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OrpheusDarkfoldPersephone walamai hovered in the air in the middle of the old Hollywood and Highland courtyard, a pale orange glow about her. her eyes closed in concetration, she silently mouthed the words of Ancient magic, the likes of which had not been seen since her early days in the Egypt of legend. Orpheus wasnt sure what she was doing, but he watched her in awe. He had never felt such energy from a woman before, well not THAT kind of energy he thought to himself. But yet and still, he looked upon the woman who raised him from his sleep, and saved his life. At first he wasnt sure if he was grateful. His last memories before blacking out had been hazy, chaotic, then nothing. Suddenly the slumber was interuppted by gunfire, and Orpheus awoke to se a woman standing over him. She walk tall and stately, long black hair flowing down her back. Her skin was a medium color, yet looked as if it was glowing a bit, but her eyes is what struck him the most; they were glowing brightly, covering him with a blue light, and it was at that time, that he realized he was naked, AND wet. He could feel the power coming from this woman, like the feeling of air charged with electricity. Slowly she knelt next to him, pushing her black cloak to one side. As this was happening , the sounds of combat around him ceased, and he noticed a symbol attached to the woman's breast, suddenly began glowing blue. It was a cresent, within a geared circle. " Area is Secured, beginning extraction Elder" the voice came from the object on the woman, without looking at it or touching it she spoke back.
" good commander, land the transport on top of the bulding and meet me there" aftr saying that she grabbed Orpheus with one hand, and lifted him to his feet. She took her cloak off, and covered him with it, when her comm went off again."Transport has landed, a unit is waiting for you" "thank you commander" she said, while making sure oprheus was properly covered. Orpheus looked in from of him, and the woman helped him walk(he was too weak at this point to even talk, let alone stand) And he saw what appeared to be a large room, full of computers, lab tables, and other broken containment units, like the one he was sealed in. There was alot of commotion as well as techincians each wearing the emblem the woman wore, looked as if they were cataloging everything in sight, some drawing information from the databanks while others, sifted through paperwork, and examined the other units. As they approched the exit to the room, four soldiers appeared in the doorway. Each was dressed in a shiny black metallic body armor, their helmet miss mouths, with their eye openings glowing green. One of these Soldiers had red markings on his helmet, and this one approached the woman, with two large bags.
" These are his belongings, we found them in the lower level storage areas, it looks like he was a soldier" The man said standing back while they passed by, the soldiers falling in behind them, some where waiting in the long hall way, and continued in front of them. The hallway was only half covered, most of the ceiling out here, long destroyed, look as if it led out to the roof of the building. Orpheus saw a larg black ship hovering on the roof, about the size of one of those old military vietnam helicopters. There was a larger craft, holding what looked like at least 40 of these soldiers sitting in the field in front of the building, surrounded by three more of the smaller craft. As Orpheus looked around the courtyard, he vaguleyrecognized where he was. His shock was so strong he was able to utter one word loudly."Caltech!?" he said, as him and the woman were boarding the aircraft. This was the Caltech campus, he had been there many times, his handler had an office here. But the ruin was so completed he could not speak anymore, just look in amazement. He got settled in the seat next to the window, the woman standing in the isle, talking with the commander, as he was about to exit the ship. " we think there are more of the hostiles in the area, let them go or pursue?', the commander said. " find them and kill them all before they leave the area, we cannot have this location compromised, the wards are not in place yet", she stated flatly, and with that the commander noded, and left the ship, and in moments they were airborn. Flanked by four other transports, the flew silently into the night, and for the first time Orpheus was able to see the City laid out underneah him, and what he saw would give him nightmares for the next few months. Los Angeles was in Half ruined state, The city was almost unrecognizable to him. The experience was numbing, and it filled Orpheus with such despair, rage, and sadness, he felt himself getting light-headed again. Head dropping in defeat, he slumped back in his seat, tears sliding unchecked down his face, not wanting to see anymore of the destruction. The woman watched him the whole time, even when she was being briefed by a techie sitting next to her about the man in front of her. She reached out her hand, and grabbed his squeezing it tightly. Orpheus looked at her weakly, silent sobs wracking his body." All of this will be explained to you when we arrived at our destination", she said, not really knowing how to address his very real grief. "Trust me you will be given a chance to make this right, if it is possible, My name is Persephone, i'll see to it that you are taken care of" Orpheus squeezed her hand back, telling her he understood. As they flew over the city his thoughts went to his friends, his family, everything that was his world was below him in ruins, if there was anyway to salvage that, right now, he didnt see it, and he fell into another fitful sleep, filled with the nightmares of reality.........
03/13/10 23:15
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