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Ziau(( I already posted this on the old forums- and I was keen enough to save it in word pad when I posted it JUST in case something fucked up happened- ALAS! It did, and well,.. reposting it!

Lemme Tarantino this for y'all~~

Observation Room- Unknown Location- Time: Who the Fuck Knows?

"Ziau eh? Heard of you- ain' dealt with yeh- ain' had no time to waste with fuck ups like you, tell me,.. why are you in my presence you piece of shit?" It was a reletively well decorated warehouse- pretty meat hooks and chains, well lit for a metal box, and on top of that about fifteen musclemen with their arms crossed as the "boss" sat across a small card table looking at a freshly beaten and bound blonde haired man. It was a sort of scene you would see in an epic episode of the Sopranos- and the accents were poor, real poor- who the fuck were these douche bags? Ziau didn't know all he knew is why he -was- there,....

His feet slammed against roofing shingles- unlayed, unfastened, simple debris was not something to slow down his quick paced strides. His tail streamed behind him as he sprinted away from the open window- a grin on his goofy squished in face. He stood normal human height- weighed more than one- and smelled like the robust scent of fresh sex. The sweat collected on his bare lower back, blonde spiky hair flopping to cover his eyes and obstruct his view as he scampered. Behind him- shots fired, many, a whole clip of 12- but he was lucky not to be hit, and luckier he was no where near the shout by now, "YOU BETTER FUCKING RUN!"

Ziau was a night service extraordinaire, he would climb in windows at night- hop out of them in the morning, same old same old. He was bare naked- tattoos of his homeland making him out to be a comical canvas of crimson and black- his gray and white tail matched his big goofy ears that rested on his head, his eyes were always a deep feral red- and when angered would brighten to a prettier shade, or that's what a faggot would say. In his arms he cradled his clothes- his mind munching on the pleasure he had just given and recieved not even twenty minutes prior- and now he was bolting for the nearest safe haven he could find.

She was a fair skinned woman- a short skirt, no panties and she reeked of wonting when he brushed against her in the Zodiac. His hand was naughty, it reached and grabbed for plump flesh and she was happy to tug him by his thick leather collar out the door and up the stairs of her apartment building. Upon reaching the confines of her closed in space, he wasted no time to grab her by her waist and fling her to sofa cushions- mouth pressing sloppily to her own, tail flicking in mischief and wonting of his own. It wasn't long before he undid the buckle of his canvas belt.

BANG BANG! The gun sounded off twice more, the rounds slamming into the tarred roof beside and behind him. He didn't yelp- he kept his feet moving, he kept his head low, and the grin never left. The man was in pursuit, a goofy looking fuck, stood shorter than a common chump, and weighed twice as much. But, for a fucking bovine he could sure run fast in flip flops. The gun was not leveled- nor aimed with trained hands, but he felt the bullet rip into his calf and he yelped, rolling forward and slamming into a pile of roof shingles, stacked for the workers whenever they got back from their stripper breaks.

"Well well well, looks a lot like you fucked son!" The man hollered out as he came to a halt not even a foot from bleeding Ziau- whom I might add was out of breath, still had a fresh coat of his own and the wife of the man's bodily fluids on his half-flaccid member, as well as he was kind of in the mood for a ice cold anything. The man pointed the gun at his head, the chamber was loaded but Ziau kept thinking back of why he was in this fucking pickle- all of it.

Once the belt was off he moved it to grasp her throat- he fastened and locked the buckle in place, pulling tight with a grin, "Yell and I fucking make you blue," He growled out with a lustful grunt. He had his tight jeans seperated at the front soon enough, three fourths of a foot long pierced pride being moved to tickle at her petals, not even waiting for response. With a sudden shove forward he felt her tighten and she cried out- all that was heard from anywhere in the tiny room was the slick noise of canvas being grinded against metal as he gagged her for all she was worth. The familiar sound of flesh slapping into flesh was even audible from the other side of the pine-wood door, he fucked her while she gasped for breath, like he fucking loved it.

