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molly switchbladeMolly stumbled through the yellow pool thrown by the streetlamp, becoming fully illuminated for the first time since the chase began. She wore shredded, blood-soaked leather jacket and pants. She hunched over a burden cradled in her arms, and darted from the exposed street into an alley. As she ran, she leaned forward, hugging both arms close about her. She tried to ignore the pain as she jostled shredded skin with each plodding step. [i]Claws,[/i] she thought. [i]No feet. Fucking clawhands on all four limbs.[/i]

With the light behind, her boots splashed through black puddles of piss and vomit, past a homeless man searching a dumpster, past homeless garbage stacks taller than the metal doors between them. Molly's legs staggered, driving blindly forward. [i]If I wasn't hurt, I could out-sprint the bastard,[/i] Molly lamented, [i]Only so fast a woman can run after giving birth.[/i] She stumbled, and regained her balance only by pushing forward in a burst of hysterical energy. She reached the end of the alley, into the merging of four like passages. Molly rounded the corner to the right, and slammed her back against the building, hoping to steal a moment to rest, to breathe, to think.

Instead of rest, the building offered new agony. As she jammed the stumps of her twisted-off wings into the bricks, Molly imagined chop-sticks rammed into her back, and she threw back her head, mouth open, soundless. She shuddered, entire body shaking, and she leaned forward, almost dropping everything to relieve the pressure on her wing stumps. She stood a small distance from the building, head thrown back, muscles locked, mouth held open but silent. Then she slowly lowered her chin to her chest, squeezing her bloody bundle painfully to her throbbing wounds. [i]Can't afford to let go,[/i] she thought. [i]Can't leave this behind.[/i] She was so tired that she almost didn't remember why.

"How's my baby?" she heard Voltaire ask.

"You're dead! You're fucking dead! I saw you die!" Molly whined out loud as she ran down the alley to the street. "I chopped your goddamn head off! We wrapped you in cold iron chains and buried you at the crossroads." she muttered. "I salted the goddamn earth above your grave!" She turned left, ran past the theater, and leaned against the wall in plain sight, breathless, chest heaving despite the pain.

“Check your memory.” Voltaire smirked from Hell's ninth circle, finding his damnation for traitors, where Molly imagined him. “You cut off my head, yes, but then you threw me in running water. You couldn't find an unoccupied crossroads. Do you think running water and iron are sufficient?" Voltaire laughed for a time, and then continued, "You didn't think I could draw out Sloan's Wrath by magic alone, did you? The Sin of Wrath, one seventh of all evil?... Wow, Molly, thanks for the compliment; that's heady stuff. Unfortunately, no. You killed me before I could explain. I certainly started the expulsion, but you had to deliver Wrath from yourself ... like a child."

The sound of wet meat slapping pavement behind her suddenly shook Molly from her imaginary conversation. [i]Dammit, if Volt was here, I could feed him to my pursuer instead![/i] Slap ... slap ... slap. Each footfall brought Him closer, but Molly couldn't seem to move her wobbly legs. [i]Run, girl, move![/i] She cried inside, and leaned onward until she had to step or lose balance. She breathed raggedly in great gasps, shoulders and chest heaving, without caring how much noise she made. This time when she started moving, the meaty sounds followed her closely, not falling behind. [i]He doesn't need ears,[/i] she realized. [i]It's following my anger ...[/i]

"Yes, mmy dearest ... Mmmolly," He cleaved his message into her thoughts, lingering over each syllable as if delivering a monologue on stage. "We are linked. Attached. Joined. I can feel you ... Mmolly." He paused, and the sound of meaty slaps came to her again--[i]Closer?[/i] she wondered. Then He came into her head louder than before, and she knew terror. "I especially like the ache in your empty womb ... so empty now, after holding so much. It's better than the afterbirth, still slippery on your naked thighs, mixed with blood and feces, slick and mobile, like a lover's tongue. I plan to savor it, as my dessert, after I finish with you ... Mmmolly." He laughed, licking Molly's thoughts as if He had forced His tongue into her mouth, down her throat, into her brain.

With that, Molly gagged. She found the strength to spit, and once moving again, she found the strength to walk, and then to shuffle faster. [i]Why did I do it [b]again[/b]?[/i] She cursed herself. [i]I should have learned after Tari's heart destroyed me. Why did I eat the heart of Sloan?[/i]

"For his power," Molly's dead grandmother answered from her memories. "We eat the hearts of our fallen enemies for their strength."

"So that's why there aren't any restaurants serving Native American food," Molly had replied, ending her relationship with her grandmother forever. [i]My tongue will be the death of me[/i], she thought for the millionth time.

"No," came the reply. This time His mind wasn't probing; it cut with scalpel sharpness. "Mmy claws, mmy teeth, mmy mmouth, these will be the death of you ... Mmmolly."

