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AntiZero( New bio for my new main character, Armen, the brother of Jack O'connor. This was a character I played with in the background for a while and I started circulating him into LA about a week ago. There is some sexzor in this just an fyi, but this is dark rp so what the hell.)

They called my father the Black Fang. I never understood what the templars meant by that name, but I realized later when I met him. A monster, a demon who wasn’t one: Drake “Black Fang” O’Connor. He was your typical type of Blackwind: short tempered uncontrollable, quick to raise his hand, but bull-headed and unyielding. The overconfident death-seeker. He was the kind, they say, of Drokan more suited in hell. Hell, Grimjaw himself stated “Your too good for them Blackwind. Let’s put this feud to an end and show you what you could really be.” He refused the fiend obviously. He was always on the verge of darkness, but he never quite crossed the line. He was a warrior, and a father, but not the father I needed. I was five years old when it happened. Playing with my older brother by the river one day and it happened. I fell into the river and the undertow swept me away. There was nothing he could do. My brother tried to save me, but he nearly sunk to the bottom of the river himself.

All I remember is darkness, the fleeting breath of life draining from my heavy limbs. I was death, and death was me. The two become one and I realized at that moment the fascination with that dark place. It planted its seductive seed and I didn’t want it to consume me; no, rather I desired to consume it. The preying darkness coveted my soul, but I yearned to destroy it myself. An inversion of death’s designs, that is what the reaver means. I wanted to reave death itself and become its master; I thought death would smother me, but fate’s fickle fortune favored me on that day. They pulled me from the empty brink of the abyss. The Drokan, my forebears.

For nearly twenty years they raised me as their own. No it was not the warmth my family had provided me, no they provided me with a blank slate. No name, no history, no origin. My former identity had vanished from my heart. The Drokan rebuilt me from the ground up into their tool, their weapon; I had no qualms because my gratitude was met with the kind discipline I cherished. Each day I practiced till my knuckles were raw and bled from the seeping cuts and gnashes. It was hellish torture, but I gained from it the strength to rise above it all. I fashioned a mask for myself. Ruthless, hollow, a walking corpse this was the mask I created. I still felt the emotions of my past coursing through my seemingly lifeless body. Day in and day out I felt the jolts of joy and regret. Revulsion and remorse. I slowly began to indulge in the darker motivations and I discovered my obsession: old bloods as they called them. We know them as the bane of the light and God, demons.

The walls of the sanctum were carved with warnings of these devious ancestors. Our kind schismed from the Shattered, but they still refused to accept their heritage. Why did they deny this fundamental principle of their core? The appearances of our kind nearly reflects our brethren from eons ago. No it was the “soul”, or lack there of that separated us from the greater blood. What makes a demon different from us? Does a demon not feel pain? Does a demon not feel fury? Surely there was more to these specters of the abyss? I pursued those series of questions throughout my youth. I wished to meet them and understand why we separated from the old bloods.

I was eighteen when I first laid my eyes upon my first female victim. She was a human magus, one who had foolishly incurred the wrath of a templar above me. He ordered me to hunt her down and teach her respect. He handed me a modern, soulless instrument: a pistol. I brushed away the useless device; I needed no such contraption of mankind. No my body was churned into a weapon itself. I preferred the stainless steel of my katars and daggers. Speed and precision were my forte; I loath murder personally, it's such a dull activity and unsastifying measure. It doesn’t give you power, only the illusion of it. No I relished in the depravity that occurred afterwards. She was an easy target: inexperienced and overconfident in her endeavors.

I stalked her in Paris for two weeks before I executed my plan. I concealed myself in her private chambers for several hours while she was away. For a magus, her room wasn’t warded with charms or hexes. Amateur, I cringed to myself at her sloppiness. It was delight as she paused and shut the doorway. The room only let in the slivers of dank, desperate particles of light. They cried out to her to beware this stalker in her chamber. She murmured an incantation as she gyrated her body rhythmically with each syllable. I was enticed by the erotic, sexual performance. Her hair was smooth in straight locks and midnight black; her eyes were a pale grey. She had a petite build, runes and tattoos adorned along her pink flesh. I felt the blood rushing to my loins as I witnessed her lewdness. Something triggered within me: the long, repressed taint of my ancestors compelling me to reave her. She cupped her small hands under the pert, taut underside of her breasts.

