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erinnic***just a piece of character fic i had elsewhere that i thought i'd put up here, something i was mulling but that had no place in actual RP. my char plays nice in city, a little too nice for a vampire some think--so this is her outlet. written at like 3am with no proofreading cause that's how how i roll, g. :P***

Some called it the end of the world, but she really just saw it as the end of the world's congestion. Time like this, after she slinked away from the city with a pale excuse of needing to go to ground, she felt most invigorated shrouded in solitude. There were streets each and every way leading to nothing, dotted with half crumbled buildings forgotten and looming--and each street led further and further away from anyone or anything else. She didn’t take the miles quickly like she had in the beginning. By now the walk was almost necessary, she had to mind the gap between who she was in the city and who she was about to be, bridge it and remember each step carefully so that she may tread back safely come the next nightfall. Lest the mistake return bloody mawed instead of neatly grinning.

She found the building she wanted and reached a hand up to caress the burnt red of the brick, swinging around the corner with fingers digging in slightly, crumbs on her fingers as they left the four neat imprints from the force she hadn’t noticed she was exerting. Her sense of smell seemed to grow stronger constantly, but somehow the thick stank musk of death that perfumed these hallways seemed light on her nostrils as her excitement completely overtook her. The steps to the fourteenth floor--which was actually the thirteenth but the building was old enough that it had been omitted out of bad juju alone--seemed to glide by her and for all intents and purposes very well might have. She had turned after vampires announced themselves to the world; she never learned how to still her heightened motions for the sake of appeasing any crowds. Her eyes didn’t see the peeling yellow of the walls, rust leaking down from unseen metal in years of accumulated disintegration--like a horse bridled she saw only her goal ahead of her. There was a second of abrupt pause as she reached the doorway to the studio space, always remembering to still herself in this moment as she once had not and the door left its hinges entirely in her haste.

And the door had to remain. There had to be a barrier between the outside and the space as she dragged a finger towards the light switch, her claret hued finger flipping it up to reveal the space within. It was almost as if she had transported the room from another place once light shone upon it. There was nothing palatial by any means, but if one word were to describe her den of inequities it would have been…homey. The walls were painted a warm honey with white trim, a kitchen off to one side and very obviously late 20th Century ‘post modern’ décor. In the far western end of the vast room there were draped tapestries with bright ornate patterns cast against them in a myriad of colours. She held out her right arm, keeping it half tight to her body as she pretended to release from her hand an imaginary set of keys to a common resting place they did not exist.

“Honey, I’m home. And I brought you a very special treat.” The only thing that met her voice was the soft noise of music coming from another of the far corners, a slow and electronic beat that once belonged to a famous movie with a famous soundtrack forgotten a few decades and an apocalypse ago. Suddenly the music clicked to a halt and there was a mechanical hiccup as the player switched off between CDs, the system clearly the best in modern sound systems if it were, by chance, still 1998.

Her long lean legs carried her to the tapestries, one hand tucked neatly behind her back with a small bag held there as she peeked inside with avidity dancing in her bloodened eyes. There was a folding chair in this makeshift room within the room, and yet another chair positioned near. The only difference between the two pieces of simple furniture being that one had a jaggedly thin man with shock black hair very, very tightly bound to it. He didn’t open his eyes at her words, but she could already tell by the sound of his heart that he knew she was there. It had been speeding up since she traipsed through the door and try as he might to pretend he wasn’t aware, every nerve in his body was calculating and fearing she would choose to turn her twisted attentions to it.

She found his face first then, snapping her left arm out and grabbing tight with her fingers on each side of his cheeks. She pulled his face forward, the entire chair lifting off the ground just a bit as her fingers dug into his skin. right below his obnoxiously obvious and high cheekbones. She remembered briefly the adoration she had once paid to that face, and decided she somewhat liked this new version even better. Knowing his ruse was up he opened his eyes, staring back at her with anger that burned the normally caramel brown there to an almost black.

“Don’t play games.” She squeezed her right hand tight around the curled up top on the bag she held and a grin contorted her features as if she suddenly recalled the treat there. She ran her tongue absently over her fangs as she tilted her head, auburn tresses tilting with her as they fell against her shoulder. “And don’t ever fucking look at me like that again.” She dropped his face, grabbing the unoccupied chair and spinning it so she sat in it backwards. She leaned over it so that she was close to him and she held the bag between her hands. “In fact, that reminds me of what I brought you.”

She reached inside the bag and pulled out a small object that looked like an intensely bright deflated heart with a green stem. She spun it a bit in her hand, staring at the small thing as it twisted in her hand. “This is the Naga Morich, and it is supposed to be extinct. The necessary nutrients for it to thrive died out on this planet after Wormwood, like many things. Also like many things, someone learned how to bring it back in another dimension connected to this one. A gentleman in Damnation had this for sale, and I was more than happy to buy. It is the hottest pepper in the world; humans have passed out from its intensity on their tongues.” She stared at it and spun it a bit faster, offering a small ‘huh’ from her lips as his eyes grew a bit wider with some sort of unknown understanding that the pain was about to come.

The leap had her atop him with his head hitting the hard floor before he had fully grasped what was happening. Her fingers moved up on the stem just far enough, applied just enough pressure to crush the tiny disheveled heart of a pepper directly into his wide and frightened eyes. Not entirely satisfied yet she snarled and pushed the entire of the pulp into his left socket, the imminent squish blaringly loud in her ears until her laugh replaced it. The eyes struggled to close but his human instinctual instincts acted against him, pushing the searing pain of the act further on him. His pale olive skin burned fire engine red as he struggled and grasped against her, finally leaning his head to one side and lurching in spasms.

