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CCS NetworkFew things all.

I am probably going to revamp the site at some point, this old fusion system is a bit dated and I think we need to move to something a bit more efficient. I'll save all the community images before I do that.

I am looking to do some system updates by the end of 2016, to somewhere in mid January 2017 if possible....I've been face down in my RL job since about July of 2015 now getting dug in and busy with a large merger that finally goes fully live December 2nd in my region.

That aside there are still some things I want to do, as much as I was considering stepping back from SL and CCS, I think there are still to many things I need to do before I'll feel good about scaling back into a chairman role and focusing on the next iteration of SL.

So...theres some stuff in the works....expect random, unexpected, but relatively pleasant things to occur.
CCS NetworkCCS 1.0.6 - Release 08/06/2015

I've been kind of debating on whether to hold off on updating til we have the API ready and everything else but at this point I think its probably better to do small incremental updates when we can as opposed to waiting for ages to do huge updates that simply frustrate people.

Bug Fixes:
- Streamlined combat communications for better channel usage. This should improve combat performance but we cannot foresee every potential occurrence so this issue will be one of continued focus while we work through upcoming updates.
- Fixed a problem with inter-object communication
- Fixed an on_rez issue with region data

- Added 1st Person Melee; you may toggle First Person Melee on in the CCS Main Menu

Features Held Back:

- IFF AOE: This feature needs more time in the oven before we add it to the game meta, I am still working on it.

1.0.7 is in development, even though I am releasing 1.0.6, so expect another update within a few months.

Also, I issued a free respec issued to everyone because why not.
CCS NetworkHad to get this log from Vestara since I crashed twice but I cleaned it up to share the major points with people that missed the opening community meeting.

Suffice it to say testing went well on Sunday as well, we are very happy with how CCS 1.0.5 performed. There is one minor issue with the translation of intelligence modifiers to damage based skills which we are working on and we expect CCS 1.0.5 to be ready for release by this weekend.

Its been a long road but its nice to have finally gotten here. Chat log below for those that want to read the major points of what was covered, its heavily edited to cut out the various non-essential comments and occasional status effect spams that occurred.

