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Sloan[10:34] Sloan McCoy wonders how she is fairing withthe addictive nature of the plants effects
[10:34] You: how has the day found you ?
[10:35] Allissa Coswell shrugs "I really dunno. I been here all day....I woke curled up against the cut down plant."
[10:38] You: you did well , the sample you brought us
[10:38] You: was it virganal?
[10:38] You: by chance?
[10:39] Allissa Coswell grinds her heel into the floor and looks down at the arena pit "I don't think so. I think he has a girlfriend so I assume he's been around"
[10:39] Sloan McCoy nods
[10:40] You: a pitty, but you did well anyways
[10:41] Allissa Coswell smiles "Thank you. Overfiend. I enjoyed the reward"
[10:41] You: as did we
[10:41] Sloan McCoy chuckles
[10:41] Allissa Coswell blushes a bit
[10:43] You: you should be proud of it dear
[10:43] You: such stamina
[10:43] You: even the greatest of succubbi would be envyous
[10:44] Allissa Coswell chews her lip
[10:44] Allissa Coswell: I almost lost total control of myself
[10:44] Sloan McCoy makes a mental note
[10:45] You: is that such a bad thing?
[10:45] Allissa Coswell nods
[10:45] Allissa Coswell: If I lose control then I'm not me
[10:46] You: is it not bothersome to have to hold back so much ?
[10:46] Sloan McCoy traces your arm with his finger tips
[10:47] Allissa Coswell: I like ta remember wha' I felt and did. I lose control whos ta say wha' I will remember
[10:48] Allissa Coswell's skin is warm and soft to the touch, small hairs standing on end as your fingers brush over them
[10:48] You: indeed one does want to remeber all the joys of the day
[10:49] Allissa Coswell: Plus I'm still trying to find myself
[10:50] You: we will aid you in that dear, fear not
[10:51] Allissa Coswell: I'm sure you will
[10:51] You: surely you are not disapointed so far
[10:52] Allissa Coswell: No I quite happy with all the new feelings and sensations
[10:53] You: soon very soon, you will bloom
[10:53] Sloan McCoy rounds your shoulder to your back tracing down slowly
[10:54] Allissa Coswell arches her back slightly pushing into your fingers
[10:55] Sloan McCoy fills his hand with your frim tight ass as he give it a jossal
[10:56] Allissa Coswell tightens her cheek a bit making the muscle hard against your hand
[10:57] Allissa Coswell: Mmm...but what will I bloosm in to? I'm sure it won't be a goodie goodie like those that I work for
[10:58] You: we assure you , you will be quite pleased
[10:58] Allissa Coswell smiles
[10:58] Sloan McCoy inhales you in to see if he can scence any possible changes lurking beneith
[10:59] Sloan McCoy pats your ass reashuringly
[10:59] Allissa Coswell: I'm sure I will be. Just a bit nervous at how I will be affected
[10:59] Allissa Coswell was changing, her shyness and skittish side slowly fading to something more open and secure in herself
[11:01] Sloan McCoy travels his finger tips inward more to tease your lower half some
[11:02] Allissa Coswell closes her eyes for a few moment savoring the touch and the tingles that flew up her spine
[11:02] Sloan McCoy whispers in your ear
[11:03] Sloan McCoy: you can not change what you truely are
[11:04] Allissa Coswell exhales quickly almost shaking when she hears your voice
[11:04] Sloan McCoy rubs over your folds thru the textured cloth
[11:05] Allissa Coswell: Now I have to figure out what I am. Am i a tool for others or am I my.......own
[11:05] Sloan McCoy continues to speak in your ear, his hot breath blanketing your neck
[11:06] Sloan McCoy: your hunger knows no bounds
[11:06] Allissa Coswell shudders and opens her stance a little, her sex radiating the aroused heat and moisture that you seemed to bring to her with just a simple touch
[11:07] Sloan McCoy presses fingers up into yu thru the pants parting you
[11:07] Allissa Coswell nods slowly, she did have a hunger within her
[11:08] Allissa Coswell moans out softly
[11:08] Sloan McCoy as he speaks his mouths lips slightly rolling over your ear lob
[11:09] Sloan McCoy: you must feed it, lest you be burned alive from with in
[11:10] Sloan McCoy: how long has it been dear?
[11:11] Sloan McCoy: far to long hasn't it?
[11:10] Allissa Coswell nods as her hips gyrate a bit, a hand moving over her stomach
[11:11] Allissa Coswell: I....I will.....yes....
