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Canly FargisMy human mother was raped by a daemon, the prince of shadow who now wants to rule canly as his rightful father and take him back to the shadow realm. Then I was turned by a vampire to try and seperate himself from the demon..i got issues
The magical tatoo on my body was created by a powerful drow in dark magic to contain the demon within. It is a warded barrier which can attach to other warded barriers allowing me to pass through them.

sending notecard of the rp where the demon within gains awareness.

[20:15] Canly Fargis: tries to look as if he is tough but feeling the weekness of his being having fought the demon within for so long making him feel...thin, "i am afraid that i will not be the same if part of me gains full awareness"
[20:17] Pat Bomse: AHH!!!!
[20:17] Halcyon Nacht nods, "You're hardly the first person in this city with that problem..." her stuttering quiet down as she begins talking with more confidence, "I've seen several demonic-self battles before." she pauses before adding solemnly, "I lost someone that way.. but, he was weak." She looks up, scanning the man again, "I don't see any typical demonic interior elements, good sign."
[20:18] Malice Ashdene remembers that she has a dress she needs to fix, "ive got to be going now, it was very nice meeting you," she curtseys to Halcy, "and nice to see you again, Canly," she curtseys to Canly, thenwaves goodbye to them both and walks away
[20:18] Malice Ashdene: if the lag permits~))
[20:18] Halcyon Nacht nods and smiles, "Take care."
[20:19] Halcyon Nacht giggles, watching Malice walk away, muttering, "Would ya believe she's nothin' but stuffin in there?" she snickers to herself.
[20:20] Canly Fargis: relaxes finally, "well see this tatoo? it is some kind of grace that holds the demom side of me in check but it has awoken and i am afraid may gain full awareness again."
[20:21] : Canly Fargis OOC : damn i swear there was a crowd behind me a minute ago..hehe
[20:22] TKD Nitro HUD V2.0 whispers: Techno Kitty Development Nitro HUD Initializing....
[20:22] Halcyon Nacht frowns, "You might wanna talk to the doc that takes care of me.. Vox Binder. Every time my system crashed or I had some malfunction, I always remember him mumbling some latin sounding stuff, and he was able to put some sort of ... magic? spell? protection? .. over me. Maybe he can help you?"
[20:22] Woden Jarvinen: ((there was one but it disappeared))
[20:23] Canly Fargis: smiles, "oh that sound great. i will have to talk to vox then"
[20:23] Halcyon Nacht lifts her chin gently, taking a step closer, sniffing in his direction, "You don't smell like a demon.. well, not totaly.." She chuckles, "Burned toast."
[20:23] Woden Jarvinen ears perk ar the name of Vox, remembering how he was a traitor and spread lies. Woden noted the man who mentioned Vox's name and made a mental note to talk to him
[20:24] Canly Fargis: shrugs, "well i was born half demon but i was turned by a powerful vampire"
[20:25] Halcyon Nacht nods, "Do you're a vamp too then?"
[21:28] Malice Ashdene hears the wind blow as crickets chirp. ackward silence~
[21:29] Woden Jarvinen accepted your inventory offer.
[21:31] Jadia Serpente: i have to restart brb))
[21:31] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you DarkMajik Bauhaus for your generous tip!
[21:32] Woden Jarvinen slowly starts to heal and feel better "I'm glad you did it Canly."extends his hand "Demonkind has to watch for demonkind. And I count you as one"
[21:32] Canly Fargis: looks from jadia to woden then feels the cold unattached self of vampire fill within him, "i am done with this insignificate being within. i will control it i swear it"
[21:32] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you Molly Switchblade for your generous tip!
[21:33] Woden Jarvinen: "If you say so" and in his eyes the flash of deep blue fires glow
[21:35] Savanna Gravois: hi
[21:35] Malice Ashdene: ..... -_- why does my ao HAVE so clash with the poses this purse requires?))