[2014/10/31 18:15:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Soon as planet Second Life decides to load up here I want to kick off the anniversary by having a chat with folks so if you could slowly make your way to the single file, perhaps, so we can load the mesh boobs/dongs individual that would be great
[2014/10/31 18:19:42] Suzanna Soyinka: Welcome everyone to year 8 of CoLA and its associated sims. Its good to have everyone drop by.
[2014/10/31 18:20:19] Suzanna Soyinka: I appreciate you all showing up for the evening I know that RL has lots of demands and some of those demands include alcohol and other humans so I'm very happy you decided to spend a few hours with us tonight.
[2014/10/31 18:21:50] Suzanna Soyinka: Anyways this anniversary will be going on all weekend. Til monday morning. So feel free to participate in the events and RP as the weekend goes. We have our annual slave auction this Sunday as well, hosted by everyones favorite redneck Tonga and organized by Alisaundra Andel and Seb Contepomi.
[2014/10/31 18:22:17] Suzanna Soyinka: Main thing everyone is probably here for is probably noticeable above my head.
[2014/10/31 18:23:37] Suzanna Soyinka: Melanie was supposed to be here with me to discuss the upcoming release and she appears to have not made it home yet. So we may have to delay that part of the festivities until later or possibly tomorrow....cause I was wanting to ensure she could share in the joy of having finally gotten this horrid curse of an update finished.
[2014/10/31 18:25:26] Suzanna Soyinka: Anyways this weekend is the final beta test, the people here at the anniversary will be the people that help us push this thing to release. CCS 1.0.5 will be fully released after this weekend.
[2014/10/31 18:29:44] Stormy Wilde: You had said the meter would be released after this weekend. Does that include the API also?
[2014/10/31 18:30:02] Suzanna Soyinka: API 2.5 will continue to be supported until January of 2015
[2014/10/31 18:30:35] Suzanna Soyinka: This is to allow your favorite developers time to switch to API 3.0, they will be given the API soon after 1.0.5 is released
[2014/10/31 18:30:54] Suzanna Soyinka: After January 2015 any weapons that have not been updated, will no longer be supported.
[2014/10/31 18:31:05] Suzanna Soyinka: So just letting everyone know ahead of time.
[2014/10/31 18:31:46] Suzanna Soyinka: CCS 1.0.5 has been a huge undertaking and I don't think everyone truly understands why its taken so long. And I appreciate the patience you all have shown in the last couple of years.
[2014/10/31 18:32:27] Suzanna Soyinka: We literally went from doing a system update to an entire system rewrite and the reason for this is not specifically just for better performance or for less script memory but because of the exploits that have affected the system over the last few years.
[2014/10/31 18:32:58] Suzanna Soyinka: Its been a huge endeavor and to you guys once you get it, you may feel almost nothing has changed, but thats because you're not really seeing how the meters talk to each other.
[2014/10/31 18:33:27] Suzanna Soyinka: Thats a bit complex but the basics are is that nothing can talk to a meter other than another meter any more, this will reflect in the new API as well.
[2014/10/31 18:33:46] Suzanna Soyinka: So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has stuck it out this long
[2014/10/31 18:34:08] Suzanna Soyinka: If Melanie gets home we'll get this started tonight, if not we'll do a mass release tomorrow night.
[2014/10/31 18:34:10] Yannis Martynov-Arado (yannis.martynov): technical question....
[2014/10/31 18:34:18] ?????? (chasey.barnside): will there be new skills for 80+ chars?
[2014/10/31 18:34:18] Adius Darkstone: \o/
