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ShadowWhat shall I write of these past twenty four hours?

My name is Jake Ellington, and I am new to this city, as I had only just arrived twenty four hours prior. I came with a group of three companions, through the long since abandoned, and defunct subway tunnels. In some cases, crawling over, or under collapsed sections of tunnel… passing the rotten, fetid skeletons of those who previously attempted the journey, and failed.

They should have been a warning. Cryptic though such was, a warning of the unfathomable horrors which awaited us within the walls of the City of Lost Angels…

I have heard the tales, many have.

The weird, horrific and oft at times bizarre tales of things demonic; stories of vampirism, and wolves and felines which walked like men.

Tales of things which should not be.

Many claimed these were only stories of fantasy, and many braved the Wastes in search of the City of Lost Angels which was rumored to be a marvelous city upon which its streets, earthly Man walked side by side with Heavenly Angels.

One of my companions died within the tunnels of the dead subway. Crushed beneath a collapse of rock and rubble, I could only stand aside and watch as a great cinder fell from high, and dashed the poor fellows brains all over the ground, as he crawled out from beneath a prior collapse, which the rest of us had just managed successfully.

Another, as we finally found our way into the streets, we lost to the seductions of a strangely childish, yet, adult prostitute. Her body near naked, and glistening with the sheen of sex juices, as though she had bathed in the stuff.

I swear, as he walked away with her, she cast her eyes back towards us, and I swear I saw a hint of the demonic within them…

We’ve not seen that fellow ever since… and after that, there were only two of us left.

We stood at the entrance to the subway, across from us, an old decrepit apartment complex.

Down the street, we saw a gathering. They were mostly shadows in the glimmer of the street light upon a corner down there, for it was late night, and very dark out… there were few functioning street lights. We could not tell what they were, but presumed there must be people there.

We started to walk in that direction, north from the subway. As we approached, from the gathering I swear I heard an uncanny howling.

I hailed someone, and a few faces turned towards us. Some whispered about us in the darkness.

“…they must be new here. …fresh to the city. …look at her, she’s weaponless!”

I realized too late, my last and final companion was in fact weaponless. A girl I did not know the name of, clad only in an old worn out pair of hiking boots, frayed khaki shorts, and half torn top which exposed the lower fleshy portion of her breasts. She was pretty I realized as I finally beheld her for the first time since we left the darkness of the subway tunnels. If I had, had the time I would have liked to have gotten to know her better.

These thoughts, had barely escaped my mind in a matter of seconds since I attempted my hailing, then the whispers… and suddenly a shape leaped out from the gathered crowd!

I stood, horrified as it hurled towards the girl, a scream of terror frozen upon her face as the shape become that a wolf man!

It pinned her to the ground, knocked her head back upon the pavement, which must have dazed her for she resisted no further, as the beast proceeded to strip her of her cloths, revel in the nakedness of her young flesh, and then rape her before my eyes, while sinking its canine jaws into her shoulder as she now screamed her terror!

For a second, I thought to pull my old knife and help her, if not for the fact that, as soon as I realized I lost my knife in that subway and finally came to my senses to realize that, she was being so brutally raped by this monster, I only then noticed a number of others coming towards me!

I hesitated no more, turned and fled in the opposite direction. I ran as fast, and as hard as I possibly could, hearing the sound of many feet behind me as I was pursued down the street.

They howled at me, howled too me… I heard one shout at me, claiming it would go easier, if I did not run. But I do not know for how far I ran, eventually I passed a road sign…

“Entering South Gate”

As I passed under it, and started up a slight incline in the road, the sound of the chase lessened, and soon all I heard was the sound of laughter receding away behind me.

Off to my right, I saw an old Cemetery and my first thought was… if the tales of the wolves were true, then so must be the tales of the vampirism!

I chose to avoid the Cemetery and instead jumped the wall on the side of the inclining road, dropping down to the ground below, not but perhaps a six foot drop from the point where I had jumped.

Before me, stood a large edifice. A structure, perhaps once a building, now ruined. It seemed deserted. There were no lights, but there was the sound of running water.


I was so thirsty!

I made my way towards these ruins, and began to climb a short flight of broken steps. Above me was a partially obscured sign, South Gate Sanitarium, it read… and I thought, a Sanitarium, surely such a place in which the patients have long since escaped.