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[21:37] Woden Jarvinen nods with respect to the lady "Greetings"
[21:37] VishousPayne Nitely nods "Evening"
[21:37] VishousPayne Nitely: ((sorry.shit I load terribly))
[21:37] Jadia Serpente: not knowing the lady just nods to her
[21:38] Canly Fargis: looks at the new comer suspeciously, "hello"
[21:38] VishousPayne Nitely waves them off "What?? Did I interrupt your fucking tea party?"
[21:39] Jadia Serpente: thinks to her self takes the nod back.
[21:39] Woden Jarvinen shakes his head from side to side, and some of his super cooled ice blood trickled out of his ear and falls to the street, freezing and shattering the concrete and dropping deep to the depths of the ground "Damnn you do have one powerful demonic inner spirit Canly. I don't see how you'll control him, or even why"
[21:40] Jadia Serpente: i agree it is such a waste of power
[21:41] VishousPayne Nitely tilted her own head as she listened to the trio but her eyes remained focused on the street behind the girl.
[21:41] Woden Jarvinen finally realizes the tea party was a joke and he chortles a little "Nar. No interruptions. I just had demon on the brain"
[21:42] VishousPayne Nitely turns her head slowly towards Woden, giving him an icy gaze. One perfectly arched brow raised a bit higher. "I know you...don't I?"
[21:42] Woden Jarvinen: "Indeed. I'm Woden, and I'm newer" he adds with respect
[21:42] Canly Fargis: looks down at the street then back up, "i have fought against that demonic presence and when i was turned it was quiet within the grace carved into my upper body. i have no interest in letting it gain full awareness now"
[21:43] Jadia Serpente: and with that said i'll take a seat on the roof and let that feeling of false security surround me.
[21:43] VishousPayne Nitely nods her head curtly, her usual tempermental...
[21:45] VishousPayne Nitely speaks in a demonic tongue.
[21:45] VishousPayne Nitely speaks in a demonic tongue.
[21:45] Woden Jarvinen looks at Canly, and Woden's expression is sad, and understanding. He doesn't quite know what to say for he never saw demonic spirit as painful or able to cause someone pain "It seems you judge yourself, and from judgment comes your pain. Perhaps the grace carved into your upper body is the other telling you that you're dangerous, to others, and to yourself. maybe" and once again he conjures up the earth. he places it in revolution around the sun and he watches as it moves slowly in a delicate ellipse around the hot light of the star "Maybe you're this sun, the star, and the pain you feel is one of guilt, for having been born fortunate, and others give you guilt out of envy"
[21:45] Woden Jarvinen speaks in a demonic tongue.
[21:46] VishousPayne Nitely nods, remaining quiet while she watched the demon. A small smile curved her mouth in amusement.
[21:47] Woden Jarvinen speaks in a demonic tongue.
[21:48] Canly Fargis: looks at woden with half lidded eyes of disinterest that only a vampire can do, "
[21:48] VishousPayne Nitely speaks in a demonic tongue.
[21:49] Woden Jarvinen snaps his hand shut and all the magic vanishes. He sighs a little, and he holds out his other hand, one that has his icy blood on it "This blood. You drew it. You attacked, and you killed. You can't deny that, nor should you"
[21:50] Woden Jarvinen speaks in a demonic tongue.
[21:51] : Canly Fargis OOC : i am off for the night. ty for the rp
[20:25] Halcyon Nacht: *so))
[20:26] Canly Fargis: nods slowly, "well i am fully vampire as far as i am concerned..erm well i was until recently when i started to feel the demon presence within again"
[20:27] Halcyon Nacht nods, "Well, Vox lives over in South Gate, by me. I don't know if he'd be of help, but I doubt it'd hurt. He brought me back to life several times and gave me a place to stay." she smiles and reaches out, touching Canly's arm gently, "It's up to you .. a demonic spirit is only as powerful as you let it become."
[20:28] Canly Fargis: notices she lost her stutter, "i will certainly ask for some assistance"
[20:29] Woden Jarvinen shouldn't eavesdrop but mention of demon and demonic spirits compels him to say something, so he pitches his voice to the man "Why would you want to control a demonic spirit? Embrace him... don't you want to?"
