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Digital EnigmaHe sat in a dark corner of the bar. It didn't really matter where he was sitting, no one was paying attention to him anyways. This always seemed to be the case when he fell into his non-lucid state. His good looks would only carry him so far, after all. He cocked his head to the side, his off center pony tail tilting to the side. On the table in front of him were a thimble, an empty wine glass, and a empty napkin dispenser that had definatly seen better days. It quickly became obvious to any observer that Mal did not see these objects as everyone else did. He started making the wine glass dance in one hand, and with the other he attempted to balance the napkin dispenser on top of the thimble. Somewhere inside his mind his own consiousness was screaming at him to stop, but he couldn't hear it in the ocean of voices that clouded his brain. Suddenly he froze, letting the objects he held fall from his hands. A wave of energy burst forth from him like a wave, then suddenly it reversed and flooded back into him. He suddenly snapped back to reality. He left the bar as hastily as he could; his grace obvious even in his rush. He ran through the city to the hospital. He stopped at the bottom, looking to the top. He took a step back, crouched, and pushed off the ground. When He was about 50 feet above the roof of the hospital, wings sprouted from his back to glide him to the roof. As he landed, runes and marks began to appear on the roof. They began to twist and swirl, as if he'd left them from some previous spell. He stopped near the center of the circle and got down on one knee. With his right hand he seemed to gently caress the roof, coaxing an image of the world to come from the circle. He reached into his jacket and pulled out what appeared to be a bill fold. He opened it, and glanced at what was inside. It was a piece of paper, cut into the form of a man with a blood stain where the heart would be. He set the paper man feet first on the roof in front of him. It stood and bent it's head back slightly, as if it were alive and looking up at him.

"Tell me where he is. He's the only one that can help me find her." Mal commanded. The paper man walked over to the image of the world and pointed. Mal smiled. He collected his paper man, placing it in the billfold and then in his pocket. The image of the world and the spell circle vanished. He placed his finger to his lips, then flung it to his side as he began to spin. One rotation and he vanished into the ether.
03/29/09 07:09
Digital EnigmaRoland sat outside the city, poking at his fire with a stick. It was night out, and the fire helped keep the mutants and preditors away. Well, most of them anyways. He could hear something in the woods behind him trying to sneak up. He could tell by the sound that the thing was humanoid. He waited untill the being was almost on him, reaching out for him. He grabbed the hand coming towards his shoulder and twisted it, throwing the being towards the fire. The being managed to get a foot on the ground before the fire, propelling himself over the fire to the other side. Roland could finally see his foe.

"'Ello Mal."

"Hello Roland." Mal replied. "You asked me to let you know when she was in too much trouble."

"I never figured you ta keep yer word."

"Well I wouldn't have, but as I figured I need your help. I can't find her."

"So that's what the down payment of Echo's soul feather 's for. What do you need my help with?"

"As you said..." Mal stepped over the fire, getting uncomfortably close to Roland "I came from her. You still have a connection to her. Use me to strengthen that connection and find her."

"I thought ye were happy te leave her where she was."

"Oh I was...but..."


"My immortality is linked to her. She's dying, I'm no longer immortal."

"Ah." Roland sighed, knowing she would be reborn in hell, only to be killed again for getting away.

Mal reached for Rolands' wrists. Roland let him take them. He lifted Rolands hands to his head. "I'm only doing this because I want to be immortal again." They way he said it made Roland think Mal was reassuring himself. Mal closed his eyes. Roland did the same. As he entered Mal's mind, there was a brief moment where he could hear the chorus of malkavians mind link. When the mind link went silent, he could see the darkness of Mal's mind. Mal's self image appeared before him.

"How do ye expect me ta find her in 'ere?" Roland asked. Mal shrugged. Roland looked around the emptiness of Mal's mind. Off to the left, there was...something. A small glimmer of energy. Roland walked towards the glimmer. when he got there, he could see it was a small bolt of purple lightning. He touched it. It expanded into a tunnel of purple electricity, wide enough for them to walk through. "There, ye got yer way."