She closed her eyes, tried to literally shake him from her mind, only to dizzy herself and stumble head-on into a dumpster. Her arms crushed her burden into her belly, and Molly pressed shut her eyes, weeping from pain and regret. She twisted to the left, and kept running without checking the damage. [i]I wish she had been a daughter,[/i] Molly thought absurdly. [i]I would have liked a daughter this time.[/i]

There was no sound from her arms, no crying, nothing except squishing as from bloody wounds. Without stopping, Molly fumbled with broken fingers at the remains of her jacket, tried to form a protective cradle, but her jacket had been zipped when He had first attacked, and only thin bloody strips remained to enclose her burden. [i]Rending claws, the power of Wrath. Sloan had wrath, claws, pincers ... look what it did to his belly ... I took the Sin of Wrath in me, willing abided by it.[/i]

"Was it ... good?" sliced the thought, "Did you enjoy .... Mmmmolly?"

"Yes!" Molly screamed without thinking. "Yes!" she repeated, yelling heedless of pain in her throat. After a moment, she whispered, "Yes. There was nothing like it ever! Nothing..."

For weeks after eating Sloan's heart, she had been a powder keg, blowing fury at the least inconvenience. The slightest insult, the smallest provocation broke open her rage. Molly had sliced strangers' throats for interrupting her, slashed friends' fingers from their hands for missing dates. She remembered breaking business contracts at any renegotiation attempt, and then shooting point-blank to the head when the client wouldn't move from her path. Anything that used to simply frustrate Molly now launched her into instant hot fury, blossomed into the red and orange Flower of Wrath, a bouquet which she shared with everyone she could reach.

And she loved it. She reveled in it, savored the moments when she unleashed her rage. Molly felt her soul fly free when she let her anger out to play. Each time she let Wrath consume her, she felt fulfilled, released .... entitled.

Of course, eventually she looked for ways to release her Wrath. And it came to pass that Molly killed without business need, let alone survival. The first time, two women in the Zodiac--[i]for interrupting me?[/i]--Molly had climaxed while sliding the knife into her victim's heart, felt the waves of an orgasm rushing in with each twitchof the woman as she died in Molly’s arms. Molly had held the woman upright until the body had stopped bleeding, basking in the endless orgasm while people watched in horror, those few who had not fled. After that, each time she succumbed to Wrath she climaxed. A pistol whipping left Molly breathless and flushed, while a razorblade kill was like a day in bed with a sensitive lover. Her lover ... Samatha. Beating up her shackled submissive ....that was the ultimate.

Samatha had trusted Molly completely, allowing herself to be cuffed and gagged for kinky play and intense sex, as if nothing had changed. Samatha never understood how pissed Molly was. She never had teh chance to grasp that there would be no forgiveness, no respite. [i]When you belong to me, Sam, you don't fucking give your goddamn soul away without my permission![/i] Molly remembered the last time, and began to warm herself with memory of subsequent betrayal.

Molly had cuffed and dragged Samatha as usual, but this time she dragged Samatha into the LA streets for a public beating. No one had intervened. Or if they had, Molly didn't remember beating them away. Everyone had kept distant, although some dared stay to watch. Public humiliation was just the start. Molly had begun her discipline with a baseball bat that night, using Samatha roughly inside and out. Yet Sam's pained screams were nothing compared to the smell of fear when Sam tried her Safe Word ... and received only a broken jaw for her attempt. The wood was solid in Molly's hands, but she eventually ended Samatha using her fists. She punished Samatha slowly, minutes growing into hours, gagged screams eventually silenced, and thudding sounds giving way to the squishing splatter of liquid. Molly came out of her stupor only when there was nothing left but gristle and the bloody cuffs.

Despite the pain of the moment, Molly closed her eyes, and smiled. [i]My knuckles pummeling, grinding flesh. Sam will never betray me again...[/i] Then Molly felt her fingers and toes tingle, as the memory of orgasm began to comfort her. "God Damn! that was good!" Molly yelled, tearing her throat in exhultation.

Then, despite her wounds, she climaxed. Her her eyes rolled up into her head, and she shuddered, writhing in full orgasm. Molly’s legs gave way, and she collapsed. Hands clenched about her stomach, Molly fell onto her chin and elbows, crushing her fleshy burden and force blood from between her fingers. Yet this was unnoticed as she lay on the ground, thighs rubbing together. Molly moaned.

"Yes," rejoiced her pursuer, now close enough to call out loud. "Thank you for another appetizer." He paused a moment, claws extending and retracting in time to Molly's spasms.

Molly remained unaware. The memory of Wrath completely replaced her fatigue and stress, overflowing her mind. Molly did not see Wrath closing with her now, she was given completely to its memory. As pleasure overwhelmed her, Molly’s hands opened, and her intestines--shredded, eviscerated, ribbons of flesh--uncoiled and spread free across the ground, followed by the pool of her blood. Molly writhed on the street without control, sightless eyes rolled high into her head.

The Beast slouched closer with claws retracted again, slap, slap, slapping His way to Molly. He paused a mmoment, regarding the twitching woman, thinking she looked much like Samatha’s last moments. He paused to sneer. "You were so tasty on mmy way out, mmm ... I want to finish what I started ... Mmmommy."

This time, Wrath fed on Molly.
04/02/09 21:28
Dux*blinks*....Umm damn, wow, that ... Great writing

*goes and get bottle of bleach and pierces his eardrum, he proceeds to pour the bleach into his ear to try to get the
vivid images out of his head*

just damn.... MORE I WANT MORE, I hunger for it
04/03/09 00:21
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