thank you again.” He replied “It’s an honor. And with that they left.

That night a heavy snow fell and I played in the new fallen snow in the morning laughing and throwing snowballs at the farm animals. The next two days I played and studied the books the couple had. They weren’t as old as momma’s, but they were easier to read. Her book had difficult writing, with smears on them, red and brown, from something. But they smelled good. These didn’t smell the same. They were missing something.

We left early morning of the third day, bundling up against the wind and the cold. The snow had just fallen the one night, so a crust had formed on it that cracked as we moved on less traveled roads to home. Small animals could be seen here and there scavenging for food. The wind whistled and whipped through the bare winter tree branches, and lashed at us, even though we were wearing many layers of clothes. We finally arrived at the edge of our small farm. One more hill to cross before I was home.

As we crossed over the hillock I heard a gasp. I looked up. Where the house should be there was a small column of smoke rising to the sky. I couldn’t see the house yet through the trees. As we rounded the last bend to the opening in the forest I saw our house….or what remained of it. It looked as if the house had been smashed by some giant hammer. It was burned and crumbling, the walls barely remaining in some spots, blackened heaps in other spots where the walls had been completely destroyed. I panicked and jumped out of the wagon, running for the house screaming “Momma! Poppa!” but no reply was to come. I stopped as I reached the house. A realization reaching me…..the snow here was spattered with red and chunks of meat, trampled on, burned wood, feathers. Now softly came my cry “Momma…poppa…”. The people I had been staying with came up beside me. “They’re gone son…they thought this might happen….it’s why they brought you to us..” My mind froze..I turned “Who did this..Where is my momma and poppa?” He looked around, his wife still silent..”Heaven and Hell have conspired to do this….” He paused to look around the yard at the blood and bits of flesh “They’re…they’re gone…” Suddenly it seemed I realized what had happened. I felt something happening…My eyes were warm…but not from tears. I heard the woman’s voice “It’s happening…’s been too much for him…We need to get him….and us out of here”. And with that they grabbed me, threw me in the cart and headed back toward their home.

The ride was longer, and something inside me seethed. As darkness fell I noticed it wasn’t as dark as it had been the other night. There was a light. As I turned my head the light traveled with it. The woman looked down at me seated beside her. “We had expected this….What you saw…What happened back there has caused you to have very strong emotions…And that has triggered the powers in you. Your eyes are glowing….It’s a manifestation of what’s happening to you.” She pulled me closer. “Rest now, calm yourself and try to get some sleep”. I realized I was tired. And that the light was fading. What was happening? I closed my eyes for a moment and was gone.

12/19/08 17:40
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