[2014/10/31 18:34:19] Charlie Boone (bighairy.mammoth) has entered the sim.
[2014/10/31 18:34:23] Suzanna Soyinka: YES
[2014/10/31 18:34:24] Andromeda Recreant raises hand for questions
[2014/10/31 18:34:26] Suzanna Soyinka: Sure feel free to ask
[2014/10/31 18:34:27] Vincent Trevere (spyke.malick) cheers!
[2014/10/31 18:34:28] Suzanna Soyinka: I have new functions
[2014/10/31 18:34:45] CCS - MTR - 1.0.4: moises Lisa has detached their meter
[2014/10/31 18:34:57] Suzanna Soyinka: Colliders are going to be problematic they spawn and die too fast to pass an encryption hash in a loaded sim
[2014/10/31 18:35:06] Chandler Chrome: whats the biggest changes in the new API?
[2014/10/31 18:35:14] Suzanna Soyinka: We are still looking at solutions to this but there may not be one.
[2014/10/31 18:35:35] Kaz (kazrakk): may their be a respec by any chance as part of the transition
[2014/10/31 18:35:58] Suzanna Soyinka: The biggest changes to the API is all weapons are now designed and registered via the CCS server, meaning weapons are all visible to the system and weapons that are not registered can't talk to the meter at all except for base damage
[2014/10/31 18:36:14] Suzanna Soyinka: Respecs are always offered during major system changes
[2014/10/31 18:36:39] Andromeda Recreant: Two questions. 1: I'm assuming the meter to meter comms only after API 2.5 is phased out? and 2. As a gun maker and soon to be melee maker, i'm assuming API 3 will come with instructions and a testing period?
[2014/10/31 18:37:02] Suzanna Soyinka: Yes Andro, those are already done actually.
[2014/10/31 18:37:18] Suzanna Soyinka: As a licensed dev you can access that information on the CCS website now.
[2014/10/31 18:37:36] Avi (avrilia.jewell): hopefully some perks to attract more humans tot he game.. so i havbe more food
[2014/10/31 18:37:58] Stormy Wilde: Has that information been recently updated Suz? The last time any of my scripters looked at it they could not make heads or tails of the instructions for the API
[2014/10/31 18:38:20] Suzanna Soyinka: Its likely because they didn't have the example material
[2014/10/31 18:38:24] Suzanna Soyinka: I haven't distributed that yet
[2014/10/31 18:38:50] Suzanna Soyinka: Much of this is being kept fairly close to the vest to preclude any kind of exploitation previous to the full encryption going live.
[2014/10/31 18:40:22] Parker Frostwych: Well, I believe the issue is that perception is excellent for resisting base ranged damage, but base ranged is a nearly insignificant part of weapon damage these days.
[2014/10/31 18:40:33] Suzanna Soyinka: I still have a lot of data on hand for the balance pass, keep in mind that that is going to occur post release.
[2014/10/31 18:40:48] Suzanna Soyinka: The largest part of this development push has been 100% technical
[2014/10/31 18:41:06] Tripp Scarmon: When API 3 is released to developers, will it work alongside API 2.5 for now or will it only start working after January? Just wondering if we should expect updates then or in the next couple of months
[2014/10/31 18:41:09] Suzanna Soyinka: Game dynamics will remain unaffected until we get the new update into your hands.
[2014/10/31 18:41:29] Suzanna Soyinka: API 3 will work alongside API 2.5
[2014/10/31 18:41:51] Suzanna Soyinka: 2.5 will be shut down individually, but both will work while the 2.5 grace period continues.
[2014/10/31 18:42:23] Parker Frostwych: So, the balance changes to reduce the power difference between low and high levels will be a bit later?
[2014/10/31 18:42:24] Suzanna Soyinka: There are some changes coming
[2014/10/31 18:42:50] Suzanna Soyinka: Casters can expect to become Stamina based for example, healers will no longer heal stamina, casters will be able to move it around on top of their DPS