I stepped forward and rushed at her unprotected back. She screamed in surprised as my lithe form snatched at her and cut through her silk robes effortlessly. Her cries and desperate pleas only beckoned me to commit this heinous act. Words were usual as her spells slipped from the weight of my boot kneeing into her abdomen. She keeled over and guarded her bruised ribs. My fingers tightened as the curse awakened my true form. Smoke and a black liquid slithered from my pours and coated me in its black luminous form; my fingers lengthened to piercing talons, my shoulders spurting jagged, cragged spikes and two horns tearing through my bleeding brow. This was what the elders called the awakening; it’s known as the Drokans true birth. They hide as humans and become this in adolescence. I stood above the magi with my eyes leering and my head cocked slightly like an ancient predator. She was beaten and ripe for the taking. The voice inside whispered it hoarsely: “Violate her. Show her why the abyss consumes all.” I grasped my newly adorned, rough horns as the voice pounded inside my skull. I lifted her off the ground with the surge of inhuman prowess; the sorceress groaned and whimpered pathetically as her tattered robes slinked to her biceps.

Her slit was raw and a flushed pink. I unfurled my half-aching shaft and poked the dry opening. In response she let out a soft moan with her tongue straying from her throat. There was no need for safety or preparation- I only wished to reave and destroy her existence. I rammed my hips into her slit as it expanded and swallowed my wide shaft; the sorceress eyes widen and she let out a horrific, squealing wail of agony. Blood dripped from her swollen blossom. “A virgin-the perfect prototype” I mused to myself as her blood served as viable lubricant. I planted her against the cobblestone wall to the right and pounded slowly with deep, brutish thrusts. Each time she clenched her teeth and tears fell from bruised face. The blood and slippery juice mixed together into a drooling puddle.

After a while the wails subsided and her expression changed: she was crying in ecstasy from the rapture. “Son of the abyss, you came. You answered my prayer.” She panted heavily in broken syllables. The words processed in my mind and I was shocked by her statement; she continued: “Hell answered my prayers. You answered my calls prince of the abyss. I desire your power; let the flames of hell devour my soul. I bow before the masters of the great. Give me the solace of damnation, daritk (noble)” She pushed her loins upon my shaft. I realized she was performing a summoning at that moment. I used this to my advantage. I continued to pump and break her canal. Moan after moan this mortal harlot immorally screeched. Hell would have her wretched soul; this deliverance was my first step to madness. She climaxed and fell off my gushing spear. She laid nude, cum and her own juice squelching messily. What happened next was not of my own doing. She had laid with a beast, yes, but I was still Drokan. My talons launched at her and sunk transparently through her chest. My vision revealed all: her real visage was a whorish shell of her beauty. My shimmering hand latched around her soul and pulled it from her body. The husk lost its source and the color drained from her flushed body. Her essence flickered in the dim corridor. “Thank you, daritk. Now” she pleaded “send me to paradise.”

With her words finished, her wish was granted. From the shadows of the wall before me a maw roared towards her. The devilish, draconic face snapped its jaw around her and gnawed on her soul. Her ethereal soul suffered as the teeth clenched and tethered her slowly into its recesses. The look in her eyes was one of unknowing terror, and a sinful wish fulfilled. I jerked back from the maw as the two vanished. My heart thumped and thundered with blood; I felt as if it would tear itself from my chest. I heard the slumping of a body behind me. I dared not turn to face what awaited me; what was this? I swallowed my fears and turned to what awaited. The woman rose from her death pose and an unknown discharge of orange energy lingered as she stood with her head obscured from my view. I drew forth a single edge and pointed the blade at this reanimated corpse. “Who are you spectr—“I am grateful, Drokan. You have given me birth into this world. Armen the Nameless, correct? Yes you are. I am Ara, daughter of Lilith. I beseeched you reaver.” This demon declared to me openly. A demon, flesh and blood in this world!? Finally, I would have my questions answered by this messenger of lust.
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