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LuciferielThe unending, blinding luminosity of araboth, the seventh layer of heaven, swallowed everything, leaving bare marks of a horizon and golden pillars in which to judge size and distance, but offering comfort and warmth. Now and again different hues of light would shine through, ranging the spectrums of white to gold, feeling as though the skin were immersed in refreshing water, leaving no night or darkness in this long eternal hallway that was lined by infinite numbers of golden pillars on either side to support an unseen ceiling so far out of reach it was beyond the eyes to see. There was a beginning to the hall, a swirling gate that looked as it were made of molten gold, and it was this that lead to the sixth layer of heaven, zebul, but the end of the hall could never be seen as it stretched into the immeasurable distance where the immense light originated; God.

Luciferiel knelt on bended knee, his long white hair floating as though caught in a water current behind him, being pulled back by the light that shown from God, his head bowed in reverence of his creator, while his ten, golden, symbolic wings hung around his shoulders like a cloak. All around him the sound of singing voices filled the world itself with praises unto God, the soft hum of scores and legions of angels praying unto the Lord. It was here that all souls were born and sent into the world, and it was here that God made their throne, a face that few had seen or bear witness too, a face very familiar to him. The light itself chimed with the songs of the throne angels making a sound akin to a piano, violin and bells that guided all things here with their notes to their directed tasks.

The light made a soft tenor inflecting his name boldly, with praise and hope in the tone. Luciferiel quickly rose to his feet standing at his tallest unfurling his great, ten wings wide, catching the light in their golden hue sending a kaleidoscope of great light dancing around him, a nimbus of light glowing behind his head. He had been called, and he stood ready for his calling from his divine creator. A series of tones began fill his ears, the singing of angels quieting as the entire universe turned its attention to the lone angel at the beginning of the hall.

Quickly it gave him direction, a path to follow and instructions of what he was to do, sad orders, for they were the same ones given to him eons before when he had marched into the abyss itself to fight Kasoroth, the war where only he had returned, with his body broken, corrupted and burning with the taint of the abyss, the power that could kill God. This time, however, he knew what he was up against and how to battle it, but this time he wasn’t leading an army, only he and a select few others would go on this sacred journey. He was to assault the abyss and destroy his once beast friend and brother, Cyphonel, the new lord of the abyss.

“As thy command, Lord,” he whispered reverently to the light, “I shalt not fail thee, this time.”

With his words spoken, he made his way back to the golden gate and passing through invoking his power of the sephirot sending himself not to any of the layers of heaven, but to the broken, desolate world of Earth. His hair suddenly was no longer supported by the current of light and fell to the whim of gravity then began to wave softly to a gentle breeze, the sound of crushing sand and stone under his feet was a reminder of the state of the current world, for he stood in a deserted city street, lined by broken buildings with shattered windows, splintered support beams and discarded personal effects.

A few figures sat against the shadow of one of the broken dwellings, one of which came to his feet quickly as he saw his friend Luciferiel appear in the air, Saboth, who was garbed in thick, dark leather armor with a hood and cloak, a host of blades sheathed and holstered around his body with twin uzis strapped to his legs to be easily drawn and used. The other figure, Adaun, rose slowly, wearing grungy street clothing and a well worn gray trench coat that was frayed at the hems, upon his back was a massive blade that was as was as thick as he was shoulder to shoulder, and nearly as long as he was tall, perhaps the only reason he could swing or use the weapon was because he was an old vampire. These two, were his army coming with him to the abyss.

“I’m ready, Luci,” Saboth spoke confidently to the angel, using the moniker of his name that only Luciferiel’s former family and friends called him by.

Adaun was quiet, but gave a simple nod of his head to Luciferiel to let him know he too was prepared for this suicidal mission. The three of them were to fight the legions and horrors that had claimed 60,000 blood angels’ lives eons earlier. The abyss didn’t stand a chance; both these men had abilities developed over many years to combat the abyss.

Luciferiel looked around though, one person was definitely missing, and he turned to Saboth, “Where is Morrigan?” questioning the paladin.

Saboth’s eyes darted to his left, to look into the distance, “She is still insane, Laresh left scars in her mind that I cannot heal.”