((The above statement is being changed for the balance considerations, healers will retain what they have but casters will be getting added capabilities))

[2014/10/31 18:43:29] Tripp Scarmon: Thank Suz. And just wanted to know if there will be information provided on how stat points scale?
[2014/10/31 18:43:34] Suzanna Soyinka: Tanks are being looked at I have some new functions which will allow you to temporarily swap your strength and endurance stats if you want to swap to DPS for a short period it will be like a buff.
[2014/10/31 18:43:37] Avi (avrilia.jewell): oh that should be fun.. im going back to caster too
[2014/10/31 18:43:51] Suzanna Soyinka: DPS classes are largely good
[2014/10/31 18:43:59] Avi (avrilia.jewell): dps is fine yup
[2014/10/31 18:44:00] Vincent Trevere (spyke.malick): Mmm, options~
[2014/10/31 18:44:05] Suzanna Soyinka: There are individual races with issues that I will be addressing.
[2014/10/31 18:44:09] manuel25lpa Resident: the tanking sounds good
[2014/10/31 18:44:11] Chandler Chrome: can tanks get a dot?
[2014/10/31 18:44:17] Suzanna Soyinka: Demons for example are going to get their useless racial reworked.
[2014/10/31 18:44:22] Tonga (titlacahuan.zeritonga): \o/
[2014/10/31 18:44:56] Suzanna Soyinka: I'm getting rid of lunacy the results are way too unpredictable.
[2014/10/31 18:45:07] Stormy Wilde: Question. When you say January, do you mean the start or the end? Or will a specific date be given?
[2014/10/31 18:45:09] Chandler Chrome: YAY!!
[2014/10/31 18:45:11] Seb Contepomi: WOOOOOT
[2014/10/31 18:45:22] Suzanna Soyinka: I will consider a stamina DoT for tanks, not a life DoT.
[2014/10/31 18:45:25] PyXye has left the sim.
[2014/10/31 18:45:26] Nuala Molloy (alanna.melody): I love lunacy.
[2014/10/31 18:45:27] Vincent Trevere (spyke.malick): Wonder what will replace it.
[2014/10/31 18:45:28] Fahrah Rajesh: ://
[2014/10/31 18:45:29] Chandler Chrome: most useless skill lol
[2014/10/31 18:45:30] ?a??e? ?e?????e? (manuel25lpa): la saturais con tantas preguntas ...
[2014/10/31 18:45:31] manuel25lpa Resident: the saturais with so many questions ...
[2014/10/31 18:45:31] Nathalie Wyndham (christy.low): me too!
[2014/10/31 18:45:33] PyXye has entered the sim.
[2014/10/31 18:45:33] Shauna Gustav (shauna.daviau): tosses tonga a snickers bar
[2014/10/31 18:45:37] Jacqueline Allardyce has left the sim.
[2014/10/31 18:45:42] DeSoRdEnAu Scorfield: lol
[2014/10/31 18:45:42] Suzanna Soyinka: by the 31st of january at the latest Stormers.
[2014/10/31 18:45:44] Hijo del Mal (lobutusb9.rives): os tanques precisam de criple
[2014/10/31 18:45:44] lobutusb9 Rives: tanks need criple
[2014/10/31 18:45:50] Manes Siamendes: Great I always hated Lunacy, the bug inducing skill
[2014/10/31 18:45:54] Stormy Wilde: ok ty
[2014/10/31 18:46:14] Andromeda Recreant: Suz: I'm reading the API 3 documentation now... It is quite complicated from what I'm reading.... Will there be someone with more detailed instructions if necessary?
[2014/10/31 18:46:24] Suzanna Soyinka: Well I've spent a lot of time looking at our berserk status and theres no fixing it for all potential simulation/animation scenarios.
[2014/10/31 18:46:43] Suzanna Soyinka: As per usual we do not offer API support
[2014/10/31 18:46:51] Parker Frostwych: And something to be done about invulnerability being uncounterable except by casters?
[2014/10/31 18:46:54] Suzanna Soyinka: So, if you can't work it out, hopefully the example material will help you
[2014/10/31 18:47:04] Suzanna Soyinka: But...if not, then you're going to have to figure it out.
[2014/10/31 18:47:09] Suzanna Soyinka: It does work
[2014/10/31 18:47:31] Suzanna Soyinka: Parker thats kind of the point of invulnerability
[2014/10/31 18:47:44] Suzanna Soyinka: I mean if everyone had a trump card it wouldn't be invulnerable
[2014/10/31 18:47:53] Suzanna Soyinka: It would just be a waste of resources
[2014/10/31 18:48:00] Beauty Batriani has entered the sim.