"You know she'll shut me out."

Roland sighed. Mal was right. She'd shut him out, and they'd never find her. Rol started down the tunnel, with Mal not far behind. "So what did she do te get 'erself in trouble?"

"I don't know. She hasn't been around. She's been keeping her son away from the city."

"Eh? 'Er son?"

"Yes, she gave birth to a demon/lycan hybrid. One day she decided the city wasn't safe for him, so she left to find a safe place to raise him."

"Hrmmm." He started to think about why she would leave. She was a tough lass. He remembered when she first came to the city. Even then she was a force to be reckoned with. He stopped when he reached the end of the tunnel. Something wasn't right. Normally her mental construct was like a gallery, with certain memories on display in ornate frames. At the moment the frames were cracked or shattered, and the memories were just static. He slowly walked into her mind, with one hand on his guns. He didn't feel anything here, but that didn't mean there wasn't something. He walked down the corridor of her mind, towards where he knew the protected part of her mind to be. He found the marble wall seperating her surface thoughts from her protected thoughts. It was cracked, and there were craters in it. He placed his hand on the wall, feeling the craters and cracks to see if he could tell what made them. The wall flickered and then vanished, having recognized Roland. He passed through the dark veil just behind the wall into the protected part of Digi's mind.
04/16/09 02:19
Digital EnigmaRoland crossed the veil into Digi's mind. What he saw in there was not the neat museum-like displays he'd seen countless times before. The scene in here was worse than outside the veil; columns on their sides smashed to bits. Bits of frames smouldering themselves to ash. The cat he was so used to being greeted by was nowhere to be found. Somewhere in the rubble he could hear something moving. His eyes turned towards the sound. She was lying there, bleeding. Blood pouring from her mouth and nose. One of her wings was torn nearly in half. The purple glow of the tattoos on her char black skin had faded so much they were barely noticeable. She was trying to pull herself to her feet. She wasn't succeeding.

"I leave you alone for five minutes, and this is what you get yourself in to." Came Mal's voice from behind Roland. The bastard was so quiet sometimes you might forget he was there. Roland gave him a sideways glance before going over to Digi.

"C'mon lass," he said as he lifted her into his lap. It took her a moment to realize who it was. "Tell me what ya got yerself into."

"I...wouldn't tell them...where my son..." She stopped. Her eyes went wide and she let out a blood curdling scream. Roland could see in her eyes through into the real world. He could see a machine pulling away from her with a chunk of her flesh. He watched the machine dunk this flesh into a vat marked with the radioactive symbol. "He's...half demon...half lycan..." The machine was bringing the irradiated flesh back towards Digi's real world body. "They control him..." She let out a scream even worse than the first. Blood began to pool from her eyes. "Save...him..."

"Lass, tell me where ye are. We'll come get ye." He pleaded. She just shook her head weakly. He watched in her eyes as the machine stapled the flesh back into place..

"No...time." She replied. She smiled. It was an odd sort of smile, the kind that a doomed person gives to try to reassure those around them. Roland could see in her eyes what was next for her body in the real world. Spikes protruded from the wall in front of her, rushing towards her. Her mind self went ridgid as they struck her body, and then relaxed as she passed out.

Roland set her back down on the rubble of her mind before standing again. Behind him he heard a meow, so he turned. Rubbing against Mal's leg was a black cat, wearing golden eyeliner and a golden collar with an ankh hangng from it. Mal looked down at the cat, rather confused. He stared for a moment, then he seemed to soften his manner. He picked up the cat and held it close for a moment, before letting it free. Roland apparently looked rather confused, as Mal just cocked his head to the side as if to say what of it. Roland just shook his head.

"We should be going." Roland said as he walked towards the veil once more. "There's nothin more we can do 'ere."

They both passed back through the veil, and back into reality.
06/23/09 19:48
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