[11:12] Allissa Coswell could feel her heart beat quicken in her chest as your breath sent chills down her spine
[11:12] Sloan McCoy plays with you more his hand palming your mound as he presses up spreading his fingers
[11:13] Allissa Coswell inhale a shuddering breth, her hand roaming toward her waistline as her fingers peek just inside it
[11:13] Sloan McCoy licks your ear slowly
[11:14] Allissa Coswell moans as her fingers tease along the soft skin below her navel, her hips still moving a bit against your hand
[11:16] Sloan McCoy takes your hand other hand and places it were his own was as he places his own on top of yours guiding your actions
[11:17] Sloan McCoy growns
[11:17] Sloan McCoy: your so wet
[11:18] Allissa Coswell whimpers softly pressing her mound down against her hand, her other was slowly creeping in to tease at the swollen little button that was her clit
[11:19] Sloan McCoy: you can't stop yourself can you
[11:19] Allissa Coswell rubs softly in a circular motions as her fingers on her hand rubbed at her folds
[11:20] Allissa Coswell shakes her head and whispers a soft ' No' as she could feel the wetness growing through her pants
[11:22] Sloan McCoy now watches you as you have taken over the task of your own pleasure
[11:24] Allissa Coswell moans softly as her legs spread further, her head reaching deeper into her pants as the fingers trace over the folds and one slips inside her moist, hot entrance. Her whole body shuddered as her finger slipped in as far as she could get it with her clothes on
[11:24] Allissa Coswell: hand*
[11:24] Mars Lake is Online
[11:25] Sloan McCoy softly whispers
[11:25] Sloan McCoy: don't let those get in your way
[11:26] Allissa Coswell nods and unlatches her holster then unties her pants letting then fall yo her ankles and the floor
[11:27] Sloan McCoy grins wide
[11:28] Allissa Coswell tilt her head back as her fingers push her panties out of the way and moves deeper inside her wanting passage
[11:30] Allissa Coswell presses her thumb to her clit as she added a second finger inside her
[11:30] Sloan McCoy wonders if the plants effects had a lasting impact on her
[11:30] Sloan McCoy moves your gun closer to you as he whispers
[11:31] Sloan McCoy: look at the girth of the barrle , long and stiff, a good tool for such things
[11:31] Allissa Coswell groans softly as her fingers pump in and out of her
[11:32] Sloan McCoy gets aroused
[11:32] Allissa Coswell licks her lips as she looks at her own gun. The silencer on the barrel seemed to call out to her to use it
[11:34] Sloan McCoy: don't you want to feel it deep inside you
[11:34] Allissa Coswell leaned down and took her gun in her hand, she move the cold steel over her hot folds and shivered, her hips rocking as she presses the end of it against her sex
[11:34] Sloan McCoy brings it up rubbing your thigh with it
[11:36] Allissa Coswell bit her lip teasing herself with it
[11:36] Sloan McCoy mouth waters
[11:37] Allissa Coswell slides it back and forth over her wet folds, her juices coating the shiny steel
[11:39] Sloan McCoy wants to see the extend of her levels of lust now and watches intently
[11:40] Allissa Coswell slowly slides the silencer into her entrance, the cold feel of it making her moan loudly as it made its way in deep hitting the top of her passage
[11:41] Allissa Coswell slipped it back out not wanting to get used to the cold rush that it sent thought her body then again she slipped it back in and started to pump it in and out of her
[11:43] Allissa Coswell moans again as it hit the top with each thrust, her other hand sliding over her folds in the juices before reaching up and licking it from her fingers
[11:46] Sloan McCoy nods approvingly to what he was seeing and trys to hold back aiding her , as he wanted to see her at her own mercy
[11:47] Allissa Coswell was lost in her own building lust, her body enjoying the feeling that was over coming in. She quivers and squirms as her hand goes back to her sex and starts to play with her sensitive little button adding to the feel of her gun deep inside her
[11:49] Allissa Coswell moans again as the pleasure was boulding within her, the hard steel rubbing her sweet spot as she squirmed abd wriggled
[11:49] Allissa Coswell: building*
[11:50] Sloan McCoy seems pleased with her and himself as he watches silently
[11:50] Allissa Coswell could feel that jelly feeling over coming her knees as she tried to stay upright, her whole body tensing and her back arching
[11:52] Allissa Coswell lets her head fall back, her voice echoing off that walls of the arena as she screamed out in ecstacy, her muscles bunched and released in a spasm like movement as she came
[11:53] Sloan McCoy chuckles , good very good, you must feed your desires
[11:53] You: tho we dout you are done
[11:53] You: are you?