[2014/10/31 18:48:09] Vincent Trevere (spyke.malick): Each class is another's weakness~
[2014/10/31 18:48:12] Suzanna Soyinka: Tripp nothing has been done yet as far as balance goes
[2014/10/31 18:48:17] ???? ?? ??????????? (ivaan.firehawk): I only care about if ppl will register the damage and skills they receive in real time, or with a minimal and acceptable delay, like in some others combat systems. U can change whatever u want in the skills and races but if the meter doesnt improve in performance, it will be the same as it is now :)
[2014/10/31 18:48:19] Suzanna Soyinka: The angel racial is on the list.
[2014/10/31 18:49:29] Tripp Scarmon: I was thinking along the lines of us being the only race that needs to buff someone else to get racials back. I asked about it on the forums a while back and you mentioned something about Seals I assumed it was a very light daze or something
[2014/10/31 18:50:16] Suzanna Soyinka: As I said the balance pass is on the table for post release.
[2014/10/31 18:50:30] Suzanna Soyinka: I really want clear time to make sure we move on that without other concerns.
[2014/10/31 18:51:42] lobutusb9 Rives: this is important, a rule equal in all islands, are making mess of rules
[2014/10/31 18:51:46] camilito3221 Dover (camilito3221.francois) has entered the sim.
[2014/10/31 18:51:49] Klein Bury: yes suiz same ow,ers are ,ot in discuus with you and laybe it is the complan of a more of things yud on ot know
[2014/10/31 18:51:52] Klein Bury: not
[2014/10/31 18:52:19] Suzanna Soyinka: I won't disagree with you Lobutus I am simply saying I cannot enforce a single ruleset without having discussions with the sim owners first.
[2014/10/31 18:52:27] Manes Siamendes: Will sidhe DPS no longer have lifetap?
[2014/10/31 18:53:19] Suzanna Soyinka: We have a lot of balance pass considerations Manes, I can't commit to saying full yes or no on every question right now because certain changes I'm sure of may affect the potentials of changes that I have less current data for.
[2014/10/31 18:54:27] Suzanna Soyinka: Alright hopefully Melanie will show up soon. For you CoLA folks you might have noticed some sims shifting around
[2014/10/31 18:55:00] Suzanna Soyinka: We will be in the process, heading into the new year of revamping all those sims to more modern specs while trying not to overload on mesh because that can be an issue for some people.
[2014/10/31 18:55:16] Suzanna Soyinka: After we get everything sorted in that direction CoLA will be closed and rebuilt
[2014/10/31 18:55:22] Suzanna Soyinka: Dates to be determined
[2014/10/31 18:55:28] Suzanna Soyinka: But soon
[2014/10/31 18:55:31] Suzanna Soyinka: It needs it
[2014/10/31 18:55:42] Avi (avrilia.jewell): yes there are many ghost prims around
[2014/10/31 18:55:44] Klein Bury: soon alwayus soon suz..
[2014/10/31 18:55:54] Suzanna Soyinka: Klein I am one person
[2014/10/31 18:55:58] Suzanna Soyinka: Expected to do everything
[2014/10/31 18:56:04] Klein Bury: opki suz
[2014/10/31 18:56:05] Luciano C (leoken.carter): -__-
[2014/10/31 18:56:14] Suzanna Soyinka: So "soon" is better than "never"
[2014/10/31 18:56:20] RANXEROX Auxarmes: 2 levels en 6 ans, ça craint, j'ai honte
[2014/10/31 18:56:24] Klein Bury: tsd sure but sdoon is soon
[2014/10/31 18:56:38] Nuala Molloy (alanna.melody): Klein, give Suz a break. We can only do the best that we can do.
[2014/10/31 18:56:57] Klein Bury: my boss is suza
[2014/10/31 18:56:58] Suzanna Soyinka: No let me be fair here
[2014/10/31 18:57:05] Suzanna Soyinka: I realizes that CCS 1.0.5 has taken 3 years
[2014/10/31 18:57:09] Suzanna Soyinka: I know it better than anyone
[2014/10/31 18:57:14] Suzanna Soyinka: Its held up my entire life
[2014/10/31 18:57:38] Suzanna Soyinka: Its forced me to work two jobs because people with less faith than you all just jumped ship and left me hanging.
