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Asil KaruAlways wanted to keep a diary, but I never would let myself. Too dangerous. What if it was discovered? At best, they’d think me mad. At worst, the stone or the fire. But here, in this psychotic place, I find I’ve lost my fear. I yearn to be discovered.

It’s been so long since I let myself think of the past. Information, yes …how to fish, how to shoot, how to track …those skills returned with ease. But the faces and voices of the ones who schooled me are distant. Always, they are in my heart, but my mind has turned them to phantoms. Last night, I dreamed a voice I had not heard since I was a tiny child …a man’s voice, singing soft and low.

[b][center]Bow at belt went my love riding
riding the mountain down into the silver dawn

four lean hounds crouched low and smiling
the sheer peaks ran before*[/center][/b]

His is the first voice I remember. No form or face comes to my mind, only the strong rumbley voice that cradled me, when I was alone. Sometimes he’d sing in English, sometimes in Gullah , but mostly his voice painted pictures in a language I cannot recall. Last night, I followed that voice through a blasted landscape which turned, slowly, to green parkland. There was a great Ash tree, larger then any I have seen in life. I walked up the path beside it and into an ancient ruin. The place was dark and huge with a dusty alter at its back, but it felt safe …there was a hot spring and a fire pit. On a rock by the fire, I found paper and pen.

I will take the dream as confirmation. I will write a little every day. I will remember.

[center]~ * ~ * ~ * ~[/center]

[u][b]We leave the low country.[/b][/u]

I believe I was born in year 1888 of the Common Era, to a woman who lived with the Gullah people in the Low Country of North Carolina, in what was then, the United States of America. The Gullah were a thoughtful people who had managed to keep much of their African linguistic and cultural heritage. Some were free, at a time when few people of color could claim that right. I never knew my father. We lived with them until 1893, when the great “Sea Islands” hurricane hit the fragile coast and all was swept away. I cannot forget that night …the wind screaming and the sea alive with fury …our fragile fire writhing in response mother rocking me in her arms, singing in a strange hard language.

When I woke, all was changed. Mother, the fire and I were in a different place. And …I came to learn …a different time. My mother was so tired. She cried when I asked her where Grumma Abby was; ‘They are gone …Abigail, Ambrose …all our friends …they are gone and you must never speak of them again!!” Her fierceness frightened me. It was more than I could understand. How could Ambrose, who was big as a house and the strongest man in the world, be gone? How could Abigail, who knew the name and purpose of every plant that lived, just disappear? Infuriated by my mother’s lies, I ran into the wood, screaming for the only grandparents I had ever known. She followed, crying out for me to stop.

The land was strange to me. I only knew the sand and sea, the little hillocks with their swamp fish and fearsome snakes. Here were trees as tall as the sky. The land was sharp and steep. I darted through the underbrush …my Mother’s voice an echo …running fast toward a break in the trees …I paused, tiny feet flexed, and swayed on the roof of the world. White capped mountains stretched as far as I could see; sky blue as agate and the harsh cries of huge birds. I froze on the precipice, my body bowing toward the chasm, my arms flung back, and felt myself begin to fall.

Next, the feeling of large strong hands picking me up and pulling me back. “Ambrose!” Joy filled me, as I squirmed around to hug him. But I turned to find a stranger dressed in buckskin. His skin was the color of Autumn leaves and his eyes were like my mother’s eyes, golden brown and full of secrets. Too shocked to speak, we stayed in that awkward embrace, eyes locked, his hands around my rib cage and mine on his forearms, until Mother’s arrival broke the spell.

That is how we meet Wanzitz, who’s name meant Antelope. Many years later, Wanzitz confided that when he first saw me, he thought I was a spirit …one of the little people who held the land and kept it safe. It was not until he saw mother and heard me cry, that he knew me for a human child.

Wanzitz was a member of the Arapaho tribe, part of the Ute nation. But they called themselves Nuciu, "the People," and at the height of their power, were comprised of twelve informally affiliated bands who inhabited most of what, in the Common Era, was called Utah and western Colorado. The Arapaho lived high in the mountains and of all the first people, they were the last to be corralled into reservations. Long time they hid, kept their secrets and remained free, but when the European settlers found gold in the high places, they were ousted.