[11:54] Allissa Coswell whimpers as her pace slows, her juices rolling down the gun to her hand, she kept pumping it into her though not as fast
[11:54] Allissa Coswell: No...want more
[11:55] Allissa Coswell panted softly between words
[11:55] Sloan McCoy whispers
[11:55] Sloan McCoy: of course you do
[11:57] Allissa Coswell shakes a bit and licks her lips, she could taste her sweet nectar on them as her tongue glided over and cleaned it up
[11:59] Allissa Coswell continued to pump the gun and and out of herself twisting it left and right as she did, her pace starting to pick up again
[11:59] You: you've come a long way dear ,we are proud of you
[11:59] Allissa Coswell moaned out a soft 'mhmm'
[12:01] Allissa Coswell was being driven by pure lust now, her body quivering and shaking again as she pushed the gun deep inside her with each pounding thrust
[12:04] Sloan McCoy licks up some of the now pooling necture
[12:04] Sloan McCoy the long tenticals joyful in its actions
[12:05] Allissa Coswell moaned out again as her body easily gave in to her desires, her hand moving as quickly as she coud feeling the burning feeling of another climax building up
[12:06] You: should you wish to truely feel the climaxe of your life, pull the trigger as you release, do not fear we will not allow you to pass on
[12:07] Monde Nitely: hello
[12:07] Sloan McCoy looks at the new comer
[12:07] Monde Nitely: nice sloan
[12:07] Monde Nitely: ops
[12:09] You: the climaxe of your life it would be
[12:09] You: you think not?
[12:09] Allissa Coswell moans louder as your voice rings through, she tilted her head slightly but without question her thumb flicks the safety off
[12:12] Allissa Coswell could feel herself starting to let go, she didn't hold it back this time as her body again tensed and her fingers traces over the trigger slowly she puts pressure on it so asoft click is heard as the hammer draws back
[12:12] Sloan McCoy is actualy intent on making sure she will not die but mearly experiance the climaxe of her life
[12:13] Sloan McCoy tentical end traces your thigh up to your hard button
[12:15] Allissa Coswell cries out as her climax comes, her body shaking even with your touch. Her hand flinches pressing the trigger and the gun fires causing her cry to become louder with the added pain to the pleasure
[12:17] Sloan McCoy waits for a momment as your body takes in all the sensations
[12:19] Allissa Coswell's head tilts back and her eyes closed, she felt more the pleasure than the pain though it was slowly coming to her as she wound down
[12:20] Sloan McCoy hovers over you as you lay there in your own fluids and self inflicted wound
[12:20] You: we never lie do we dear
[12:21] Allissa Coswell slides the gun from her passage and drops it, she looks up at you and shakes her head as she whispers " were right"
[12:21] Sloan McCoy lays a hand apon your stomach as he looks to you
[12:22] You: do you wish us to heal your wounds ?
[12:22] Sloan McCoy grins
[12:22] Allissa Coswell relaxes as she tries to keep still, her eyes closing half way
[12:23] Allissa Coswell: Yea....not ready ta die yet.
[12:23] You: then all you need say is fill me with your energies
[12:23] You: and we will ensure your survival
[12:24] Sloan McCoy waits
[12:24] Allissa Coswell almost giggles at that though she just ends up smirking before speaking
[12:24] Allissa Coswell: Fill me with your energies
[12:25] Sloan McCoy grins wide as he hears the words spoken and takes the oppurtunity to do just that, filling you with his darkness as it heals your wounds, but also infests you with his own darkness, the evil with in
[12:25] Sloan McCoy the energies intime slowly currupting you even more to his ends
[12:26] Allissa Coswell closes her eyes as she feels the darkness fill her mending the wound and slowly seeping into her being
[12:26] You: rest now
[12:26] You: let your body mend
[12:27] Allissa Coswell nods slowly then opens an eye part way
[12:27] Sloan McCoy seems rather happy at how you have come along
[12:27] Allissa Coswell: Overfiend?
[12:28] You: yes ?
[12:28] Allissa Coswell: Ya dun happen ta have any vampire blood lyin around here do ya?
[12:29] Sloan McCoy actualy does have a collection of bloods
[12:29] You: what makes you ask this?
[12:29] Allissa Coswell was addicted to the blood "I need it ta help me heal...."
[12:30] You: your wounds will heal with our aid
[12:30] You: let the magiks take their effect
[12:31] Sloan McCoy trys to pass off the need of hers for this blood
[12:31] Sloan McCoy not knowing the extend of her addiction
[12:31] Allissa Coswell would grin as she licked her lips and her eye closed again, her bleeding stopped as she laid there and the darkness still consuming her "Yes, sir."
[12:34] Allissa Coswell was addicted to the point of nearly being a ghoul or a slave to her addiction
04/28/09 06:19
Keylaneedless to say, I love your style Sloan ;)
nice bit of RP here you two. I like it. I hope there'll be more?
04/30/09 09:01
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