[2014/10/31 18:58:08] Suzanna Soyinka: But I never intend to not complete what I say I will complete. The deadlines may shift because of personal time availability...but it will happen.
[2014/10/31 18:58:52] Suzanna Soyinka: I will never just leave you guys with nothing. I'm still here, I'm still answerable for everything I've said and if I was any less than that, I wouldn't even be here, I'd have just sold it all off and left you cursing my name
[2014/10/31 18:59:01] Andromeda Recreant: Suz: personal question. Once development is complete, will we actually have you playing with us for the first time in ages?
[2014/10/31 18:59:05] Suzanna Soyinka: So try to have some faith.
[2014/10/31 18:59:14] Tonga (titlacahuan.zeritonga) has faith
[2014/10/31 18:59:22] Stormy Wilde has french fries
[2014/10/31 18:59:27] Synyster (synyster.riaxik) has faith
[2014/10/31 18:59:31] Tonga (titlacahuan.zeritonga) is willing to beat it into ones lacking it also
[2014/10/31 18:59:31] ßla?kßa?yDøll (sunney.beverly): we will suz....thats why we are still
[2014/10/31 18:59:34] Andromeda Recreant: I for one would be honored to have my ass kicked by you... As long as we have a beer after.
[2014/10/31 18:59:38] Nakia Stormcrow has faith too, hasnt left
[2014/10/31 18:59:43] Jolene Merlin always had faith in Suz!
[2014/10/31 18:59:45] Adius Darkstone: me has little faith, but enjoys the FREE game nevertheless.
[2014/10/31 18:59:45] Suzanna Soyinka: I don't know Andro, CCS development may be slowed down after we get this meter out but none of this ever really stops.
[2014/10/31 19:00:06] lobutusb9 Rives: suzana I am here because I am addicted to ccs and passionate lobutus
[2014/10/31 19:00:06] Kagehi Kohn curses SL, but never you Suz. ;)
[2014/10/31 19:00:25] Suzanna Soyinka: I have sims to rebuild, meshes to design, I have CCS2 to think about still perhaps that will happen in SL2 though because of the programming bridge they're allowing for.
[2014/10/31 19:00:46] Suzanna Soyinka: So....will I ever actively play CCS as Suzanna? Probably not since I'm kind of a Mary Sue storyline character
[2014/10/31 19:00:46] Avi (avrilia.jewell): sl2 is a real thing then
[2014/10/31 19:00:51] Suzanna Soyinka: SL2 is real
[2014/10/31 19:01:20] Synyster (synyster.riaxik) hears SL2 and spits his beer all over the counter "What..."
[2014/10/31 19:02:12] Synyster (synyster.riaxik) coughs and chokes "IT'S REAL?"
[2014/10/31 19:02:30] Morg Hancroft (morgynn.hancroft): Quick question. I assume a cliff notes version of this forum is going to posted on the website for those who want in the know?
[2014/10/31 19:02:52] Suzanna Soyinka: Yes there is likely to be a log, hopefully with the daze spam stripped out of it
[2014/10/31 19:03:02] S????? (skylar.farshore): Yes, Thank you Suz. We really appreciate all that you've done to give us a place to play.
[2014/10/31 19:03:03] Morg Hancroft (morgynn.hancroft): Much appreciated.
[2014/10/31 19:03:35] Stormy Wilde: Suz. Will you be able to speak with the devs in like a weapon dev meeting at all to clarify anything on the new api other than just handing it to us and telling us to run with it?
[2014/10/31 19:03:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Well I appreciate you all playing.
[2014/10/31 19:04:21] Suzanna Soyinka: Stormy I plan to call an API dev meeting when we push the API to you but we likely won't get everyone.
[2014/10/31 19:04:40] Suzanna Soyinka: Regardless of all that folks, thank you for being so patient with me over the last couple of years.
[2014/10/31 19:04:46] Suzanna Soyinka: Its not been easy for you I know
[2014/10/31 19:04:56] Hijo del Mal (lobutusb9.rives): suzana se quiser pode assinar minha carteira de trabalho como chefe dos gms globais
[2014/10/31 19:04:57] Suzanna Soyinka: But its been about 10 times less easy for me
[2014/10/31 19:04:57] lobutusb9 Rives: suzana can subscribe if you want my portfolio of work as head of global gms
[2014/10/31 19:04:58] Andromeda Recreant: Suz, thank you for being patient with some of us... Especially ME!
