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UsrBinPerlYou'll need to read I-III to get up with the story line or else this won't make much sense. They're in the forum (listed with no subject, click on the date)

A-4952's eyes snapped open. Laying in her dark cell, she instinctively went to push back the hair that would have covered her eyes had her head not been entirely shaved. Her eyes slowly focused as she peered across the cell to spy the intruder.

She sat up from her hard bunk with a bolt and quickly blinked the sleep out of her eyes. Sure enough, a girl, tall and lanky, dressed in a plaid uniform of some sort, stood across from her, smiling.

“Who the hell are you?” she growled. Her head was pounding as it normally did before the medic came to give her her daily dose of medication. Her hand rubbed her shaved scalp, brushing against the now healed scars that crisscrossed her skull.

She girl smiled “You don't remember me, do you?” she asked, her voice out of place. A-4952's life consisted of angry screaming drill instructors, yelling firearms instructors and the medical staff who treated her like a pin cushion. The light, cheerful voice of the girl annoyed her.

She eyed the intruder. She seemed familiar, but A-4952 couldn't place her. “Why the hell would I?” she demanded. The girl across from her nodded. “Oh, no reason. I'm sure it will come to you, eventually. My name is Deidre. What's yours?”

A-4952 stared at the girl. Her heartbeat slowed as she eyed the girl, hate welling up in her. The girl's voice, with its cheerful airy quality was now on the verge of flat out pissing her off. She'd been learning to control her impulse towards immediate violence and was doing better than even her CO expected. Still, her training kicked in and she immediately assessed the situation with cool and cold mechanics.

6 feet from bunk to intruder. .25 seconds to cover it. The girl weighed maybe 90 lbs, more or less an equal match, although she looked soft as a pillow. The intruder was tall and A-4952, at 5ft 8 would lose her reach advantage. But, it was obvious the intruder was not equipped to handle the violence A-4952 could rain down upon her, even unarmed. A-4952 decided, within a matter of seconds that she could reach and kill the intruder in about 3 seconds, 2 and a half if she was lucky.

A-4952 frowned. The CO had given her orders that strictly forbid her from killing without an expressed order to do so. She muttered "Shit.." to herself, and allowed herself to stand down.

“A-4952” she muttered watching the intruder carefully.

The girl looked at her with a confused expression and asked “Excuse me?”

A-4952 rolled her eyes. Her patience was wearing thin. “My name. You asked for it. It's A-4952.”

The girl across the room closed one eye and made a funny face “That's a funny name? They call you anything else?”

A-4952 shrugged “No. We don't get civvy names yet...”


Dr. Robert Garcia looked at the bank of monitors, keeping an eye on one in particular as he had for the past 5 minutes. He watched it for a few more moments and then pulled off the pair of large military headphones he wore and picked up the phone and pressed page

“Dr. Collins? Could you come here a minute? I have some strange activity in 102?”

Dr. Andrew Collins, chief medical officer of Project Homeschool got up from his desk and walked out of his office into the medical surveillance room. He smiled as we walked up to the monitor banks. He liked Garcia. He was the FNG (fuckin' new guy) of his medical staff, but was sharp, easy to work with and most importantly, didn't ask too many questions.

“What seems to be the problem, Garcia?” he asked.

“A-4952. She's acting odder than normal.”

Collins knew normal for his 20 charges meant something different than that of your normal group of 12 to 16 year old kids. He bent over to look at the monitor. Watching Cell 102's monitor for a moment, taking in the fuzzy black and white image.

A-4952 was sitting up in her bunk, her hands animated. Every now and then, she'd stop and poke her finger at something across the room. He recognized what was happening immediately and nodded “Yeah, I've seen this before with a few others. ” He motioned for the headphones and slipped them over his ears, listening the the voice of a barely teenaged girl.

“I don't care if you think it's a weird one. It's A-4952 until my direct command tells me otherwise.”

Collins listened. Almost a full minute of silence. He nodded knowingly.

“I don't... it's always been that wa...”

Collins slid the headphones off his head. “Totally within normal expectations...” he said, smiling. “You see this now and then. I-2466 was doing it last week, you remember him, Cell 115? Usually the ones who do it, either really excel at the mission or are extraordinarily dangerous and need to be put down. Mark it on her chart, and tell her CO to keep an eye on her for any serious dementia issues during training. If past experience is any indicator, we'll know pretty quick which way she'll flop.”

Garcia nodded as Collins walked off to continue his paperwork. He sat there staring blankly at the monitor, watching a small dank cell, with one lone girl, in the standard olive drab uniform all of Homeschool's enrollees wore, talk on and on to an empty cell.

Garcia shivered a bit. “There but for the grace of god go I, huh, A-4952?” he whispered to himself as he begun to fill in her chart.
12/27/08 20:34
MissyOhhhh.. niceee twist... I like that.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next!
12/28/08 02:37
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