Wanzitz was an old man when he found us. He had taught his son all he could of medicine work and fled the reservation to live out the reminder of his life as a fugitive, caring for the holy places and singing the songs of the ancestors, so the spirits would know the people had not forgotten them.

Grumma Abby may have marked me for a healer, she would marvel how easily I remembered the names of her plants and could parrot their functions. But Wanzitz taught me healing magic; how to look into the heart of a thing and see the hurt within. How to draw the malady out. How to call the ancestors to help with the work. And he taught me tracking and how to find the safest paths. How to hide. How to be silent. Of all the healers I have known, he was the most profound, most compassionate and most fearless.

Mother loved him, though he was easily thirty years her senior. She loved him as a wife should love a husband, and it was the only time I remember her truly happy. My mother was beautiful, the kind of beauty that makes men greedy. Small she was, and slender, with shapely legs and soft dark skin the color of mountain honey. She had long thick hair I loved to braid, concocting fanciful creations that make her laugh with pleasure. I have her coloring and her laugh. But my height and strength come from another. As do my eyes, which are the color of turquoise. And my hair, which is the color of blood.

My mother was mixed blood; having native American, African and European ancestors, but she seldom spoke of her past. Nor did she trust the white peoples. Whenever we traveled, she would shun them and find us first peoples. My mother was a gifted healer and knew many languages; she’d seek out the healer or shaman and, after those meetings, a place would be found.

It was not easy for us. My red hair and blue eyes were a constant worry. She would dye my hair black, but the color never held. Frustrated, she would braid it up and back, then have me wear these little caps that had long brims, which could fall and cover my eyes. When we had need to move among strangers, she would give me a little walking stick and have me feign blindness. It was a clever ruse, the poor Indian woman and her unfortunate daughter. Mostly, they would ignore us.

[center]~ * ~ * ~ * ~[/center]

When I first learned to sing the ancestors, their voices were soft and low, not like human voices at all. More like the sighing of trees when the wind fails. But since I’ve come to this place, I hear them clearly, whispering in the darkness. Sometimes, its as if Wanzitz and I are together again, walking the mountains. I hear him telling me the proper way to journey. “Daughter, there are certain people that are involved in ceremonies; their journey, like when they are traveling, is really for a purpose, a spiritual teaching. When you leave home, make four stops. Plan it in a way that is equal to a certain pattern, then stop every once in a while and make an offering.”

In those days, we had medicine offerings in the form of small miniature arrowheads. The arrows were first used by Wanzitz to drive away evil forces. He could use them to cut away from a person the evil that actually attached itself to them. The evil created sicknesses or bad feelings, so he’d cut it away. Those kinds of things were used in our journeys. And every so many miles, or so many days; the offerings would be made.

Here is how he told me, and now I will tell you. "Daughter" he said, "This is the way the ancestors got acquainted with the land and a new place; it is like a trail that you’ve never been on before. The first time you walk it, it’s really tiring because you go up a hill and the land itself does not know you. The surroundings, everything that’s there, trees, plants, animals, they do not recognize you. You’re not a part yet. So you make an offering. You go on and you do that and the next time you go through there, they [the landscape] will know you. And that’s how you get recognized or feel that you are welcomed by the spirits of nature."

[center]~ * ~ * ~ * ~[/center]

In those days, the people still knew they were a part of the great whole and all things were equal. But these lands are wounded, fractured in a way I cannot truly understand. I have been told there was a great comet that passed between the earth and the sun, blanketing the planet in energies that broke the barriers between realities. Now dreams and night terrors walk and sing and hunt and bite. Some are fair as fire, angelic or demonic beings. Others are lost and wounded, and think only of battle or their own lusts. Two days ago, I met a being with dragon blood! He took my breath away.

And then, there are the portals, soft spaces between the worlds that suck at the eye within my mind. I have traveled through time, but never …until I came here …could I walk between worlds.

[center]~ * ~ * ~ * ~[/center]

*Source: “All in green my love went riding” by: e.e. cummings

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12/20/08 02:39
Kwekwe KaruGreat Backstory, can't wait for your area to open :-)

12/21/08 01:06
Kwekwe Karusmoke from Sacred tobacco sent up to the one who created us, Shonkwaiatihson(One who created me in Kanien'keha, aka Mohawk Language) for my dear Cousin Asil's safety12/27/08 22:56
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