[2014/10/31 19:05:00] Kagehi Kohn: Clients you know the system. Browsers.. you get plugin problems, and 50 difference bugs, depedning on which one you use.
[2014/10/31 19:05:04] Parker Frostwych: Wait... We were being patient?
[2014/10/31 19:05:07] Beauty Batriani: Thank you, Suz and everyone for using your time to help make ours happy.
[2014/10/31 19:05:14] Avi (avrilia.jewell): meh .. its more like you patient with us.. we are the 'have not' society
[2014/10/31 19:05:14] Seb Contepomi: We are here to support and help any way e can
[2014/10/31 19:05:21] Ryan (bryan.nirpaw): Thanks suz!
[2014/10/31 19:05:21] Seb Contepomi: we*
[2014/10/31 19:05:26] Andromeda Recreant: I was probably more of a pain in the ass than all of your other developers.... Especially with being banned like 90 times.
[2014/10/31 19:05:30] Suzanna Soyinka: People are still around I consider that patience enough
[2014/10/31 19:05:30] DeSoRdEnAu Scorfield: jajaja lobus
[2014/10/31 19:05:33] PyXye has left the sim.
[2014/10/31 19:05:33] s?????? ?????? (scarlet.singer): ?
[2014/10/31 19:05:33] Nathalie Wyndham (christy.low): Thank you Suz! <3
[2014/10/31 19:05:34] Klein Bury: yes seb butr supoert is ,ot almways said yyes
[2014/10/31 19:05:34] Rynokat75 smiles a fanged friendly grin at the vamp grrrL "ThamnX Suz, for everything." ((>'.'<))
[2014/10/31 19:05:35] Shauna Gustav (shauna.daviau): Yes, thank you. We will help wherever we can.
[2014/10/31 19:05:40] Suzanna Soyinka: Theres been plenty of rabblerabblerabble but...rabble is rabble.
[2014/10/31 19:05:41] Morg Hancroft (morgynn.hancroft): lolll
[2014/10/31 19:05:43] Klein Bury: we bbee re^port al tio suzanna
[2014/10/31 19:05:48] Morg Hancroft (morgynn.hancroft) has left the sim.
[2014/10/31 19:05:48] Klein Bury: all
[2014/10/31 19:05:51] PyXye has entered the sim.
[2014/10/31 19:05:53] ßla?kßa?yDøll (sunney.beverly): Thanks suz...for let us know....and see you....kisses.....
[2014/10/31 19:05:55] Manes Siamendes: I've played this game since early 09 and it still has much sentimental value to me.
[2014/10/31 19:05:57] Klein Bury: if we xsaid always ys
[2014/10/31 19:06:01] Ð??ca? ?lac???a?? (duncan1978) has entered the sim.
[2014/10/31 19:06:03] Klein Bury: suz never know mistakes
[2014/10/31 19:06:06] Seb Contepomi slaps Klein
[2014/10/31 19:06:18] Luciano C (leoken.carter): XD
[2014/10/31 19:06:18] Avi (avrilia.jewell): <-- 07
[2014/10/31 19:06:20] ????? ????M????? (avery.darkmatter): GM kill him Seb
[2014/10/31 19:06:21] ?????? (chasey.barnside): Thank you, Suz!
[2014/10/31 19:06:23] Tonga (titlacahuan.zeritonga): <3 Seb
[2014/10/31 19:06:25] Klein Bury: teh dark global do not exist
[2014/10/31 19:06:28] Chandler Chrome: oh oh..with the new hud will it be harder for people to cheat it? take no damage and what not?
[2014/10/31 19:06:29] Buxom Boa has left the sim.
[2014/10/31 19:06:29] RANXEROX Auxarmes: I want you baby !
[2014/10/31 19:06:32] Avi (avrilia.jewell): and trust me ive been the bitchy child
[2014/10/31 19:06:41] Stormy Wilde: Someone get Klein a ball gag please
[2014/10/31 19:06:47] Seb Contepomi: I want shove a dark global down a throat
[2014/10/31 19:06:56] Klein Bury: ^^
[2014/10/31 19:06:57] Hijo del Mal (lobutusb9.rives): dps poderia ter aquela skill é gmkill
[2014/10/31 19:06:58] lobutusb9 Rives: dps could have that skill is gmkill
[2014/10/31 19:06:58] Seb Contepomi: lol
[2014/10/31 19:07:01] Avi (avrilia.jewell): wtf is A dark global?
[2014/10/31 19:07:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Okay folks if no one has anything further, please feel free to register for the slave auction with Tonga....and/or smash your piggy banks to help me take some time off from my other work.
[2014/10/31 19:07:07] Suzanna Soyinka: So I can just do SL again, cause I kind of miss it.
[2014/10/31 19:08:02] Suzanna Soyinka: Thanks for being here with me on the anniversary everyone.
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