[20:30] Halcyon Nacht nods to Canly, suddenly turning to Woden, "Not everyone's inner demon should be unleashed.. you should know that." Her tone is forceful but calm.
[20:32] Woden Jarvinen matches her calm with the subtlety of his own Nordic roots "Why fear your power? Unleashing it is nothing to be afraid of, though people might be afraid and tell him not to do it. It's part of who he is. To deny him that would be like denying him water when he's thirsty"
[20:32] Canly Fargis: does a loud sigh, "yeah i know. last time the demon gained full awareness i killed many witches i was sworn to protect"
[20:34] Woden Jarvinen: "Maybe you helped them to move on. Your other part has you thinking in 2 dimensions. In fact, maybe you did what the witches desires? Why do mortals feel death is an end? It's an end to the here, but it's the beginning of the tomorrow." he adds
[20:34] Halcyon Nacht sighs, propping a hand on her hip, cocking her leg out and staring up in Woden's direction, "You're a little bias no?" She glances up at his blue skin and optically scans the man, activating her ocular lens.
[20:35] Canly Fargis: sniffs the air, "i smell...angel"
[20:35] Methias Eponym yawns and looks up ontop of the newstand and waves to Woden. "Oi Woden!"
[20:36] Woden Jarvinen waves back "Oi Meth!"
[20:38] Woden Jarvinen returns her gaze "Perhaps, but then I've been around some time, though i am young. But would you have him deny who he is?"
[20:38] Canly Fargis: touches his chest and is startled that it feels warm being he is a vampire, "it has been so long since i felt this presence"
[20:40] Halcyon Nacht tilts her head, studying Woden before speaking again, "I've been around a while too .. and I've seen the demonic sides of people overtake them and eventually END them... He was given a choice- he can chose to identify with his vampiric self OR the demon.. You and I both know the demon would easily overtake the vampire in him if he let it."
[20:40] Woden Jarvinen closes his eyes and meditates on a flickering flame. instead of a stream of cold, he sends the opposite straight at the man, hoping to calm him. The inner demon was not a harmful force, and "Why run from what you are. All works out in the cycle of eternity. Maybe one of the witches incarnated as somethiing far more interesting"
[20:41] Woden Jarvinen nods "But maybe he is a demonic vampire, and he feeds on fear, or energy, or even souls. The two are not mutually exclusice"
[20:43] Halcyon Nacht crosses her arms over her chest. though she stood on the oposing side of the matter, she could admire his intelligence and demeanor. "I take it you know more than I do, so I'll concede. But I don't think he needs to completely lose himself to demonic forces.. it's not his only option."
[20:43] Methias Eponym groans. "Woden I'm starting to get quite hungry. I believe I might want to hunt some Angel down either today or tomorrow, would you be interested in joining me? Although i would strongly advise you to stand back when I feed if you do choose to come with." he said giving a smirk up to Woden. He didnt offer many people the chance to come with him because he usually snatched what he wanted on his own time, but Woden had proven to be a friend so he wouldnt have an issue sharing a piece or two.
[20:43] Halcyon Nacht picks up on the warmth coming from Canly as her lens alerts her to a sudden spike in his body temperature. She shrugs it off, nothing life-threatening.
[20:43] Canly Fargis: shakes his head, "well it is just that since i was turned i haven't had to deal with the demon within"
[20:44] Woden Jarvinen smiles to Meth "It'd be an honor Methias. And sure. I wouldn't mind. They're not high on my list of beings to like, so please feel free to do as you wish" and he turns to the man "Why fear your strength. Watch this." and he jumps down in front of him and the lady
[20:45] Woden Jarvinen holds out his hand. From them he produces two spheres. Both white "What do you think these are?"
[20:45] Canly Fargis: looks at his hands, "i...i don't know"
[20:45] Halcyon Nacht blinks, scanning them interanlly a moment, "I take it you're going to show us.." she smirks and waits.
[20:46] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you Dillion Kiergarten for your generous tip!