It wasn't a one minute scene either, he took a while, and silly Ziau. He choked her to literal death, he choked her until she could no longer suck life from the air around them, and he cared not. The sweat coated lycan made his finish- hilting and spilling into her with every last drop. With a bit of a shocked surprise he loosened his article of death and fashion- snaking it through merely two belt holes on either side of his not-so-muscular frame, his hand hurting a bit from where he held it as tight as he could for a good twenty minutes,... boy was he beat.

Clonk clonk- someone was coming, to this place? Nah she had neighbors, this wasn't an unpopular dump, he was certain. The sound of keys rattling, fuck, think Ziau! He then tugs his pants up, for fuck's sake, the fastener was snapped in his excitement and they would just slide off- fuck it. He yanks them down and off- balling them off and stepping into his untied boots and bolting for a window. The door swung open- a rather chubby looking greaseball not even missing a beat, horrified at his mare of a wife laying blue faced on a couch with a trickle of blood rolling from her mouth down her chest. He reached for his pistol- saw a naked wolf-man climbing from a window and opened fire.

So here we are, mid-day and everyone is already drunk enough to call it an evening, and the stand off just thickens with intensity as the man sucks on his teeth. "Got any last words puppy?" -Excuse me?- Ziau thinks, baring his teeth, "Thought so- fuck you mutt!" He looks down the sight, and leaned forward a bit, and with a quick backhand stroke the gun was knocked from his hand.

"The fuck you call me?" Ziau snarls, standing- butt naked, pierced cock -still- dripping, but he hunched at the man who sucked in a surprised breath, to hell with this mid-town big wig, and fuck his bitch too,.. oh wait,.. already did! His hand shoots forward and he snarls again, the pain in his leg not even seeming to matter anymore, no- the lycan was pissed, "I'll show your fake gangster ass what a puppy is,.. fucking faggot." He lifted him as the man gagged and clawed at his wrists trying to escape the inevitable- screwed, done, game blouses. Ziau walks him to the edge of the tarp covered building's roof and doesn't toss him but leaps from the building as his arms bulged and his neck thickened with a veiny effort-filled growth.

Two objects of different mass fall at the same speed- fatty and the shifting wolf zipped downward with a rush, taking a whole better half of a minute to hit the ground with a sickening crackle of pavement and bones shattering beneath the force. Thoguh blood trickled form his bulging and shifting leg he was unphased, crouched over the man with his hand pressing into his unbeating chest. "Woof woof piece of shit." He said through closed teeth- his eyes feral and enraged, his body now hulking and hairless- but becoming more and more canine in shape. Before long his breathing starts to calm and he looks up, countless gun barrels pointed at him,.. and fuck,.. he left his shit on the roof.
With no contesting remarks he slowly brings his hands up and chuckles his teeth showing newly formed canines though he had trounced the art of his shift for the moment. This is the downside to taking ladies away and fucking them- well,..... to death,.. the fucking pussies who thought they were tough because they tote heat, he was always getting caught, he was more than used to armed wimps. "Heh- guess this is a bit hard to explain eh?" Yeah- well, fifteen wusses overpowered one hardened street mutt, they closed in and sent a few punches and kicks his way as he balled up to shield as much of it as he could. The thumping and yelping not only came from him, but the men that got in the way of each other as they fought over a shot at him.

They broke their circle-jerk and one of them groaned out in a little pain, he had gotten elbowed in the eye, "Yo- boss ain' gunna like this shit,.. a fucking dogman puttin' Miles down, an' his bitch too from what Paulie saw. Take this fuck up to the spot, he ain' gun' live much longer anyway." And with that he sent a bullet into Ziau's abdomen- the gut wrenching pain (quite literally) sent him doubling over, and very vulnerable to being bound up. They didn't even carry the poor S.O.B, no they drug him across pavement on his wounded, beaten, naked belly and it was a haf a mile drag.

