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kessjuliesseA short piece on where Kess came from before CoLA.


The wind was whipping outside, rain splattering coldly on the big window panes as night closed in. The alley mouth across from the bar was just a dim shadowed maw through the miserable downpour and the Zodiac sign a bare glimmer above the doorway. Winter was coming, the cold rains a harbinger of things to come.

Slow night tonight, I thought, my hands endlessly wiping glass after glass behind the bar. I let the stripper go home, the brass poles gleaming dimly on stage unused. No point in dancing if there was no hope of tips. Maybe tomorrow night.

I glance over at the only patron in the bar. Dark matted hair, slouched over at his table, hardly the pleasant type. Never saw his eyes under that shaggy mess. Kept to himself, didn't say much other then to order. Been in every night the last couple of weeks. Tipped pretty good. Didn't know his story. Yet.

People liked to talk. They always relaxed after a couple of drinks and I'm a good listener. I know everyone's story eventually. Maybe more then they knew themselves. In here the walls don't talk, but they listen.

The door opens with a squeak over the constant roar of the wind and rain, a tall figure stomping wet combat boots on the wooden floor as they move to one side of the entrance. The door hesitates as the wind plays with it and then slams shut again, the rain noise lowering to a dull roar on the windows. A shrug of a big worn duster, patched in places, makes more of a puddle beneath the heavy boots. Another shift of the figure's shoulders settles a pair of sword hilts more comfortably across their back. I give a nod, hands picking up another glass, wiping it clean as I watch from the bar.

The figure watches me for a moment and then scans the room, settling on the shaggy drifter for a minute, measuring. I could see a shift of the shoulders, relaxing as the newcomer finally moves towards the bar.

The wet duster squeaks slightly as the stranger takes a stool. Fingers pull off the black knit hat and drop it on the next stool over, water soon dripping off the leather surface. She looks back at me with brown eyes, slit irises taking in the glass and bar towel in my hands. Tall for a neko, I thought, her ears moving through her damp hair, "What can I get you?" The words fall on the room as I ask, the first in over an hour.

Her eyes flick to a menu on the bartop. Her brows furrow as she frowns, lips moving slowly as she makes out the short list. I watch her from the corners of my eyes as I move about cleaning up. A frustrated sigh slips from her and then, "Do you have anything hot?" her voice having a slight rumble common to alot of the feline hybrids coming through.

I shrug and place both hands on the bartop, turning my full attention to her, "Just some leftover stew from earlier. Should be still hot." I nod over my shoulder, gesturing towards a big pot behind me.

"I'll have that. Please." she adds, her hand digging into the pocket of her coat, fishing out some coins. She spreads them out over the bartop, her gaze on mine, "Will you take these?". I looked at the metal curiously, different currencies, some old, some I'd never seen before. I pull a few out, push the rest back to her before moving to fill a bowl, "Some water too." she adds behind me.

I slide the bowl and a spoon in front of her and then pull a glass from beneath the bar. I pour a draft and slide it across, answering her questioning look, "No clean water, we just got through a water shortage." I nod to the beer before picking up my towel, "Beer and liquor is all we have." I pick up a dirty glass and forestall the sarcastic remark I know is coming, "This is the first rain we've had in a long time. You want to go out and collect some you're more then welcome to."

The neko nods, accepting that and cradles the warm bowl in her fingers for a minute or two, warming them as I went back to cleaning glasses. I glance over at shaggy's table. Didn't need a refill yet, looked like he was nursing the last one.

I examine the glass, blow into the bottom and then replace it on the bar shelf, "New to the city?" I ask, not looking at her.

She pauses, spoon halfway to her mouth as she looks up at me, "Yes. I arrived this morning. I'm looking for a place to stay." she continues eating as I glance at her, her attention back on the food, ears flickering attentively to the room. Odd, she doesn't talk like most nekos that go through here.

I toss a couple of empty bottles out and add, "Tribe has a decent place across town. They're usually pretty good about taking in stray nekos. They're good to their own."