[20:47] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you Liriani Magic for your generous tip!
[20:48] Woden Jarvinen focuses and one turns into a firey dragon. It floats around and spouts blue flames into the air, If he wanted, it could attack someone but he lets it go off on it's own. The other orb becomes a gold dragon that breathes extreme cold, burning even his skin with its icy breath. It sinks its teeth into him hard, and Woden winces as the ice dragon chews and sucks some of his extreme cold liquid ice from his veins
[20:49] Canly Fargis: eyes widen seeing the dragons, "you can produce dragons with your power?"
[20:50] Halcyon Nacht sneers at the dragons as she watches Woden's spectacle, "And what's that supposed to be? We can all do tricks..." She concentrates for a moment as an orb of energy surrounds her, emitting electric pusles and sparks into the brisk air. "Don't gotta be a demon..."
[20:51] Woden Jarvinen: "It's a tiny little fraction of my powers. and this one that's biting me" and he pulls him off his shoulder and the dragon seems to snicker. It blows a spray of ice in his eyes and flies off. Woden shakes his head hard and wipes the liquid out of his face, and then he looks to the man. "They're pets really, but your inner demon" and he pulses a subtle energy around him "He is strong. You shouldn't fear your strength. Do you want to see some stronger power?"
[20:52] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you Dillion Kiergarten for your generous tip!
[20:52] Halcyon Nacht stays quiet, but hopes Canly agrees, she was slightly intruiged by his strength, despite her outward indifference.
[20:53] Canly Fargis: feels drawn to the power that feels so natural to him and nods slowly, "yes i like power"
[20:53] Woden Jarvinen taps into the Brood Hivemind.
[20:54] Oren Itano inclines her head respectfully to the Demon Queen "Charissa, I hope the evening finds you well."
[20:56] Woden Jarvinen: "and what's not to like about power? Do you think this city, in fact this Earth, has its history written by the peaceniks?" and he laughs hard "History is written by the victorious, and that usually means power, and you, sir, have a lot of power" and Woden turns the subtle shimmer of energy around the man into a swirling wall of fierce ice and fires, hotter than the sun and colder than the depths of the Void, and he lifts it up into the air where it annihilates itself "Had I let that settle on the city, goodbye LA. But, your powers are as grreat, if not moreso"
[20:57] Mephiston Exonar wanders up to canly, and rests his hands at his hips. He doesnt poke or prod him like usual, instead, he observes the blue man talk promises of power to yet another person, wondering what he's selling this time, and why he keeps targetting clan members.
[20:58] Halcyon Nacht chuckles, "Goodbye LA?... What a pity."
[20:59] Canly Fargis: eyes close feeling the depth of the power radiating from woden, feeling like it...belongs, "hmmm that felt pure and not what i expected"
[20:59] Halcyon Nacht tilts her head, "The Brood lookin' for fresh blood or something? ... All you're doing is promising power, like a fairtale. Hell, I wanna be a demon after that gimmick.. But it's not all sunshine and magic tricks either."
[20:59] Halcyon Nacht: *fairytale))
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[21:00] Mephiston Exonar: congrats, exceed))
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[21:01] Exceed Ashdene: Hello Elo.
[21:01] eloisa Ashley: hello criss
[21:01] eloisa Ashley: how are you
[21:01] Woden Jarvinen chortles. "I would never wreck my own city..." and he sees the look in the man's eyes "It belonge because you are powerful. Why let mere mortals hold you back frm what is rightfully yours? Yours is the legacy of nobility, or immortality" and he conjures a perfect blue sphere that turns into the Earth and rotates, the sun pops into the center and the other planets as well, all revolving around the sun, then he makes something happen. Everythig stops and revolves around the Earth, and this Earth morphs into this man's essence "It's your Universe. Embrace your powers and your divinity, or" and the Earth morphs once more back into a planet and simply revolves around the sun "Let someone else guide your destiny"
[21:01] eloisa Ashley: hello john
[21:01] eloisa Ashley: ok
[21:02] John022 Dench: hello eloisa
[21:02] eloisa Ashley: how are you
[21:02] John022 Dench: i am fine thx
[21:02] eloisa Ashley: john i'm trying to fine andru
[21:02] John022 Dench: and you how are you eloisa?