"Ziau eh? Heard of you- ain' dealt with yeh- ain' had no time to waste with fuck ups like you, tell me,.. why are you in my presence you piece of shit?" It was a reletively well decorated warehouse- pretty meat hooks and chains, well lit for a metal box, and on top of that about fifteen musclemen with their arms crossed as the "boss" sat across a small card table looking at a freshly beaten and bound blonde haired man. It was a sort of scene you would see in an epic episode of the Sopranos- and the accents were poor, real poor- who the fuck were these douche bags?

"Here's a newspaper to cover up your,.. little guy there." Said the corpulent boss of the group- whatever they were, and the gray newsprint landed on the table across from the lycan. With a nod of his head two men walked forward and kicked his bound wrists, a loud crack sounding out and a rather horrific moan of pain through teeth as Ziau's arms were broken, possibly his wrists, he wasn't sure. They unsheathed a knife and cut the robe, and the other punches him in the back of the head- he wasn't ready for any of this- he lost a few pints of blood, and he was feeling woozy. He spit the shards of enamel from his mouth and weakly reached for the paper, pulling it to set in his lap, gently, respectfully covering his penis from the rather humble man's view.

"You took out one of my men- he been in my family for years, an' you took him out- an' you know what,.. I din' think you did too bad a job eithuh." With a startled look from more than just Ziau the boss laughed, "Yo- Miles was a fat slob, ain' even good with his pistol, but he was loyal, he knew what he was doing, but he was all around useless." With another chuckle he waves his hand, "Let me and the boy talk- you guys go find you somethin' to do, he ain' harmin' nothin'." The man did indeed mean what he said, a desert eagle draped across his lap, his composure so calm, his eyes so beady and lifeless- it was like staring at a bug, a fat fucking bug.

Though a few more hand waves and reassurance the men started filing out and the boss leaned back to bring an unlit cigar to his mouth, cut- ready to smoke, but he kept his eyes on Ziau. "How abou' a mobbin' job- three fitty a week startin' four fitty if you show promise- fast rankups for a wise guy with a tough arm such as yourself."

The docks were always silent, even when they put someone down to rest- and the noise that came from the warehouse farthest from the road, number six- home to the mob's operation were nearly sickening. First three gunshots rang and there was a loud scream- deep- throated and full of horror. Soon there were multiple crashes and large bangs as dents appeared on the thin walls of the structure. Men rushed guns in hand to see what the commotion was, and the sounds verified what they feared,.. the bossman was put down- whacked if you will, given a broken Pez dispenser treatment. He was beheaded- not by blade, but by what seemed to be actual twist and pull. He had five huge punctures all around his head, three in plain view, and his chest was caved in. He was pounded into the wall and had his head actually and literally yanked from his frame.

"Wh-what the fuck!?" Said the first in line, they half-circled the scene in horror, no Ziau in sight,.. but they seemed to forget they left the man alone with a berserker, and he was no where to be found. He didn't run- Ziau never ran, he stalked, waited, and watched,.. life of whom he was. On the roof of another warehouse about two buildings over rested a man- naked, no wounds, spiky blonde hair, tail flicking happily behind himself. He had his eyes closed and his arms behind his head- watched the sun go down, what a wonderful view over ocean and blood,.. slowly he lowered his ears over his eyes and legs crossed as he reclined in a napping endeavour.

I would like to say that is all I can tell you about Ziau- but his adventures always seem to be more and more troublesome, time and time again,.. I can say this. Leave a window open, slap his ass- give him a swift nibble or a wink,.. and make sure hubby ain' gunna be around for a little bit, surely you won't be disappointed. Tongue hanging out, pants around his ankles- clothing cradled in arms, if we had a signature screen to fade out on, we would pick this one, CoLA's Casanova- more people's dirty secret or not- wether you wish to tell or not, if you had a piece, you know.
01/13/09 02:09
MissyZiau, you are crazy and I love your style, but I'll be locking my windows all the same :P

Excellently written and I'm glad you saved a copy and posted it here because I missed this little gem on the old forum site!
01/13/09 18:08
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