She stared down at him bored and disappointed at how quickly his body had succumb to her devices. She moved off him, one leg wobbling a little as a clear indicator to her being thrown off. Erin let one hand run through her hair as she swore to herself silently over and over again, rising on the thick heels of her black boots to full height before stepping away from his convulsing frame and finding the other chair again. Except this time when she sat, she set her back to him.

“I don’t rest. I don’t sleep. I come here. I come to you and I keep you company. Consider yourself fortunate, no? Forever would be very, very long if I didn’t come here for my visits, right? If I didn’t damn my own tired aching, my own hungers and needs?” She turned her head to the side as she asked her barrage of questions, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Things changed so quickly in this room, they always did. As soon as his body quit she found herself hollowed again.

“Tonight something happened. I walked tonight in catacombs, was led on a tour you see. A…sister.” She smirked; the words hadn’t come from her lips yet. Her describing of Erica--this was the first time she had referred to anyone in the family in those words. “She showed some of us around. There was something that was there…something that shook me down into my bones. It was a portal she said led to an abyss…or maybe the abyss? Either way she said it was a horrible place, and I should think myself to not want to go there….

“As soon as she said it, I had to force my own body against leaping into whatever chasm may have existed there. I felt compelled to dive into its centre and find the nightmares that would have embraced and awaited me there. I couldn’t understand what would make me want such a thing."

She shook her head furiously, hair shaking in wild waves around her as her hands found her face and burrowed backwards, pulling the hair back with the sweeping gesture. She stared hard at the ground, speaking at him and knowing that he was hearing her. “I could think only of Sheol. It sounded as if the place she described was just like it, just like the hell that I was forced into for what felt to me hundreds of years.” She shook her head. Never mind if it had only been months here, only a few short months she had been away from the city--it was nightmare overlapped by nightmare for time infinite in the dimension she had been tricked into--pulled into by a shyster of an Angel if ever there were one. Erin had been so blinded in her quest to find those who had killed her daughter, had murdered her Hope--she had been so distracted that she didn’t know what she was following into--she had only been promised to reach the site of the vengeance she had chased for so long now. Instead of a battleground she found a prison in Sheol, one she still didn’t know how she escaped.

“There was no moment I’ve felt more terrifying then those in Sheol, yet when I saw that portal this night the first thing I wanted to do was leap head into it. When I came back into Lost Angels I found kin, I found something that makes sense to me. I have to find a reason why I’m still here when Hope isn’t.” She sneered back towards him still without looking at him, hearing his ragged breathing and knowing he listened still even through his pain. “We both know why -you’re- here…but I feel as if I’ve found reason to be here now. And yet even in this moment of hope, even in finding what feels like family--I wanted to abandon it all and destroy myself….

She stood up then, all grace and lithe even in her agitated state. If she could bring the tears they would have been there, but they had died the same as her heartbeat had long before. She strode over to him and put one foot on each side of his wrecked frame, leaning over at her waist.

“Do you know what Sheol was for me? It was her face. It was my little girl’s face and it was knowing that I failed her and I lost her. Again. And again. And again. For endless amounts of time I was given her briefly only to have her torn away again.” She contorted her body down further in obscene lengths so that her face was near his. There was a hiss between her teeth as she spoke, not holding back the full timbre of her voice as she did.
“And as they did it they told me that I could have her back if I just took their God as mine. They said that I would have heaven and Sheol would cease if I could only just believe and forgive.” Her entire frame shuddered with a single shudder, eyes darting to the bag half emptied next to his head. She reached out for another of the peppers, knowing they had lots of day and hours to cover.

“Do I seem forgiving to you?”
01/21/09 20:34
Missy*Missy shivers...*

Well Erinnic.. I have to confess something. I never once thought you too light for a vampire simply because I think it's smart to be afraid of the person who stalks Ren in the Forums and keeps a diary with Ren's name encircled by hearts. That just screams "psycho-scary devil woman" somehow.

As for this story, now I have yet another reason to fear spicy food other than because it gives me horrible heartburn.

(Seriously though, this was excellently written (as always) and you transported me out of my classroom and into your universe extremely effectively. Thank you. :D)
01/21/09 20:52
erinnicLMAO. my stalking of ren isn't's understandable. i mean--have you ever talked to her? she's kinda made of irresistable.... <3 <3 <3

and thank you, you know i admire you as a writer so that makes me appreciate your kind words all the more. & i plan to hunt you down next time i need a proofread :P
01/21/09 20:57
MissyHeheh. Yeah.

Ren and I have errr.... chatted before. And it's always the I'm-on-the-edge-of-my-seat-the-whole-time, blotting-my-damp-palms-on-my-thighs types of experience. There are a couple of people in CoLA where that is always the case and she is one of them. Which only reinforces my previous statements earlier in this thread, btw.

As for proofreading, sure! Happy to.

And seeing how no one has yet read the latest Missy backstory installment (which I posted ages ago), I've put my own writing on hold, for the moment so I may even have some time.

01/22/09 17:58
orenI could have swore I commented on this story... I guess Erin and I just spoke about it in IMs in game. I love it. Leave it too Erin to bring a million Scoville unit pepper into a torture scene. It's one of the most creative things I've seen. As far as the rest of the comments here... I'm flattered. Confused, but flattered. I'm not special, I'm just me, and Missy and Erin, you're a couple of my favorite people and absolutely a couple of my favorite writers. We need to gang up on Shyann and get her to post some writing on here, she's also amazing.01/22/09 18:22
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