[21:02] eloisa Ashley: i'm fine
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[21:03] John022 Dench: (( congrats eloisa )
[21:03] Halcyon Nacht facepalms and mutters, "oh for pete's sake.."
[21:03] eloisa Ashley: ((ty john
[21:03] John022 Dench: ((yw ))
[21:04] Mephiston Exonar snorts at the tired promises of a windbag organic. He had heard other snakeoil salesmen like this guy before, the tired path beaten by the footsteps of the hopeful fishermen of souls. He reaches up and punches his fist gently into canly's arm guard, and wanders off towards the tent. "Dont get yourself in trouble again, canly" He chuckles to his clansmen, before wandering off towards the truck down the street.
[21:04] Canly Fargis: shakes his head figorously, "no! i can not embrace this...this demon within. i was a product of a rape and will not let it reach full awareness!"
[21:05] CCS - v0.4.9-3 - METER whispers: CCS will be delivered momentarily
[21:05] Exceed Ashdene: ((God it just hit lag central))
[21:05] eloisa Ashley: (( it is laggy in here ))
[21:05] Exceed Ashdene: (Two reds and a green bar))
[21:06] eloisa Ashley: john i need to find the tribe
[21:06] eloisa Ashley: member name andru
[21:06] Woden Jarvinen: "You resist, but you don't need to. A rape, yes that can be brutal, but what did you have to do of that? Without that you would not be here, and I'm not selling you a concept as the looks on these faces seem to show" for he saw a lot of rolling of the eyes so to speak "All I'm doing is showing you my power, and if you feel it is natural to you, it's your power as well. In fact, kill me. here and now. Tell me how it feels, and then you'll know I am an ice Demon and do not lie to you" he flexes his chest
[21:06] John022 Dench: you know that they kill you on sight ?
[21:06] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you Oren Itano for your generous tip!
[21:07] eloisa Ashley: andru just killed
[21:07] eloisa Ashley: earlyer john
[21:07] Halcyon Nacht pulls on the sleeve of Canly's jacket, "I'm gonna head out.. be careful with this one, will ya?" She takes a few steps away before turning around to Woden and snickering, "Try conjuring a shirt, looks like ya lost that one." she motions with her hand to his chest and wanders off down the road.
[21:07] John022 Dench: we all are killed sometimes Eloisa
[21:07] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you Grid Fall for your generous tip!
[21:08] eloisa Ashley: john i need to kill him
[21:08] Woden Jarvinen laughs at her comment
[21:08] John022 Dench: we can take a look fo him ?
[21:08] CommUnit 0.14: (clan) Mephiston Exonar : *Speaks in a soft, reassuring tone* Don't give in to the trickster, canley. You are better than that.
[21:09] eloisa Ashley: please
[21:09] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: John022 Dench uses Heal-1 on eloisa Ashley.
[21:09] eloisa Ashley: john please tell me the location of andrus
[21:09] Canly Fargis: hears a reassuring voice in his com system and decides againts attacking, "no i can not do this"
[21:10] Woden Jarvinen: "but you want to" he adds
[21:10] John022 Dench: where he lives ?
[21:10] eloisa Ashley: yes
[21:10] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Woden Jarvinen uses Wrack on Canly Fargis
[21:10] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Canly Fargis uses Luck-15 on Themselves
[21:10] John022 Dench: i thought in damnation
[21:10] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Canly Fargis uses Garotte-16 on Woden Jarvinen
[21:10] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Woden Jarvinen uses Wrack on Canly Fargis
[21:10] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Woden Jarvinen resists being dazed.
[21:10] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Woden Jarvinen has been defeated by Canly Fargis!
[21:10] eloisa Ashley: john he killed mr
[21:11] Woden Jarvinen: "Nice. Your power is strong."