It looked to me like a safe, dry place where perhaps people might seek refuge in the night.

I stepped into what must have been its lobby, and there before me sat an old broken television playing the same image over and over. Upon the counter was a number of rats. They were eating something, I dare not think what it was; rotten and foul it looked. One of the rats turned and beheld my presence, then hissed at me. I turned away and walked deeper into the structure. There were stains upon the walls, as though someone had attempted some form of macabre artwork, long ago.

I spied an open doorway and again heard the sound of running water. I stepped through, and instantly slipped upon something on the floor, I fell back, and banged my head!

I do not know for long I lay there, unconscious but when I opened my eyes, I beheld it was still dark. Perhaps even much later in the night hours for it seemed darker. As my eyes adjusted, I saw in the shadows above me, three strange, glowing red orbs… close together.

I squinted, trying to discern them more clearly, then blinked and rubbing my eyes and when I looked again, they were gone! I thought little else of it, presuming them to be merely artifacts left within my visual cortex, from hitting my head.

I rubbed my eyes once more and shook my head then carefully took to my feet again. I knelt and felt around for what I might have slipped upon and my hand clasped about something small, rectangular and slick. It felt odd to the touch, and for some reason I raised it up and chose to smell it.


It was only a bar of soap!

I realized then, that the room within which I was about to enter where I heard the water, was a bathroom, with a shower! The water was lightly pouring from a broken pipe, dripping all over the floor and running down some drain, its trickle through the drain echoing in the night. I tossed the bar of soap aside, and then dipped my head under, running my heads through my hair, washing out the dirt and dust.

When I finished, I tossed my head back and opened my mouth and let the water pour in, intent on drinking deep.

Vile filth!

I instantly doubled over and heaved vomit; the taste of that water was so horrid I can not even describe it! I retched for several minutes, heaving as I caught my breath then stumbled from the room.

The fluid from that broken pipe was not natural and so vile that no human should ever have to taste it! I could only imagine from what sewer depths it was brought forth from, whereupon it issued out from that pipe in the wall…

I did not realize as I stumbled out that the light of the moon had cast in between some clouds outside shone through the broken exterior walls, and revealed a tangled pile of broken, desecrated corpses in the far corner of that bathroom.

Or perhaps I did seem them, and my mind denied it, but yet I put them in this writing even now, so I must have seen them.

I stumbled through the halls of this strange place…

I rounded a corner and there at the end of the next corridor, I saw them again, feint within the darkened shadows at that far end…

Three glowing red orbs, staring back at me.

I stood there a moment, and beheld their presence but was not yet close enough to discern any detail. I crept closer, moving slowly down the hall towards them, and the closer I approached the further away they seemed to be until at last!

I reached the end of the corridor and the shadows revealed nothing to me but walls stained with more macabre artwork.

What had happened within these walls that brought it to such a state?

The corridor turned and just down the way, an old metal door slow creaked open. I looked and thought I saw a dark shape slip through the opening.

“Is someone there!”

My voice echoed in the emptiness, and nothing replied other then my own echo receding into a whispering in the darkness…

I felt a tingle on my spine and for a moment thought someone, or something was behind me! I turned quickly and gazed back down the long dark corridor from which I had just came, but there was nothing there. I steadily walked backwards, keeping my gaze in that direction until I backed into the wall behind me.

Was that still my own voice, whispering away somewhere in the dark?

I felt another chill within my spine and I turned quickly and headed for the now open doorway. It was a flight of stairs that lead me down. The staircase was darkened, and I felt a terrible sense of dread. There was a presence down there but I dare not imagine what it might be.

At the bottom, I slipped around a corner and found myself facing a large chamber, divided from the main corridor by a wall of shredded, clear tarp which hung from the ceiling. Inside I saw tables, cabinets, shelves… and I thought to step inside.

As I slipped through the tarp I beheld that this was no ordinary room, it was a surgeons ward. There was a feint trace of moonlight coming from behind me and I saw a dismembered corpse upon a table, its torso half flayed of its flesh! The horror of the sight froze me in my step; for there above that ghastly corpse they floated in the darkness yet again!

Those three glowing red orbs!

I started to back away from them, and bumped into something metallic and all at once I felt a terribly heat behind me, and sudden loud racket.

