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CharissaSo, CoLA community, I know a lot of you are creative and eager to role play.
I know some of you may read this forum religiously, picking through the threads and dissecting them line by line.
But I also know that for the most part, many of you are here for one thing: A good story.

So now I offer all of you a challenge.

I would like to have a city-wide plot line written, planned and submitted by you, the players.
I know it's been done and players have most assuredly planned out and come up with great story lines in the past. But I think what I'm going to do this time is make it a contest.

Those of you who are interested have 5 days to come up with a story line idea. It can be as detailed or as light on the details as you desire. The idea however is to incorporate as many of the elements of the City of Lost Angels, and it, preferably, it's factions, into your storyline.

Your storyline should seek to encompass as many of the players who frequent our community as possible. That is to say, this storyline should not be something that only a select few players would be able to participate in.

At the end of the 5 days, on the 22nd, I will direct the CoLA staff to review the submissions posted to this thread for their consideration. And we will vote on which storyline we will be running from the one chosen.

To reiterate, only one will be chosen from the submissions.
The story that the LA staff selects as the one that will be run in in and for the community will earn it's author 5000XP.

We, the CoLA staff, will then coordinate with you, the selected author of this storyline, to arrange when the story can be started for the game. It could be the following day or it could be a week or two after the submission is selected. This of course all depends on time schedules for you along with scheduled events for the coming week (or so).

Obviously, if the story is good, and generates RP opportunities for the CoLA community, it should stand to reason that other XP opportunities will follow for those who participate.

So, are you up to the challenge? Lets find out!

The clock starts ticking...[b]now[/b].
07/17/09 19:03
MaccaEveryone in the city - and I mean everyone - suddenly realises that I'm completely awesome, and unanimously elect me, who humbly accepts, to be the ruler of the city. I start off with a fair rule, but get progressively harsher and harsher until everybody ends up being my slave.

I don't even see there being a need for this RP to end, actually.
07/17/09 22:26
KayteearThis sounds just great.
I'm sorry I cannot get engaged with this as I'm neither too experienced with CoLA nor I have enough time to spent in this project, but it has all my support.
07/17/09 22:35
KhoryMy idea: Everyone that's around when the event happens gets shrunk down by some guy to be like less than a foot tall. And they gotta figure out how to regain their normal stature.

Title of my idea: Honey I Shrunk Those Guys in CoLA.
07/17/09 22:52
Dux...guy would be a zombie version of Rick Moranis :)07/17/09 23:10
Logan...some part of the whacky adventure that follows will take place in SheJ's vagina.07/17/09 23:24
MaccaHumans - remember them? They used to rule the planet, pretty much. Or they seemed to think they did. Some of the other races may disagree. Through political influence, fear, legends and lore, they helped to shape and influence a lot of what the race of man did. Yet they were still underground, believed not to exist. Lycans, though violent when they surfaced, tended to keep their heads down. Nekos were rarely, if ever, seen. Some of the vampires had the Masquerade - actively suppressing the idea that they were real. The sidhe were often told of, but towards the end it all sounded like a fairy tale. At one point the humans were aware of witches, yet unskilled enough to burn the right ones.

Approaching the apocalypse, things were changing. The ancient races were resurfacing, grasping for power. Men, women and children were scared, often didn't know what to do, and just as often suffered for their inaction. Yet more suffered from doing the wrong thing. Then Wormwood hit - Hell on Earth, literally. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. It let him hit harder, faster, entirely unexpected right into the back of the humans that were facing the other way to guard themselves from the legendary predators they were only just realising were far more than legends. Angels, some people believed in. Unfortunately, a lot of their beliefs were wrong, and they received little help.

So now it's mid 2039. From being the most visible, and arguably powerful, race on the planet, humans now appear to be the weakest of the intelligent races, forced into hiding for their own survival. The resurgence of the predators slashed at their numbers, but the apocalypse did so much more. So many dead, so few left to carry things on - and the wolves were still there, the vampires were still there, the demons were still there - eating them, turning them, killing them.

It wasn't going un-noticed. Hunts for the wolves were getting harder, and alternative meats had to be sought. Blood dolls weren't as common, and again, other types of blood were needed to make up for it. The favourite target of the demons, besides angels, were getting fewer, and better at recognising and avoiding them.

Nekos seemed to have a mixed relationship with the humans. The more feral ones would be almost wolf-like, though they might hunt solo more often. The tamer ones often liked them, at least when they gave food and scritches - much like actual cats. Angels, despite the Heavenly goals not particularly including helping those that were made in their God's image, seem to get along with humans better than a lot of the other races.

Regardless of why a particular individual might want more humans around, there seem to be far from enough. Often considered to be too risky, pregnancies are rare, so the future seems even bleaker. Something needs to be done.