[21:11] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: You may use offensive skills again
[21:11] eloisa Ashley: john i need to go ariel is here
[21:11] Canly Fargis: looks down at what he did and smiles, "well i can't always listen to reason"
[21:11] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: You may use support skills again
[21:11] Woden Jarvinen: "And tell me. you enjoyed that yes? I would have"
[21:11] John022 Dench: i now ariel is avove us
[21:11] Jadia Serpente: bad Canly.............
[21:12] Canly Fargis: shrugs, "well i wil find a way to control this demon within. i am canly and i am in control of my being!"
[21:12] John022 Dench: but whe we see him you both need to kill him because i am neutral to him
[21:12] Woden Jarvinen: "I think Canly is damn excellent. I provoked him for a point" though he sure is achy now "So Canly can see his power and embrace it"
[21:13] Woden Jarvinen whispers "You are Canly and you choose to embrace your demon and let him loose on the world!"
[21:13] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Canly Fargis uses HealMe-16 on Themselves
[21:13] eloisa Ashley: john i would never hurt my friend ariel
[21:14] Jadia Serpente: sexy Canly, you are so powerful.
[21:14] Mephiston Exonar moves to walk into mundane machines, but then spots the blue prone form of the trickster in the middle of the street. He raises an eyebrow and wanders over.
[21:14] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: You may use healing skills again
[21:14] John022 Dench: but alone against him you don't have any chance
[21:14] Mephiston Exonar chuckles softly and pats canley on the arm. "hooo shit, what happened here?"
[21:15] Jadia Serpente: it touches me right here." then she rubs up her thigh
[21:15] eloisa Ashley: against who john
[21:15] John022 Dench: Andru of course
[21:15] eloisa Ashley: oh ok
[21:15] Woden Jarvinen: "I provoked him, and just a little nudge. and he killed meh. His inner demon came out faster than a dick in a porno festival. He's strong. he needs not fear it"
[21:15] eloisa Ashley: i must fine him john
[21:15] Mephiston Exonar takes out a small vial of smelling salts, and removes the lid. He leans over and waves it under canley's nose. "Hey, you there?"
[21:15] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Woden Jarvinen uses HealMe-8 on Themselves
[21:15] eloisa Ashley: 1
[21:16] Canly Fargis: glances at meph, "well he was asking for it i think."
[21:16] John022 Dench: do you think he is here somewhere ?
[21:16] eloisa Ashley: yes
[21:16] Malice Ashdene never realized she was almost as short as the newstand counter untill she lag-walked right through it just now))
[21:16] Mephiston Exonar waits for the ccs menu to stop being a son of a bitch))
[21:16] Woden Jarvinen nods "I was seeing how fast your demon does come out, and it's fast. Embrace him Canly, and I am Woden"
[21:17] John022 Dench: let's look for him
[21:17] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Woden Jarvinen uses HealMe-8 on Themselves
[21:17] eloisa Ashley: ok
[21:17] Malice Ashdene watches everyone in front of her with obvious curiosity
[21:17] eloisa Ashley: !
[21:18] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Woden Jarvinen uses HealMe-8 on Themselves
[21:18] Mephiston Exonar looks over to malice and wiggles his fingers cheerfully towards her, before turning back to canly. "Maybe so, canly. But you still shouldnt flatten silly tricksters, it's just no fun, yeah?"
[21:18] Mephiston Exonar: yep, you know what, fuck my ccs meter, lol))
[21:19] Woden Jarvinen: "I'm not a trickster. What did I promise him? I didn't say I could give him power. All i did was show him he has it and can unleash it. Why is that a trickster?"
[21:19] Malice Ashdene waves back to Meph, smiling, but doesnt say anything, feeling shes interupting something
[21:20] Canly Fargis: pats meph's shoulder, "i will find a way to control this demon"
[21:20] Nova Sakigake shouts: Thank you Oren Itano for your generous tip!