Her spoon plays a little in the stew before she murmurs, "No. I don't think that would work out." I shrug, "Other factions are always looking for new members." I add, watching her a little as she eats and leaning back against the counter behind me. A twisted black mark on her left cheek catches my attention.

I pick up the bar towel and set about putting away some of liquor bottles, "Interesting tatoo. What's it mean?"

The neko flinches slightly, ears setting back as she looks up at me. Her fingers lift to rub at the mark and she answers, "It means a lot of things." she pauses, "Betrayal. Traitor. Exile."

I nod, not really looking at her, "So someone marked you I guess? Family? Nekos back home didn't like you much?"

An odd look moves across her face as she answers, "No, demons marked me."

I nod, making an assumption and murmuring as I set another bottle behind the bar, "Oh, so you were a pet?" A soft growl makes me look up.

Narrowed eyes look at me as she shakes her head, "No. Not a pet." she spits out the last word.

I shrug, lifting my hands palms out, "Just making small talk. Slow night you know." I turn and busy myself behind the bar. I could hear the soft clink of her spoon in her bowl, the growl dying off. She would tell her tale, they always did.

Grabbing another bowl I fill it up, turning to slide it across to her. The neko nods gratefully after a moment and digs into the second bowl, slower then the first, "I come from out in the Wastes. Past the mountains. One of the older cities was rebuilt from the ruins, mostly nekos and demons." She looks up at me, gaze measuring as she continues, "I was not always a neko. I was a demon of the Greater flight." she continues to look at me, perhaps half expecting me to laugh or dispute her claim. I just raise an eyebrow, not saying anything as I wait for her to continue, wiping the bartop.

She finally turns her attention back to the stew, eating slowly now as she mulls through her memories. "I was a soldier, an assassin. I was good at what I did, I was my Queen's right hand." The neko stops, playing with her food as she remembers.

"An advisor?" I prompted.

"No...", she pauses, "I was a tool, I was not privy to her secrets. Wasn't consulted on her decisions." shaking her head as she murmurs, "Politics, how she ruled, they weren't my concerns." Her eyes turn to the mirror over the bar for a few moments, "She told me who she wanted removed and I carried out her wishes... neko, vampire, demon... it didn't matter."

"What happened?" I asked.

She looks at me, shoulders lifting and falling in a slow sigh after a few moments, "The Flight ruled the city. We'd purged it of any competitors. The nekos worked for us and we protected them." She stops to take a long swallow of her beer, "There was little dissent. At first." The glass clinks on the bartop. A soft smile moves across her face for a moment, "There was one neko. A strong willed woman, charismatic, passionate. She chafed at our rule. She spoke out and gained followers. At first my Queen was amused and bade me just to watch her." she pushes a piece of stew around, looking into her bowl, "I would cast a veil over myself, I would listen, follow her."

I shift behind the bar, listening to her tale, "After a time I stopped hiding myself. I would sit and listen to her for hours. Often just the two of us. She tried to convince me that things could be better." she chuckles and looks wistful, her ears flickering as she remembered. Her face slowly darkens and then she continues, her voice lower, "But trouble followed as I knew it would. Nekos started to rise up, little things at first but it got worse." A long pause as she plays with her glass, "Then my Queen gave the order to kill her." she finishes quietly and then takes a swallow of her beer.

Silence but for the weather filled the bar for some time until I ventured, "You loved her."

Neko ears flicker slightly, the woman staring into her half empty bowl and not really answering, "I hid her. I slaughtered another and presented the body to my Queen. At first it worked, but it didn't last. We were found out." Her face hardens as she moves on with her story, "She was pulled from hiding and killed. I was disgraced, fallen. My Queen, enraged at my betrayal, hunted me herself with the Greater flight at her back. She ripped my mind from my demon form and thrust me into this shell, leaving me with nothing of my former power." the woman's shoulders slump slightly, murmuring, "Just a neko."

"You lived. How long ago was it?" the bar towel makes slow circles on the countertop.