Luciferiel gave a solemn nod. Morrigan was Saboth’s wife, who shared blood with Luciferiel’s ex-wife and was a sister to him still, but if her mind was broken still she would be a liability in the abyss. Still, they had to press on without her.

“I’ll make the preparations to send us to the abyss.”

With that, Luciferiel began to whisper words of power, gathering energy from the world around him, the divine energy radiated from God and pulled it forth into shape. Slowly a series of lines began to draw themselves in the road, becoming shoals of glowing, crimson glyphs of power; he was creating a direct gateway to the abyss, there was no turning back now that it was already began.


Within an hour the symbols scared into the ground began to turn and shift pulling inwards before collapsing into the ground, opening a tear in reality as it imploded, leaving a screaming vortex of ever shifted spectrums of color creating a constant vacuum of air that pulled in light objects, sand and dust into itself like a hungry beast. As soon as it opened, the three stepped into it at the same time, dropping into it and drawing their weapons; Luciferiel drawing a crystalline blade of light with a pulsing black core, his abyssal soul trapped in the blade, while Saboth drew his uzis, Adaun his massive zweihander.

No sooner had they stepped into the portal that they were once more standing on solid ground, as though they had never walked off an edge. The world that lay in front of them was a cold, desolated world without color save shades of scarlet, marked by floating boulders of stone, were reality sifted and warped as per the will of the denizens found within, meaning that though a tiny stone was less than a hand span away from where they were, it could be miles before they reached it and when they did it could be as gigantic as a mountain; for the abyss was chaos eternal.

The distance was a maelstrom of energy that pulled all towards it, hungrily devouring anything that strayed too close to it, or what couldn’t escape its pull, such as the floating stones lost souls who had scorned both hell and heaven both by refusing to believe in either. It was this mouth that made a mockery of creation by turning all the energy and souls it drew in into the various, random shapes of the creatures found here, and where they needed to go to confront Cyphonel.

They were not alone, for the screams and howls of the monsters that lived here came from every direction and no where at once. From only a few quick paces away came the horde of misshapen, shifting bodies of monsters and mindless beasts that roamed this spiritual plane in search of souls to consume and turn into their own brethren. They shambled, strode or galloped towards the three holy warriors in a formless line of claws, flesh and teeth to tear them apart.

Saboth’s uzis roared to life, spitting out their charged ammunition marked by holy symbols, blessed by priests and infused with the divine force of angels, each bullet having no problems finding a mark, and when each hit its target came a great howl of pain, felling a few dozen beasts with a single sweep, the fallen trampled beneath the still onrushing mob. Even though they were losing forces rapidly these things knew not fear nor did they have the minds to understand such either.

Soon the beasts were near enough to tear into Saboth when Luciferiel and Adaun’s blades met the front line, Adaun sending six to their deaths with a single swing, stepping forward and sending a shockwave of power rocketing out of his blade, holy energy wielded by a paladin vampire. The wave threw back many in the mob, but there was still many more to come. Luciferiel’s crystal blade was a dancing blur, untraceable by a human eye, chewing right through the ranks without pause, each beast killed didn’t drop to the ground, but instead it was drawn into the curved, crystal sword for the monsters here were just energy and the sword was made to gather this energy causing it to grow in strength and power against the abyssal beasts.

With a flourish Saboth sent the drained clips out of his guns, tossing the guns lightly in the air he drew out two new clips slamming them both into the spinning guns, gripping them again, once more firing a salvo of blessed bullets into the masses in front of them standing his ground. Luciferiel invoked a word of power, causing an explosion in the center of their attackers, spraying meat and blood high into the air, while he spun his sword in deadly arcs of unending motions. Still Adaun advanced into the ranks of beasts, spinning his blade into them with the force of a titan, the blade biting into the ground around him, sending chunks of stone and dirt flying into his foes with enough force that it shattered bone and broke flesh. Still, even as well as they were doing now, it was only a matter of time before they were to be overwhelmed for in the distance larger beasts drew closer.