[21:20] Woden Jarvinen shakes his head. "I'm pretty achy, and to think you'll pocket away your demon like you'd stick your penor in a pocket pussy, is well," and he pauses "sad"
[21:21] Jadia Serpente: Canly, maybe it should surface more that tucked away demon
[21:22] Jadia Serpente looks canly up and down and like what she sees
[21:22] Mephiston Exonar crooks a thumb at the blue male who had identified himself as woden. "See? and here they are trying to draw it out, yet they arent at fault. No, not at all." He chuckles and shakes his head. "Yanno, canly, have fun with this twit, i'm going to lay down. Catch you later bud"
[21:22] Mephiston Exonar: ((night folks))
[21:23] Malice Ashdene: nightnight MephMeph))
[21:23] Woden Jarvinen smirks "Twit? I hope that's a compliment from you, though I doubt it. Be that as it is, he's demon, and no matter how much you try to suppress him, he will come out"
[21:23] Canly Fargis: glances at jadia then lowers his head, "i just can't accept this part of me. you don't understand what it is capable of"
[21:23] Malice Ashdene: oh yes, an extra mangle-peoples-names point for malice))
[21:23] Woden Jarvinen: ((niters Meph))
[21:24] Jadia Serpente: you need to embrace it Canly
[21:24] Jadia Serpente: it is what you are
01/11/09 16:14
Canly FargisThe demon awakens....

[19:16] Nova Sakigake gets close to Canly and seems to sniff at him through the thick leather of her hood
[19:16] Lucilla Beaumont bows politely, but discreetly
[19:16] Lucilla Beaumont speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:16] Canly Fargis: eyes the demonic presence before him. contemplates jumping down but decides not too, "erm hello. i am canly"
[19:17] Lucilla Beaumont looks at Salvatore. A small smile grows in her face. Small but so sincere.
[19:17] Gregoss Mills speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:17] Lucilla Beaumont looks at Canly ((who's not rezzed)) "... hello"
[19:18] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:18] Nova Sakigake speaks in a Hellish, hissing whisper that reminds Canly of open graves and hideous things, "I smelllll the taint within you...But it needs helping. Shall I help you? Half Breed?
[19:18] Gregoss Mills speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:19] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:19] Canly Fargis: eyes light up as the voice within screams at him too say yes. his tatoo starts to shift and flow, "you can help release the demon within?"
[19:19] Sakura23 Bleac speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:20] Lucilla Beaumont: ((I can only see Nova and Sal! *cries*))
[19:20] Nort Sinister speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:20] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:20] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Nort Sinister uses HealMe-1 on Themselves
[19:20] Nova Sakigake cackles horribly, "Indeeeed. I shall call it forth and meld it with your flesh. You shall become a demon incarnate.
[19:20] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Nort Sinister uses HealMe-1 on Themselves
[19:20] CCS - v0.4.9-7 - METER: Gregoss Mills uses GENHEAL-2 on Nort Sinister.
[19:21] Lucilla Beaumont speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:22] Gregoss Mills speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:22] Canly Fargis: rubs his chest looking down at his tatoo which holds the demon within from full consciousness, "i have denied my true self for two thousand years. i am ready"
[19:23] Nova Sakigake 's massive, misshapen left arm swings out, grasping at Canly to clutch him in a grip of iron
[19:23] Lucilla Beaumont looks at Canly, grinning. The awakening of a demon is always interesting.
[19:23] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:24] Sakura23 Bleac also watchs with some intrestest and currioustly.
[19:24] Lucilla Beaumont speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:24] Canly Fargis: body stiff'n with the grasp that holds more then just his flesh. all awareness is on nova he says voice horse, "please.."
[19:24] Gregoss Mills speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:25] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:25] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:26] Gregoss Mills waves and vanishes into the shadow
[19:26] Lucilla Beaumont speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:26] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:26] Nova Sakigake growls and stabs Canly deeply in his abdomen, sinking its cruel sword into his flesh and spilling blood in rivulets about their feet. As this happens the creature mouthes ancient words of blasphemy, and soon it becomes apparent that the blood draining from Canly is not mortal blood, but mortality itself, as the last vestiges of his humanity leak onto the roof.