Her head tilts slightly, "Ten, maybe fifteen years. I have no way of knowing for sure." she takes in a long breath, "At first the Greater flight imprisoned and tormented me. They grew tired of my screams and pain and I was thrown to the Lesser flight as further insult, for their amusement." a shake of her head, ears moving slowly, "They too grew bored with me over the years. Eventually their vigilance slipped and I escaped." she shrugs, her eyes lifting to mine, "I have been wandering ever since."

I look out into the dark street in front of the bar into the shadows before turning back to the neko, "Does your Queen still hunt you?"

She shakes her head, remembering her food as she eats a spoonful, "No, I doubt she spares me or my mistake any more thought." Brown feline eyes glance into the bar mirror over my head again, "Sometimes one of the Lesser flight thinks to capture me and drag me back for some favour with the Queen." a ghost of a smile flits across her lips and she shrugs, turning her attention back to her stew, "The Lesser flight tend to make mistakes fortunately. Should one of the Greater flight take an interest instead..." she shrugs, "I would be dead."

I look around the bar as she eats. Shaggy had left at some point, I hadn't even heard the door open. I shrug to myself, moving around the bar to bus the table quickly, sweeping the change he'd left into a pocket. Hadn't finished his drink either.

The neko had started to get up, fastening her coat around her as she readied to leave, "Thank you for the stew." I nod, moving behind the bar as she turns to go, shrugging the swords into place over her back.

"You must hate her." I add, looking at her back.

The neko pauses, looking back at me in confusion and then slowly shakes her head, "No. I betrayed my Queen and my flight for a neko. She was right to punish me. Now I must live with it."

She smiles sadly and then nods again, a slow incline of her head and then she's gone, the door banging shut, closing out the weather.

I start to put away the remains of her meal, busying myself with clearing the bartop as I listen to the night.

Two screams from the alley sound over the roar of the wind and rain, one challenging the other. A deep feral snarl, squeals of pain and anger, and then distant thumps, something hitting the big dumpster in the alley hard. Silence takes over but for the weather's drone.

I continue to clean the bar top, my gaze down as the door slams open a few minutes later. A heavy awkward gait echoes through the room as boots drag on the wooden floor. I can see her in my peripheral vision as the neko limps in to the middle of the room, the glint of her blade in one hand, the other hanging limp and useless at her side. I can see stains on her duster, darker then the wet from the rain, seeping into the heavy material.

I pause in my cleaning and wring the bar towel out, looking up at her. She's breathing heavily, raggedly pulling in each breath. Inhuman claw marks had ripped her clothing in several bloody places and a deep rent in her coat showed pale skin, parallel cuts along her ribs leaving red trails behind. A deep jagged cut started just under her chin and went up over her cheek just under her tattoo, face and neck glistening wetly with blood. She'd narrowly avoided having her throat cut.

We watch each other for a minute and then I gesture to the stool beside where she'd sat, "You forgot your hat." I pick up another glass and start wiping it. Her feral eyes dart to the hat, staring at it. Her gaze looks confused for a moment and then she seems to sag, eyes dimming and shoulders slumping tiredly, "Thank you." The words were thick and slurred, the cut on her face painfully hampering speech by the looks of it. She limps to the stool and picks up the hat, turning without a word and moving slowly to the door. The wind and rain lick eagerly at the entrance as she leans against the doorframe, staring dejectedly into the darkness.

"Hospital is nearby." I watch her turn her head slightly, neko ears flickering as she listens over her shoulder. I start to clean the beer taps, "Two blocks down and a block over. You can't miss it." Her head turns that way and she nods, a painful murmur lost in the rain as she staggers out into the dark, the door slamming behind her. Only the muted music from the jukebox, the howl of the wind, and the steady roar of the rain were left behind.

I continue to clean up, head bowed as I listen to the downpour and the night. Probably no more customers tonight. I put the last glass on the shelf behind the bar as everything starts to fade.

I know everyone's story eventually. Her's might be interesting. If she survived. Might be all too short. Hard to say.

From outside the Zodiac seemed to dim, hunch in on itself. Empty. Waiting for the next customer to wander in out of the night. Waiting for next story to be told.
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