I turned and realized I had activated some sort of cremation furnace, and there was something inside thrashing about wildly! The sudden screams pierced the silence and I turned and fled from the scene!

I ran down another corridor, around a corner and down another until I came out into a large open chamber. The only exits that I could see was the way from which I had just came, and a flight of stairs leading down into the floor.

I heard them then.

Inhuman sounds, coming from the way I had just come.

Groans and guttural gasps, and horrid wheezing. I realized now why this place had been so abandoned, for I had woken the sleeping dead! That which is dead, yet eternally lies, alive, within these ruins now possessed!

My only chance of escape was that flight of stairs and I took it! I ran down them as fast as I could, finding myself within another vast chamber. In the floor I saw an open sewer drain and in the wall I saw a dark opening, beyond which I saw nothing.

Perhaps a way out?

I ran for it and found it to be a tunnel leading down into the earth, and I started to run only to be stopped short!

For there, at the far end, they waited!


Those three glowing red orbs!

What were they, what did they want! They were now filling my mind with their image and I could not get them out! I turned back and ran from them, as I saw the first shapes coming down that flight of stairs.

With no where else to go, I fled into that open sewer hole and crawled through an old rusted pipe, until I came to a split. One went down, and another to a dead end, so I went down, and finally came out into a room. I could hear the whispers behind me, following me.

I looked about for another way to escape this madness, and saw another open sewer hole in the floor of the small chamber, so I took to it, dropping down and landing with a splash in a pool of filth and muck! Beneath my feet was a horrid mess of wretched slime, bodily remains, blood, inhuman juices, rotten flesh, disemboweled innards…

The stench was nightmarish, and I stumbled back against the wall, terrified beyond comprehension. All that the dead above did not consume was obviously discarded down into here…

I could not discern any other way out, other then, off to the side, I spied a room through a crack within its wall and I realized this was my last chance at escape. I crawled myself into this room, only to find it empty, barren and no way out!

I sat huddled within the corner and not knowing what else to do, I pulled from my pack, a small candle I kept handy, a box of cigarettes, and a lighter. I withdrew the last cigarette, lit it, and then the candle… I let the tobacco ease my nerves, as I could still hear the whispering coming from the opening above. Why they did not come for me yet, I do not know… but time passed, and eventually I pulled out my journal and began recording this tale.

Alas, though, I believe this tale is soon to come to an end. Perhaps I am hallucinating for I see them again…

Those three glowing red orbs…

They’re out there, in the darkness where that ghastly muck fills the sewer floor. They’re out there shrouded within the shadows, and they’re staring at me…

What is this Thing which should not be, within these ruins of the South Gate Sanitarium…

“What do you want with me!”

I screamed at them, and they did not budge, flinch nor react in any way…

They just floated there, in the darkness, and my mind was filled with the horrors of this place!

The terrors of its past, deeds I can not even write upon this paper!

I think I am going mad…

My candle is about to burn out and find myself staring at it as though it were my last hope for salvation…

Just before its last flicker, I saw it!

My eyes so wide… I can barely write these last words the light is fading so fast…

They come towards me now, those red orbs and I see them now for what they are! Oh god save me… for they are not orbs, they are a single eye.. three lobed!

A three lobed eye… and the Thing of which they are only the eye of! A writhing mass of utterly pure darkness and two demonic, bat like wings! I hear the whisperers in the dark, a name I can not pronounce, but I shall attempt to make my last scrawl upon this paper...

I must be having a nightmare, I’ve gone insane!

I think that Thing is consuming my mind...

My candle is about to go out…

I hear the dead coming for me now…

they whisper...

09/15/09 22:09
Kayteearclapclapclap bravo!

I could guess this would not finish too well though.
09/17/09 07:58
Tempest EllaSuch an awsome write up !!! *clap claps also* :P09/17/09 09:29
ShadowThanks for the comments you two!

Honestly I really did not know how it was going to end. I had the idea in my head, of wanting to write something that read similar to a Lovecraft story; actually perhaps even a series of such stories based on CoLA... and for this one, I just wrote it as it all came to me!

I just remember that, as I was typing up the last pages, my own heart was pounding like crazy and I was holding my breath! LOL
09/17/09 20:34
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