[19:27] Nova Sakigake: ((run-on sentence. Yay. :( ))
[19:27] Salvatore Otoro watches the proceeding from afar
[19:29] Lucilla Beaumont watches with sheer curiosity, but silently.
[19:29] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:29] Canly Fargis: a gasp escapes his mouth as the demon with rushes forward. the balance of light and dark broken shadow released. eyes go pitch black and an evil grin creases his face, "ahhhh now i am whole again!"
[19:31] Lucilla Beaumont speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:32] Nova Sakigake takes on the countenance of someone far too close to Canly. Someone who might possibly drive him insane as she speaks in the voice of his father, "My son...The day you were were born, the creatures of the darkness whispered your name. My child...I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon. Remember...our line has always ruled with hatred and anger...And I know you will show no restraint in exercising your great power..."
[19:33] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:35] Canly Fargis: hearing his fathers voice he takes a deep breath and looks around at the world that will soon rue the day shadow was released, "mmmm, i think i will like it here. i will not disappoint you father i swear it. i am here to stay!"
[19:37] Nova Sakigake pushes Canly down to his knees as she finishes, " I tell you this...for when man's days have come to an shall be a king."
[19:37] Nova Sakigake: Rise anew
[19:37] Lucilla Beaumont watches in awe. Such power.
[19:38] Nova Sakigake releases Canly and pulls the blade out, wound closing instantly
[19:38] Sakura23 Bleac could sence hes strength int he air. She smiles. Sakura slightly impressed. And that took alot to impress her, cos nothing hardly did.
[19:39] Salvatore Otoro watches in awe.....having watched an impressive display of power and harnessing of recources
[19:40] Lucilla Beaumont smiles. "I guess... welcome to the fun side?" and chuckles lightly
[19:41] Sakura23 Bleac: ((in comming greg lol)
[19:42] Gregoss Mills speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:42] Canly Fargis: black upon black eyes look out now no emotion escapes his features his thoughts now pure and untainted by his previous existance...his crucible has finally arrived and humanity will remember why they fear the dark...sniff the cold air as it blows throw the city calling for vengeance, "i feel a war will soon be at hand, no one will escape it"
[19:43] Sakura23 Bleac speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:43] Nova Sakigake: The deed is done
[19:43] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:43] Sakura23 Bleac nods to Sal
[19:44] Lucilla Beaumont speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:44] Sakura23 Bleac speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:44] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:45] Sakura23 Bleac speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:45] Lucilla Beaumont: A war... a time of Abaddon then?
[19:45] Gregoss Mills smiles
[19:46] Canly Fargis: eyes rest on nova, "you have given me my life. i owe you and will repay that debt. until then, anytime you call i will be there"
[19:46] Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:49] : Canly Fargis OOC : can i add this rp to my character forum?
[19:49] Gregoss Mills speaks in a demonic tongue.
[19:49] Gregoss Mills grins evily
[19:49] Nova Sakigake: (absolutely. And you need to ask SheJ for a race change if you arent a demon already, and for membership in the LA demons. Thats how we choose demons to be Brood)
[19:50] : Canly Fargis OOC : yeah i will make a request
01/30/09 04:45
ZiauMake sure you know you aren't allowed to post chat logs without the expressed permission of the others interacting with you. This is for future reference, and I know you meant no harm- but this can get you in trouble because it openly violates the SL ToS.

Though this is not my place to comment wether or not you deserve or merit the race change- my suggestion is just RP as a demon- your CCS race does not hold you back or RPing anything to others. And with 0.5.0 JUST around the corner, you can simply respec when it comes out to Demon- and to give you a speculation of this close on respec. Suz said the end of January or early February if I remember correctly- and it's the 30th of Jan. ^.^
01/30/09 07:27
Canly FargisI did get approval from Woden Jarvinen on the first post and Nova Sakigake on the second. These posts were not meant to attack anyone they were meant show my character RP in LA.01/31/09 06:23
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