Whether through a mutual underground agreement, or possibly through the curse of a human-sympathetic witch, or other magically inclined being, the city suddenly seems to change. Everyone is actually [b]friendly[/b] to the humans. Nice, helpful - trying to make life easy for them. Trying to make life [i]possible[/i] for them. Maybe feeding them, sheltering, protecting. Encouraging them to come out of the woodwork. The weird thing is, there seems to be more than had been thought.

"Wasn't that girl a neko last week?" "What about him? I swear he was a demon!" And they were. It seems that this being has spread this curse over the city in an intreguing way. Anyone who touches, or is touched by a human seems to become one him/herself. For a time, they are no longer immortal, no longer super-strong, no longer magical - just a plain old human, who everybody seems to be being friendly too. Or is it all a ruse?

There follows a few confusing days. Confusing for the existing humans, even more confusing for those that have suddenly become one, or returned to being one. As the race expands, they start to enjoy their new-found freedom. And that's when it hits - the magic wears off. Just as suddenly as their enemies had become their friends, they switch back, up to their old tricks again. Perhaps more aggressively, making up for lost time - taking advantage of their new prey. And yet those that had been turned human stay that way for now, the hunters finding themselves the hunted, seeing life on the other side and not knowing how to react. Maybe they band together, help each other. Angels and demons, vampires and lycans, zombies and sidhe - unlikely pairings previously, but now made the same, and working together out of necessity.

Feel free to use elements of this/change it in whatever way, if there's parts of it ya like.
07/20/09 22:36
KayteearJust giving some ideas...
Look at this: [url][/url]
(first you are forced to see a car commercial, but after a few seconds you get the clip)
07/21/09 15:49
arsene_BraveheartI admire the choir RP that’s ongoing in the city at the moment, but I don’t have enough knowledge about what can be done and what can’t to devise something as sophisticated. So, I’ll keep it up to something simple and straightforward.

Please also do excuse me if it’s already been done : I’ve only been in CoLA for a few months, and I’ve only very recently been aware that tere were city wide events being held in the City.


The Messiahs of CoLa.

The Apocalypse has not been the end of times, finally. From the ruins of the old and decadent world, a new and dark world has emerged, a world of blood flowing amidst the smoking ruins.
For years and years, now, Chaos has reigned triumphant over the earth, each surviving being concentrating on staying alive for one more day rather that trying to put up any organisation to the mess the world has become.
But, slowly, out of necessity, people have been building up new families. Factions are they called in CoLA. Groups are forming spontaneously. Hierarchy is restored. A society forged in sweat and blood and tears emerges from the torn city.
Make no mistake. There is no chance involved here. Where Chaos ruled once undisputed, the forces of Law are on the rise again. And they seek to restore order to the convalescent City. At any cost.

It all begins on a Saturday.
It all begins in the park lot in front of CoLA’s church.
And soon, the word spreads across the City. Voices repeat the incredible news from mouth to ear.
Excalibur is back.
Right across the street, next to the Church, a huge two handed sword is there, set in a polished stone. Bathed in an eerie light, it stands here. Serene. Seemingly eternal. No word written anywhere on it nor on the stone.
All those with an ounce of magical perception can tell this sword is magical. It has been forged in the heart of a volcano, and doused into the blood of a thousand creatures. It is a sword that can transform a mighty warrior into a semi god.
But, of all the mighty warriors that come to claim it, none ever can move it even an inch.

Thus are scholars set to search for the origins of this sword, its signification, its powers... and a way to extract it from that fucking stone, to use the probably profane words of several factions leaders.
Some informations can be found in the Lost Beach Library, as for the historical signification of Excalibur, and, most importantly, it’s relationship to the forces of Law. Basically, it says that only someone young and of pure dedication can take hold of this sword.
Another interesting book can be ordered from the Brood’s bookshop : it treats of enchanting cursed swords and, across a page, it mentions the sword, telling that it must be held by someone of pure dedication, but this dedication need not be good...
Another clue is held in Shyann Nightfire’s very own Book of Shadows. It reveals that the stone is enchanted and can only stay there for a week. (Good luck to get the authorisation to read this particular book...)
An apparently unrelated clue will be found by the ever curious Nekos, in the form of a seemingly hollow meteorite, black and still smoking from the heat, cracked open and empty of any inhabitant. If anyone had been in there, it was huge. Real huge. Oh, and anyone that touches the meteoritic egg (for lack of a better word) sees his skin going black, and his mood altered in a chaotic way, as if he has been cursed by a curse of lunacy.
Dreams also abound in various factions. The Daoine Sidhe dream of a white clad Lady who emerges from a mysterious and far away lake, and who appears in the streets of CoLA. Lost, her white robe made transparent by water, she wanders the streets of CoLA in search of help.
The Lycan’s Oracles start dreaming of the Lady in white too, but she is about to be attacked by the Wyrm, a huge serpent make of an evershifting black smoke.
The cyborgs’ machinery come up with strange computations, that seem to indicate that one Computer would soon take over the city, and would make them the rulers of it, if only they’d trust him to be their friend. He watches them.