Cyphonel sat on his throne of flowing blood and bone, watching the three battle in the distance as though they were right in front of him, for this was his world as heaven was God’s. When the fight first started he was amused that the three had so willingly come to their deaths, but now he had lost his amusement when he saw Luciferiel’s blade absorbing his children into it; he could not reclaim the lost energy as long as the sword was trapping the energy within itself. His anger grew every moment and the abyss responded in kind, beginning to rain a foul, sticky, black rain followed by thunderclaps of thunder of roaring beasts.

Without having to move he pulled on the energy around him and called to being larger monsters of towering proportions, armed with spikes, claws and mouths all over their bodies, and with a mental push instantly sent them to the three invaders location, a few dozen behemoths and leviathans suddenly appearing next to the combatants, crushing a few lesser beasts beneath them, devoured by the many mouths or just left twitching on the ground as they engaged his hated brother Luciferiel. However, if he can kill his brother, he’ll gain the ability to physically manifest in the material world.

A cruel smile slowly crept upon his face.


They appeared without much of a warning, save the sudden rush of foul wind that rushed passed the battlefield when the colossals appeared out of thin air, though it didn’t faze Luciferiel, he had seen such occurrences happen from his last encounter in the depths of the abyss. As one threw its whip like arm at him, teeth in the appendage gnashing to bite into his flesh, Luciferiel took his blade with both hands and began to spin it around his body, cleaving several of the spawn around him and tearing chunks out of the monstrous arm, and before it could be drawn back, half of its length was already pulled into the blade to fuel its power. He wasn’t about to back off though, while it was withdrawing its tentacle and throwing forward a new one, Luciferiel leapt forward, though he wasn’t even a tenth the beasts size he thrust his sword forward with both hands into it’s flesh sending a spray of gore out the other side of the monster twenty feet away, then roared like a lion ripping the blade up and out, splitting it in half, quickly drawing it into his blade with an effect much like a plug pulled out of a drain.

In front of him now was a sight of Saboth leaping into the air over a pair of swinging arms from a meaty opponent, landing on the still moving arms and holding himself in place by stabbing down with curved daggers, that he must have unsheathed after holstering his guns. The massive monster was confused when the target it had sought to grab had instead latched onto it, in its confusion a large, bone bladed arm came down where Saboth was hanging on, but the gun paladin pulled his daggers free, throwing the two into the monsters eyes as he drew his guns, firing into the spawn below him letting the monster cleave its own arm off. Saboth landing in a tumble and quickly jumping out of the way of the falling arm as its spasms sent more of its lesser kin to their deaths this time turning to face it again he let out a short word, the daggers in the eyes of the beast suddenly detonated like bombs, making it shriek out in agony.

Luciferiel gave an approving nod and with a single beat of his wings sent himself off the ground and into the air, swinging his sword through the neck of the blinded one, removing its head in a single pass, once more drawing it into his blade, only this time one of its larger brothers took a sudden hold of the melting beast and began to devour its flesh. Alarmed by this sudden cannibalism he expanded his vision around him, taking in the entire battlefield and saw to his horror that the larger monsters felled by his fellows were similarly being devoured by those not yet vanquished.

“Adaun, Saboth,” Luciferiel spoke to the two through a telepathic link, “careful, this isn’t a normal behavior, not sure why they’re doing this, besides perhaps to deny me their essence, but we have to take the rest down before we find out the extent to this cannibalism!” He felt the two acknowledge him mentally, and saw them both switch their stances of attack; there were five more of the beasts, one of which was growing larger.

Well, thought Luciferiel to himself, God’s work is often never easy.


Timaephon was enjoying himself tonight; he had found a nice run down bar, sure it had power and entertainment for those with a mind for more carnal pleasure, his pleasure wasn’t in the flesh but instead in contaminating others with his own tainted powers. The master magus had found a quite, dark corner and was watching his prey from afar, having sent out a small stream of his obsessive nature at first he was now sending out a torrent into the poor girl.

She was common looking enough, average by human standards, with an unwashed face and clothes, her chestnut hair was matted and pulled back to keep it out of her face. The girl was now arranging the empty cups on her table with a fanatical drive, never satisfied with how they were positioned, as though they had to be lined up just right or it would throw off some cosmic balance. Oh how delicious she was becoming, he could see her soul starting to glow brighter, she would soon be ready to reap into his lord’s dominion.

That’s when he felt a tug on his spiritual leash; it alarmed him for he had never been called with such urgency. He stood up from his seat, dispelling his hold on the girl he marched right for a man wearing fine silks, who had an arm around two girls each. The man looked up at Tim as he grew near.

“What do you want, small dick?” the man spoke towards him, the girls in his arms laughing and giggling at his insult at the perfect stranger approaching.

The illusion of his mortal shell vanished from Tim, spines of bone twitched with life on his shoulders, small eyes encrusted in the bone blinking, sinister glyphs of whirling patterns flowed over his priest like robes, and six extra arms woven into his robes each held a sacred talisman in their clutches. The girls stopped laughing and screamed, the man was pulling out his hand gun, but Tim was much faster, and already was on the man, impaling him through the chest with a long, serrated, knife, his extra arms holding the man’s arms and legs so he couldn’t move, he quickly tore open the rib cage and muttered a series of spells that sucked out the soul of the human. The soul dove right into Tim and when it entered his body he was instantly transported to where his master, Cyphonel, had bidden him to go.


Adaun’s sword was swinging with abandon as dozens of spawn were swarming around him as he battled with one of the massive beasts. He had managed to cleave off the leg, but the tiny claws of the spawn were tearing into his clothes and skin here and there, his wounds healing much slower against these supernatural creatures than they would against a mortal man. One spawn jumped over its brothers at him only to be met by the downward swing of the massive glaive of a sword, he kept the forward motion going letting the sword’s weight pull him with it, he pole-vaulted upwards, his feet leaving the air he bent his arms and kicked his legs back sending his body spinning forward.

The larger spawn that was flying downwards at him from above was suddenly face to blade with the weapon and only made a short cry before it’s face and head were splattered across the landscape, and below five large, lashing arms crushed the spawn where Adaun had been standing a second ago. He was now face to face with it, the monster had a look of what had to be shock on its face, then tried leaning its massive bulk back from the vampire, but with another spin in the air the crushing blade cut into the chest, and with a thrust of mystical force Adaun added gravity to his weapon. He fell quickly his blade slicing and tearing through rock hard flesh and steel like bone with a jerking motion till it left the body at the pelvis falling into the ground with an impact of a small meteor strike. The force of the impact shook the ground and sent a small number of swarming spawn off balance.

Looking up, Adaun watched as the monster clenched its five arms over the gaping wound from its chest to crotch, a waterfall of blood coming down at him, he dodged right swinging his sword at the second of three legs the beast had, taking it off at the knee, the already unbalanced beast fell forward, and right into Luciferiel’s swinging sword that removed the head with a single pass, then absorbed the monster before it could hit the ground.

Adaun always admired the returned angel, but now he wished in a way he could become like him as well. These thoughts were split when from below the ground came an erupting a worm like mouth. Leaping off what was left of part of the earth beneath his feet he had cleared much of the mouth, but its jaws clenched finding purchase in his left ankle, separating it at the bone with a single bite. The quiet swordsman didn’t let out a cry of pain and instead arced his sword to sever the mouth from the tentacle it was attached to, watching his foot fall out of the tube just at the point he had cut.

His landing however was an unceremonious crash, landing on his right shoulder. There was a snapping sound of his bone breaking, followed by some of his ribs, and then a resnapping sound as the bones reknitted rapidly. Still, he was wounded and couldn’t draw in enough strength to move out of the way of the severed tentacle, the full weight smashing him into the ground with all the force of an out of control bullet train, hooks in the flesh lashed and spun in their sockets into his flesh. He let out a gasp as the pain shook his body, but it wasn’t over, the pinning tentacle rapidly ground him into the stone as it was lashing about, then picking him off the ground it hurled him into the air like a bullet, smashing into floating boulder above.

His body was broken, twisted and bent out of shape, his eyes barely focused he could have sworn he saw his beloved Astrea in front of him for a moment, before he lost consciousness, falling towards the ground.

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