Other clues can be added so that they involve even more people.
The aim is that there is a vast move of clue searching across the Cola chain, and some communication between the factions. Of course, no one ever said that the informations should be obtained peacefully and in a civil manner...

From all this, it will finally become apparent that something bad is going to happen to CoLA, something related to the meteorit. And that this sword can be the answer to avoid this bad thing to happen.
It can only be wielded by a young (level 10 or less for instance) but determined individual.
This individual, this Messiah, must be a parangon of the virtues of his faction.
He will have to be chosen by each faction with rules that are proper to this faction.
There will be only one Messiah in the end, to wield the sword.
The Lady in white must be kept alive and brought to the sword on next Saturday so that she can bless the Messiah the city has chosen and help him unlock the sword from the stone.
The more followers this Messiah has, the better his chances to be the one chosen by the Lady.

So, during this week, there will be a chase for informations. By any means...

And when the clues are gathered, it will generate, hopefully, some interesting RP :

An RP around the white Lady (an NPC, or an existing character who volunteers to be inhabited by the Lady of the Lake for a week) : some may want to protect her, some to capture her and seduce or torture her to make her designate their own Messiah to be the winner.

RP’s to convince people to join their factions : each new applicant to a faction during this week will give a 500 XP bonus to the person who has convinced this character to join their faction (works only for new applications, and for people who are not signed with a faction yet, or who leave completely their faction. You cannot apply to more than one faction in the same week, and you can’t belong to more than one faction at the same time. You must provide a notecard of the RP that led to the person's persuasion to the candidate. The candidate cannot have been created after Excalibur has appeared. People who are forced to sign in do count, provided that they stay in the faction till the end of the week, and that there still is a RP notecard; not just a CCS meter log).

RP around the chosen Messiah’s. They must be protected by their faction at all time, lest they are unable to claim the sword at the end of the week. But they cannot stay hidden, that wouldn’t befit a Messiah. They must never set foot inside of a buliding, nor on a roof, from the time they are nominated. They also must go once a day to visit the sword and stay there for half an hour in contemplation (they cannot be killed or even wounded as long as they stay in a protected perimeter around the sword). Furthermore, each and every day, they must either convince someone to join their faction, or defeat in fair fight someone of at least their level in front of the lady of the Lake, so that she can testify of the Messiah’s valour (well, it’s CoLA, so if you kidnap and tie up the Lady, and have the Messiah slaughter a defenseless prisonner in front of her, it works too... Killing the Lady is impossible. Now, if you have a rape fantasy about water spirits, that’s another story...).
Of course, if a Messiah is killed, or prevented in any way to accomplish his duties, he loses his title and must be replaced.

Then, comes Saturday.
A week has passed.
The Messiahs gather on the place in front of the Church, and the Lady will have to chose one of them.
Well,... again, if a particular faction’s Messiah is captured or prevented to attend, that’s sad but... c’est la vie...
Killing Messiahs before they reach the sword is allowed, they cannot be replaced on Saturday, but not once they have entered the magically protected perimeter.

Once this has been done, the Lady will call up the Messiahs who are present that day. She’ll ask them to present themselves, and expose theur deeds, so that she can assess who is worthy of receiving the sword.
OOC, each faction leader who has a Messiah present near the sword will count how many new members his faction gained during the week. The one who has gained the most members will have his Messiah chosen. In case of a tie, or a very close result, the Lady will chose.

Then it’s time for the sword to be taken out of the stone. As the chosen Messiah approaches, dark cloud gather over the City. Lightning strikes can be seen far away, and a rolling thunder seems to approach...
In a suitably memorable scene (I hope) the Messiah takes out the sword from the stone (if we could have one of the weapon designers to create a unique and powerful sword that the Messiah would keep as a reword for his RP througout the weekn that’d be just great).
Then as every one cheers up, the darkness coalesces and, suddenly ...

Well, if this story was found interesting enough, contact me in game to know the end... ;)


This scenario has the potential to be as dark as anyone wants, since some mourned the old dark times. We’ll see if the informations are exchanged in a polite way, and if each Messiah is left unscathed by opposing factions... In short, this scenario can test how dark CoLA really is.

07/22/09 15:44
Winter[center]I have to say, Arsene, i love your story idea and i frankly hope that it's chosen... if it is, i'd be happy to help with this in any way.[/center]07/22/09 20:02
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